The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

These days just getting a new e-mail account comes with reams of terms, which realistically, most of us in our exhaustion, apathy and acceptance of how ridiculous it has become, just sign without reading it all: but recently, I had a different experience. We just got a new insurance company to cover our new-to-us car. Continue reading “The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print”

My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

A few weeks ago, a person I only ever see a few times a year told me about how seeing me expressing a song on stage a few years ago had such a strong impact on her life and lifestyle choices. I was totally surprised by her sharing and asked her what it was that had such an effect, and what kind of effect it was.

She explained how she was very impressed by the way I got on the stage with such ease and joy, without any fear or fuss. She went on to say how great it was for her to witness someone up on the stage so powerfully and freely expressing; someone with such innocent joy and at the same time a contagious, sassy sparkle. Continue reading “My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  “

Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world and the concept of expressing what “I feel” is extremely unwelcome in the part of the world that I live in. In fact it is so discouraged that, at times, those who try to be themselves feel the force of being ostracised and not accepted in the system.

I work in the media industry, and in our industry I feel this every day. You may question how this could be, as isn’t there the freedom of speech? Yes, of course everyone can speak and express, but most of these expressions actually come from the same energy – an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth. Continue reading “Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough”

Expression Could Save Lives

“How often do we consider the importance of our expression, and that expression is not only a natural part of who we are, but that ‘Expression is everything’?” (Serge Benhayon , 2011)

Whether we express ourselves, or not, or the way we express ourselves, has a consequence in our daily lives. Continue reading “Expression Could Save Lives”

Finding and Expressing ‘The Words’

The words are within us but we often don’t know that. Until there comes a time when the ability to express is realised, we rely on others to bring together what it is we would like to say. Choosing the ‘right’ Birthday card, Mother’s Day card, Sympathy card – one that reflects what you want to say, the truth that you hold within but can’t get the words out. This has been my life, relying on others to say what I wanted to say! Continue reading “Finding and Expressing ‘The Words’”

Stage Fright

Do you ‘freak out’ at the possibility of getting up and talking in front of a group of people? Why? I mean, really why? Over the years I’ve heard many answers to this: I’ll make a fool of myself, I’m not good enough, I’ll forget what to say, I don’t know the topic, I don’t look good enough, no one will be interested, I can’t handle all that attention focused on me, my voice is too quiet, I’ll make mistakes, I can’t do that, I don’t have the confidence, etc. etc.

At one time or another I’ve given all these answers as reasons, or rather, excuses, myself. But are they really the crux of the issue? Are they causes or merely effects? I’d like to share some experiences of my own to explore this question with you. Perhaps you can relate. Continue reading “Stage Fright”