Esther Rockett is no Expert on Universal Medicine – A True Family Story about Universal Medicine and Parenting

Esther Rockett has been making false accusations about Universal Medicine across a huge range of topics with zero qualifications, experience or actual information and facts. Yes, Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’, and who also seemingly pegs herself as a ‘patient advocate’, ‘freelance writer’, ‘consultant on relationships, religion, social media, culture, the arts and human rights and justice’ – did I leave anything out??? Oh yes… ‘expert’ on child psychology and learning development as well as Universal Medicine parents and children.

Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’
Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’…

Regarding the latter, Esther Rockett has made baseless and meaningless accusations against the parenting practices of those who attend Universal Medicine events and choose to live the religion The Way of The Livingness. Esther Rockett has no qualifications or experience for her assertions about Universal Medicine students and their parenting, however, like in all other areas where Esther Rockett demonstrates her complete lack of expertise, this does not hold her back in her ridiculous commentary and completely false claims about what Universal Medicine presents. Continue reading “Esther Rockett is no Expert on Universal Medicine – A True Family Story about Universal Medicine and Parenting”

Esther Rockett – Fictions from a Prolific Cyber-Abuser, not a ‘Health Blogger’ or ‘Health Activist’

INTRO: Serge Benhayon has commenced legal action against Esther Rockett for defamation in the Supreme Court of New South Wales after a three year cyber abuse-campaign. Esther Rockett misleadingly describes herself as a ‘health care activist’ and even ‘child safety advocate’, however the reality of her conduct on and offline and the complete lack of any history of contribution in these areas would, to most reasonable people, exclude such descriptors. This blog explores Esther Rockett’s footprint.

For 3 years Ms. Esther Rockett has been busy writing and producing numerous blogs, and having read them all we can categorically state that not one single blog has been about supporting health or wellbeing, a fact that is not only odd but very revealing for a person who refers to herself as a ‘health activist’ and was recently referred to by one misguided journalist as a ‘health blogger’, apparently willing to accept Rockett’s own misleading self-appointed titles without checking the facts.

Esther Rockett’s Campaign to ‘Bring Down’ Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

In reality, Esther Rockett is not a ‘health activist’ or ‘health blogger’, she is a prolific cyber-abuser who has and continues to run an unjustified pretty much one-woman online campaign with one agenda – to “bring down” Serge Benhayon, his business Universal Medicine and anyone associated with it.

She has used blogging platforms and social media to attempt to garner support from anyone who may be sympathetic to her cause, has made numerous false complaints to government bodies and used the media to attempt to discredit and humiliate Mr. Benhayon, his family, young adults and teenagers and participants of his workshops or attendees of his complementary medicine clinic in Goonellbah, near Lismore NSW.

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

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A Letter to our Community about Abuse

Dear Community,

For the majority of my childhood, teen years and early adulthood, I grew up with abuse in my life. At the time I did not know it for the abuse it was because it was accepted in society as the norm.

The abuse I’m talking about is self-abuse and it is rife throughout society at present, in all age brackets.

I read Susie Williams’ letter to Esther Rockett and it took me back to when I was 15, nearly 20 years ago now. At first I felt it wasn’t so bad when I was 15 because there was no cutting and not many kids that I was aware of who were on anti-depressants, but the more I got pondering the more I realised there was more to uncover here.

Danielle Pirera (Age 15)
Danielle Pirera (Age 15)

Danielle Pirera (Age 18)
Danielle Pirera (Age 18)

The truth is that at first I didn’t want to admit how empty and self-harming my teen years were, and I didn’t want to see that at that time I didn’t have the same strength as Susie to step up and make my life different. I now see the harm of not admitting what was there, and that not being honest about what has truly gone on in my life would prevent me from fully appreciating what teens like Susie Williams are choosing and inspiring in others.

Just to give you a small intro to the abuse I have lived with… Continue reading “A Letter to our Community about Abuse”

Why Esther Rockett is being Sued by Serge Benhayon for Defamation

By Simon Asquith

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

Esther Rockett is being sued for defamation by Serge Benhayon. She is currently telling the internet that she is being ‘silenced’ for being a ‘critic’ of Serge Benhayon’s complementary healing business Universal Medicine, seemingly oblivious to the fact that overt claims and copious insinuations regarding sexual abuse with zero evidence or reason doesn’t amount to ‘criticism’, but to a serious back catalogue of defamatory lies.

Naturally she is crowd-funding her legal defence because she has no money – an advantageous position to be in if you are a troll or someone wanting to recklessly abuse others online, with literally nothing to lose.

But when Esther Rockett, the self-proclaimed champion of freedom of speech, was asked the obvious – namely, where is the evidence of sexual abuse, and why do you cyberabuse and harass the very people that you maintain are ‘victims’ of this imagined abuse –

Her heroic response was to shut down the comments section on her crowd-funding page. Continue reading “Why Esther Rockett is being Sued by Serge Benhayon for Defamation”

Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin

INTRO: Serge Benhayon’s work has offered many hundreds of people a way of living joy-full and full lives, and ways of healing to deal with seemingly intractable health issues. Against this background of offering true support and a path to wellbeing, he has been mercilessly attacked by two individuals, Esther Rockett and Lance Martin, who have spread malicious lies about his work and life. If the public is left wondering what to believe in the miasma Rockett and Martin have spread about Serge Benhayon, Ray Karam provides a clear view through the pair’s malodour.

My Life Before and After Meeting Serge Benhayon

When I first met Serge Benhayon 6 years ago, I was a broken down ex-Police officer suffering a number of chronic physical and physiological conditions, as well as having lost any confidence that I could trust people. This was coupled with having an extremely sensitive radar for anything untoward and a hypersensitivity for anything criminal, or anything even with a hint of manipulation in it.

Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine
Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine

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The Truth about Universal Medicine: Esther Rockett’s False Parallels with Scientology

INTRO: In this article on Universal Medicine and Scientology Liane Mandalis brings her usual power and grace to call to account the latest round of cyberbullying by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. This is a breath of fresh air amidst another round of lies that in recent days has seen Esther Rockett attempt to exploit the plight of ex-Scientologists and capitalise on their current publicity by inventing false parallels between Universal Medicine and the Church of Scientology.

Truth has a gorgeous transparency to it, a quality that is reflected by all those who choose to walk with it. As it has done nothing wrong, it has nothing to hide. Truth moves on a steady course and is absolute in its every step. In stark contrast, lies need to move often to give the illusion of covering more ground. They also lack a solid foundation on which to stand, and so much like losing your footing in an earth tremor, shaky ground is a clear indication of something ‘big’ coming your way.

When you can’t find a hole in the truth, your next move is to attempt an ambush whereby you gather as many lies as you can in an effort to bury the truth beneath them. Of course, you will never bury what is true but what you can do is affect people’s perceptions of the truth by making your lies so outrageous and shocking that those who hear, without first having discerned for themselves what is true and what is not, will become so lost in reaction – outrage, indignation, horror, disgust etc. – that the truth will appear to be lost. Continue reading “The Truth about Universal Medicine: Esther Rockett’s False Parallels with Scientology”