As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK

As we get older, there seems to be a common way of thinking – that we will deteriorate.

I remember the stage in our lives when my husband found himself standing at the village community centre bar discussing his ailments with a neighbour and comparing what tablets they were on. They were like the two old men in the Muppets.

Why do our bodies get sicker as we get older? Why do we assume it’s normal?

Is it really something we all have to live with as in, “it’s just old age, I guess”.

Well, here’s some news for you – I have bucked the trend – as I’ve got older, I’ve got ‘weller’, not sicker.

I have gone through a ‘normal’ life of smoking (no drugs though), partying, late nights, loud music, binge eating, caffeine drinking, alcohol drinking, failing marriage, extra-marital relationships, and stressful job/ family life. I ended up with obesity, arthritis, hyperactive thyroid and atrial fibrillation (heart).

Eventually my body shouted STOP!!!! It gave me an arterial clot in my right leg. Fortunately I didn’t lose my leg, but it was enough of a scare to make me take a long hard look at my stressful lifestyle.

A year later I met Serge Benhayon, from whom I have learned a great deal about truly healthy living and how to build healthy relationships.

Now, at the ripe old age of 62, I am living on my own and developing a loving relationship with myself: I don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, I eat gluten and dairy-free, and my working life is simple and stress-free.

So far, and with medical support but no surgical intervention, I have reduced from a Size 22 to a Size 12, I no longer get colds or sore throats, my thyroid is back to normal and only yesterday my doctor confirmed that I no longer have atrial fibrillation. How cool is that?

OK, so I still have irregular heartbeats, arthritis and dry eyes, but in view of the way my body has become healthier as I’ve got older, who knows what might be possible?

It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.

I love it!!

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139 thoughts on “As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

  1. I don’t remember last time I heard somebody died naturally in their sleep because their life simply and most naturally came to an end!
    You are correct Carmel – and it appears that we have to have something, a form of illness or disease to die of! That it seems to be quotidian – yes, but is it normal – no.

  2. Wow, what an extraordinary change for you Carmel.
    I used to harbour secret thoughts that non drinking, gluten/dairy free type people were boring (compared to the life I lived). How arrogant! But now I know many people who have chosen a healthy lifestyle and they are far from boring (and I’m one of them).
    Give me vitality over glugginess any day!

    1. Rod, you are as far from boring as I am from succeeding the British throne 🙂
      You are the most fun guy that I’ve never met 😉 Yet!

  3. Thanks for illustrating that there is “an other way” to ageing… it never ceases to amaze me how resilient the human body is and how restorative it can be given the right ingredients!

  4. It is amazing how much our bodies reflect how we choose to live and the choices we make, enjoy your rejuvenating years Carmel.

  5. I can relate to what you have shared Carmel and like you I also thought as you get well you physically aged. But no this be far from the truth when as you shared when we choose a healthy lifestyle accompanied with healthy relationships we can and do become healthier and younger as we get older. Which just goes to prove the body has a natural state of being which it can return back to. I am 50 and feel healthier than I was in my 20’s.

  6. This is a great article Carmel — simple and inspiring. Goes to show how much bearing our simple daily choices have on our health.

  7. Carmel, that is super cool… it really is possible to ‘buck the trend’ and, to take care of ourselves back to wellness, vitality and amazingness. I too at age 50 am now the fittest and wellest, and most joyful I have ever been, and all of my medical conditions (endometriosis, asthma, ezcema) have all reversed/gone… here’s to taking super care of ourselves, it really is worth it.

  8. Great Carmel, thank you, I love the way you write and I can hear you saying it! You are are an absolutely amazing example of someone who has reversed the old adage that getting older means getting more sick. You have demonstrated that it’s never too late… and that simple loving choices to take good care of ourselves can help to set us up rather nicely for the years to come – at whatever current age.

    1. Hi Zofia, yes, it’s never too late, and we don’t ever stop because these changes are ongoing, as we refine the way we live. Our bodies are constantly feeding us little aches and pains that warn us of the consequences of our current as well as past choices. If I feel tired and old any day, I can look back at what I’ve been doing in the last few days or weeks that has left me feeling that way and then I can explore how choosing differently nourishes me and restores my vitality.

    2. ‘Reversing old age’ – it’s funny that something so simple as our lifestyle choices, literally how we live, is the practical answer (or you could say miracle) that is the source for the fountain of eternal youth.

  9. I have watched your journey over the years and find its celebratory to see the change in you. We are blazing a path to a different type of old age. Making a new way to be as we age, how awesome is that!
    Ariana Ray, Wales, UK

    1. ‘A different type of old age’ yep, we’ll still be dancin’ in the streets in the years to come – or at least walking upright, fully flexible and vital instead of stooped, stiff and given up.

  10. I know that your experience is on offer for anyone to choose…but it sure is important for all of us to SEE and hear about this ‘other way to age’.

    I hear so many people excuse and accept all their pains by saying “I’m just getting old”…
    but I, like you Carmel, have been getting more and more well and am enjoying life far more than I did in my 20’s and 30’s all due to making different choices for myself!

    This is empowerment.

    Thanks to Serge Benhayon and all those ready to do something different.

    1. Hi Jo, it’s great to hear that you feel more well than you did in your 20’s and 30’s and that you are enjoying life. I find as new aches and pains arise, I can now take responsibility for looking at them and saying, Ok that hurts, what do I need to change? Do I need to exercise more, eat or not eat something, open up my heart more to others, what? My body is communicating with me all the time, reflecting back the consequences of my choices, it’s awesome! And I can choose to ignore it or choose differently.

  11. Hi Carmel, I loved the humour, picturing the muppets made me laugh. It is a great testimony to the choices you have made and are now reaping the health benefits. I find as I get older I am grateful for not having all of the ailments I had in my 30’s and 40’s and not to mention all of the health problems I could have potentially gotten. It makes getting older something to embrace and not dread.

  12. Super inspiring, thanks for sharing this Carmel. I love that you are bucking this trend and showing how it is possible through making nourishing choices in your day to day living.

  13. Carmel I love that you are bucking the trend! I am 65 and through simple life choices am also much healthier and enjoying life far more than in my younger years. I too was overweight and on the way to a thyroid condition when fortunately I met Serge Benhayon; he inspired me to take much more loving care of myself and to take practical responsibility for my own health. Life has never been better!

  14. Thanks. That is truly inspiring. I feel to look after my body even more now, even when I don’t feel too bad. Thank you Carmel.

  15. Thank you Carmel for sharing your story. I can feel your vitality and vibrancy shining through your words. You are a true role model and an inspiration for people of your age, and all ages, through the way you have chosen to live, more loving and honouring of yourself – which is simply transformational.

  16. Love this Carmel, stories like yours and the many on this blog show that we can turn these old beliefs on their head, we can as you say get healthier with age, it comes down to how we choose to live our lives.

  17. Wow, wow and wow Carmel. It absolutely does go to show that ‘by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being’. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story, it was just amazing to read.

  18. Healthy Carmel you are a living miracle – a living testimonial – everyone should read your blog and be inspired through you. If everybody would chose to live like you – our heath care system would not be so “bankrupt”.

    1. What I find so inspiring of Carmel is yes she is getting ‘weller ‘ but also how she shares so openly and honestly , like this one ‘ OK, so I still have irregular heartbeats, arthritis and dry eyes…..

  19. Truly inspiring Carmel. It goes to show that we are never too old to change to a more loving lifestyle that is honoring of our body, and to get enormous benefit from doing so.

    1. And the older I get the more I learn about the depth of love and tenderness that is there to be felt, and if what I learn now comes with me into my next life, it is a lesson worth working on.

  20. The moral of what you share is loud and clear: it is never too late to start making loving choices and to change the relationship with yourself. Your body will not thank you enough.

  21. This is awesome Carmel. Good living does have an effect… I’ve made some similar lifestyle choices and while I don’t have the list of ailments, people keep coming up to me telling me I look younger each time they see me. While not the reason for the changes, its a lovely side benefit… maybe some day I’ll be looking younger than my kids!

  22. Thank you Carmel. I loved your story and I relate to it so much. I am amazed at the vitality I feel in my body at 71 yrs of age, and people telling me I am looking younger.

  23. I love it too Carmel ha ha, what a super post and awesome example of you bucking the trend in health and vitality – through the simple choice of self-love. Just so wonderfully inspiring.

  24. It’s so good to hear that as you get older you can also get weller by the way you look after yourself. This offers everyone a choice to decide whether when they are ageing are they going to blame their age if they are unwell or are they going to look after themselves to remain healthy and well and also break the myth that sickness is to do with age?

  25. Beautiful blog Carmel which is as inspirational and amazing as you are… a 62year old lady who is totally committed to returning to your natural state of being by listening to your body and simply taking care of you. Awesome.

  26. Those conversations ending in ‘it’s just old age’ are so common, amongst the young and the old. Since being around many Universal Medicine students who are also bucking that trend, it sounds like a massive excuse to me now, it is like saying, ‘I won’t look at why I’ve ended up this way, because then I’d have to take responsibly for it, and that is too hard/painful’. Very understandable, but using you as an example Carmel, if you do stop and look at the way you live your life, then you don’t have to continue sailing down the route to a decrepit old age and it is possible to become healthier. At 62, you have more love, commitment and energy for life than most young people I know. We are missing out on so much more in life by accepting that old age means becoming sicker.

    1. I agree, Laura, it is bad for our health to buy into the beliefs that ‘It’s just old age’. Getting older can be something to celebrate, not fear, and there are hundreds of people around the world who, like me, are proving that.

      1. Aches & pains are not a sign of age, they are a sign that something isn’t working quite right, an opportunity for change and to support our health into old age…

    2. A great point, Laura. I have used ‘it’s just old age’ cards many times, and it’s great to understand what I was really saying with that. Thank you.

      1. Next time I hear that I will be sure to say something, as it is as good as putting another nail in a persons coffin by letting it pass. If everyone started to look after themselves, what ever their age, our elder society will begin to look very different -be a source of inspiration, wisdom and support for those younger and less experienced…

  27. ‘It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.’ Yes our natural way of being is ‘well’ and as we start to take responsibility for our past choices we can certainly ‘buck the trend’ and inspire others as you have done Carmel.

  28. Thank you Carmel, the body is truly amazing and able to always do so much to support us, especially when we support it. I feel that as we age there is a kind of “giving up” and acceptance in illnesses and disease as “a normal part of life”. It’s so inspiring and supportive to read your words and challenge this idea. I love that you are bucking the trend because what is trending in the ageing population and considered normal can actually be changed.

  29. Amazing, Carmel! It is our choices that make all the difference – they can buck the system and change trends.

  30. Wow, Carmel. You are a true inspiration. We associate old age with a deteriorating body – which makes absolute sense: after a lifetime not listening to it and treating it as if it’s something we can just dump and discard at the end of our life – of course it will start to give away sooner or later, like, what did we expect? It’s really inspiring to feel a sense of your deepening relationship with the body – the willingness to listen and be open to changes that has brought a miracle as a result, proving there is another way.

  31. Carmel this is deeply inspiring and supportive for everyone to read. What you share here is a miracle, through making loving choices you have reversed some of the physical ailments you had and are a living example that truly caring for yourself rewards you in countless ways.

  32. That’s a big turnaround Carmel, very inspiring for people to read that it is never too late to make supportive changes if we choose to.

  33. It is surely no coincidence that you met Serge Benhayon one year after you were stopped and took a decision to change your lifestyle. It seems that people come across Universal Medicine as soon as something inside them is really ready for taking responsibility.

    1. That’s a key point you make, Felix, Universal Medicine does not offer any magical cures or solutions to all our problems, it offers us the simple truth of what is and shows us the energetic responsibility we have for ourselves and to each other on this planet.

  34. That is pretty cool Carmel, in the face of such a belief that getting older = getting sicker you’ve completely reversed it and gone against all of that. If these lifestyle choices were adopted on mass what would the sayings towards getting older change to?

  35. This is so wonderfully inspiring Carmel, you are a living, breathing confirmation that self love and self care are truly good medicine, in fact they literally take years off your life!

  36. I have had the same experience over the last 11 years. I can comfortably work 80 hours a week without getting exhausted, my weight went from 91.5kg to 71kg, my cholesterol from high to low. At 56 there are still a number of minor things going on but I certainly and decisively stepped off the trajectory of deteriorating health that I had been on.

    1. That is one thing I have found so amazing, that the older students of Universal Medicine are involved with and working on so many projects, because they have the vitality, the clarity and the sense of purpose, and they get so much done in one day it defies the norm. Retirement is definitely a thing of the past!

  37. Great blog Carmel – full of the joy of you – how much life there is in each of us when we choose to take deep care of ourselves and how much the body responds to such care. It reminds me of when we tend a garden – the flowers bloom regardless of our tending they just do – but when we trim the leaves, mow the lawn and water and feed the plants and flowers – love radiates from them and they sparkle evermore in the beautiful sunshine.

    1. I agree, Lee, our gardens as do our lives, reflect the deep and tender care we offer – I am always amazed at the way my garden bursts into life each spring, and when the local cat poos on my lawn, it makes me reflect on what I may have let in . . .

  38. This is an amazing story Carmel what you share here should be in medical journals and magazines everywhere so others can read what is possible when you begin to self-care and make loving choices for your body. No matter what age you are or what conditions you have it is possible to feel more well as you get older – deeply inspiring and an absolute game changer, thank you.

  39. Building a body of love is a life long choice – the benefits will build and build our whole lives long not end when we hit 40 – essentially setting us up for the next life an the next one after that.

    1. Definitely doesn’t end at 40, Lee, I’m 65 and still learning new things every day, constantly evolving, making mistakes, making great choices, seeing miracles happen, feeling loads more than I ever have done before. Let’s fit in as much as we can this lifetime so that, as you say, we can set ourselves up for the lifetimes to follow.

  40. I loved reading your inspiring blog Carmel, you have healed so much with your self-loving choices and making changes in the way you lived. “…by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.” Nothing beats vitality at any age and it’s all in our own hands.

    1. And it’s an ongoing process, Shelley, I keep finding new layers of old behaviours, reactions and ways of being that I can let go of. Sometimes I feel I’m being a bit slow, but when I fully understand what and why and take a little more care of myself, these things drop away naturally and that’s what is so amazing.

    1. Luke – you have such an opportunity with your whole life ahead of you – learning to listen to your body is great because it will be with you all the way, and you can inspire others both young and old simply by the way you live – just walking down the street they will feel your vitality and zest for life.

  41. “OK, so I still have irregular heartbeats, arthritis and dry eyes, but in view of the way my body has become healthier as I’ve got older, who knows what might be possible?.” I so agree Carmel. My body has become healthier too as I age. I put this down to the different choices I have been making over the past few years – taking responsibility for my health and my aging, rather than putting illness down to bad luck, my genes or God’s will. Without perfection however……

  42. Wow. That’s a real shift in ailments from some simple changes in lifestyle. Imagine what is possible if this caught on?! Through your own lived experiment, you are living proof of life being medicine. The results are staggering and worthy of further study and research by those who influence health policy.

  43. This is so cool Carmin, an actual story about health improving as you age. My health has also improved over the last nine years, even my eye sight – I am now legal to drive without my glasses first the first time since I was 25 years old, and now I am 55. It’s definitely the choices we make that determine what our old age looks like.

  44. “I met Serge Benhayon, from whom I have learned a great deal about truly healthy living and how to build healthy relationships.” Spot on Carmel. I too have been inspired by the teachings and example of Serge Benhayon to make different choices in the way I live and now have more vitality, improved health, true relationships with family, friends and everyone I meet and thoroughly enjoy life in my 60s. A student of Universal Medicine is a student of life and a true way of living.

  45. Thank you Carmel,
    What a breath of fresh air this sharing is.
    I am studying paramedics at the moment and have just completed a part on ageing, and it was not anything like what you have shared here. In fact it mostly talked of how the body deteriorated as it aged. The example you set here is so needed to be seen in the world, so many go into their elder years given up, a trend you have certainly bucked.

  46. This has been my experience too Carmel…..through making some loving and supportive lifestyle changes, my health and vitality has greatly improved, and is continuing to do so, even though I am in the final year of my sixties.

  47. Thank you Carmel, this is a great sharing for all in these current times where illness and disease is so prevalent and accepted as normal part of aging and what you are reflecting to humanity is that there is another way to live which goes against this trend by taking responsibility of our choices and connecting to the fullness of who we are.

  48. This a lovely opportunity of appreciation of the choices we have been able to make and to feel the responsibility of this reflection to others that there is another way to live in which as we age and start to take care of ourselves in more loving ways, it is only the beginning of living true to ourselves and anything is possible!

  49. What an awesome sharing. I am only 36 but I have experienced the same thing, in fact I am in better shape physically now than I have ever been as I was constantly sick with colds and flu and other ailments up until about 6 years ago. These stories put a whole new perspective on ageing and wellbeing, in fact I no longer fear old age as I know many men and women in their 70s and 80s who are thriving thanks to their commitment to themselves and the support offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine.

  50. That is extra ordinary Carmel. I know there is much shared here but going from a size 22 to a size 12 with no surgical intervention and to remain consistently at that lower size is really unusual. It is so good to hear there is a way.

  51. Carmel that is really an inspirational blog. “It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.” Why is this not a common knowing??? Why is it that not each doctor are recommending this to their clients – imagine more people would make choices like you did Carmel – I am sure we would not have such problems with our health system.

  52. Why do our bodies get sicker as we get older? Why do we assume it’s normal? Great question Carmel and I love how your writing is simple and clear showing us how easy it is to change our life by making different lifestlye choices and developing a loving relationship with ourselves. Inspiring Carmel.

  53. Making more self-caring and loving lifestyle choices not only allows us more joy and harmony in our lives and that of others around us but most importantly the letting go of that which is not serving us is setting up for the quality of our next life to come. Living with this understanding in our bodies is a true blessing as every moment offer us a choice to be more of who truly are.

  54. As an update, I am now 66, and still going strong. Recently my body has shown a bit of wear and tear but I know that’s because there are still some occasions when I go into hardness, or push myself to do something physical that I really ought to ask someone stronger to do for me. It’s interesting how we women think we should be able to carry heavy things about, but when you see the effortless way a man can do it, it makes me appreciate their physical strength and to wait and ask for help instead of injuring myself.

  55. Ofcourse there is a degenerating process of our bodies as we become older – yet indeed this not means that it is actually normal to become sicker the more we age , because we simply are used to see that. So is this blog a beautiful example of what actually normally could be.

  56. By listening to our bodies and taking care of ourselves it allows us to age gracefully in the full appreciation of the wisdom of our body instead of mindlessly accepting dis-ease and ill health as a compulsory given. As we change this mindset so will perhaps our escalating stats of disease and illness reflect this care.

    1. Absolutely Francisco – as it saves A LOT of money down the track with no need for health bills and a lifetime of pills just to get by. When we invest in the body, life becomes very rich.

  57. There is nothing more inspiring that seeing people aging in a way that defies the norm… This shows the true power of choosing a healthy and responsible way of living that makes getting old not something to be feared or detested but embraced in full for all that is possible.

  58. I loved reading this Carmel. Your life is an inspiration to all because of the way you’ve transformed your health and wellbeing. Many of the ailments you were living with are super common and people just ‘put up with it’ or go on medication for their remaining years. To hear that these are actually reversible through making different choices, well, it’s a true miracle.

  59. My recent ‘Ailment’ has been a prolapse in the vagina – a situation so normal that most women don’t even realise they have it and the medical profession will only operate if it becomes uncomfortable. Define ‘uncomfortable’! I took matters into my own hands and elected to go private and I don’t regret it – healing from the hysterectomy has given me six weeks to reflect on the lifestyle choices that led to the prolapse – pushing, trying to get it right, lifting heavy weights, struggling with wayward shopping trollies, and from here on, tenderness, delicacy and fragility is The Way. I am recovering remarkably well considering, and that is probably because I was reasonably healthy to start with, and because I am allowing myself to REST, not pushing to get ‘back to normal’. For me there is no normal, only what my body tells me it can do.

  60. Laugh out loud Carmel!! The two old men in the Muppets…
    You’re absolutely bang on. How awesome you are today and the transformations in your health deserve to be broadcast far and wide – that the mindset of ‘deterioration’ and indeed frequent dull acceptance of our ailments, needed set in.

  61. Reflecting upon the mindset of ‘expected deterioration’ in our health, I can’t help but reflect upon the all-encompassing view of what our health and well-being actually means for us, as presented by Universal Medicine.
    Societally, the belief is still so strongly held that ill-health is something that ‘befalls us’ – that God ‘smites’ us even… Taking back the responsible part we ourselves can play in our own health, and also the understanding of what any ailment may be teaching and offering us on many, many levels, is deeply self-empowering. Yes, it requires inner-work to be done, but I’m with you Carmel – the true value in this is so vast, that it simply cannot be measured.

    1. And the choices do have to be made daily because it is easy to slip back into our old ways of being, especially as we recover from an illness, injury or surgery. As we start to feel stronger, our bodies remember what they are capable of and we can override all that tender care with our minds and revert to the old patterns of behaviour that got us ill in the first place. If that happens then we’ve learned nothing and the body has to give us a greater stop so that we pay attention – again.

  62. I love the description of the two old men in the Muppets 🙂 and you are a living example Carmel of what it is like to break this awful old paradigm of age and deterioration… In fact I know so many examples now of true ageing and grace combined.

    1. Yes, I often feel sad when I see older people walking so bent – it seems to come from a lack of confidence, a kind of given-up-ness and it makes them look even older. You can see it in some youngsters too, which is even more sad, because they are setting themselves up for a crooked spine later in life.

  63. In light of what you have shared here Carmel about getting healthier as you are getting older I feel that these words need to be tweaked a little. “Now, at the ripe old age of 62,” , maybe to “Now at the wonderfully young age of 62”…..and as this was written 4 years ago I am sure that this applies to you being a young and healthy 66 too.

    1. Hi Ingrid, yes, at 66, nearly 67 I am feeling pretty good. My body is even more slender than it was four years ago, I eat well and my weight stays the same. I exercise regularly and am involved with several different projects. I had a hysterectomy towards the end of last year to repair a prolapse, but have recovered very well and am feeling good. Not only that, I am now living in Australia and in a new relationship with a gorgeous man.

      1. I really appreciate the update Carmel and am very inspired by it, as I am sure many others will be. You are certainly dismantling the long held belief within society that as we age it is all ‘downhill’; this is one belief, an accepted normal, that is well past its ‘use by’ date.

  64. The ‘it’s just old age’ phrase is a lame excuse for not looking at the choices we have made or when used by a doctor or practitioner often simply a sense of helplessness or ignorance. Of course there are certain physical and physiological changes that come with age but too often we use the easy way out of responsibility.

    1. It’s a good point you have made here, Alex, we blame our genes or our age for our illnesses and, as you say, we ignore our own responsibility, our own choices that have led to the illness. My body is telling me lots and in the last three months I had to have a hysterectomy to repair a prolapse and I fully accept why that happened and have resolved to take more care of my body, not pushing it to do heavy chores.

  65. I have often wondered about the “that’s what happens when you get old” or “I’ve got to expect this”. Its not about never having an ageing body, that’s impossible. But we can age very well, participate in community, enjoy people and be committed to life – until out last breath. We can have that youthful sparkle in our eyes and be in our 80’s. But we have to choose this or not. There is not much that is more inspiring that someone who is ‘getting on’ who lives in this way, they are leading the way in how we can age well (and I don’t mean without illness).

  66. Wow Carmel every time I read this I am inspired by how you are getting weller as you get older, this is something that modern science and medicine would have a hard time accepting, but like yourself I too have felt healthier and more vital than I did 30 years ago and this is thanks to the amazing support of Universal Medicine presentations and their common sense approach to self-care.

  67. Bucking the trend of what old age has become is something worth reading about, and should be shouted about. The way old age is currently predicted gives us nothing to shout about and much to dread, but what the author and many others (due to The Way of The livingness) are proving is that illness and disease can be reversed, and the conditions that we are expected to live with as we age do not have to dominate our lives or be there at all.

    1. This is true, Julie, not all but some illnesses can be reversed, and there are many reportable case studies that can support that claim. Not only that but a lot of illnesses can be prevented from even happening when we take responsibility for our lifestyle.

  68. I enjoyed and agree with your last sentence Carmel. Healthier choices are in every moment. The body does not go on holidays or goes into a state of now I can ‘poison’ myself “it’s in moderation”. The body is rendering to evolve. If anything it’s wise to go deeper with our choices to honour it (in every moment).

  69. The process of ageing doesn’t need to be a decline in health, and this blog is a great example of how making different lifestyle choices develops different results.

  70. And as an update, I can report that, since last December I have let go of more ‘stuff’ and shed a further 10Kgs so my body is now a slender size 8/10. Not only that, my eyes are not so dry (could be where I’m living now) and I’m feeling great!

  71. As Serge Benhayon has presented many times, life is the best medicine, so if we live a nourishing, supportive and loving life, this will heal our physical and emotional bodies in profound and magnificent ways.

  72. What an inspiration you are Carmel, ‘It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.’

  73. The headlines in the newspaper in the Netherlands yesterday said that most elderly people died because of dementia and second of lung cancer. What I read in your blog is how we can support a return to a natural way of being by making healthy choices. I dare to ask when is the true start of dementia or lung cancer , why are we not aware what is truly happening when we don’t take care of our bodies? It all starts with listening to our bodies much earlier and stop when it is not too late.

  74. I love it too Carmel! I find the saying ‘getting old, the body is breaking down’ when someone has an ailment or an illness as an excuse really. As you have shown Carmel, we don’t ‘need’ to or do breakdown as we age. It can be very different when we listen to our body and let go of what does break it down and make loving choices to support it.

  75. Having a few friends who have made the choice to live with ‘Conscious Presence’ I can see how it is possible to show that Dementia is not an inevitable factor of ageing. I myself get distracted a lot and I can see how easy it is to escape from daily life, but constantly reconnecting with my body and what it feels at many points during the day is helping me to stay present. Every illness we have has an emotional cause – this might not be something cancer sufferers want to hear, but so many of our illnesses are as a result of our own lifestyle choices – we are not ‘unlucky’ – everything happens for a reason, and the more we take control of our own lives, the less ill we can choose to be.

    1. Yes I agree Carmel just felt to add that even if we do find ourselves ill or with cancer it is how we embrace the disease that counts for if we are ready to take responsibility for the life we have lived the illness offers us a great clearing and a great time of to reflect on how willing we are to stay present and take loving care of ourselves.

      1. I agree, Kathleen, so many people when they are sick blame everyone else for their state of health and don’t understand how beautifully their body is presenting them with an opportunity to reflect and heal.

  76. Our bodies are not designed to live in stress, it is not physically sustainable. Stress is not just the emotional kind but also includes the physical stress we impose on our bodies by what we consume, how we move be it exercise or otherwise, or how we sleep – basically how we care for our physical bodies. Loading our bodies with unnatural forces will take its toll, and the fact is our bodies tell us so right from the start. What you have highlighted here is amazing Carmel, as you have shown that there is a harmony that we can be living with and that this is guided by living in connection and in honor of the bodies. And what’s more, the more we live in connection to our bodies and being the more we live with greater presence and vitality in our lives, regardless of the age of our bodies.

    1. It is beautiful and a privilege to know so many 60 and 70 year olds who are living their lives with such vitality, not sitting around staring into space but actively caring for themselves and making a positive contribution in their local community.

  77. This definitely bucks the trend, Carmel. I work with the elderly and life can be pretty miserable having the limited movement and the illnesses, not forgetting the medication and its side effects. It is huge to realise that life does not have to be all pain and misery as we age and that when we change our ways we can actually improve our health to such an extent as the author has described, that we can reverse our illnesses – obviously the thing would be to not get the illnesses in the first place.

    1. I think there is much work we can do to support the elderly – many of us think it is natural to deteriorate and give up on life – I find the sight of elders sitting around on chairs in care homes a very sad sight. The staff put on entertainment and events but I’m not sure that is all that is needed – I love the programmes where children and elders intermix because there is much they can offer each other.

      1. I agree Carmel it is sad, and some may say at least they are with others but there is an old saying which goes something like ‘Misery begets misery’, so the elderly being with children makes more sense and the elders clearly respond well to being around the children.

  78. Yes, I can relate to the truth of being healthier and in greater well-being in my late 60’s – there is no doubt there has been a huge change in the way I choose to live and move since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon.

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