Serge Benhayon – Presents what he Lives, it’s just that Simple

I find it interesting and somewhat amazing that Serge Benhayon could be accused in a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald (22nd July 2012: “‘Cult’ Cures on Medicare” – Heath Aston) and the Brisbane Times (22nd July 2012: “‘Da Vinci reincarnated? ‘I agree, it sounds absurd’” – Heath Aston) of being a ‘Cult-Leader’ and that his ‘followers’ are known to call him ‘The One’. Over the last few years I have paid to attend most of Serge’s presentations and workshops and never have I heard anyone in attendance call him ‘The One’. He is just plain Serge. There is no arrogance, no bravado, just innate warmth that does not waver. What he does actually claim is that we are all ‘The One’ and are thus equally responsible and empowered to make our own life choices. Serge presents what he lives and the public can take it or leave it. It is just that simple.

As a direct result of attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops I have slowly brought a renewed understanding and level of awareness to my daily life. My body feels lighter, I am no longer exhausted, struggling with sinus issues, using soy chai tea with honey for a caffeine and sugar fix to keep going, even to get going. My relationships are deeper, my self-awareness and self-love have grown exponentially and I don’t seek distraction or comfort food to numb down an unsatisfactory day or to give myself a reward to the degree that it was sought in the past. It is true that I am a work in progress, but thanks to the work of Universal Medicine and my openness to test the esoteric theories out for myself, I now hold a clear, simple, energetic understanding, a marker in my own body of where my choices may lead.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are not the first in history to be condemned for presenting energetic truth that the rest of the world has not yet caught up with, but that one day will be proven correct by science.

As many are aware, Nicolaus Copernicus was called a heretic, the Catholic Church tried to censor him for claiming that there was a strong possibility that the earth was not the centre of the Universe …in his heliocentric model it was the sun. Today the opposition to his claim seems ridiculous as the fact was later proven by science so much so that a school kid could present this truth unequivocally.

‘The greatest truths are discovered after the assumed truths are exposed as being not true at all.’ (Serge Benhayon)

What Serge and Universal Medicine present about energy is not new as he consistently mentions. There have been many, many before him. But most of us are still struggling with Einstein’s proven theory, that ‘Everything is Energy’. For instance, the Ancient Greeks claimed the same thing, that ‘Everything is Light’. That means every thought, action, word, everything physical, solid, seen and unseen on this planet and beyond is energy. This truth brings with it a responsibility. Most of us do not live life in respect of this truth and are left wondering why ‘things happen’, diseases just occur…

But somewhere within we all know that energy just doesn’t happen, it has to come from somewhere and that simple truth is the basis of what Serge Benhayon and his team at Universal Medicine present. ‘If everything is energy, then everything must come from energy’ SB. This is the basis of the so-called ‘Cult-Leader’ premise. A truth that places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of each individual. That we are the product of all our choices. It is understandable that there are those who do not want to be responsible for each and every life choice (energetic choice) that they make because it would mean that they alone are responsible for exactly where they find themselves right now.

I have observed the integrity and consistency with which Serge Benhayon presents the energetic truth. He does not waver nor hold back, he presents in full. He presents a way of living that builds a foundation of love in the body from a re-newed awareness of what we already know ourselves to be. The team at the Universal Medicine Clinic are highly professional and supportive. And it is worth mentioning that the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, set up by Universal Medicine, is fully insured by a globally respected mainstream company and that in fact it holds its members to the highest ethical standards in the world.

If the word ‘Cult’ defined a group of many, many people who come from all walks of life, from many different countries, all ages, but united in their knowing that every single person on the planet holds true wisdom within, that life is about re-connection first, and that the responsibility, the choice, remains theirs alone, can walk away at any time, headed by no guru, who has no disciples, no followers, no hours of meditation, no ideals or beliefs to live up to …just absolute freedom to choose what resonates within and feels true. As Serge always says, ‘Don’t listen to me, feel it for yourself’, then Universal Medicine could be considered a ‘Cult’. But the current definition is actually the opposite.

Yes, Serge’s presentation may be misinterpreted by a few students who do not want to take full responsibility for the changes they wish to make in their lives (so through their re-interpretation and not feeling it for themselves first, they present some of the teachings as rules) … but Serge Benhayon and his team of practitioners at Universal Medicine never tell anyone what to do, say or think, they just present the energetic truth, a truth that can be felt by all equally.

There is no need in me to have my family, friends, or work colleagues align to the esoteric teachings, just like there is no need in Serge Benhayon to have anyone get it. He never judges, never imposes. He merely presents what he lives. But at this time in history, Serge is presenting a way of living that goes against mainstream beliefs and what is held to be the ideal in a society, a society where illness and disease is out of control.

The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way.

By Melinda Rowe

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

95 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – Presents what he Lives, it’s just that Simple

  1. We have to ask if the words “cult leader” are the new way to say “heretic”?

  2. Absolutely my understanding too, ‘Serge presents what he lives and the public can take it or leave it. It is just that simple.’ Those who know what Serge Benhayon shares is true attend his presentations, and those who do not want truth and integrity in their lives can simply walk away.

  3. This has been my understanding of the presentations, workshops etc., that I have attended
    ‘Serge presents what he lives and the public can take it or leave it. It is just that simple’.
    It is so simple that there are some amongst us who want to complicate such simplicity because we live in such a complicated world that simplicity is like a foreign word to a lot of people. As it was to me before I met Serge Benhayon.

  4. Not for the first time in our history are there certain people who are trying to muddy the waters of the truth when it comes to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. There is a movement that
    is determined to undermine the message that Serge Benhayon has brought to humanity, undermine the message and so they think they can undermine the messenger. This has happened countless times, the message of our origins cannot be stopped, it also has its own momentum which grows stronger every day because as you have said Melinda, Serge is not ‘The One’, we are all ‘The One’ – just as a small stone can start an avalanche and that is exactly what has happened. The message is unstoppable.

  5. This resistance to truth is what’s hurting us most – the pain of coming to a realization that we got it wrong gets immediately replaced with the joy of homecoming, but this, it can go on and on and on. The more we resist, the more agony it is, and prolongs.

  6. Serge Benhayon lives what he presents, allows the results to be seen in full, sharing openly and allows us to either adopt such ways into our own lives and experience the same results or not. No big deal nor investment in anyone else walking as he does through life. The responsibility rests with us.

  7. Serge Benhayon has never presented with anything other than full integrity a direct reflection of the way he lives, and I too can confirm that he always asks us to feel for ourselves, and it is through my own choices that I have made changes to my life.

  8. “He is just plain Serge. There is no arrogance, no bravado, just innate warmth that does not waver.” Yes, it is as simple as that, there is no pretence, no wannabe. Serge is Serge and this is the beauty, as he shows us, by living it, that we can live our life simply being ourselves and doing the work that needs to be done. A very simple way of life in a world where we have made complexity the it and all.

  9. Thank you Melinda, your words represent my experiences also with the integrity of Serge Benhayon, his extraordinary and life changing presentations, and the utmost professionalism, care and love I experience at the Universal Medicine clinic.

    1. What Serge Benhayon presents is true, has integrity, and so much more, as is shared in this blog, could this be too much for some people? ‘The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way.’

  10. It’s difficult initially when you hear truth and realise the way you’ve been living has not been true and that you are responsible for where you are … it takes adjustment and courage to look at this and begin to take more truthful and loving choices. Serge Benhayon presents truth, what you do with it is up to you, many embrace it, and in doing so come to understand and live their own truth, and others walk away and label it as false. But the quote here from Serge captures it beautifully ‘The greatest truths are discovered after the assumed truths are exposed as being not true at all.’

  11. What I have come to see over the years is that if you play the status quo and present ideas within this that does not challenge anyone then this is accepted but if you present something that makes us look deeper at things or exposes the untruths we have accepted then you will be targeted and attacked.

  12. This is a beautiful article that rings deeply of the level integrity that Serge Benhayon is clearly showing us all. A level of integrity that is actually a normal, loving, full, joyful way to live.

  13. Serge Benhayon simply presents the truth that he has come to know through the way he lives his every day, and by trying them out for themselves, many others are discovering that they too have the same truth innately within. Truth exposes the lies we have been accepting as ‘true’ for so long and our allegiance to them. We may not like that, but we all know that just like the Nicolaus Copernicus’ case that truth catches up with us eventually, so why delay our inevitable return to the truth?

  14. What Serge presents comes up against beliefs and ideals, investments in anything that disconnects us from life and our bodies, exposes the lies in which we live, highlights responsibility and how we live reflects and adds to how the world is now…. yes, can make you feel uncomfortable and make you squirm BUT if you want to continue living the way you are then don’t listen, don’t come to a course or a workshop or have a session… simple. BUT if you know this isn’t the way to live, you know it deep inside and instead looking to live who you truly are and wanting to understand and be aware of life, people, situations etc. then I highly recommend it!

  15. It’s a huge revelation to understand that we are not the makers or creators of energy, but the channels to which it can be expressed. So what comes through us? What moves us? Do we have a choice?

  16. Hear hear Melinda I second you in all that you say. Serge Benhayon . . . “. . presents a way of living that builds a foundation of love in the body from a re-newed awareness of what we already know ourselves to be.” How can that be a threat to anyone?

  17. It’s very simple as Melinda presents here, Serge speaks of what he lives and offers the truth based on that lived way. No dictates or need to have anyone do anything, that’s for all to choose for themselves in whatever way they see working for them or not. But the biggest gift Serge presents is the tools to allow you to discern energy in him and others and he actively encourages people to use it and in fact often suggests you always feel what he presents and if it’s true for you. There is no need for you to believe or follow.

  18. Serge Benhayon is actually one of the most humble people you will ever meet, he is a joy to spend time with and his presentations are life changing – that’s why I keep attending his workshops and events. And just for the record, I’m the one inspired to make my own changes. To use the word “cult” is deeply offensive, completely untrue and very bullying. People have a right to attend Universal Medicine events without labels like this, and with the freedom to choose how they live their life without fear of vilification through the use of the word “cult”. Who decides anyway what a cult is? Under whose authority, religious, scholarly or otherwise does such a label as “cult” carry any weight? Certainly not the media with its outright lies about Serge and it’s obvious corruption, its desire for an angle, and lust for profit at anyone’s expense.

  19. This is a great quote and truth, ‘‘The greatest truths are discovered after the assumed truths are exposed as being not true at all.’ SB’

  20. Serge Benhayon is simply the best- he does live everything he presents and also makes it simply beautiful to realise how much we can let go of to return to the divine love we are naturally from. I am so glad I met him and so glad I am a part of this work this life.

  21. Serge Benhayon is presenting a way of living that goes against mainstream beliefs and this is challenging for many, ‘The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way.’ And boy do we need another way, a way that is true, because what we have is clearly not working in the world today.

  22. Thank you Melinda for sharing your experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I absolutely agree with you that Serge Presents what he Lives. There is no way that Universal Medicine is a cult. We are all able to come and go at any time. The big message that I receive from these presentation is that we are all Love and come from Love and the fact that we are one in Brotherhood.

  23. A decade or more after Serge Benhayon exposed the truth of how we’re living and explosive rise of illness and disease in the western world, medical professions and governments have just caught up. Those of us who attended these presentations and were open to commit, practise and play with different choices: relationship with self and others food, sleep, exercise are now living our lives fully, responsibly and lovingly.. These blogs have given us a wonderful platform to share the truth of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon with the world. .

  24. You raise some great points in this blog Melinda, it is a shame the Media have missed the opportunity to present the truth about Universal Medicine and how hundreds of students world-wide are bucking the trend and enjoying greater health and well-being and often reversing medical conditions as a result of attending the presentations by Serge Benhayon.

  25. Beautifully shared Melinda – the power of reflection in living true to oneself is something we can all bring equally. Serge just lives the truth of who he is and the inspiration that brings of what we are all capable of, is out of this world and totally ordinary in equal measure.

  26. When I first began attending the workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I wanted to tell everyone. I knew I had finally found truth and I thought everyone would feel the same. Of course that was not the case and I spent some time wanting them to feel the same way as what I was feeling. I am learning to accept that everyone will get it one day and I have no right to intervene. My responsibility is to be true to me and live the way of the livingness; how another responds is entirely their choice.

  27. Great point about the fact that there is no need to have others align to the esoteric teachings…this is the difference between a cult and what is on offer here with Universal Medicine. Its all based on free-will, the idea is that the individual live their own truth and if others are inspired by that, then it is for them to explore further, but never is the intention to ‘recruit’ people….because recruit them into what exactly?

  28. I agree to this about Serge Benhayon – “There is no arrogance, no bravado, just innate warmth that does not waver.” There is a lot to say about love, and, what is not love. Here is a man Serge Benhayon who lives it in his body. My experience of interacting with this man has been deeply profound and miraculous towards my own development and understanding of my love, my truth. I am also aware how I and people have reacted to receiving the simple reflection where we/I have not made simple loving choices for ourself/myself. It therefore makes sense we are all ‘The One’ and Serge Benhayon reflects where we have not chosen and lived it in our bodies.

  29. It is incredible and sad how truth gets bastardised, and how much this has been bastardised especially with the media just for the sake of selling stories so they can feel ‘good’ about themselves. Who is more qualified to write about someone, a person that meets for a fleeting moment with a hidden agenda and no intention, no matter what they hear or feel to published the truth but instead what they ‘want’ to, this is very cheap thing to do for people that have known a man for more than 10 years, consistency so? We need to change journalism and not accept anything less than the truth and transparency. To not accept anything less than love and to first feel within our bodies exactly the truth of love as well as understanding we are absolutely ‘the product of all our choices.’ What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present could be really challenging for many because it does ‘question the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way’ but I deeply appreciate that regardless all the vindictiveness, defamation, hate and vile abuse that has been hurled his way he has never once, once held back from presenting truth.

  30. What Serge Benhayon teaches is very empowering to everyone. And his company Universal Medicine is set up to support all of us, every human being to claim back that they are ‘The One’ and that everybody is needed in their unique expression. In the 13 years I have known him and attended his presentations he has not left a stone unturned in his endeavor to bring love, truth, joy and harmony back into people’s lives.

    1. Beautifully said Judith – I have never witnessed, experienced or been part of something that is so dedicated to people and their embarkment to journey within. This is all because of Serge Benhayon, what he lives and what he is devoted to. So many companies say they are about people, but this company doesn’t need to say it because every atom of energy that moves this company is of that same devotion.

  31. “Don’t listen to me, feel it for yourself”. Their is nothing more empowering than discerning for ourselves and claiming responsibility for all of our own choices. How else are we to learn and understand the life we have and the world we love in?

  32. We are indeed the end result of all our choices and this is definitely something that many do not want to face. It is however deeply empowering to know we are the master over how we want our life and body to be based on how much love we want to base our choices on…. Something that can never be told or dictated to be another… only felt as to what is true for us in any given moment.

  33. When I first heard Serge present it was at a small venue and during a break I wondered where he went. Then I saw him in the crowd conversing with someone just like everyone else was. This was a bit different to all the presenters I met in the past that brought with them a sense of them wanting to be seen as a bit more special and looked up to. With Serge there is nothing of that. He just is and treats you as an equal and inspires you to get on with life.

  34. Absolutely – the truth can be at times challenging, but what is the point of life if we do not embrace it’s truths? What Serge Benhayon presents is so much more than just words – it is a way of living and approaching life, that if embraced is truly magnificent.

  35. “The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way.” It is this very reason that people want to label Universal Medicine as a cult as they themselves find it hard to face that we are all responsible for our own lives.

  36. Melinda, without choosing to be a student of Universal Medicine I dread to even consider how my life would be just now, suffice to say, nothing like the beauty and joy I feel and live with. Yes it is challenging and it continues to be challenging, because I continue to expose choices I have made that don’t support me. But once accepted, this is very powerful. Because I then change how I am living, I no longer make the choice that doesn’t suit my body.

  37. ‘The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way’. A great line, exposing how humanity continues to deploy its knack for disregarding truth when it happens to be inconvenient or when it is presented with a mirror that reveals an unpalatable reflection on its entrenched but erroneous ways.

  38. “He never judges, never imposes. He merely presents what he lives. ” This is also my experience. I am still deeply inspired by this. To be met and held with love, as Serge Benhayon consistently does, is healing and allows me to connect back to my own wisdom inside.

  39. Awesome Melinda! Everything you say here is so so true. All that is being presented is the possibility that there is another way. Never in all my experience in attending Universal Medicine Workshops and Courses have I been imposed upon or felt any pressure to stay. I have always been free to leave and take what I want and leave what I don’t want behind. Yes, sometimes what is being presented can be challenging, because the realisation that you are responsible for your choices is a huge one, particularly if you have spent much of your life blaming others. I personally am and have been willing to go there, and hence, welcome all that Universal Medicine offers.

  40. Awesome Melinda, thank you for sharing. “Everything is energy therefore everything is because of energy” seems complete and makes sense. It definitely presents something different that people are not use to- responsibility.

  41. A very solid and powerful article Melinda. Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team have presented and earthed once again the energetic truths, truths that have been presented many times over. The choice is always ours to align to them or not. We are all from energetic truth and we all know what is not true, but many have chosen to not feel this because of all the hurts that the world has battered and abused us with. So many have stopped feeling energy. Universal Medicine has supported me to heal my own hurts and to feel energy again and to support me to be able to handle my divine sensitivity, so that I can never be fooled again by an energy that is not true. Is this not the greatest tool in a world that is totally and absolutely all about energy.

  42. This is a truly wonderful clear explanation on Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine. Being a part of the Student Body of Universal Medicine I totally agree that it is all about us taking responsibility for our own decisions and never about what someone else tells us to do or believe. After 8 years of being part of Universal Medicine, I could not be more inspired by the love and integrity of Serge Benhayon toward all, he walks his talk!

  43. The principals of Universal Medicine are based on self-responsibility and in eight years I have never heard Serge tell someone what to do or how to live. Like you say Melinda, Serge just presents what he lives, take it or leave it. Try it for yourself and see how it feels. That is the opposite of how cults operate.

  44. Maybe if all the students of Universal Medicine submitted letters of this calibre to the government then the laws around cyber-abuse would be changed! Melinda, your expression here is providing a platform of truth for an unfolding of truth by all humanity. Serge Benhayon’s place in history is already determined; the students of Universal Medicine can bring a true expression as a one unified brotherhood thus claiming their role in history!

    1. We are responsible of claiming and expressing the truth we live in our life, we are worthy of it, and definitely have something to say. Maybe if we just share how fully we live, as you well say Greg, something will change around us.

  45. Serge and the Benhayon family live very simply. They do not present a front that is any different to the way that they live, interact and work in everyday life.

    Serge is the most dedicated man I know. He always has time to support me and so many others equally no matter how busy he is.

    1. I agree Emily, Serge has always answered my call for support and offered me wisdom and always always love. He is this way with everyone, and it is because of my meeting with Serge that I know that in time I too will also be this way with All.

  46. Serge Benhayon is definitely not a cult leader, he simply presents a livingness that’s impulsed by the soul. Judging by the health and wellbeing of Universal Medicine students he must be presenting something thats right.

  47. People can find it confronting when asked to consider what the phrase ‘everything is energy’ actually means. The implications in terms of responsibility required in our personal lives is huge. What a shame the journalists who have been quick to condemn Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine don’t pause and ponder on this for a while.

  48. Thankyou for presenting such powerful truths about the content and way in which Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present. It is true, no one is forced to stay or live what is presented, it is left for each person to feel and choose for themselves how they will live. What is offered is another way, one of true self responsibility and the opportunity to see that our life begins with our choices, to live who we truly are in the world.

  49. The way that the media have chosen to record and disseminate their stories about Universal Medicine have been both in a biased and a false light. This is unfortunate because their is a lot of truth in what Universal Medicine presents and their healing modalities are very supportive of our human body and being, and simply divine to experience.

  50. This is an awesome testament to what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon truly present, in complete contrast to what the media have chosen to portray.

  51. It is beautiful to feel the power and clarity of your blog, Melinda. I totally agree, Serge Benhayon is a humble, very warm and lovely human being and there is no sense of self aggrandisement. The openness and loving way he expresses only ever invites us to consider that possibly there may be another way to live life – one that is all encompassing. His words inspire me to feel that it is possible to change the world in a very simple way, and that is for us all to openly express who we are, from all that we are.

  52. I have known Serge Benhayon for six years. I have taken courses twice a year. Based on them, I have a question: how is it that I never heard -seen anything that the press is reporting but just the opposite version of it? Whose testimony carries more value? The one from a journalist that did not have a first hand experience? Or mine?

  53. If we look at history then statistically what we currently hold as a mainstream truth may not be truth. There have been so many over the years that have presented the truth and been ridiculed for it only to be proven right later, so it would seem very wise to remain open to consider that what we hold as a truth right now might have more to it.

  54. And if we take a look at history, we have been living without taking responsibility for a long while.
    Is it then no wonder that there is resistance in many to make new choices? But it is a wonder how Serge Benhayon keeps presenting unwaveringly a way of true Love – to make a true difference for us all.

  55. “Absolute freedom to choose what resonates within and feels true” – this certainly is the opposite of my understanding of what a cult is.
    This gorgeous principle upon which Universal Medicine is based, is completely honouring of anyone to decide for themselves whether they want to listen or not and whether they are ready or not to take responsibility for the choices they make, and for that I will be forever grateful to them… for when I choose for myself to listen, it absolutely inspired me to changed my life for the better.

  56. You have so beautifully expressed and simply explained what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are about, thank you for sharing the truth.

  57. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are only one of many people and organisations who are talking about energy and healing and running workshops on these things. So why is it that this one man and his business is receiving all of the negative publicity, criticism and false and misleading articles in the news, but others aren’t? It’s obvious that Serge has some hate followers / cyber trolls who are spreading lies online and in the media, with an online hate campaign. These trolls can only be jealous that this organisation is inspiring thousands of people to change their lives for the better, healing long-term issues and increasing their health in miraculous ways, ways that other complementary therapies have not yet been able to.

      1. Thanks Lisa, all of this will be exposed at same stage in the future, hopefully not too far away because the lies online actually can deter new people from coming to the Ageless Wisdom, as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, which is exactly what they are designed to do.

    1. So true Danielle, Universal Medicine explains the truth about how energy works but not in an airy-fairy hippy way, but in practical down to earth way I see in my life every minute and every day. This has helped many people enormously.

      1. It’s truly amazing that everything that Serge Benhayon shares comes from the connection he has within himself, not from research. Yet much of what he shares is later shown to be 100% accurate when the research is done. There’s also a lot he shares which has not yet been proven, as science hasn’t caught up. This is a miracle and truly amazing that we are all capable of connecting to such wisdom!

      2. Re-learning to read energy again is like breathing – it is an innate part of us and we have all been suffering enormously due to the fact that this part of us gets shut down by an energy that does not want us to know this again.

  58. What a great blog Melinda, comprehensive and clearly laying out all of the facts. There are many points that stand out but for me, what makes the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon so powerful is when you say, “Serge presents what he lives and the public can take it or leave it. It is just that simple.” There is no preaching or telling us how we should live, just a constant reflection of how ‘he’ has and is living and giving us the choice to feel whether what he says feels true for us or not.

  59. Thank you Melinda for sharing so beautifully your experience of Serge Benhayons’ presentations and I also love your last sentence. Yes what he presents is challenging to the comfort that so many have existed in for so long but the benefits of starting to make different choices has turned my life around and also impacted all those I come into contact with in a positive way.

  60. Great comment Danielle, and I’d like to add that the BEST reason for someone accepting the teachings of Universal Medicine is that we can feel the benefit of making different choices in our lives. If doing something differently makes me feel more expanded, more connected, and more loving, then I would be foolish to ignore the change, and the source of that wisdom.

    1. Great point Simon! That is the amazing thing about the teachings of Universal Medicine presented to us by Serge Benhayon. They are teachings to start with, but once you have tested them for yourself, you realize they not only make sense, they actually work applied to every day life and so they become a lived knowledge of your own.
      So there is no preaching, missionizing or convincing necessary, which makes the great difference to all the other religions, teachings and philosophies that abound. Everybody has the possibility to test these teachings for themselves and find out whether it works or not. In the end it is a choice that we must make.

  61. I love the last sentence of this blog – “The fact is that what is being presented by Universal Medicine is challenging, for it questions the way that we have all been living and asks us to take responsibility for the possibility that there may be another way.” This is the greatest explanation and reason why someone will reject the teachings of Universal Medicine, which in truth is a rejection of themselves and their inner-most knowing and truths. In fact I’m positive that if someone is so bitter against Universal Medicine and so desperately not wanting to consider that the mess of their lives is a consequence of their own choices, then not only will they reject the company, but they will directly attack, to ensure that they can stay in the illusion that they are not responsible.

    1. There is so much healing on offer but we do have to be extremely honest, more honest than we have ever been before which is indeed challenging but is equally liberating. Liberating from the illusion that we are individuals, liberating from the ideals and beliefs we have adopted resulting in a restricted way of being, liberated from a self imposed miserable human existence. For me looking back I feel much more liberated and in control of my own destiny and I have a lot more love in my life. Yes being absolutely honest was challenging but the benefit of the healing was so tremendous and life changing I would say the benefits are better than I could have ever imagined. It makes resisting the honesty for so long seem so ridiculous; “is that all I had to do! Just be honest and it’s gone?”

  62. Could it be that deep down we all know that we are much grander than we live and it pains us greatly when we see someone living what we have not chosen for ourselves. Could it be that in reaction to this deep hurt instead of choosing to acknowledge that the way we live is not it and begin to take the necessary steps to live more lovingly it is easier to direct our fury at the person who reflects such a way of life to us. Much easier to label Universal Medicine a cult than accept that what Serge Benhayon lives and presents may in fact be true.

    1. Spot on Rachel, if you come down to the most intimate group setting we are born into – our families, you notice the comparison, jealousy, backstabbing, underhanded comments, bringing each other down a peg or two if your going well, favouritism for toeing the line etc. etc. what you have shared makes complete sense. Here is a man who doesn’t prescribe to any games, lives harmoniously 24/7, cares for his body with the utmost love and attention, has amazing deep relationships with everyone he meets and keeps none of it just for himself but shares it with the world through sessions, workshops, courses, audios, books… that definitely ruffles feathers, especially when we see we are all the same and could be choosing to live this too.

  63. I am glad you came across Melinda’s lovely post Nicola. I enjoyed reading it again very much and it is as relevant today as it was back in July as it will be in the future…

  64. Hi Melinda, I just came across your gorgeous post – what a pleasure to read.

    I must have missed it 3 months ago when it first came out. Such an interesting, perceptive and enjoyable read – it almost feels like it should be re-posted so more people get a chance to see it. But then again, so many of these posts are full of pearls and worth a revisit – what a treasure trove or writing we have here. 🙂

    1. Yes Nicola, 6 years later and this blog is as relevant as ever. What a testimonial of the indeed ageless wisdom, wisdom that has been presented by Serge Benhayon since 1999 and as Melinda has shared, many, many others before him. Just like this blog we will come to the truths of the Ageless Wisdom when we are ready and as they are relevant to us.

  65. Melinda, thank you for this beautifully well written, clear and factual response to the recent ‘cult’ allegations against Serge and the team at Universal Medicine. I too found many statements in the articles to be simply not true.

    In the ‘Brisbane Times’ article ‘Cult cures on Medicare’ it was stated that “after women have received esoteric breast massage… they are told not to allow their partners to touch them without permission”… as a recipient of several esoteric breast massage treatments, I can simply state that this is untrue. Both my partner and myself found the inclusion of this statement surprising as it seemed to allude that partners should have the right to touch their female partners with or without their permission?!

    Another point mentioned in the article in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ stated “detractors say relationships became impossible when everything from music to sex must be “Serge-approved”. As a participant of his workshops, a client of his and numerous other esoteric practitioners, I can honestly say that he has never ‘told’ me how to live my life, nor has he advocated any other practitioner do so either.

    I have, in stark contrast to the pictures painted by the above mentioned articles, on numerous occasions heard Serge state that we should not blindly follow him but instead feel for ourselves what is true for us. And, as a group of practitioners, what I consistently witness expressed through their way of being, is a deep sense of self-love and self-respect.

    It is my choice, to continuously attempt to align to and anchor to that Love within myself, that quite naturally leads me to make more loving choices with regards to how I live my life. From choosing what type of music I listen to, to the foods I eat… and yes, even choosing when and how I allow my body to be touched by another.

  66. ‘Cult’ no way, in fact the opposite end of the spectrum, every single word or expression from Serge Benhayon puts him further from your typical cult leader. Yes he has inspired many who attend Universal Medicine presentations and workshops and nobody can deny he has a presence.

    Most ‘cult leaders’ work by dis-empowering people, enticing their emotions through highs and lows, they may also be aloof, and not live by their own teachings. Serge Benhayon lives what he presents with every breath and every step. Presents firstly to be a student of yourself, honor yourself and connect to your own truth within, then you can never be fooled by anyone. This approach leaves everybody to unfold at their own pace, and empowers them/us with the techniques. Everything we don’t like about ourselves or the world we encounter, we can address.

    Every single Universal Medicine practitioner I have seen has displayed integrity on a higher level than I have encountered anywhere else, and the one inspiring them to go further with that, lead by example is Serge Benhayon.

    1. I have no experience of a ‘cult’ or a ‘cult’ leader only from what I have read in the newspapers; most newspapers describe a ‘cult’ leader as someone who at the very least disempowers others. They have obviously never met Serge Benhayon because he empowers people to be masters of their own life by connecting to the truth that is within us all. If we live from our truth we can never be fooled or in everyday parlance be a door mat for others to walk over.

  67. One of the biggest lessons I learnt from my strong background in medical science was that there were many anecdotal observations that I noticed that had yet to be proven with research, and one of my first lessons in the classroom, as a science student, was that ‘everything is energy’.

    Through Serge and UniMed’s teachings, I have taken responsibility for the choices I make each day. Serge and UniMed have never told me what to do, but have provided me with the understanding of the consequences of my choices. Through this renewed awareness, I live more lovingly, I take the time to be self nurturing and my family and friends have notice the changes!

  68. Well said Melinda. We are all ‘the ones’ to change the desperate situation that we have allowed our society to be. Instead of blindly accepting what we are told, what we are surrounded by, what societies role models express, we have the power to discern for ourselves. Thanks to Serge, someone who challenges the assumed ‘truths’, we are presented with a true choice about how we want to live in the world and how we want the world to be.

  69. Melinda, your write up was so beautifully and lovingly expressed. I am sure that the ‘Northern Star’ would love to print this post on their front page at their cost with a big humungous apology to UniMed and all to those who it has offended (Not).

    I must add from my heart that if it was not for Universal Medicine and the most compassionate, gentle, loving practitioners (including the practitioners in Brisbane) I can honestly say I would not be here today. The Universal Medicine’s practitioners love and support has been amazing, prior to which my life was a mess.

    If Serge can be called a ‘cult’ when all I have learnt by attending his presentations is how to slowly turn my life around and that our choices matter (i.e.choosing to be drug free – and not from a magical pill), what do we call some doctors who push prescription drugs like they are giving out lolly pops without listening to what their patients are trying to tell them is true in their own body? i.e. The text book knowledge of the mind, over what is felt in the body?

    Thank God For Serge Benhayon presenting the truth, and thus bringing our awareness to what is naturally within us all.

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