Living True Purpose from my Inner-knowing. Simple.

Growing up I was taught that my main purpose was to be happy, to make life about me and what I wanted. This was exemplified, for instance, by having a boyfriend, earning some money, getting good school and college results and carving out a life where I was comfortable. There was an emptiness in this. It lacked true purpose and I didn’t enjoy the idea of my life being all about satisfying my needs.

I felt during these times that there was a constant striving to attain things and academic qualifications to ‘get on in life’. Life seemed to be about what grades I got in school which would determine which college I could go to, which would then determine whether I would be recognised and successful at my work. Continue reading “Living True Purpose from my Inner-knowing. Simple.”

Fitting In or Standing Out?

When we feel the words ‘fitting in’, we may feel that they suggest that we are slotting into something … fitting ourselves into something … something that is already prepared: a pre-constructed mould. For you cannot fit something into nothing – it simply would not be ‘fitting in’ to anything then.

If we are not fitting in then we may be standing out and much like the words ‘fitting in’, ‘standing out’ suggests that we are standing out or outside of something. Continue reading “Fitting In or Standing Out?”

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse  

As a young girl I was sexually abused by older boys in the back street. At the time I knew what was happening was indecent and intrusive but felt powerless to speak out about what was going on. The trauma or scarring imprint from this abuse was then an overlay through which I experienced life. I acutely felt disgraced, disregarded, disconnected and appalled by the lovelessness in the world. The experience of abuse led me to behave in loveless ways. I had little regard for myself and others. I turned to drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain. I abused myself through food, sex, and had completely dysfunctional relationships with those around me and with myself. Continue reading “Breaking the Cycle of Abuse  “

The Grace of True Healing

Healing usually comes with the notion of fixing something that needs to be fixed. And in some sense, this is true – that healing can be brought to something that needs fixing. But how often do we look deeper than simply fixing the external layer and consider what is happening behind the issue that is needing to be resolved? How often do we consider the steps that were taken that lead to that issue in the first place? Continue reading “The Grace of True Healing”

My Returning Road Back to my Body

Recently I read a blog on a well-respected, professional website about healing trauma using one’s imagination: but surely using our imagination is not Truth?

In my past I have built scenarios, happy scenarios, whereby I would dream, or would rather settle down to dream about beautiful homes in the Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by the songs, scents, noises and patterns of nature; of better cars; better, more respectful jobs; and of course, a little more good fortune! But as I manipulated these storylines, I would inevitably introduce family members: and then my delightful scenarios would come crashing down as I realised that their success was dependent on others’ responses, over which I had no control, nor should. Continue reading “My Returning Road Back to my Body”