If there were to be a truth to the term ‘to be rich beyond measure’ then it can only be a form of luxuriousness that benefits all equally, for what else is the worth of wealth if it cannot equivalently enrich?”
Serge Benhayon, There is a Field of Immeasurable Love,
Episode One A True Model, Ed. 1, p. 26

The entire Universe is a movement of constant enrichment. The source of this enrichment lies in our Soul-full multi-dimensionality and is immeasurable. It encompasses our connection to God, to Heaven, our origins, our multi-realty locations, and our movement through The Great Cycle and beyond. We are all Souls, Sons of God, held deeply and always in the Love, Wisdom and Intelligence of The Field and its constant enrichment.

In re-turning our focus and our Being back to Soul and back to God and the many, many vibrational richness-es of the movement that He is, impulsed from the She, we in turn naturally enrich this earth plane of life by living and expressing the quality and vibration we are all held within and are impulsed by.

By stark contrast, this plane of life has been modelled to be profoundly impoverished – impoverished because we have turned our backs away from, and refuted, the multi-dimensional richness and intimacy with all that divinely surrounds us.

Our Divine Birthright has always been to be in the absoluteness of the Magnificence of God First movements and moments. Instead as ungods, we have defiantly and force-fully aligned to a model of life (creation) that is deliberately designed to be an intensely perverse depravity – a depravity insistent upon every conceivably antagonistic movement against God and against The Field.

Of the many movements against God and The Field is the movement away from what true enrichment is. In creation’s model, the word enrichment has been intentionally reduced to an emphasis on materialism and external items, such as the amassing of wealth and status. Rather like a thief robbing someone of their actual jewels and then compensating them with cheap imitations that look the same but have no value.

In this way we have standardised as normal that, in spite of such external appearances, we live as paupers and beggars to life, ever demanding creation’s rewards and multiple donations that sustain us in being less than what we are – deliberately isolated from the enrichment of the true wealth that flows through us unceasingly.

Everything in creation’s model is set up to deliberately conceal the universal fact that we are vehicles of expression, and not at all the ‘individuals’ we have been forged to believe we are. Whether we are aligned to our fiery Divinity or aligned to the astral forgery that is creation, we are always vehicles of expression. Only one source – our fiery Divinity – ever presents this truth. 

This is significant. It is only when we are in the realisation and acceptance that we are vehicles of expression, and not the source of our expression, that we can surrender our physical bodies (our vehicles) to being moved and impulsed by the Universal Movement of cycles and The Field, where the true enrichment of our multi-realty lies.

In the Atma of The Field there is naught but enrichment. Life lived in alignment to this, is a constant expression and movement that enriches All. This true vibrational enrichment is sourced within, and can never be measured by external wealth, status, title, knowledge or profession. 

In refutation of this Divine alignment, we cannot but be the vehicles of expression for all that is creation and its many platforms of internal poverty. That is to say, all that we commonly see around us in this world that is not of The Field, based upon the constant re-circulating of the anti-Divine, the antagonist movement against all that is God. No enrichment is ever to be found in this alignment to creation with its unceasing outward movement away from The Field.

When we align to the richness of The Field and our Universality, life is restored to its Divinity. We live in the awareness that we are here to not be here, and that our true purpose is to enrich all on this plane of life with Divine vibration. This will ultimately lead to our vibrational exit from this plane – vacating our depraved tenure here in this realm of deliberately engineered compression.

We are human by Way of the Soul. We are here to not be here.

Every movement we make in the alignment to our Soul is naturally enriching because of its divine vibrational source. This literally includes our every movement – brushing our teeth, tying our shoelaces, cooking, shopping, walking the dog, working, raising our children, being in relationship and how we speak with each other.

Everything and anything moved with the Soul’s quality, imprints and enriches life with the Universal vibration that we are innately. Living in this quality brings a natural vitality to the body, a lightness and flow to our every movement. In alignment and response to the divine Field that surrounds us, we move the Magnificence of Universality into this realm of compression for All to be universally enriched.

In the human form, in our humanity, we walk our multi-realty as the feet of Heaven. In fact, we walk in Magnificent Humanness. This is what brings the true quality of multi-dimensional enrichment to this plane of life. 

We can not but be rich and enriched when we move in response to The Field of Immeasurable Love.

When you are ready it will be for you that it is a lie that we cannot have the permanent flow of joy and purpose within and with an immeasurable love whose wisdom will universally enrich with constant immediacy on the ready while its intelligence will provide the relevant act of application for each situation that arises.”
Serge Benhayon, There is a Field of Immeasurable Love,
Episode One A True Model, Ed. 1, p. 230

The earthing of these teachings is all attributable to the tireless work and dedication to humanity of Serge Isaac Benhayon. This unfailing and unfathomable fathering and mothering of humanity offers a living representation of the absoluteness of our multi-dimensionality and its untold enrichment. All lived in a human body that holds us nothing less than equal in this enrichment. It is to this and All that is within The Field, that the expression of this blogsite is deeply and humbly dedicated.

[Updated 28 September 2022]