To Observe and Not Absorb

Recently I have started to appreciate the energetic changes in myself, and how I work with people. I was reflecting on my career in health and social care and thought back to the days I used to absorb everything. I was literally a human sponge for any emotion that was flying around; the more intense, painful and heavy the emotion, the more I seemed to attract it!  Continue reading “To Observe and Not Absorb”

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

I practised (and subsequently taught) Yoga for many, many years before finding my true inner self – my inner heart – the part of me that is connected to, and one with, God. I did not find this inner self by looking to something or someone outside of me, which I had been doing to no avail for many years. No, the answer was inside me all the time! Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self”

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ – How It has Supported Me to Feel Again

I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation™ through a friend. I noticed a clear change in how he looked in his face, and his body was more at ease: I asked him what he had been doing and he said the Gentle Breath Meditation™.

Inspired by the changes I saw in my friend, I decided to go and see what it was all about by attending regular meetings where the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was held. I found this meditation allowed me to re–connect back to myself, to my body, and to feeling again. Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ – How It has Supported Me to Feel Again”

The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’

by Leigh Strack, Receptionist, Eungella, Queensland.

I have been a Universal Medicine (UniMed) student for about 5 years and since that time I have been doing the Gentle Breath Meditation. For such a long time I thought I had to do the Gentle Breath Meditation to connect to myself. Now I can truly feel that by choosing to breathe gently everything else stops, and I can straight away feel myself, my true self. This has shown me that this beautiful warmth that I feel inside when I stop is always there. Essentially I don’t have to do anything to get to it, I just have to choose it. Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’”

Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

by Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education

I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation 6 years ago. It has been the foundation from which I have learned to have a deeper connection with myself just by stopping (a choice) for a few minutes and allowing myself to choose and feel my gentle in-breath and out-breath.  Continue reading “Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me”

The Stupidity of Thinking about Things Twice

by Chris Baker, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Just lately it has become so clear to me how much of my life I waste by thinking about things over and over again.

What I realise now is that I only need to think about a task when I am doing it, rather than multiple times before and after. For most of my life I have thought about what I am going to be doing this afternoon, or tomorrow, or next week, in an exhausting way. And if that’s not enough busy-ness, I can also worry and think about things that I have already done… over and over again.

It seems quite exhausting just thinking about it. Oops, there I go again… Continue reading “The Stupidity of Thinking about Things Twice”