Who are the People behind these Beautiful Faces?

by Carmel Reid, Somerset, UK

I recently went to a gathering in London for people with Prosopagnosia – face-blindness. It is something that is estimated to affect around 2% of the UK population.

These are people who can’t remember faces – not names, but faces. Some can’t recognise their own family – children, husband, and friends – in some cases even themselves in a mirror. It was awesome hearing their stories and many of them echoed my own.

I have always had trouble recognising faces; I can remember hair, glasses, beards, clothes, accessories, and movement, but not the main features of the face.

Unfortunately, people change their clothes and can cut or colour their hair, and then I don’t recognise them. In my previous work as a corporate trainer I could spend a whole day teaching a group, but as soon as they got up and moved around to get a cup of coffee, I would forget who they were, even if they just put their jacket on! Continue reading “Who are the People behind these Beautiful Faces?”

As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

As we get older, there seems to be a common way of thinking – that we will deteriorate.

I remember the stage in our lives when my husband found himself standing at the village community centre bar discussing his ailments with a neighbour and comparing what tablets they were on. They were like the two old men in the Muppets.

Why do our bodies get sicker as we get older? Why do we assume it’s normal? Continue reading “As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker”

Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story

by Dragana Brown, London, UK

In 1991 I went to the Dominican Republic to a wedding. I was 28. Whilst I was there I suddenly started getting spots on my face, particularly around the cheek area. Prior to that my face used to be absolutely crystal clear. Even throughout my teen years I never suffered from acne, and many people, women in particular, used to ask ‘what my secret was’. There was none.

At first I thought this was just some ‘strange’ phase I was going through, perhaps too much Caribbean sunshine, and that soon it would all be back to normal. I was wrong. Over the next few years it got much, much worse, and I ended up with very large and very prominent patches of redness on my face, mixed with spots. It left me feeling devastated and at times livid that it was happening to me – which didn’t help my already red face. Continue reading “Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story”

Illness and Disease: Society’s Need for the Teachings and Presentations of Universal Medicine

by Rachel Murtagh, Somerset, UK

Universal Medicine’s ethics, integrity and teachings are very much needed in society today. This can be clearly seen by looking at the shocking statistics on illness and disease trends. The World Cancer Research Fund states that, “There are an estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases around the world every year, with this number expected to increase to 26 million by 2030”.

How many of the children in my classroom will remain unaffected by serious illness in their lifetime? Continue reading “Illness and Disease: Society’s Need for the Teachings and Presentations of Universal Medicine”