Our Past Catches Up With Us, Eventually

Recently a young woman spoke to me about her need to go for a walk to get back to herself after a big night out on the weekend, getting home at 3am. I was also planning to walk my sixty-eight year-old body, with the intention to enjoy myself on a pristine beach, feeling lovely.

Her situation reminded me of times past when, as a young woman, I went out to get drunk or escape from the stress I was feeling, or sometimes to party for the sake of it. As I age, I am made so aware of how I lived my younger life and how my body now carries all that I have lived, and how I have lived – the drive, the anxiousness, the overworked body. Continue reading “Our Past Catches Up With Us, Eventually”

True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing


What is age? And why do we generally not accept our age and ageing, or how we look as we get older?

NOW: Kylie Jackson (Age 30)
Kylie Connors (2013)
[Beauty Therapist]
Before & After Photos Below
As a Beauty Therapist, one of the main issues I have experienced in both women and men, is actually around age and ageing. I cannot count the amount of times people have asked me if I can make them look 10 years younger??!! So why is it, since we all do age, that most do not like it, let alone accept it? Why do we believe that we were more attractive when we were younger? What is it that we do not accept about our age and ageing? Continue reading “True Beauty… Defying Age and Ageing”