Rediscovering Our Body’s Lovely Flow

by Kate Greenaway BAppSc (Physiotherapy), Australia

Recently I had a fascinating experience that highlighted to me the difference between moving and exercising in a gentle flowing way, or pounding and pushing the body. I was packing my car after a lovely time exercising in the local pool – two middle-aged men were running down a steep cement driveway near me – they were literally pounding and jarring their bodies. They were red and puffy in their faces and they looked miserable. I was feeling really fluid and content in my body from the gentle moving and swimming that I had just done, and then to feel what these men were doing to their bodies almost made me wince as they slammed their bodies with each step. From my work in physiotherapy over the last 28 years I know this sort of activity to be extremely damaging to the joints of the legs and spine, and to the deep soft tissue that supports them. Continue reading “Rediscovering Our Body’s Lovely Flow”

From Sport to Exercise: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

by Kate Forno, Australia

My Involvement with sport started at a very early age and has continued for the last 52 years. That involvement has encompassed all levels of sport.

I started at the age of eight with swimming lessons, then competitive swimming, then gymnastics to improve my turns – I liked it, so I competed in that too until injury (ankles and neck) forced my retirement. Then there was ballroom dancing (in my day, what every young lady should know), but once again I felt the need to compete. Continue reading “From Sport to Exercise: A Journey of Self-Acceptance”

Serge Benhayon Didn’t Tell Me How To Exercise – I Connected To Me And Went From There

by Danielle Loveless, Exercise Physiologist, BBiomed Sci, BExSci (Hons), PhD (ExPhys)

My understanding of exercise is that having a body that is moderately aerobically fit with good muscular strength means that it will much more easily achieve my daily physical responsibilities, in a gentle way that doesn’t leave me exhausted or in muscle fatigue and pain at the end of each day or work week. Knowing what exercises I personally need to do has not come from what Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine has said, but from feeling what my body truly needs to be supported. Continue reading “Serge Benhayon Didn’t Tell Me How To Exercise – I Connected To Me And Went From There”

My Unfolding Path

By Lee Poole, Clayfield, Australia

In light of the recent media attention and interest in what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present I feel to share some of my experiences in way of response. I find it difficult to easily explain what I have learnt, discovered, felt and the changes that I have made in my life since finding the esoteric and therefore feel that sharing some of my story may offer some form of explanation. Continue reading “My Unfolding Path”

Shock! I Achieved a High Level of Fitness with Gentle Exercise!

by Dr Rachael Hall

From the age of 9 to 17, I practised Judo twice a week, I learnt discipline, dedication, how to be able to do over 100 press ups, sit ups or squats, I learnt to channel my aggression (not deal with it), throw people, pin them down or stranglehold them until they either submitted or passed out. I loved it. The school bullies who used to pick on me for being small or too clever soon stopped hassling me when they found out I did martial arts. It gave me protection. It made me tough. I wielded it as a weapon and as my source of defence.

At 17 during a practice fight I simply paused for a moment to take a breath and in that moment I felt that this isn’t fun, it really hurts to be pushed around, kicked and thrown by another and it frightens me that I am doing this in return. Now that all happened in a split second and I didn’t really know at the time where the words or message came from. I continued with my ‘sport’ for a short period after this but each time the overwhelming feeling of “I can’t do this anymore” and the awareness of the pain I was pushing my body through became stronger until I had to eventually admit that Judo wasn’t for me anymore. My body was telling me to stop even though in my mind Judo made me fit and strong and protected. I wonder how long my body had been trying to say, ‘hey you’re hurting me’, before I actually listened and took notice. Continue reading “Shock! I Achieved a High Level of Fitness with Gentle Exercise!”

Joy-full Exercise: Skiing for Fun

by Greg Barnes

I am a student of Universal Medicine and have been attending lectures and workshops for eight years. In my younger years I played sport at an elite level and represented Australia overseas in Judo. Never in all the time I have known Serge Benhayon has he ever told me not to exercise!

I still snow ski in Canada every year for four to six weeks, but my feeling as to how I approach skiing has changed as I am now more in touch with my body and can feel the effects when I am skiing. Continue reading “Joy-full Exercise: Skiing for Fun”