As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

by Carmel Reid, Somerset UK

As we get older, there seems to be a common way of thinking – that we will deteriorate.

I remember the stage in our lives when my husband found himself standing at the village community centre bar discussing his ailments with a neighbour and comparing what tablets they were on. They were like the two old men in the Muppets.

Why do our bodies get sicker as we get older? Why do we assume it’s normal?

Is it really something we all have to live with as in, “it’s just old age, I guess”.

Well, here’s some news for you – I have bucked the trend – as I’ve got older, I’ve got ‘weller’, not sicker.

I have gone through a ‘normal’ life of smoking (no drugs though), partying, late nights, loud music, binge eating, caffeine drinking, alcohol drinking, failing marriage, extra-marital relationships, and stressful job/ family life. I ended up with obesity, arthritis, hyperactive thyroid and atrial fibrillation (heart).

Eventually my body shouted STOP!!!! It gave me an arterial clot in my right leg. Fortunately I didn’t lose my leg, but it was enough of a scare to make me take a long hard look at my stressful lifestyle.

A year later I met Serge Benhayon, from whom I have learned a great deal about truly healthy living and how to build healthy relationships.

Now, at the ripe old age of 62, I am living on my own and developing a loving relationship with myself: I don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, I eat gluten and dairy-free, and my working life is simple and stress-free.

So far, and with medical support but no surgical intervention, I have reduced from a Size 22 to a Size 12, I no longer get colds or sore throats, my thyroid is back to normal and only yesterday my doctor confirmed that I no longer have atrial fibrillation. How cool is that?

OK, so I still have irregular heartbeats, arthritis and dry eyes, but in view of the way my body has become healthier as I’ve got older, who knows what might be possible?

It goes to show that by making healthy choices at any time in our lives, we can help our bodies to help themselves return to their natural way of being.

I love it!!

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143 thoughts on “As I Get Older I Get ‘Weller’, Not Sicker

  1. As our body ages it does start to wear out, we can’t deny it so why not appreciate, support and embrace it and do it with as much dignity and commitment as we can.

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