Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

by JJ, Australia

I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I come from a background where Western Medicine was the norm and nothing complementary was even considered. The doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, the dentist were always our first ports of call, if we ever had a problem with our health. My parents always followed mainstream medicine and Dad would sing its praises until the cows came home. Continue reading “Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine”

The Six Stages of ‘Becoming Me’ (so far anyway): Part 1

by Joel L (Australia)

Across my life I have spent time ‘looking for something’. I could not always say what this ‘something’ was and this search has been sporadic, moving from being quite active to ignoring this topic altogether.

Over the past eight years, I have been coming closer to this ‘something’ than ever before. I am sure there is much more to discover, but this something was ME… the real me.

There have been at least six stages of becoming me, and here are the broad brush strokes: Continue reading “The Six Stages of ‘Becoming Me’ (so far anyway): Part 1”

The Real Meaning of Healing

by Rowena Stewart, England

When I first met Serge Benhayon, I felt tired, frumpy and fat. At the time I considered myself to be a life-long student, practitioner and teacher of kinesiology, and ran a very successful kinesiology clinic with my partner. However, we were also both overweight, consumed too much alcohol, chocolate and coffee, worked too hard and argued a lot. Added to this I was pre-diabetic, had endometriosis, suffered from migraines, depression, had a slipped disc and underlying exhaustion. In short, I wasn’t very well.

I had, like plenty of other people in the world, a professional persona and a private one, and at times they were greatly at odds with one another. I knew that drinking alcohol wasn’t a great thing to do and would often vow to cut down on my intake, but every Friday night my partner and I would slump exhausted onto the sofa and out would come the wine and chocolate. It felt like a treat at the end of a long week.

In April 2006 a friend and colleague invited us to join a workshop given by a “very interesting man”. He shared a few pieces of intriguing information that seemed radically at odds with our current philosophies. We were interested in discovering more and signed up to go on a Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course. Continue reading “The Real Meaning of Healing”

Why Are We So Unquestioning?

by Joel L, Australia  

I had an uncomfortable realisation that I had signed up for many mainstream and ‘out there’ things over the years, and did so without question. Why did I do this, and do others do the same?

Why did I excitedly and with minimum resistance choose to sit in a boiling hot ‘sweat lodge’ chanting in the dark with other naked sweating people? The leader told American Indian parables (even though he was a born and bred Australian). I left feeling invigorated, but at no time did anyone ask me – if you feel invigorated now, what was going on beforehand? No-one said, ‘why did you need chanting and super hot temperatures to stimulate the blood flow to FEEL invigorated?’ Continue reading “Why Are We So Unquestioning?”

A Life on the Run

by Sarah C, London, UK

My life (and body) were a bit of a mess in 2001 when I had an Energetic Facial Release treatment by Serge Benhayon in a beauty salon in Sydney. My friend Pauline had been to see him and she looked amazing and I wanted some! Little did I realise the impact that session would have on me and my life.

I had barely ‘managed’ the impact of my childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, which occurred consistently from the ages of six to ten. In fact, I’d buried it so deeply that I had completely wiped it from my memory till I was twenty-seven years old in 1995.

I had tried it all – seven years of weekly group therapy and psychotherapy sessions, Qi Gung, NLP, Reiki, all types of massage, chiropractic, past-life healing, spiritual healers, all manner of workshops, long distance running, extreme dieting, extreme eating, all types of drugs, alcohol… and still no respite from the physical and mental anguish I lived with every day. Continue reading “A Life on the Run”

A Practitioner’s Perspective – ‘I Knew Something was Missing!’

by Jenny Ellis, Brisbane, Australia.

I speak from the perspective of a practitioner of 25 years experience, well regarded and successful in my practice in Brisbane and from a base of having always worked closely with members of the medical profession, for many years working directly alongside them in integrative health practices.

As a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, I had access to an enormous bank of information about what was needed to be healthy and I was a dedicated student and practitioner who practised what I preached. So I lived the sort of lifestyle that was considered super healthy.

But I still personally woke each morning with hay fever that lasted a couple of hours (every day from age 9 or 10), I got a bad headache every month before a period, suffered eczema in patches on my arms and legs (from age 3), I still had lower back soreness regularly and occasional episodes where I felt down or sad for no good reason. I was better off than the majority of clients that I saw though and I accepted that constantly taking things and getting treatment for these ailments was normal. And what’s more relevant, that this had nothing to do with my ability to help another. Continue reading “A Practitioner’s Perspective – ‘I Knew Something was Missing!’”