My Relationship with the Fashion Industry – Changed by the Way I Live

To the outsider, fashion styling is thought to be a very glamorous job. It looks like we get to hang out with models and celebrities, dress them up and be surrounded by beautiful clothes. We work in hotel rooms and have room service delivered to us, we are surrounded by the most expensive brand names and know all the inside news, and we get to shop at privileged prices. Continue reading “My Relationship with the Fashion Industry – Changed by the Way I Live”

The Role of Loving Care in Learning… and a Lesson from Dood, the Dog

I was recently offered an amazing reflection from my dog, Dood, which seemed to me to reflect the impact that loving care has on learning. Being a teacher, I have observed that children learn much more easily when they have a good connection with their teacher. This experience with my dog clearly and simply validated my observation that the relationship between teacher and student is fundamental and foundational for supporting student learning in all subject areas, especially in the area of basic self-care. Continue reading “The Role of Loving Care in Learning… and a Lesson from Dood, the Dog”

The Body speaks Loudly, but am I Listening?

Recently I woke from sleep naturally, without the usual ringing of the alarm to tell me to wake up and get ready for work. As I lay there on that gorgeous Saturday morning, all snuggled up in bed, I began to contemplate the rather enjoyable activities I had scheduled for the day – until such time that I noticed how tired my body actually was; clearly it was not interested in my plans for the day at all.

I continued to lay in bed and questioned what was going on for my body to be speaking to me so loudly about what it needed. Continue reading “The Body speaks Loudly, but am I Listening?”

True Responsibility – My Understanding

I used to live in a world of blame, drive, struggle, anxiousness and images of how life should look in regards to career, marriage, children and family. This brought in comparison, judgement and jealousy. I was not willing to take full responsibility for my choices along the way. When things did not go to plan according to the image I had in my head, I would blame something, someone, or the situation. Continue reading “True Responsibility – My Understanding”

Healing Hurts

Reading a blog by Anne Hishon ‘Feeling Vulnerable – Feeling me, I found myself totally agreeing with her words: “When I make a choice to bury how I am truly feeling, I miss an opportunity to heal the hurts/wounds that are sitting in my body and that just does not make sense.”

I saw that in the past when I have been emotionally hurt I would put my tail between my legs and try to ignore it by hiding from the source of the pain. Continue reading “Healing Hurts”

Self-abuse Under the Umbrella of Making it Right

Just the other day I was asked to do an action stunt whilst shooting a movie – they wanted me to jump off a roof. Of course, everything was done to be safe. But what did I do?

I used to push myself and my body really hard all my life, living in the belief that “I am strong, I can do that, and I’ll make it without any help.” Trying to show how independent I was as a woman, somehow trying to prove that “I can do it!” Continue reading “Self-abuse Under the Umbrella of Making it Right”