Medicine and Serge Benhayon
Medical Doctors and Health Care Practitioners share their understanding of the holistic approach they choose to take in their workplace and life – inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine.

Truth about Universal Medicine
Students of Universal Medicine share their stories on how their lives changed after attending presentations by Serge Benhayon.

Words on Serge Benhayon
Students of Universal Medicine share their views on the misinterpretations/misrepresentations and lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in the press.

5 thoughts on “LINKS

  1. All of these blog sites are absolutely INSPIRING; each present a large collection of testimonials from people in almost every walk of life, living joyfully and lovingly in accordance to what they feel supports and is healthy for their body.

  2. I agree that the blogs posted on these sites are a magnificent library of anecdotal evidence of how people have changed their lives and are starting to ask all the right questions about how life should be, compared to how we have experienced it up till now. They are real life stories of people going against the trends of ever escalating disease and illness, exhaustion and mental health problems that are facing the world, through self care and self responsibility. They need to be studied and examined as they may just hold some of the answers to the problems that humanity is trying to solve.

  3. I so agree Jessica, Amita and Ariana. These sites offer a different perspective on living. We then have the option to choose another way – or not. So many different authors offering us a new meaning as to the level of self-care and the simple steps it takes. I am inspired.

  4. I’ve had a look through all of these blog sites, and would highly recommend reading them. Truly amazing, as they provide a true account of Universal Medicine, all written from a wealth of personal experiences. When you read these blogs there is no question about the integrity of Universal Medicine as there are miracles in every testimony.

    1. Jessica I completely agree with what you share. All these blogs are truly amazing, the miracles speak for themselves. The integrity of Universal Medicine is in the testimonies.

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