Without Love the World is a Very Unpleasant Place

by Eva Rygg, Oslo, Norway.

It is absolutely horrendous to hear about what is happening with media attacks as well as internet and personal attacks on our fellow students and friends in Australia. Don’t think for a second that because we’re on the other side of the world we are not equally affected.

The latest attack on the Esoteric Medicine presentation, with unbelievable deception and lies to get access to the stage, as well as filming without permission, made me feel like I had been asleep and woken up in a different time and age, where haunting innocent people was part of ‘law and order’.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for your ‘naivety’ and inviting this person in; after all, it was your wide open heart that inspired all of us to start to make the change where we take responsibility for our own choices and the way we live our lives.

If anything, these happenings have strongly reminded me that without Love the world is a very unpleasant place, and never before have I been more certain in my choice.

77 thoughts on “Without Love the World is a Very Unpleasant Place

  1. Wow, Eva, I don’t remember last time I read 4 short paragraphs that summed it all up and said so much!
    I too feel that David and the distractors are shooting themselves in the foot here – their atrocious and socially completely unacceptable behaviours are having adverse effect on me and many I know including you and your heartfelt statement – “…never before have I been more certain in my choice.” ABSOLUTELY.

  2. Here here Eva – open heart, open door! It is the way to expose what is going on everywhere in the world today and to offer an alternative…

  3. To the point and so beautifully expressed …. Serge’s “wide open heart” is an understatement! What a reflection he is for us all and now we, in turn, offer a reflection to each other, our families, friends, work colleagues and the wider community. How great is that? True love is very power-full indeed ….

  4. Thank you Eva, beautifully said, I agree with every word. We really felt the energy of last weekend long before we knew what was going on. Initially grief and sadness, but moreover an immense sense of love and connection with all other esoteric students around the world. If I recall correctly it was Serryn who recently reminded us of the Chris James song, “as one we are invincible” in “There is always a place in my heart for you” (the words of God speaking). I have never felt so strongly united in the oneness of love. This connection and oneness became even more of a focus in this weeks’ Innermost Sound Group, and the love we felt was just so so strong. We celebrated our love in the most joy-full way and it felt like hundreds of us were singing instead of about 12. Every song seemed deeper and more powerful than ever. I have no doubt of the huge expanding connection this whole thing is inspiring in us all around the world. As Eva says, we are all feeling this. Serge Benhayon, your amazing love inspires us all. Thank you.

  5. Spot on, beautiful Eva! It does effect us all and whether we are directly attacked or not, this is an attack on true Love and all of us who attempt to make Love our every expression. And as you say, “Thank you Serge Benhayon for your ‘naivety’ and inviting this person in” because it is Serge’s open and trusting heart that has exposed the deceit whose sole intention is to undermine everything UM stands for – freedom of choice, connection to self, love, harmony, relationship and commitment to life – and I too claim that I have never been more certain of my choices and my allegiance.

  6. Thank you Eva, a strong felt dedication to love. Wow! And reading it feels like a reflection of what I felt when I heard about it. There hasn’t been a stronger Y E S up to now.

  7. Very well said Eva, and Yes it is totally right that Serge let him in as it confirms the state the world is in that someone would act in this manner with no feeling of remorse whatsoever.

  8. This is so beautiful Eva to help us realise how much the world has moved away from love and the absolute need to bring more love. These attacking individuals are free to not choose love but it has to be love which stands up to say no to their aggressive actions and to make them accountable for these actions. That way, this love gives them an opportunity to see what they are doing and maybe a chance for change.

    1. True Rachel – and in spite of a two and a half years relentless hate campaign based on lies, more lies and then some more lies, Serge Benhayon is not holding back his love for humanity, on the contrary, it keeps pouring out.

  9. Thank you Eva for so simply but profoundly expressing the shock we felt wherever we were in the world. It does feel like we have regressed to another age but we have been inspired to stand together and not be cowed by these bullying tactics despite their relentlessness over the last 2 and a half years.

  10. Eva this was just beautiful to read. Thank you for expressing your deeply felt appreciation of Serge for what he lives and has inspired in us.

  11. Hi Eva, it does confirm for us all about the power of the choices we make and I too choose love above all else.

  12. That’s so sweet to show your care from the other side of the world. It just proves as people we are all connected and we can feel what’s going on elsewhere in the world, thank you for honouring that and sharing that in a blog.

  13. Beautiful blog Eva and thank you for reminding us all ‘that without Love the world is a very unpleasant place’.

  14. “If anything, these happenings have strongly reminded me that without Love the world is a very unpleasant place, and never before have I been more certain in my choice” – this is one power-full expression of your commitment to Love. Totally inspiring, Eva. Thank you.

  15. Beautifully expressed, Eva. It was love that was attacked and a lack of love in the media that was exposed, however love cannot be defeated.

  16. Without love the world indeed feels like an empty place because we feel lonely. Love is what in depth connects us all equally. If we cannot feel the love we cannot feel the enormity of this connection.

  17. Re-reading this article makes me aware of the fact that there is no right or wrong in opening the stage for David Millikan or anything we say yes to. There is always a bigger picture behind the actual scene of unfoldings that allows us to grow and wake up.

  18. Modern society seems to be hungry for sensations and scandal. The example you describe in your Blog Eva does show, that this hunger for sensations leads those who wish to publish them to become liars and intruders and those who are the subject of them will suddenly find themselves at the center of a smear and hate campaign, for example just because they did attend a public presentation. Where has our society arrived, that we tolerate and even support such behaviour by listening to or purchasing these media?

  19. Love is what lets us see what really matters. Living out of love will mean living for far more than our own gain. Truly caring for our selves and others, not by numbing ourselves with material good, but by living a life that supports us in living more lovingly and honest every day.

  20. Sometimes a situation where we clearly can see and feel what horrors a life void of love and understanding can bring can be a strong inspiration to remember what life truly is about and to stand up for the truth of what we feel.

  21. Without love the World is indeed an unpleasant place, Eva. On the internet – seemingly protected by anonymity – anything seems possible and love often is rare and instead the exact opposite is lived and shared. But to what gain? What is the benifit of false accusations and cyber bullying and cruelties of all sorts? Why do only a few stand up against this whilst it does effect everybody?

  22. Beautifully said Eva, the world is an unpleasant place without love, thankfully Serge Benhayon truly loves and cares about humanity and inspires us to live this everyday.

  23. Our modern society is so keen on scandal and distraction that we often do not realize that what we watch so keenly is very abusive. – let alone realising that by watching it , we even support the abuse.

  24. In our modern time people – at least in the Western World – are not publicly haunted, murdered or burned, but on a deeper level we are not so far away from the dark ages. We allow cyberabuse, defamation and much more and by that become abusers ourselves.

  25. “If anything, these happenings have strongly reminded me that without Love the world is a very unpleasant place, and never before have I been more certain in my choice.” Me too Eva. We all have a choice – to harm ( as Millikan tried to do) or to heal – and our choices affect everyone.

  26. The continuing attacks and harassment is a clear demonstration of those who reject the truth and love that is offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. A jealousy from those who choose to reject and deny their own love so attempt to stop others who have found what they are not willing to feel.

  27. I love your take on life Eva, when ugly and unpleasant things happen they do certainly remind us how love and truth are the most important things in the world.

  28. “Without Love the world is a very unpleasant place.” Eva for me your statement is true for ever – we just have to be open to what is happening in the world right now.

  29. It was indeed a harsh reminder of what is possible in a world that does not move first from love… and at the same time inspiring in that it confirmed me in my commitment to choose wisely so to never be capable of treating others like that.

  30. It is a true test of one’s foundations, to be met by such lovelessness as was displayed on the evening of David Millikan’s media circus/abusive tirade towards Serge Benhayon and students of Universal Medicine – and not respond with ‘like aggression’.
    I saw no-one present respond with aggression – firmness at times, but no aggression. Could there be any greater testimony to the quality of community here that was so baselessly vilified?

    1. Absolutely Victoria! I wasn’t present at this presentation, but what I have also observed is how there has been no blame or being a victim. This is something you don’t see a lot of in society.

  31. Spot on Eva, everybody is desperately seeking love so it is beautiful that many have embraced the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and the powerful effect this has had on their lives and then there are others who do everything they can to ridicule, ignore or destroy this true love.

  32. “without Love the world is a very unpleasant place,” and this reverberates around the world. So this is the message of Serge Benhayon that we all have a responsibility to offer true love to the world so that love is the vibration felt by all.

  33. Well said Eve. Every day each and every one of us are witness to the unpleasantries, conflict and abuse of a world that operates without love. A world where such lovelessness is becoming accepted as normal yet our bodies, health and well-being as a society are reflecting a far greater truth. Lovelessness is not our normal way of being. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the student of The Way of The Livingness stand in the face of lovelessness, representing a way of living where love is the foundation that allows us to return to live with the self-responsibility we all hold, guided by the truth we all innately know within, honouring the equalness of all, so we can together begin to live the great potential we are all here to live.

    1. Dear Carola, a beautiful comment including “Lovelessness is not our normal way of being.” And yes, it’s very true, our bodies reflect the truth of this statement.

  34. Beautifully said Eva . . . and without those who have graced us over the ages who are open hearted like Serge Benhayon where would we be today?

  35. Eva it’s great that such an attack by the media inspired you to a deeper certainty of the importance of love in your life. Too often we feel hurt and withdraw etc, when deepening our love is the only true way to go.

  36. Lovelessness trying to attack love already indicates that there is love first to begin with – otherwise there’s nothing for it to be to deny.

  37. A world without love is definitely an unpleasant place to be in for love is a quality that is both nourishing and beholding – and ironically for it to be true love it is a quality to be lived without emotion.

  38. I am inspired by the way Serge Benhayon lives constantly. One of the many beautiful learnings I have taken from the way Serge and the Benhayon family handled this situation and now years of media and internet attacks and bullying is how they have never dropped the care, love, honouring and integrity they have for themselves and others… they have just continued to live, expand, present and love unconditionally every step of the way.

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