Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

by Vicky Geary

Nine years ago I went to a presentation by Universal Medicine where I met Natalie Benhayon. She was 13 and I was 28. Over the last nine years I have watched Natalie become the truly amazing, beautiful woman that she is today. She is now only 22 and I am 37 but regardless of her age, she is a constant source of inspiration for me. She is now what I know a true role model to be.

I didn’t know how Natalie was living but I wanted to know and thus would constantly observe her. Not only did I observe her changing from a teenager to an adult, I observed something in her that I had not seen expressed quite so clearly in another. Natalie becoming, what I can now call, a true woman. And for someone at only 22 years old to be able to show me that, I couldn’t help but notice. Continue reading “Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration”

Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

by Shannon Everest

Recently in several articles in various papers, Natalie Benhayon and her work with the Esoteric Ovary Massage have been written about in a way that does not reflect Natalie’s true character, the technique of the Ovary Massage or the truth about what she has been presenting for women. In fact, what has thus far been written has unfortunately been pure lies and does not relate at all to what is true of her or the Esoteric Ovary Massage. The way that the Ovary Massage was expressed through the media made it sound very ‘far out’, but in actual fact you could not get something that feels more real and down to earth, so tangible and applicable to daily living. This article is to give a true perspective from one who has experienced the healing and whose life has been touched in the deepest way from the healing and by simply knowing Natalie. Continue reading “Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration”

Personal Experience Shared of Esoteric Breast Massage

by Victoria Lister 

It’s interesting to read the words ‘cult‘ and ‘cult leader’ in relation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Until recent blog postings by a few detractors, I have not once in my 5+ year association with Serge and Universal Medicine considered myself a ‘cult member’. I have been free to come and go from events and workshops as I please, and free to make up my own mind as to whether I take what Serge presents on board or not. He has neither been the cause of any relationship breakdown (in fact, I have since re-married, and very happily so, in that time) nor separated from my family of origin, whom I love very much. Continue reading “Personal Experience Shared of Esoteric Breast Massage”