Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story

by Dragana Brown, London, UK

In 1991 I went to the Dominican Republic to a wedding. I was 28. Whilst I was there I suddenly started getting spots on my face, particularly around the cheek area. Prior to that my face used to be absolutely crystal clear. Even throughout my teen years I never suffered from acne, and many people, women in particular, used to ask ‘what my secret was’. There was none.

At first I thought this was just some ‘strange’ phase I was going through, perhaps too much Caribbean sunshine, and that soon it would all be back to normal. I was wrong. Over the next few years it got much, much worse, and I ended up with very large and very prominent patches of redness on my face, mixed with spots. It left me feeling devastated and at times livid that it was happening to me – which didn’t help my already red face.

I embarked upon a quest to find a cure for my condition. I turned to conventional medicine and all it had to offer – I sought high and low, with some top skin consultants in England (and abroad), but all they did was diagnose it as Acne Rosacea and prescribe various treatments. Nothing helped, not even a tiny bit!

I was even sent to various other specialists, including an infectious diseases physician, and underwent thorough investigation to see if I had contracted some ‘tropical disease’ – again – all tests came back clear and no further light was shed on my condition. From there on I just had to ‘grin and bear it’.

After a few years of absolute despair and the look of my face getting worse, I had exhausted everything that conventional medicine could and did offer me. I then decided to look at alternative medicine for help. I absolutely explored everything that was on offer there, from herbs to acupuncture, to homeopathy, to macrobiotics, to various other fasts, diets, to all kinds of skin lotions and potions… anything that somebody might mention as a possible help for acne rosacea, I tried it. To no avail.

There were days when I did not feel like getting out of bed, and I definitely felt like smashing every mirror in and outside my home! Worry not, I did not turn into a ‘mirror smashing loony’ :-). Sometimes, I would walk out of the shower and my face would look as if somebody had ‘accidentally’ left hot irons on each side of my face, mixed with spots – horrendous!  Seventeen years of this nightmare!

In June 2008 I went to see Serge Benhayon. When I booked the session I actually had no clue what I wanted out of it, or what Serge could offer. A very close friend suggested in November 2007 that I might like to hear his presentation, which I did, but I still couldn’t quite picture what a one on one session would be like. I asked the same friend, who recommended Serge in the first place, what I should ask him and she said – just ask whatever comes to you when you get there.

Of course, the first thing I asked was about my face. I was sceptical though, about how Serge could help me – after all, up until that point I had spent 17 years desperately searching for answers from experts in the field, so how could I expect a ‘magic pill’ from him? With no medical or even alternative health qualification, I just couldn’t picture how and what it was that Serge could do to help me, but I saw no harm in asking… and I was desperate. He listened to me very carefully, and before he did some hands-on healing we talked about some of my emotional issues, including sadness, and “all the things that I had been harbouring that could no longer be kept behind the ‘façade’ (my face)”. He didn’t even complete the sentence and I was crying about nothing in particular. Serge had scratched the surface of something BIG, something that I would consciously and deliberately begin to address from that day onwards. I knew there and then that Serge had ‘hit the nail on the head’. I walked out of the session feeling positively different, elated, lighter and more content – and again I found it hard to explain how this was possible just after an hour of receiving hands-on healing and sharing a few words throughout.

It made sense what he said… I knew skin was our largest organ – about 5kgs of it! Next to kidneys and lungs, skin is a very important part of our excretory system. It also made sense that my body had been trying to get rid of something (pretty ‘large’ I’d say) through the skin. And emotions reflected on our faces – that is so true. Reminded me of Snow White and the seven dwarves… grumpy, bashful, sleepy, moody… Seriously though, think how many people we meet every day and we can see on their faces and in their expressions their sadness, anger, frustration, rage… without them ‘pulling any of those faces’. We can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot.

Five years later, and a fair amount of tears in between – some of happiness, too – and my face is now clear again with no signs of acne rosacea. The red (or at times even purple) coloured cheeks, nose, even chin and forehead have been replaced by healthy looking skin-tone facial parts with a pink hue. Almost five years now since I first went to Serge’s presentation, my face gets to look more radiant daily. The transformation is absolutely jaw dropping. In the last few years, whilst I have been dealing with my deeply buried emotional issues, all that I have applied to my face is esoteric massage cream, which in no way claims to fix skin (or any other) conditions – it just feels and smells great! In fact, it feels so lovely on my face that I use it all over my body – I love it!

Having worked on re-connecting to my inner beauty and releasing what seemed like an infinite amount of sadness (gosh, I had no clue there was so much in me!) and all that was not truly me, what I was left with is the beautiful essence of who I truly am. This was then naturally reflected on the outside, and each and every day more of the true Me is re-emerging and allowing my true beautiful face to return.

We often hear people say that beauty comes from within – which is true! But it has taken me 40 years plus to completely grasp the deep meaning of this statement. There is more beauty to come out from that inner space, as I make more self-loving, nurturing and nourishing choices each and every day. It took one man, Serge Benhayon, to inspire me to want to go much deeper than I had ever imagined possible. The result is amazing – as these pictures show. Thank you, Serge.

BEFORE (February 2009): My red face (acne rosacea) approximately 1 ½ years after being introduced to Universal Medicine.

AFTER (August 2012): My face (clear from acne rosacea) approximately 5 years after being introduced to Universal Medicine.

140 thoughts on “Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story

  1. Dragana, I so relate to this statement, ‘we can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot’. Our bodies speak a thousand words and that is before we even speak or utter a word.

    Since meeting Serge I realise more and more that any bodily symptoms have an energy behind it. Yes of course we still require the support of the medical profession too. Your testimonial is proof to me that despite receiving support from modern medicine, it boiled down to the root cause of the condition in order for it to heal.

    Is it an over night heal/fix? No it is not. However, it is in the willingness to go deep within and face whatever needs to be faced. It isn’t as bad as our minds think or make out to be either. Our bodies will do the communicating, loud and clear.

    So thank you it was timely and supportive to read this when my body is going through another level of healing.

  2. When I was in my teens I got severe acne and the school nurse sent me home several times thinking I had an infectious disease. This was super embarrassing and certainly did not support me in feeling confident and beautiful, and all I wanted to do was creep into a shell and hide. I too tried so many things including the drug Roacutane (a synthetic Vitamin A derivative) which helped to reduce the acne to a degree, but at a cost to the rest of my body. My skin always felt like it was clearing something – but in retrospect, I too can echo Dragana’s experience of increasing self love and care and finding that my skin would get better and better. Universal Medicine has a way of inspiring many people to self care and self love, and what could be better in a society where we all lack this on a very big level? It was a blessing in my life to discover both Universal Medicine and self care and self love.

    1. Henrietta I loved how you bought to our attention that it is about self care and self love. For years we are presented this but never the truer version. It’s not about the occasional bath here and there, it is a deeper molecule of this.

      Without a sense of self care, another can only support you to a certain place. The rest is our responsibility, the willingness, commitment and consistency for its longevity to nourish and flourish you to a true well-being.

  3. Dragana, a beautiful sharing – thank you! The expression beauty comes from within is indeed a truth worth seeking, from within, and then becomes a joy to share with all.

  4. I am just amazed how the body decides to speak louder at the precise moment for it to get whatever it needs.

  5. We all know by experience that over indulgence can lead to spots on the face as the body tries to deal with the overload, so it makes sense to me that if we are storing something undealt-with in the body, that hasn’t been processed out in any other way, it has to try and clear by some means.

  6. It’s so fascinating how we store energy, such as emotion, and then it must make its way out of our body. If we are unable to express it then our body much express it – or press it out of us. I have studied the Energetic Facial Release technique with Universal Medicine and have also felt in my own and others faces how we store emotions there, and how different the face feels and looks (younger and more vibrant) after the emotions have been cleared.

    1. I totally agree with you Greg, true healing allows our bodies to move freely from the impositions that have been imposed on it by the energy that holds our body in contraction.

  7. When the Soul is not part of the picture, we simply hate what the body ‘is doing to us’ how it is ‘ruining our life’. Yet, when it is part of the picture, you understand how much what is happening is good for you if you embrace it and move with it.

  8. How amazing and what a change and it shows clearly that our bodies reflect so much of what is going on for us, and if we look at those underlying issues we give ourselves and our bodies the opportunity to let go and show more of who we are from the inside out.

  9. Great transformation Dragana, we often look outside of ourselves for a cure, only to find that the answer is actually within us if we are prepared to be open and honest about our choices.

  10. Awesome Dragana!. We can never discount that we manifest physical conditions because our body is full of unexpressed feelings and buried emotions.

  11. One of the things I have loved about being a student of my body is that I can clearly feel that emotions (both ‘good and bad’) cause strain and harm in my body. When this goes on for decades it has to come out in the form of a condition somewhere. We can be so unaware of painful feelings we have buried. Luckily we have our honest bodies to bring our awareness to them.

    1. Fiona I agree being a student of our bodies is so interesting. For example I have just read an email coming in from a work colleague and I could immediately feel the impact the email had on me. It was a blow to my solar plexus! I sat back and allowed myself to feel behind the words of the email. I asked myself what energy is coming through is it pure love or an energy to make me feel small and insignificant?
      it’s the latter, so I have a choice, I can either resource myself and feel small and insignificant or choose the exact opposite. Understanding life in this way takes all the emotion out of it, as we can see and read everything as an energy and we are just conduits for it, either positive or negative.

  12. The outer reflects the inner and thus, to truly heal, there is no other way than to address the energetic root cause of any and all conditions.

  13. An amazing sharing Dragana for there is something both precious and beautiful about a healing science that addresses the root cause of our physical manifestation of illness and disease as the Universal Medicine modalities of which are based on Esoteric Medicine do.

    1. Suse, We are all missing out on the science of who we truly are. we function through life not really living life, because we have forgotten the science of life and how to be in life. Serge Benhayon using the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom is bringing this seemingly forgotten science back to humanity again so that we can reconnect back to who we truly are and not live life as many of us do on autopilot. Many of us for example have experienced autopilot where we have driven to a destination and have no recollection of how we got there.

  14. Another amazing example of how an encounter with Serge Benhayon seems to trigger a healing that was previously deemed impossible. As you say, there is no magic pill to take or any weird ritual to endure, but there definitely seems to be something our whole body recognizes and says ‘YES, finally’ to.

    1. Fumiyo it confirms the support of Esoteric Medicine and how it can be used very effectively alongside Western Medicine.

  15. The phrase, “beauty comes from within” has been bandied around for as long as I can remember but I am sure that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel the truth of it until I too began to attend presentations by Serge Benhayon. In fact, it is now obvious to me that how we are feeling on the inside is reflected on the outside with our faces being a fairly accurate barometer of the state of our inner being. It is very hard to hide how we are feeling, so if we have connected to our innermost beauty it makes sense that this beauty, our true beauty, will naturally be reflected out to the world.

  16. It makes sense to me now if the body is a receptacle for our stored emotion then it has to show up somewhere in the body as it tries to clear it. More than the absence of the skin condition, we could say the healing was from you reconnecting to how you truly felt and then to the deeper essence of you underneath, which now shines forth in place of the emotion.

  17. It is through the appreciation of who we are and our own connection that we can start to let go of the need to be confirmend by others, for in connection our beauty is simply an emanation of that which lives within.

  18. Wow Dragana what an amazing clearing you have had and now it is 2017 and you look even more beautiful and more radiant than this 2012 photo.

  19. A beautiful example that reflects the teaching of Serge Benhayon that our physical ailments are the body’s way of showing us where we have to heal our inner hurts. It can change how we choose to live our lives when we have an awareness that our illness and disease is in fact a healing.

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