A Study on Commitment and Energy

Lately I have made an in-depth study on what commitment truly is. Last year somebody shared with me that they felt I was completely withdrawn from life – not committing to life in full.

At first I resisted: “Who me? I have started up several companies, been successful in my career, have many friends, I was on television, radio, wrote columns in newspapers. How can you call me withdrawn from life?” But in truth I was. It took some weeks to fully admit this unpleasant truth. Continue reading “A Study on Commitment and Energy”

Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering

Recently, on an absolutely gorgeous sunny day in the fall here in Vermont, I made a decision to do something that in the past I would have never dreamed of doing… I took the whole day to completely clean out and de-clutter my basement.

You see, in the past I would not have been caught dead doing something like this in a dark basement on a sunny warm autumn day in Vermont. Continue reading “Bringing Sunshine inside my Basement by De-cluttering”