A Couple Share their Story – ‘Making Love is Easy’

by Rod Harvey and Sue Kira

Rod’s Story

Sue and I met about eight years ago and bonded instantly (actually, the physical bonding was enjoyed a little later). Since that time we’ve been inseparable and have had a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect and admiration and a deep love for each other. During this time we have never had an argument (who needs arguments when a discussion will sort out differing points of view).

We also both enjoyed salsa dancing and played in a samba carnival drumming group. Life together has been marvellous and we’ve had lots of fun times and adventures while supporting each other through the stuff of life.

About two and a half years into our relationship we began to attend presentations by Serge Benhayon from Universal Medicine. From Serge’s presentations and workshops we developed a deeper understanding of ourselves and humanity. While the dynamics of our relationship did not vary greatly on a surface level, as time moved on the depth of our love changed – there was more tenderness and making love took over from sex. Continue reading “A Couple Share their Story – ‘Making Love is Easy’”