My Return to Truth

In spite of what most would call a normal, even relatively uneventful, just ‘cruising through’ sort of life, at the age of 35 I found I didn’t know who the true me was and so I wanted to explore this. I knew I had to heal and let go of things that were holding me back from deepening my own connection with myself. At the time, I had no interest in anything spiritual or religious, but I did know that life was missing ‘something’. I would describe my experience as an awakening.

Something shifted inside of me which set me on the path of wanting to know God, and the truth of not only who I was, but why we were here. I’d also convinced myself that I knew what love was but was equally realising that perhaps this wasn’t the case.

Despite my picture-perfect life, I was feeling exposed and vulnerable, wondering what was going on, and although I was unsure, I felt it was a turning point. I was preparing myself to let go of lifetimes of protection and loveless choices. And so, I dived head first into the spiritual new age. Many books, courses and spiritual practices later, 17 years to be precise, I realised that wasn’t it. I was no nearer to finding out who I truly was and I was nowhere nearer to feeling the love that I yearned for.

Looking back, none of this spiritual work had helped me connect to my body, deal with my hurts or ask me to be honest with myself. I wanted to discover who the real me was, where I came from, why was I here and what was the purpose of life! I wanted to know truth, to know God.

One day I was impulsed to visit a new age fayre, still hopeful I might find the truth after years of searching. I wandered around for a little while before deciding to leave but as I did I saw a little card with the words ‘Universal Medicine’ written on the back. It literally shone out at me. I followed my feelings, picked it up and in the early hours of the morning I listened to a man called Serge Benhayon presenting the Gentle Breath Meditation®. His voice resonated so deeply and I knew instantly I had found the truth. How did I know? In essence, deep down inside of me I knew the truth already.

Very soon after this introduction to Serge, I began attending presentations on the Ageless Wisdom. Finally, I felt I had found truth. I wept tears of joy feeling I had come home. This man lived the truth of who he was, day in day out. He never judged and he treated everyone equally. I had felt true love for the first time in my life and my body said a resounding YES to that. I came to realise that true love resided inside of me as it did equally in Serge. It seemed foreign for me to accept this at first but deep within I felt it was true.

At my first Universal Medicine presentation I was again brought to tears, realising my healing had truly begun. It was to prove challenging, uncomfortable and exposing at times, but it was worth every self-reflective moment.

I would often feel raw and vulnerable. It was not about ticking boxes and getting things right, it was about being honest and dealing with my hurts and not giving myself a hard time about not being perfect. This way of being was something I had never considered before, but it seemed like a great place to start, to learn to love ‘me’ before I could truly love others. 

I learnt that it is possible to live a joyful, vital life, a life connected to our Soul and that the way to do this was to begin to re-connect to my body – this was the true path of return, the path I had been searching for all along.

I do not claim to be connected to God or my Soul all of the time, but I have learned that God is not only within us, He is all around us, all of the time, we ARE God. The reason that we feel disconnected from God is that we choose to step away, to turn our backs on the one thing that we crave the most. God IS love and that was what my life was missing, true love.

I have always known that I had a purpose, it just took the Ageless Wisdom teachings to reawaken what was already inside me. I had been inspired by the man who delivers Heaven without holding back.

I shall never forget that moment when I heard Serge Benhayon’s voice. It was a pivotal turning point which set my feet upon the path of return to what I truly am. With hindsight I came to see that I always knew this, but meeting Serge was the confirmation I had been looking for. I was able to reconnect to my purpose and began to live that so others could see that too.

Many years later, having attended Universal Medicine courses and presentations, I am claiming the true woman that I am: sacred, powerful and delicate. I am enjoying life and feeling more vital than ever.

This is my unfoldment thus far, quite simply a wake-up call from my Soul. Without perfection, wobbles ‘n all, to live a life of purpose offering a call to humanity to return to what we all truly are in truth.

By Sandra Henden, Independent Business Woman, Norfolk UK

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2 thoughts on “My Return to Truth

  1. Simply awesome blog, Sandra. Thank you. I so relate to everything you wrote, including knowing Serge Benhayon was the real deal the very first time I saw him – and he hadn’t even opened his mouth!

  2. Thank you Sandra for the deep honesty and grace that comes through your words. To know that you have found the truth through the words and presence of another is one of the deepest blessings we can receive.

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