The Truth about Universal Medicine: Esther Rockett’s False Parallels with Scientology

INTRO: In this article on Universal Medicine and Scientology Liane Mandalis brings her usual power and grace to call to account the latest round of cyberbullying by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. This is a breath of fresh air amidst another round of lies that in recent days has seen Esther Rockett attempt to exploit the plight of ex-Scientologists and capitalise on their current publicity by inventing false parallels between Universal Medicine and the Church of Scientology.

Truth has a gorgeous transparency to it, a quality that is reflected by all those who choose to walk with it. As it has done nothing wrong, it has nothing to hide. Truth moves on a steady course and is absolute in its every step. In stark contrast, lies need to move often to give the illusion of covering more ground. They also lack a solid foundation on which to stand, and so much like losing your footing in an earth tremor, shaky ground is a clear indication of something ‘big’ coming your way.

When you can’t find a hole in the truth, your next move is to attempt an ambush whereby you gather as many lies as you can in an effort to bury the truth beneath them. Of course, you will never bury what is true but what you can do is affect people’s perceptions of the truth by making your lies so outrageous and shocking that those who hear, without first having discerned for themselves what is true and what is not, will become so lost in reaction – outrage, indignation, horror, disgust etc. – that the truth will appear to be lost. Continue reading “The Truth about Universal Medicine: Esther Rockett’s False Parallels with Scientology”

Esther Rockett & Lance Martin’s Lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine: We are Speaking Out

Esther Rockett and Lance Martin, self-proclaimed anti-cult activists and instigators of a 2+ year vengeful cyberbully campaign against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and anyone associated, are asking for victims to speak up – and here we are.

Sandra Schneider
Sandra Schneider

I am a target of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin’s lies about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the students of Universal Medicine. I am from Germany but my English is getting better and better and the fact that I am a native German speaker has never been an impediment to my understanding what is going on and presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Continue reading “Esther Rockett & Lance Martin’s Lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine: We are Speaking Out”

A Convenient Truth Most Foul: Journalism

by Sarah Cloutier, London UK

A lot of people say they want the truth. They say they want honesty in their lives and straight talking. They say they admire people who are not afraid to hold back.

In my experience, on a daily basis, most people don’t walk the talk. They are only honest when it suits their needs. They find their own truths that pander to their requirements on that particular day. Continue reading “A Convenient Truth Most Foul: Journalism”

Being True to Myself: Taking Responsibility for my own Choices

by Trish Mazur, Marine Charter Co-ordinator, Gold Coast, Australia

I would personally like to thank Serge Benhayon (and all the Universal Medicine practitioners).

Reading statements like Serge Benhayon is ‘anti-exercise’ or ‘anti-mainstream medicine’ just does not correspond with the experience I have had with Serge and Universal Medicine (UniMed) at all.

Firstly, Serge doesn’t tell me what to do or think (sometimes I wish he did – but that wouldn’t be me deciding what is right for me!): neither does he say Western medicine is bad – far from it. What he has made me aware of is that I have responsibility for my own health and way of living. Combine that with Western medicine, and the way I see it, I have the best of both worlds. Continue reading “Being True to Myself: Taking Responsibility for my own Choices”

There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…

by Emily Newman, Mackay, QLD

There are some things that don’t make sense…

Doing research for high school, I came across so many history books that show the slaughter of young children, women and men in the name of Christianity. Yet one of the commandments is ‘Thou shalt not kill’… hmmm, does this not make sense to anyone else? Continue reading “There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…”

David Millikan: The Greatest Story Ever… Missed

by Matthew Brown, Subiaco, Perth, WA

David Millikan, your approach was so very wrong.

Most people have the ability of self-reflection or self-analysis to determine whether what they are doing has a sense of being right or wrong.

It seems that to gatecrash a Universal Medicine evening, lie to the host (Serge Benhayon) and attempt to incite reactions from those in attendance for a story, displays a complete lack of self-analysis. Such behaviour should be illegal! Continue reading “David Millikan: The Greatest Story Ever… Missed”