Freeing Myself in Lockdown

Since lockdown I have grown to love my daily walks, walks that sometimes are just around my neighbourhood. When I can, I go to our local park, which is a bus ride away, and the feeling of being in green space brings me a lot of joy. Going shopping has become an outing rather than a chore and we got rid of our car, saving quite a bit of money per month because we didn’t go anywhere, or more truthfully didn’t have anywhere to go! Continue reading “Freeing Myself in Lockdown”

The Birthday

Around it came again.

Last year as it was fast approaching the end of the year, most were starting the wind down to the Christmas and New Year period: the beginning of December, where Christmas carols are played and decorations put up on display to celebrate the upcoming festive season. “It’s a terrible time of year to have a birthday,” a family member said one day whilst on the subject of going through the timing of birthdays and where everyone in the family fitted in. Continue reading “The Birthday”

Getting ‘Better’   

I am a keen observer; I always have been. My entire life I have observed people and situations and learnt a lot from my observations. And one of the things I have observed very closely is that we often appear to get ‘better’ but not truly heal what is there to heal. Continue reading “Getting ‘Better’   “

Be Gentle – What??!!

When I first came across the Gentle Breath Meditation™ at the Universal Medicine presentations and courses in 2007, I could not get into it. I’d tried many different styles of meditation and always felt like I was going through the motions and would either fall asleep or feel agitated at the end of it (now that’s quite an oxymoron!). I was always the one in a group that ‘didn’t get it’ when everyone else was having what sounded like amazing experiences during their meditation. Continue reading “Be Gentle – What??!!”

The Science of Movement

One of the most powerful and profound teachings to come through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is that we don’t think. We think we think, but our thoughts are fed to us by the quality of energy we align to through the quality of how we are moving. Therefore, our thoughts are informed by our movements. Change our movements and we change our thoughts. Change our thoughts and we change our experience and perception of life. Continue reading “The Science of Movement”

Presence in the City

Some people say that after growing up in the country they would never live in a city or if they had to move there for work, they could not be happy…

I grew up in the mountains of Vermont and I don’t choose city life for the ‘fun’ of it or even for the opportunities. I love getting to know people from all over the world, but I am not here for the culture. I am here because of the people. Continue reading “Presence in the City”