As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

As we get older, there seems to be a common way of thinking – that we will deteriorate.

I remember the stage in our lives when my husband found himself standing at the village community centre bar discussing his ailments with a neighbour and comparing what tablets they were on. They were like the two old men in the Muppets.

Why do our bodies get sicker as we get older? Why do we assume it’s normal?

Is it really something we all have to live with as in, “it’s just old age, I guess”.

Well, here’s some news for you – I have bucked the trend – as I’ve got older, I’ve got ‘weller’, not sicker.

I have gone through a ‘normal’ life of smoking (no drugs though), partying, late nights, loud music, binge eating, caffeine drinking, alcohol drinking, failing marriage, extra-marital relationships, and stressful job/ family life. I ended up with obesity, arthritis, hyperactive thyroid and atrial fibrillation (heart).

Eventually my body shouted STOP!!!! It gave me an arterial clot in my right leg. Fortunately I didn’t lose my leg, but it was enough of a scare to make me take a long hard look at my stressful lifestyle.

A year later I met Serge Benhayon, from whom I have learned a great deal about truly healthy living and how to build healthy relationships.

Now, at the ripe old age of 62, I am living on my own and developing a loving relationship with myself: I don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, I eat gluten and dairy-free, and my working life is simple and stress-free.

So far, and with medical support but no surgical intervention, I have reduced from a Size 22 to a Size 12, I no longer get colds or sore throats, my thyroid is back to normal and only yesterday my doctor confirmed that I no longer have atrial fibrillation. How cool is that?

OK, so I still have irregular heartbeats, arthritis and dry eyes, but in view of the way my body has become healthier as I’ve got older, who knows what might be possible?

It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.

I love it!!

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK

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178 thoughts on “As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

  1. Carmel it is so lovely to read this blog at a time when I’m having a ‘sicker’ moment. Now years ago I would have been a nightmare patient to be around and placed the many demands upon the brinking health care systems. But on the contrary, I was a very different person. Despite the agony my body went through, I stayed with myself. Schedule eight drugs and a powerful two hours sleep later, the appreciation and love I had for the health care professionals attending to me, was unfathomable.

    How did I get to this point in my life? Meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and a truer way of living. Taking deep care of myself from baby steps, understandings of life from many angles than just the one. Appreciating the so called ‘highs’ and the ‘lows’.

    For in each moment we have the opportunity to grow and evolve. I observe life much more differently than ever before. And that is thanks to Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine and practitioners.

    1. Shushila I totally agree with you when you say that through meeting Serge Benhayon you came to realise that life is not lineal, it is multi faceted and the more we come to appreciate the depth and quality that is there, the more we can deeply appreciate ourselves because as you say we can then grow and evolve rather than stagnate which humanity has been doing for thousands of years. We have become stuck in the mud of life and it is now fascinating to observe those that want to stay stuck by blaming and justifying their lives and those that feel they want to change and go and make changes as they are presented.

  2. How easy and dare I say convenient, is it to assume that age is the reason why our body is not well…if we keep making that assumption we miss out on the messages that we receive and may override things and not look into what is happening and what we can do about it. I have experienced a family member thinking it was age related muscle tremors and fatigue happening and when I recommended they get things checked they found out they had a severe life threatening condition that was not at all age related at all – we cannot use age as a reason to write things off – no matter what age we are it is never too late to turn to a more loving way to care for oneself. At least this is what I have learned and am still learning each and every day.

    1. I agree with your sharing Henrietta. Age is not a factor to the wisdom that can pour out of us. Age is just a humanly number that defines a biological ageing of a body, nothing more than that.

  3. Every choice we make no matter how small has an impact on us, and the more we can build on loving choices and accrue those over the not so loving ones, is a bonus to us and our body on the shorter and longer terms.

    1. This is one of the many lessons that Serge Benhayon has taught the world, that our choices do matter and the consequences that come from them. I have struggled to be more loving with myself and the thoughts that I have had in the past were not so pleasant. However, slowly I have reversed the negativity by accepting that we do not own our thoughts; we align to energy and depending on what energy that is will determine the thoughts we receive and then move. This brings in the choice to align to a loving energy or align to a negative energy. By paying much more attention to my alignment of energy has been hugely supportive because now I do not have the negative thoughts coming through me and if they do sneak in, I know that I have being moving in a way that has allowed this to happen so it’s my choice to then realign to the movement of my soul, which is always lovingly guiding me back.

  4. At any point in time, we can stop to make more loving choices – I love what you have shared here Carmel: “It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.”

    1. I truly believe Henrietta that what Carmel is sharing is that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine was the catalyst for the changes that occurred. To me it is a classic case of before and after. That there was no idea of self loving choices as Carmel describes her life before Serge Benhayon as being anything but self destructive. Serge Benhayon will go down in history as being the master of masters and the truth of what he is sharing with the world will be known to all and not just the few. The truth will be known that like Jeshua he is the earthly representative of God on earth and like Jeshua he is ridiculed by those who have a great interest in the world staying as it is, stuck in the putrid mud of creation because they want to have control over the masses. What Serge Benhayon represents is our freedom out of the house of lies that Zarathrustra spoke about thousands of years ago. There have been many masters on earth to support humanity out of the house of lies, and there will be many more to come as we are all held in God’s internal love and we will all return to God’s love that is the law of the universe and one of the many teaching that has been passed down life after life.

  5. As a teen my eyes were -1.20, last year at 29 I got them checked and they are now -0.25. The lady running the test couldn’t believe it. It’s very rare to hear about eyes improving with age, normally it’s the other way around!

  6. Your story breaks down the consciousness that older bodies are not well and can’t regenerate.

  7. I’ve seen many people within the UM student body become healthier as they’ve gotten older. Even within my peers, I am generally the most healthy one within the group. Our choices really do impact how we age, it’s not that age comes with a pre-set condition it’s our choices that lead us to our conditions.

  8. There once was a time in my life where I used to think I was loving myself whenever I would eat and drink and smoke and do whatever I fancied with zero consideration for the consequences. Making loving choices is a constant unfoldment and changes in the way it presents itself as we deepen our acceptance (or at times fight) that we are Love and our body does whatever is needed to let go of whatever no longer serves or never belonged in the first place.

  9. ‘Old age’ is no excuse for taking stock of what is going on in our lives. So many people I come across blame their age for their ailments. Yes, I understand as we get older some of us experience challenges with our health but as Carmel is choosing, why not embrace what the body is showing us and make the necessary changes in our every day living.

  10. Imagine asking a person constantly to accept as natural what is not at all. It is not hard to agree that it cannot be a good thing.
    Why do we think that bodies are different than people?

  11. I work in health and see everyday the ramifications on the body of our lifestyle choices. So yes its no wonder that most of us think that we collect a variety of illnesses and conditions along the way to old age, because its what we see. We simply don’t see people living a vital life, yes with bumps in the road, but an aliveness and joy in life, even when they are in old age. So a huge thank you Carmel for bucking this trend and a huge thank you to other student of Universal Medicine who are entering their elder years. When I look at all of you all I can see is that you are all becoming more and more beautiful and vital as the years go on. For me this is so inspiring because what I have felt is always true is no longer a theory, I now know this because of what you have shared here Carmel but also I see every time I meet with all of our ageing students.

    1. That is a good point, Jennifer, there are hundreds of us entering our older years and not one of us is using a walking stick or a wheelie walker and, if you look into the eyes there is no given-up-ness, everybody is living with a sense of true purpose and great joy.

    2. Same here having worked in Aged Care. It’s the build-up of choices over the years that then has an impact on the body. The body is not designed to constantly put up with unloving choices and it shows later down the track in life. Stop making those choices and see how the body returns to more how it should be aging as Carmel is an example of.

    3. Jennifer, I have more energy now than I did in my 30’s 40’s or even 50’s there are people in their 80’s and they are full of vitality, so in my mid 60’s I still have loads to look forward to. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine actually does know what he is talking about and the students of The way of The livingness are the walking, talking proof of the presentations and teachings, clearly bucking the trend of health statistics by showing the world that actually lifestyle choices matter.

  12. Interesting point, Linda, ‘when we choose from love’ yes, definitely, and not because somebody said so or we are so critical of ourselves or because we feel we ‘should’. When we truly love ourselves we naturally want to take greater care and that includes how we nourish our body, with our thoughts, our movements and the food we ingest.

  13. This is great what you have shared Carmel, as so much changes when we understand the responsibilities we have to return to the nurturing, nourishing and natural ways of living.

    1. It is a responsibility to return to our natural way of living that is filled with nurturing and nourishing of the body and yet it does not make sense that we fight this so much!

    1. I still eat a little ‘naughtily’ every now and then but that’s now taken as a sign there is something important for me to work on. I love having a slim body and it doesn’t feel great whenever I put weight on, so there is always a marker for me to look at my behaviours and addictions to particular types of food.

      1. Carmel you have raised an interesting point about our approach to food which we can use as a prop to support us through what we perceive to be the difficulties of life. How many of us reach for a glass of something at the end of the day because we want to relax and take the edge off the day. How many of us reach for comfort foods to support us? However what you are sharing is that when we go to the comfort foods there is more going on, and that maybe if we were to stop and check in as to why we are wanting such foods we may actually find that we have a hurt that we want to suppress by eating comfort foods rather than dealing with the hurt, so we don’t need to drown our sorrows in food or alcohol.

  14. Not taking responsibility for what happens as we mature in years will have a serious detrimental effect, effectively because we are no longer considering the whole body and what it will bring to us when looked after. As Carmel has shared; “It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.” Could it be one of the biggest questions that we can ask, so that we are reconnecting to the understanding about responsibility is the truth about re-incarnation? Then maybe as we deepen our understanding about life, from birth until our death at what ever age, then living would become about correcting our ill way that deteriorate our bodies?

  15. I have a few friends who are living with cancer and it is amazing to see how well they look, they are not fighting the cancer but have surrendered to living according to what their body needs in each moment.

    1. Amazing indeed to witness a person blossom despite an illness or disease when they choose to care deeply for themselves and make loving choices.

    2. Carmel it is interesting isn’t it that these people are not being studied to discover how they are living with cancer, you would have thought that the scientist would be knocking your friends door down. How we care for ourselves has a huge impact on our bodies.

  16. It is inspiring to see a community of elders (The Way of The Livingness) living life to the full and not acting out the expected pictures society has of what it means to be old.

  17. It is a sad fact the we have accepted our lot in life is to get through life as best we can, and before we die, we give up as seemingly there is not much to live for. You have indeed bucked the trend and highlighted just how through every cycle of our lives we have the opportunity to grow, learn and explore deepening our relationship to an inner-world, our Soul, and with this the is much to share and interact in the world with.

    1. Again Carola none of us would have know about the cycles of life and developing our inner-world our soul until 1999 when Serge Benhayon started presenting the difference between co-creation and creation, the difference between our soul and the Astral plane. Humanity is deeply blessed to be given an alternative to our current way of living. To be given an opportunity to reconnect back to our soul is the greatest gift we have all been given each and everyone of us no one has been missed or left out.

  18. We tend to assume that sickness and wellness do not mix and that sickness is only related to illness. Illness lead to sickness but wellness may lead also to it. Yet, the resulting sickness does not have the same meaning or overall impact.

  19. ‘As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker’ Me too Carmel! I feel a loveliness and an inner strength that grows, even as my body is changing as it grows older.

  20. Even if we get ill, we are still evolving, our bodies are releasing the effects of all our choices throughout all our lives, and as a result we can be clearer, energetically lighter and feel younger.

  21. It is amazing to feel healthy and vital as we get older while our bodies are naturally deteriorating, it is the way we care for our bodies that is the key, living lovingly with our selves in nurturing and self care which give a true quality to our aging bodies.

  22. We need to hear more stories like these, as the belief that we can blame any deterioration on our age is rife in society. This is such a great ‘get out of jail’ card as it means we don’t have to look at how we have been living.

  23. There are more and more of my elder friends who are becoming amazing role models for the younger generation, showing that you can be sexy at 70, active at 80 – there is no limit to what we can achieve regardless of our age.

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