David Millikan­: Universal Medicine Presentation – Who Is This Guy?

by Suzanne Cox, Customer Services, Ocean Shores.

I attended a Universal Medicine presentation last Friday night and was shocked to have it hijacked by David Millikan and his camera crew from a well-known television station.

Who on earth is this guy and what was he doing harassing innocent people who were doing no harm?

I really didn’t understand why he was there but I was willing to give David Millikan the benefit of the doubt and hear what he had to say. After a brief introduction about himself all of a sudden he told us straight. We are a cult and he knows it. No questions, no research.

It was amazing to see how quickly he changed the way he presented himself as soon as the television and hand-held cameras popped up out of nowhere. The show was on. Lights… Camera … Action. What a performance. It was a total set up. Awful!

Even though David Millikan didn’t ask us any proper questions, I certainly came away from that event with some questions about him:

  • Where is David Millikan’s research?

I would expect someone with a doctorate to know and thus conduct research in a proper way. I haven’t been questioned and had the right of reply. I haven’t seen any research papers into Universal Medicine and its students.

  • Who is paying for David Millikan to do this research?

My understanding is it’s a well-known television station.

  • What was David Millikan’s actual doctorate in?

One website states it was in the Spirituality of Japanese Flower Arranging.

  • Why would a Uniting Church Minister proclaim himself to be a “cult expert”?

My understanding is the word ‘cult‘ was originally first used to pay homage to divinity from the French culte or Latin cultus, ‘worship’, from cult-, ‘inhabited, cultivated, worshipped’, from the verb colere, ‘care, cultivation’.  In our modern day it is referred to as a new religion that seems bizarre or abnormal.

Well if I’m seen as being bizarre or abnormal because I –

  • Spend time on a daily basis developing rituals for myself that are based on self care and nurturing;
  • Have lost weight and have fewer digestive issues without dieting by simply learning to listen to what feels right for my body;
  • Have stopped smoking & drinking alcohol because I listened to my body and did it when I was ready to, and not when someone else told me to stop or not;
  • Enjoy a loving and caring relationship with myself, my husband, family, friends, colleagues and broader community;

…then I really don’t mind at all!

Everyone has a choice and this is my choice. To get up every day and love the life I live is a joy and pleasure I won’t swap for anything. I will continue to develop this religious practice forever!

My message to David Millikan:

Ask me anything you like about my religious practices but don’t come into my space pretending to be something you are not. I’ll happily be a part of any proper investigative research to evaluate whether I am in a cult or not, but making the accusation of a cult leaves me with nowhere to go. At that point you immediately discredited me before my voice had been heard. Anything I say from that moment is deemed to be coming from my cult brainwashing. The intention behind the action is silence, not freedom of speech.

I am a deeply religious person and in this democratic country I live in, called Australia, any attempt to demonise my practice without any foundation is an assault on my right to personal and spiritual freedom.

Back off David Millikan unless you are prepared to treat me and any of my fellow human beings with respect and freedom to choose. I will not accept your abuse of our basic human right.

52 thoughts on “David Millikan­: Universal Medicine Presentation – Who Is This Guy?

  1. This blog and comments are saying it ‘all’ and the transparency is clearly there for all to see, which is very much un-cult-like, so what has been shared sheds light on how normal The Students of The Livingness are.

  2. Doctorates are socially overvalued. They are just hard work. No truth-seeking and no well-being is required. Whatever your true motivation is, this is irrelevant in the name of equal opportunities. And when you are in, you just need to play the game and tag along. A doctorate prepares you better to be more sophisticated in what you intend otherwise to do and how you plan to engage the world. That is why is so crucial to understand the intention behind it. Let’s not be blinded by an image.

  3. Thank you Suzanne for sharing, you raised some great points and questions here, if we start to truly care and love ourselves how can this be seen as anything other than taking true responsibility for ourselves.

  4. The antics of David Millikan and his gang in an attempt to vilify and suppress a meeting of those who had gathered to share the teachings of universal love and brotherhood was a clear demonstration of the resistance of some to hear the truth.

  5. Great message to Millikan, who behaved in a way completely devoid of any love.

  6. Well said Suzanne Cox. This cult labeling has changed many views of my rights and freedom to choose my religion. It has lessened respect and voice to my now more loving and natural behavior. The labeling has done a lot of damage to me as the normal caring person I am and the quality I live in. I too am open for investigation and not the abuse by the media, personnel, associates and detractors. I will not stand for injustice and disrespect when I do not live like that myself.

  7. Absolutely – discrediting us before our voice was heard was the clear angle taken… for to not do so and allow the truth to be spoken would mean there is no story… therefore deception was necessary and an interpretation of beliefs moulded to suit an agenda. I’m sure everyone related to UM will welcome appropriate questioning and research conducted professionally as there is nothing to hide.

  8. One could easily say that that David Millikan acted like a well trained ‘assassin’. There for the job to make a proper ‘kill’. No quite the kind of job you would expect from a (retired) “Uniting Church Minister”.

  9. And another thing this man seems to forget is its a basic human right to choose how you want to live and what you want to believe in. Not only is telling people they’re crazy and wrong massively disrespectful, it’s insanely arrogant and against basic human rights.

  10. I love the strength in your voice here, you are right a normal human being would ask questions first and do proper research before telling a room full of people they’re in a cult. That’s proper insane! When did caring deeply for yourself and building more loving relationships mean you’ve joined a cult? That’s like putting 2 and 2 together and getting 104!! Nonsensical.

  11. As testimony to the many first hand accounts of the abuse that took place by David Milikan’s. It is clear that stepping on people for a pay cheque is not out of mind for David Milikan.

  12. “I am a deeply religious person and in this democratic country I live in, called Australia, any attempt to demonise my practice without any foundation is an assault on my right to personal and spiritual freedom..” Good call Suzanne. Having a different opinion doesn’t give the right to abuse anyone – in person or online.

  13. There are many who act in ways that are not professional, appropriate or caring. The problem with this intrusion was that the information provided was completely wrong, no cult here, what a waste of time and money.

  14. What a great example of media bias and sensationalism. Thank you Suzanne for your clear and unemotional report of what must have been quite a scary event.

  15. Brilliant points, Suzanne! It appears that religion is only religion if you belong to one of the 4 major religions, otherwise you belong to a cult? The rituals and beliefs of the 4 major religions are not scrutinised because they have huge followings and have been around for a long time – however if they were, they may also be labeled as a cult. I would much rather follow the religion / cult that you describe – love, care and responsibility for self and love for all others – beauty-full!

  16. ‘Lights… Camera … Action. What a performance. It was a total set up’. I agree Suzanne it was an awful experience to witness. I love all that you have shared in this blog. Well said.

  17. I love the authority you speak with. Go Suzanne! say it how it is. David Millikan’s actions had no respect for the audience he was speaking to. A whole bunch of very switched on people.

  18. Academics or experts of any sort may have the knowledge of something. Yet, that does not mean that they can really feel what is in front of their own eyes. Or if they feel it, because of how they live, they override what they feel and go for what their mind is telling them.

  19. This is awesome Suzanne – very powerful. Somehow I doubt that David Millikan’s up to the challenge.

  20. Thank you Suzanne , well said ,I really loved your blog, so straight forward and true. Maybe David Millikin is better at Japanese flower arrangement, because he has no discernment of the truth of the matter.

  21. Suzanne, this is brilliant, you are telling it like it is and I applaud you for it. It is time those who wish to discredit Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon take a deeper look, do their research, instead of throwing around empty threats and behaving in intimidating ways. Enough is enough!

  22. Awesome Suzanne, and you are right, David Millikan’s sole intention that night was to discredit and humiliate everyone there in order to boost some ratings for a TV network. He used the word ‘cult’ only to gain a sensationalist angle because he knows that word brings up peoples fears and curiosity. And like you, if living a life with improved health, vitality and wellbeing makes me a member of a cult, then I am proud to say that Universal Medicine is the best cult in the world.

  23. It is interesting to come across this blog after what at that time I did not realise would be an ongoing and escalated campaign of continuous bullying and abuse … I am still waiting for the proper investigation but not a peep has been heard … Just more innuendo, lies and abuse … And yet I still continue to unwaveringly deepen my religious practise and dedication unashamedly.

  24. When you list all the things that you have changed in your life for the better – it is so evident that they are the very same things that majority of the society is desperately trying/wanting to change.
    So it makes no sense that this is attacked. Who then doesn’t like these changes and why not? And why is Serge’s name used as a distraction to what is truly being attacked here: a way of living that is absolutely AMAZING.

  25. Here, here Suzanne! I do have to admit laughing when I got to the comment about “Spirituality of Japanese Flower Arranging”, however although it is laughable in the sense of it being ridiculous – (i.e. that an individual who claims to have the skills necessary to bust ‘cults’ but who has obviously NOT done his research on Universal Medicine in this instance, and who sets out to deliberately fabricate a story that is totally and absolutely untrue), – I can feel that the seriousness of this is NO laughing matter, and is indeed an unacceptable and unjustified affront and attack not only on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, but on the basic human rights of members within our community and society. As so many have already expressed, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT O.K.!

  26. Awesome Suzanne, I love the way you bring love back into the equation even though David tried to stamp it out, “you go girl”…

  27. I love how a great, succinct article inspires such great comments. This one has been JOYfull reading.

  28. Completely Suzanne, thank you – Millikan, a ‘man of the cloth’ so to speak has played a game of total deception and pretense and in doing so has only highlighted that his way or religion – is not of love. This is not fair play and it is not right. What is right is that our words against this abuse count. What is right is to continue living in a way that is harmless, of joy and love for all equally – that is true religion, and it is the only religion I (also) choose to ‘follow’.

  29. I always find it amazing that so called ‘experts’ can make such a judgement based on very little investigation & information. It’s like they only see what aligns with their pre-conceived idea of the way they want it to be! It seems like such an investment in feeding one’s self obsessed identity leads to crazy behaviour as was witnessed on 12 Oct.
    From what I have seen, observed and read in the media about David Millikan’s cowboy behaviour, he is not someone who shows much integrity or care for people… quite ironic really as he stands accusing Universal Medicine of being a cult… an organisation that in the last 7 years of my involvement, have shown the utmost integrity and care for people. I cannot recommend any other organisation more highly.

  30. Yes Suzanne, well said. My neighbours summed up what you’ve expressed when they said about us, in response to the Courier Mail’s article implying we were a cult… “they are the most normal people you could ever meet!”. And we are!
    l’ve never been so ‘normal’. l’ve attended many courses in the past that asked me to do various bizarre things (in retrospect quite ridiculous things) in the name of better health, personal or spiritual growth. What you’ve expressed is so true… everything we do now is so NORMAL and yet somehow for David Millikan, it is seen as bizarre and sinister, sufficient to warrant a surprise ambush and expose intended to show us (or so he said seem to imply) how dangerous Serge Benhayon is to us and in turn, how dangerous we all are to the world as a supposed cult wreaking havoc amongst our families and friends!
    The fact that this couldn’t be further from the truth for the vast majority of us and the fact nobody in the audience, beyond his planted minions, agreed with him I’m sure was fuel to a very clear personal agenda.

  31. The agenda here is to discredit and damage the reputation of truly incredible work by a man who is obviously lacking in love and compassion for his fellow man.

  32. In general society a very well known man. Whatever made him C H O O S E to behave like this is clearly NOT love. Whatever you think or feel harming innocent adults and especially children is to me a crime. Even though I don’t like the word. I can feel how the energy through him peaked while the cameras were rolling. There’s a huge sense of shame inside David. Let’s hope that he will find himself soon and be honest enough to cry about what he did. If I can help you David, let me know. I love you anyway. David, let what happened friday night NEVER EVER happen again. Thank you.

  33. All over the world you can feel it… IT’S ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Serge Benhayon.
    I am living in the Netherlands so I was not there the friday night when this rude invasion of media was there when Serge was presenting teachings. At the time that happened I was saying to my partner “I feel very strange, very restless, something is going on, I feel kind of an unhappy feeling. (daily I feel in general joyful) So I was not knowing what was going on why I felt so. Now I know… there was a big attack on love. And since I am love I got like the “feeling of a war “going on. Serge always says …it’s all about energy, so we all can feel what’s going on, we don’t need to be there. We all get affected from something so huge. For soooo many years, lives we (at least me and I know a lot more who was) was waiting for more truth and love on earth. And look what happens in this life, I get the amazing oppurtunity to connect back to the love I am. The eminating love through Serge and the huge changes on earth in energy …you can feel the love around you if you open up… and then there is a few people who so much dont want to feel that they are that love too, they dont want to feel that, like me they was fooling themselves with a life what is no love at all, they go against the love. They start to fight it. I am not sure if they realise the huge damage they do to the world/humanity with trying to put a curtain in front of the truth. I am not sure if they know how much karma they will built with that.
    You can feel all what they do is felt in energy all over the world, like even in this small country far away. It hurts in my heart, tears I felt. They dont realise that what they do is not just against Serge but against all, whole humanity, so also towards themselves.
    They try to fight away the love they and we all truly are. And then they can know that when they go back to Serge, like this journalist David Millikan, to meet again if he dares to do so… then love (I am sure of) will be there, the same love to him, no less because David was so rude to misuse the good connection he had with Serge Benhayon. Serge for sure will love him the same as all his children, his wife and all humanity. Because Serge lives the love he is in full and that love is unconditional love. And that’s what I was learning from his livingness in love… to learn to see the different between emotional love and unconditional love. Emotional love means nothing, it is not love, it is a need.
    Uncondional love is to have no conditions, how rich I am today. I feel my love for the reporters who put so much damage into the world right now. I learned to open my heart again, to truly love.
    Thank you Serge for all your amazing inspiring teaching and huge dedication and patient love which I feel is always there.

  34. Dear Susanne,
    I love your statement, it is full of freedom and self-confidence, full of trust to yourself and feels anything but brainwashed. You invite David Millican to enter in a truthful discussion and put yourself on stage with a man who knows to play the media.
    If I had been conquered with cameras and all these intimidating accusations like you and the other UniMed fellows experienced I wouln’tt know if I were as courageous as your are. You deserve my strongest support.
    Klaus, Germany.

  35. I love your words. Just tonight as I was at dinner with my parents and their friends I heard of this media ambush that had taken place within the Universal Medicine meeting last Friday. I would love to share my story.
    My parents and their circle of friends are all involved with the UniMed community, attend the occasional meeting and practice the ways of ‘self loving and nurturing’.
    As a passive viewer to the choice of lifestyle my mother and father lead, I couldn’t be more proud of them. Over the last 3 years I have seen my parents transform to amazing, kind, caring, stress free, loving, playful, gentle, welcoming and respectful human beings. After going through some of their darkest days with health issues and financial stress they are the happiest they have ever been and mine and my sister’s relationship with them has absolutely blossomed from something that wasn’t always harmonious.
    I constantly receive support and very useful advice in ANYTHING I do in my life, not only from my parents but from their friends who are also a part of the UniMed community. These are an amazing bunch of people that more skeptics should take the time to get to know. These are people that have normal jobs, wear normal clothing, know how to have a great time, laugh, tell stories, remain cheeky, converse and yet not drink a drop of alcohol and depend on it to ‘stay confident’ whilst with company.
    As anyone would with something that is new and different, I myself had huge questions and even bigger doubts about Universal Medicine when my mother and father began attending meetings. But having heard all the details and information about what Serge Benhayon is offering, I was able to form my own opinion.
    I feel so fortunate to be the daughter of 2 people who have transformed and grown as human beings and who respect their own bodies so much.
    If you are a sceptic please just think this question through;
    If something gives you results that you have always been seeking and helps you feel that your life is filled with happiness and health…


    These people deserve some peace to continue to practice exactly what they want, dont make up your own mind about this so called ‘cult’ until you have all the facts about what its founder is offering and delivering.
    Until you have most of the details, only then would it make perfect sense for you to have your own opinion. It really comes down to the old saying ‘dont judge a book by its cover’

  36. I find it astounding that David Millikan, a Uniting Church Minister, can transgress so far from the Golden Rule of TREATING OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.
    Has he forgotten he is a representative of his faith, so his bullying and abusive actions on Friday night bring his church into serious disrepute?

  37. Thank you Suzanne. This clearly is an abuse of human rights and one is used to (sadly) hearing about it happening in Africa or the Middle East where such behaviour is common place, but in Australia? Its bizarre.

  38. Thanks for sharing Susanne.
    I had not heard of David Millikan before but a quick google search reveals many online interviews including http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/webchats/263815/devils-playground-rev-dr-david-millikan
    Where Rev Dr David Millikan says:
    “The essential difference between a cult and other religious organisations is the question of freedom. People in legitimate religious groups have the freedom to decide for themselves how involved they’ll be, how much of the theology of the church they’ll accept, how much money they’ll give, how they dispose of their social life and so on. In a cult this freedom is not allowed.”
    “I also believe in the pluralist democracy like Australia people have a right to believe what they wish, provided they cause no mischief to others.”
    If he is then, a man true to his word, he would see that Universal Medicine is not a cult. Universal Medicine is about freedom of choice. And allowing others to be—no mischief. It sounds to me like a classic case of sensationalism as well as recognition seeking. I live on the other side of the world and all the hype and cult-calling seems so silly—I mean really? Just a shame it is also defamatory. My experience with Unimed has been nothing but professional, open, honest and allowing.

  39. I agree with you Susanne. It is appalling when a supposed ‘man of God’ acts as this man, using such lies and deceit to help the media get a story that they want to portray.
    Truth seems to have completely disappeared with the media, and it is incredible that a supposed minister of religion uses these tactics.

  40. Well said Suzanne! The fact that as a basic human right we have freedom of choice, especially in a country like Australia, that freedom is paramount to how we live.
    So to have this man come in and dictate his views, for his sensationalist purposes, for him and his glory, is just disgraceful!!!

  41. The shock waves of Friday’s harrassment has reached the the other side of the world…
    Simply unbelievable.
    Thank you Suzanne for simply rising the question – who is this Millikan??

  42. Suzanne , this is great , sums it up really well , thank you for sharing , with love Jade

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