The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’

by Leigh Strack, Receptionist, Eungella, Queensland.

I have been a Universal Medicine (UniMed) student for about 5 years and since that time I have been doing the Gentle Breath Meditation. For such a long time I thought I had to do the Gentle Breath Meditation to connect to myself. Now I can truly feel that by choosing to breathe gently everything else stops, and I can straight away feel myself, my true self. This has shown me that this beautiful warmth that I feel inside when I stop is always there. Essentially I don’t have to do anything to get to it, I just have to choose it. Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation, Being Gentle and ‘Doing the Right Thing’”

Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me

I was first introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation 6 years ago. It has been the foundation from which I have learned to have a deeper connection with myself just by stopping (a choice) for a few minutes and allowing myself to choose and feel my gentle in-breath and out-breath.  Continue reading “Gentle Breath Meditation and Reconnecting to Me”

The Stupidity of Thinking about Things Twice

by Chris Baker, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Just lately it has become so clear to me how much of my life I waste by thinking about things over and over again.

What I realise now is that I only need to think about a task when I am doing it, rather than multiple times before and after. For most of my life I have thought about what I am going to be doing this afternoon, or tomorrow, or next week, in an exhausting way. And if that’s not enough busy-ness, I can also worry and think about things that I have already done… over and over again.

It seems quite exhausting just thinking about it. Oops, there I go again… Continue reading “The Stupidity of Thinking about Things Twice”

Living is as Easy as Breathing

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Brisbane

Living is as easy as breathingas easy as choosing your breath in each and every moment. As easy as choosing to make that next breath gentle.

Our breath is our life, without it we die.

Yet we take our breath for granted; we breathe in and out mechanically without thought or awareness of our breath or how we are breathing. Continue reading “Living is as Easy as Breathing”


by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Brisbane

No matter what I was doing, be it working, reading, walking, swimming, resting, chatting with friends or trying to get to sleep, my body always felt agitated or shaky and my mind would be in a whirl, spinning with constant chatter.

I never felt at rest, there was always a tension and a sense of having to get on with the next thing. That there was more to do, better things to achieve, one more hurdle, goal or milestone to hit and then I could rest, be at ease and achieve a sense of completion. But when I reached that goal there was another and another and another to strive for. My restlessness built and built until my body felt wired and my mind could hold several conversations simultaneously without my being even really involved in them. Continue reading “Settled”

Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within

by Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane, Australia

The other morning I was on the CityCat ferry on my way to work. I was aware that I’d gotten a bit frazzled on the way to drop my son at school and then during the drive to the CityCat stop – because I was impatient to get there in time to find a park so I could catch the right ferry to get me directly to work.

As I do every day on my way to work, I closed my eyes to start my gentle breath meditation. As my breath became gentler I felt an expansion in my lungs, and breathing became almost effortless. I could feel a beautiful warmth in my lungs and in my chest that then spread to my arms, my hands, and then filled my whole body. It was like a fire gently warming me and bringing a deep stillness. In that moment I recognised that I was in the warmest, yummiest, most loving embrace I’d ever experienced – yet it came from within. Continue reading “Gentle Breath Meditation: the Warmest Embrace comes from Within”