Developing Intimacy with Myself & Making Love

Have you ever stopped to consider if there is a difference between having sex and making love? That the way you live, the quality you choose to live in and from, govern whether you have sex or make love?

These are questions I never pondered on, never considering that there may be a difference between making love and having sex.

Making love is more than what happens between the sheets: it’s a way of living, a touch, a gaze, and a gesture in every movement in me, and in another. Continue reading “Developing Intimacy with Myself & Making Love”

Relationships – A Never Ending Journey

by Anne McRitchie, Chilcotts Grass, NSW

After many years of living together, with a love based entirely on mutual needs, my husband Greg and I found Serge Benhayon, attended our first Heart Chakra workshop and gradually embraced a way of living as presented by Universal Medicine. We reached a point where late last year I could truthfully write:

Now, ‘making love’ is a confirmation of the way we have been together during the day. But in truth, it is how we are in every moment of the day, not what we do. It is how we smile at each other, touch each other in passing, prepare a meal together or feel the other when they are not there. Unlike ‘having sex’, there is no beginning or end to ‘making love’. It is a feeling that is forever with you, and the physical act is a glorious and joy-full confirmation of our loving connection.”

At the time of writing the above I felt that we had somehow arrived at a place where our relationship was near perfect, despite the occasional little hiccup. Continue reading “Relationships – A Never Ending Journey”

Inspired to Look Deeper: Making Love versus Sex

by Danielle, 31, Goonellabah, NSW

I have just read a fantastic piece by Kyla Plummer about love making versus sex on another blog (Women In Livingness) – titled Sex, Drugs… and Making Love. It took real courage and self-love for Kyla to speak up about her past relationships, sex life and the recklessness and abuse in such detail.

After reading the article I felt the deep sadness, shame or guilt that I had about my past sex life and relationships as a young woman. There was a part of me that blamed myself for the terrible empty relationships and experiences that I had, but from Kyla’s post I felt how I too don’t need to be ashamed or self-beating about the past. Yes, I chose this and I need to take responsibility for my choices and look at why I made these, but also need to consider that at the time there was no other way shown to me.

Reckless, irresponsible and empty sex and relationships were what my friends, older girls at school, older women and mothers around me were doing, and what the movies and magazines showed me. It was all about the urgency, performing, pleasing and positions, or the romance with candlelight, music and an open fireplace. But all of this left an empty or dissatisfied feeling, in turn leading to the need for either more sex, exciting scenes or locations or a ‘better’ partner. Continue reading “Inspired to Look Deeper: Making Love versus Sex”

‘Sex’ Versus ‘Love’ – An Older Woman’s Perspective!

by Anne McRitchie, Chilcotts Grass, NSW, Australia

It may be the hottest book around, but I have no intention of reading Fifty Shades of Grey! Not because I am turning 70 next year and therefore am past being ‘interested in sex’, but because in the last few years I have come to know the difference between ‘having sex’ and ‘making love’, and believe as an older woman, it does not involve handcuffs, the Karma Sutra or even any Tantric teaching. Continue reading “‘Sex’ Versus ‘Love’ – An Older Woman’s Perspective!”

If It’s Not Love, I’m Not Coming

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Queensland

For many years, I grappled with an awareness/feeling that this world is full of paradoxes. Many so-called truths are based on part-truths, which is why we get hooked in when in fact the reality is, these ‘truths’ are in fact not true. Whilst I felt this deep inside, I was confused and troubled. It took the words of Serge Benhayon for me to accept and trust these feelings as the truth. By him affirming in his teachings what I had already felt, I gradually re-learned to listen to my feelings. Continue reading “If It’s Not Love, I’m Not Coming”

One Man’s Experience – ‘To Make Love Or Have Sex’?

by Naren Duffy, UK

Sex’. What power a little three-letter word can have! Chances are that many people who read this will have had their interest piqued simply because of the word ‘sex’ in the title of this post. It is amazing to me that such a little word can bring such a huge range of emotions and reactions within us. Of course, it is not the word that has this power, but the power we give to it that makes it powerful. It is what sex has come to mean to us in the world we live in that brings up such a huge range of responses in us. From titillation to disgust, and everything in between.

But what about ‘making love’? Is it the same as ‘sex’? Describing the physical act, ‘sex’ and ‘making love‘ are often used interchangeably. But are they really the same? Even just saying ‘making love’, it is pretty clear that there is something more going on than just sex. The words themselves when compared to each other are like completely different concepts. Sex as a word is punchy, short, terse. It just is sex. It does what it says on the box. No more, no less. Continue reading “One Man’s Experience – ‘To Make Love Or Have Sex’?”

My Unfolding Path

By Lee Poole, Clayfield, Australia

In light of the recent media attention and interest in what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present I feel to share some of my experiences in way of response. I find it difficult to easily explain what I have learnt, discovered, felt and the changes that I have made in my life since finding the esoteric and therefore feel that sharing some of my story may offer some form of explanation. Continue reading “My Unfolding Path”

What is the Difference between Having Sex and Making Love?

By Anne Malatt 

For most of us, having sex and making love have meant the same thing.

In truth, we all know the difference, for we all know what love is, and that we are love, but we have given up on the possibility of ever being it and finding it.

Most men settle for sex, using it for release and relief. But men live in fear that they won’t be good enough and they will be rejected. Continue reading “What is the Difference between Having Sex and Making Love?”

On Making Love or Having Sex

By Alison Moir, U.K.

Sex verses making love, now that’s a topic that could throw the world upside down!

It is still taboo to talk about sex or making love unless it is to make fun of it, to belittle it, or to use it against someone. Even if we do talk about it, it never really goes deeper than the physical aspect of it.

Through lack of self-confidence, self-worth and in fact anything to do with self, I can now honestly say that I abused my body through sex. I am able to say this now knowing what I know through Universal Medicine. Continue reading “On Making Love or Having Sex”

Sex versus Making Love: Making our Relationship About & From Love

by Katie Walls

From the outside my family looked great, socially things were good, we were doing well in all areas according to the criteria that evaluate success. Financially things were good, great home, awesome kids, beautiful dog and a happy marriage. Our life was considered by many to be very comfortable and content.

I was at first interested in hearing about Serge Benhayon’s views on health and wellbeing as this was an area that related to my personal interests and field of work. What I then found five years ago was not just to help me support others but in fact has very simply offered me and our whole family so very much more than what I could have ever expected. Continue reading “Sex versus Making Love: Making our Relationship About & From Love”