Failed media ploy to bring down Serge Benhayon – All for a ‘juicy’ story!

Friday 12th October marks another episode highlighting the deep corruption of the media and their complete lack of accountability to their own code of conduct.

Reporting the news has gone from presenting ‘all views’ of a story, openly for us, the people to decide upon, to dictatorial fabrications – presenting an angle that supports ‘one (their own) view’ – and whichever view will incite the most emotion in the public.

The unscrupulous manner in which David Millikan ambushed a peaceful community event run by Universal Medicine and the vile manner in which he conducted himself in order to produce footage needed to support an ‘agenda’ was conniving and deceptive. The unnecessary taunts were shameful – and all of this from a ‘Minister’ and an ‘educated’ man.

Present in the room were freethinking everyday people from all walks of life in the community.  All of us free to come, free to leave and free to live our lives as we see fit – yet this same freedom of expression and freedom to ‘live and let live’ has now come under attack by the media, as they attempt to quieten our voices and present us as mindless followers, sacrificing our lives and separated from our families and pretty much any ‘cult’ formula they can possibly label us with….when this is completely untrue, unfounded and a far cry from the absolute love, truth and brotherhood that is our unified foundation.

Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story? Whatever happened to reporting the facts and an honest interview? How is it that adults and children may be filmed freely against their will at a public forum  – with no consent or permission? Why is it that consent is needed in all other areas within society yet it is ok for a television film crew to ambush a room and take what they please without it? Why is the media above the law?

We were welcoming the opportunity for open discussion in a public forum and an opportunity to bring balance to the wild accusations and silly mud-slinging that have been allowed by the media and to present a true way of life that actually works and could potentially help a great many, yet this opportunity was denied and instead used to cement the media’s position to date of ‘turning a blind eye’ to what is really going on here and selling out for a ‘juicy story’.

by Deborah

46 thoughts on “Failed media ploy to bring down Serge Benhayon – All for a ‘juicy’ story!

  1. Maybe it is and it certainly looks like there is much more to this than meets the eye? The latest Robin Hood movie produced by Otto Bathurst portrays what is still happening today so what goes on behind the scenes plays out in our daily lives just the names and characters change!

  2. More than a “blind eye” it is as if they have had the wool pulled over their collective eyes to allow and not see the Truth. So they can be in the total disbelieve of the Truth and one can simply see this as a total lack of decency and respect that anyone with an ounce of feeling for humanity would show towards the obvious open-ness and transparency shared by all the Students of The Livingness.

  3. The distortion of the truth has been in the media for too long. Yet the media is what we have allowed and therefore at what point do we change the way we live and make choices about the media we consume to call them to account?

  4. Thats a great question, why are the media above the law? When these one sided, sensationalised lies or half facts twist public perception and fan the flames of racism, war, fear, mistrust and more lies. This is being accepted as legal conduct…

    1. And when we see the Robin Hood movie that is produced by Otto Bathurst we get a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. Corruption and pure evil is still wielding it hand behind the scenes! What is being exposed is that the Media, are a long way from looking for the Truth and thus we have to start to demand the Truth and nothing but the Truth!

  5. This kind of aggressive illegal journalism is a worrying trend and something that we need to be discussing more otherwise we will slide down a very slippery slope of discrimination and prejudice which is definitely not something that will support our societies to flourish and prosper.

  6. “Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story? Whatever happened to reporting the facts and an honest interview?” Why indeed, which exposes what drives the media is far removed from delivery truth.

  7. When we present a true story, there is no such a thing as ‘all views’. It is what it is. When the story we present is not true (all truth and nothing but the truth), the ‘all views’ thing come into the equation. All views assume that there are sides to anything. That is false.

  8. Thank you Deborah this is a great reminder of how much we miss when we have a preconceived idea about something.

    1. Do we stay open to observing what the truth of any situation is or do we go through life with preconceived judgements and beliefs which bias our perspective?

  9. “Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story?” – this is a great question. Indeed why? Lies breed further lies. What kind of story are we after? Have we lost interest in truth?

    1. Yes, good point. Investigative journalism like any investigation should be looking for the truth, not the version of the truth that suits a pre-conceived agenda or to confirm a pre-conceived picture.

  10. “whichever view will incite the most emotion in the public” This is a sad and sorry reflection on the motivations of some in the media today that clouds the credibility of anything that is ‘reported’ by the media.

  11. “Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story?” Great question! Perhaps it’s because many people would rather be served sensational lies than inconvenient truths.

  12. Well said Deborah, and yes, ‘Whatever happened to reporting the facts and an honest interview?’ Why has the media strayed so far from presenting the truth?

  13. Well exposed Deborah. It is truth what you claim. An interview or investigation should be conducted on the media. Where is the body that does this? How can they easily break their own code of conduct and no body to account to? Is it because the media will not allow stories like this to be broadcasted to get the public behind it? You can see the control they have over us.
    Here is a some film on the media we need to see more of, and Serge Benhayon once again leading the way – AND
    “Why is it that consent is needed in all other areas within society yet it is ok for a television film crew to ambush a room and take what they please without it? Why is the media above the law?”

  14. The deep corruption and deceptive behaviours were indeed highlighted that night in shocking form… opening many people’s eyes to the level that some media will stoop to get a story at any cost, even if they have to orchestrate it themselves.

  15. There are people for all kinds of jobs – if the money/attention/recognition is there people seem to forget about the correctness of what they are doing. Can’t really blame the employer either since you’re the one that chose to get your hands dirty. Not to say that the employer’s hands aren’t even more covered with mud.

  16. I only can say that what you have described in your honest blog made it even more difficult for me to believe what the media is presenting.

  17. This really reminds me that it’s unfair to go into anything in life with fixed, preconceived ideas. Imagine if David Millikan went to the event thinking well this could possibly be a cult, but was open to investigation, he would have discovered all the riches in the world, and it would have been a life changing moment for him.

  18. “Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story? Whatever happened to reporting the facts and an honest interview? How is it that adults and children may be filmed freely against their will at a public forum – with no consent or permission? Why is it that consent is needed in all other areas within society yet it is ok for a television film crew to ambush a room and take what they please without it? Why is the media above the law?” You raise some great questions Deborah. It seems that the media will stop at nothing for a ‘good story’, regardless of the truth.

  19. This blog hits the nail on the head in that it is scary to think that this is the way, one could say, our most powerful medium on Earth, more so than guns, is as heartless in its delivery to influence people. The media.

  20. It is as if the press are doing everything to avoid hearing the true story here – people from all walks of life who have chosen to live from a foundation of self-love, self-awareness and responsibility. It as if they are afraid of telling this story because it highlights their lack of truth and integrity.

    1. I agree Carmin… it seems that the media is generally after what they perceive is a ‘good’ story or sensationalism to boost ratings, often without considering the true facts, and as you say, this does much to highlight their lack of truth and integrity.

  21. This is just not right to me either… where are the values, care and respect? This goes to show media cares more about what will sell over the above points.

  22. Thank you for your blog Deborah, well said, all they want is an emotional juicy story to up their ratings, and feed this to the unsuspecting public, with no desire for the real truth.

  23. So well said Deborah, there was an awesome opportunity for the true story to be told, but sadly as you say the media sold out, opting instead for a “Juicy story”. May the day come that this type of journalism be viewed as deeply irresponsible and that truth in journalism and reporting come back to the fore. Thank you to you and all who have written about this experience for setting the story straight and reporting the truth.

  24. Beautifully said Deborah. The ambush was indeed a far cry from the absolute love, truth and brotherhood that is our unified foundation and as such those involved should be held accountable for their actions and the harm caused by such reprehensible attack.

    1. It was intended to put fear in an audience, fear about standing out, being ‘different’, rocking the boat. That, for me is true evil, because we have the right to decide for ourselves what we want to align to. If people are vilified when there is no harm to another, there is a practice of self-care, of service to others and an awareness of responsibility and accountability, then we are on a very worrying path.

  25. Well said Deborah, there is definitely a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ here. Whenever the press are restricted in reporting what they want, the words ‘freedom of expression’ is bandied about, but then take no notice of someone else’s ‘freedom of expression’ if it means they can get a story out of it. Their hypocrisy abounds.

  26. Thank you Deborah for asking these questions and giving me your account of what David Millikan an ‘educated’ man as you say done to members of a local community in order to get a story. How does an educated man who is a united church minister use deception and intimidation to film an audience with young children without their prior permission. Is this what the media think that the public want?
    Are the media aware that they have a responsibility to report true facts and true real life stories with a balanced view and not come from an angle to suit their agenda of getting maximum ratings for sensationalism and at what cost?
    Who really benefits and who really suffers?
    The media worldwide are now being exposed more and more of how they are behaving just to sell a ‘juicy story’.

  27. It feels to me that Australian media together with those few nameless and faceless people who are continuing to nudge the press and seek their support in their personal hate campaign against Uni Med, Serge and all of us who support love, honesty, integrity, decency, and truth, had been increasingly getting irritable that they cannot find a ‘sensational story’ to feed the masses. So instead they are attempting to stage one themselves. See, if Serge or any UM affiliates walked around with crystals balls hanging around their necks, or incense burning on their shoulders, and white feathers around their knees, that would give journalists pretty good material to go and ridicule us in the press. But what they see and have in front of them is every day families, who do not live in compounds, but normal, every day homes, pay mortgages, send their children to schools that all other kids go to, cook, clean, wash, go to banks, supermarkets, nothing different to what other few billions on Earth do – but this is not ‘newsworthy’. And they stubbornly REFUSE to acknowledge, accept and put the light on the essence of what Serge and Unimed are all about – which if they read all the students’ accounts on these blogs it would keep their TV programmes busy for a long, long time. One day…

  28. Your question, Deborah, “Why has it become necessary to use deception and intimidation to get a story?”, feels like a very important one. Why indeed does this happen? There is some kind of reward or result that is achieved in these acts that are harmful to others. It is loveless on many levels, not just for the reporters that behave in this way but also for the people who watch these false stories and accept them as truth. Your words are very pointed and powerful – thank you, Deborah!

  29. Thank-you Deborah. Absolutely agreed. Those present, initially accepting Mr Millikan’s request to ask some questions, were indeed “welcoming the opportunity for open discussion in a public forum”. Your words “dictatorial fabrication” are spot on in describing what his true intent/that of the media, was. It sought NOTHING but reaction to the ridiculously and deliberately ‘charged’ and abusive comments he made to the audience once he took up his ‘mark’ on the stage… all for the cameras waiting to film such ‘reaction’. Well, other than some hands over cameras, and civil efforts to remove such imposition, they got NO such reaction. My husband let him know that we were indeed there open and looking forward to a discussion on many topics that held great meaning for us, for humanity, in regards to religious matters, and more – he was momentarily stopped in his abusive tirade, but only momentarily. I wholeheartedly agree with Anna – how long have we all ‘viewed’ such antics, and done nothing? That our media is among the ‘least trusted’ in the Western world is absolutely no surprise. It’s time we ALL resoundingly called “ENOUGH!”.

  30. I couldn’t agree more with your post Deborah and each of the comments. I too was appalled to hear of what occurred on Friday night at a community gathering run by a legitimate business. If this was a meeting about superanuation would this have been acceptable?! Why is it that if I take photos of adults and children in my line of work I have to have each and every single adult and guardian’s signature on a media consent form yet for this group of media bully’s they simply waltz in without a care for the law opening filming where people are clearly voicing their right not to be filmed. On this point alone David Millikan was unethical and unlawful. For this to happen to a bunch of peaceful people at a paid event in a public place that was legitimately rented and paid for by the organizers is beyond my belief in today’s world. How telling it is of where we are truly at.

  31. Debra, You have managed to express all that I have been feeling in relation to the media and just how much they have been allowed to get away with for so long. In truth this has been going on for quite some time and we can see this in the indecent behaviour that occurs around the world in the case of the paparrazi. I bring it back to here because many of us have sat back and allowed innocent people (just because they are known more in the public spotlight doesn’t make them any different from us) to be tormented, stalked and abused by media in an effort to print as you call it ‘a juicy story’. Enough is enough! It is time we all stood up to this behaviour by the media and exposed it for all that it truly is – unfair, unjust, irresponsible and completely out of line.

  32. Hi Deborah, as you say ‘We were welcoming the opportunity for open discussion’, in fact it is this open way of being that welcomed Mr Millikan in in the first place. Why did he then not take the opportunity to actually engage in an open discussion? Maybe because he knows he cannot keep any of his allegations up, maybe because he knows each and every student can contest against his ‘ three rules of what makes a cult’ and maybe because he is not actually after the truth.

  33. Thank you Deborah.
    Love your words!
    The fact that they have to try so hard to fabricate a story shows what a normal bunch of people we are without any sensational stuff going on that would be newsworthy to them.
    However it is sad that normal and ordinary people that make love their priority in life with such stunning results to their health and the well being of them, their families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and in effect to everyone around them are not worth talking about in the media today.

  34. The viewers of reality shows, on one level, know that situations and events are manipulated and set up to provoke reactions in the people involved and make it more entertaining. They say it makes good TV viewing, but know it is not true life.
    That these tactics were employed by David Millikan as part of an introductory discussion with members of the general public at a Universal Medicine health talk shows he definitely had an agenda and it certainly was not about representing UniMed in a truthful light.

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