While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth

I read a blog today by Terri-Anne Connors titled ‘Organised versus True Religion’  and was curious about how much we ‘organise,’ ‘manage,’ ‘fix’ so many things – including religion.

I know I have spent decades ‘organising,’ ‘managing’ and ‘fixing,’ yet despite this I find myself wondering if I have been going around and around in a circle (like a dog chasing its tail) in a bluster of activity, but not actually truly developing or evolving.

In looking at life, we could say that we fix, manage and organise our health, we fix organise and manage our relationships, our lives, our work, our finances, we fix and organise culture, behaviour, education and so on, and yet in the fixing, organising and managing, are we appeasing, putting sticking plaster over something or stirring the same pot, yet never getting to the root cause? And in the end, what actually changes? Or do we find ourselves fixing, managing or organising the same things over and over again? Continue reading “While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth”

Life’s Beachcomber

Walk along the beach one day and notice the footprints of those that walked before.

Some with deep heel strikes into the sand, others with toes gouging the sand as the person thrusts forward into the day. Each set of imprints can be felt and can tell its own story. Continue reading “Life’s Beachcomber”

Whole Body Intelligence – Choices Between the Body & Mind

Our bodies are talking the whole day to us; they tell us when to eat, what to eat, when to take a rest, when to go to bed, when to speak… but do we listen? Why do we ignore these messages? Continue reading “Whole Body Intelligence – Choices Between the Body & Mind”

Adding Up

Every moment is a choice. Every choice is a responsibility.

Let´s compute just for the fun of it, to get an idea how many choices we have made to arrive at this point in time, this very moment in our life right now. In my case this is Monday, 9 January, 2017 at 7.33pm.

As it is impossible for my brain to even start thinking about the time span of a moment, I will settle for seconds so let´s assume we make one choice every second. I am 50 years and 41 days old today. Continue reading “Adding Up”

Taking True Responsibility for my Behaviour

I was told to take responsibility for many things from quite a young age with no real conversation as to why this was important. I was told to clean my room, wash the dishes, do my other jobs, do my homework in the designated time, not to over-eat, eat a balanced diet… the list of expectations my parents had of me was endless.

I would rebel and take as little responsibility as I could. One of my behaviours was to sit on the toilet each night after dinner until the dishes had been done. Not sure how I got away with that for so long. I often wondered why I was such an obnoxious brat growing up. Continue reading “Taking True Responsibility for my Behaviour”