Duty Of Care Exercised After Media Offensive

by Suzanne, Customer Service, Ocean Shores, Australia

Thank you Universal Medicine for your exemplary duty of care demonstrated on Friday night after the media attack by David Millikan and his commercial television station camera crew.

In shock from this unannounced but planned offensive, I became concerned about the need to later return to my car, for fear of retribution from the media crew once I was out there on my own.

David Millikan and his crew were removed from the premises without force but by repeated gentle requests. We were not incited into retaliation and in fact the room and its participants sat patiently while the disruption to their event finally dissipated… although the damage had been done.

I congratulate Serge Benhayon for having the insight to know we all needed an opportunity to debrief and express how we felt before we went home. The experience was very healing. Everyone had the freedom to speak about how they felt, and I was able to leave the building feeling safe and secure.

They even gave me my money back!

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  1. The right of passage is open to us all and when we are railroaded to try and disconnect us from a true path it has become obvious that the energy who supports disunity and mistrust has to be played out until we ask for the Truth to be our standard and make it our Livingness.

  2. Such care of Universal Medicine after that awful attack. Extraordinary. To let people debrief and even giving their money back. This event could easily have been a traumatic experience that would have remained in people’s bodies for years.

  3. What happened that night was a deliberated effort to break into a space where people felt safe. All that they care about was to feed a feeling of vulnerability.

  4. What you share here is enormous Suzanne and beautifully portraits the integrity and deep care of everything that Universal Medicine is and offers.

  5. Universal Medicine is founded on true integrity, their responsibility, love and truth for humanity is what they stand for, and making sure everyone has an opportunity to express how they feel is standard practice for them.

  6. Deeply touching and inspiring to learn that Universal Medicine keeps their level of integrity, care and love no matter what, and never drops their standard – even against those who so apparently violated and assaulted them.

  7. Yes . . . Serge Benhayon has a true integrity that never falters. His is a role model for us all

  8. Serge Benhayon lives with true integrity and this is reflected in all he does whatever some may attempt to do to entice a reaction.

  9. It is wonderful to hear what happened after the event, ‘I congratulate Serge Benhayon for having the insight to know we all needed an opportunity to debrief and express how we felt before we went home. The experience was very healing. Everyone had the freedom to speak about how they felt, and I was able to leave the building feeling safe and secure.’ Serge Benhayon leads the way with his level of love, care, responsibility, integrity and more…a big thank you for bringing this to our world.

  10. It is already a couple of years ago, but it is still quite extraordinary how Universal Medicine removed this infiltrator from the premises. How many organization would have run into a fight or serious conflict? Fight anger with love? Not being behaving like a victim and not do anything but solve it in a different way.

  11. Thank you Suzanne for expressing how you felt deeply supported by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine following the attack by the Media on that night, it is obvious this organisation is about putting people first no matter what.

  12. I’m glad you wrote this Suzanne. I remember how supportive Universal Medicine and Serge was allowing us to express openly without judgement how we were feeling after our rights were imposed upon. The original presentation was not needed and he gave us the floor, like he rightly did with David Millikan, an equally honored what it is that we had to respond with. Serge has always allowed this anyway. This is what is special about Universal Medicine presentations the power we expand from learning from each other as a group in equalness and harmony.

  13. A lot had been written about this night, however this is the first article I have read that shared how it was after the experience. Maybe the media could have filmed the care that was given to everyone and captured what it means to truly support people.

  14. The response to what occurred that night Suzanne, was exemplary – and did not feed into the incitement that David Millikan and the media crew were clearly driven to create.
    It was a shocking occurrence, yet the sense of a true community was what rang true, in the way people dealt with it, held each other and discussed what occurred. It is something I will never forget.

  15. I have always without exception in the 14 years of attending events experienced a level of care with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that is exceptional and outstanding.

  16. There is no doubt that even when under attack, Universal Medicine’s duty of care is second to none. The shock and trauma caused by the night’s events could not be ignored and so gathering together like we did to discuss and process what had occurred was an invaluable support in healing this.

  17. No matter where you look – left – right – and centre – Universal Medicine shows absolute consistency in truly caring for people. What makes this experience so full of joy is that its members know how to care for themselves.

  18. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your experience of the loving care shown by Serge Benhayon to the people present in the hall that night. For them to be able to express what was felt was indeed very healing.

  19. What you shared Suzanne showed how deeply Serge Benhayon cares about people and that he is a person of integrity as he payed back the money.

  20. The care I’ve always received from Universal Medicine has always been the absolute best, so it doesn’t suprise me at all that after this obviously disturbing situation the same duty of care was applied.

  21. The insight of Serge Benhayon is extraordinary. There are many people on earth whose insight into something is impressive and they are geniuses in their field of expertise. Serge Benhayon’s field of expertise is love and people. People like this are mostly needed on Earth.

  22. “I congratulate Serge Benhayon for having the insight to know we all needed an opportunity to debrief and express how we felt before we went home. The experience was very healing. Everyone had the freedom to speak about how they felt, and I was able to leave the building feeling safe and secure.
    They even gave me my money back!” That doesn’t surprise me – Serge is the most honourable man I know – integrity love and truth are his hallmarks.

  23. If we express what we feel, it will be much easier to realise where we are truly at, as some things that seem like huge problems when we think about them become very small and easy to handle once we express them. Expression makes truth graspable, while thoughts can cultivate any false reality we are prepared to cultivate.

  24. To stay centered and hold a large group during such an attack is huge. Not only holding one’s own body in stillness, but to support others to do the same requires an immense foundation of love. That’s what Serge Benhayon presents and lives as an example for us to see: it’s possible.

  25. There are situations that may trigger old patterns and hurts from deep inside of us and leave us in a state of disturbance, anger or anxiety. Sharing what is felt with others and supporting each other in coming back to our own inner stillness will show us what power we do have as a group, once we unite our power and do not waste it on competition any more.

  26. Universal Medicine is expemplary. Not only in how the presenters walk their talk, but also in how everyone truly cares about people and not about $$$ in the first place.

  27. It is always supportive to reconnect with ourselves and our breath after an emotional upheaval. Only then can we truly move on without carrying something with us that will come up again in the future.

  28. Serge Benhayon shows to us that every moment of life is a learning moment and a moment to evolve from, or if we choose so to stagnate in our evolvement and choose to deepen our comfort in our current temporal life. It is always up to us, and now looking back to that moment and considering the many other attacks on Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the student body, we have been given a great learning opportunity to claim our values of truth in full and I can see that this has helped us in doing such. What David Millikan has done in 2012, has been one of the first moments for us, the students, gathered in the student body, to truly appreciate that we are the custodians of ‘the Way of the Livingness’ and have the task to hold and live this in everything we do, taking it out into the world, without holding back or backing off because there are some instances and people that are not willing to take their responsibility to choose for the love that they equally are. Of course there will be resistance in receiving ‘The Way of the Livingness’ as humanity has chosen to conveniently forget about it because of their investment in this life. We know that we are living the future, as this will be the only way out of the misery human life on earth has been for that long.

  29. Every moment is an opportunity to be more love and obviously Serge Benhayon confirmed this when confronted by this media onslaught. To handle the whole incident with grace and integrity without being in anyway incited and, to follow with such consideration for all who attended, is a testament to the amazing love-filled man he is.

  30. Thank you Suzanne for sharing this point of view.. I didn’t consider before the anxiousness some people may have felt when leaving around the camera people coming up to you. What a lovely support to be able to talk after the experience about how everyone was feeling about what had just occurred.

  31. A great blog Suzanne, how David Millikan and his heavies disrupted our meeting. I was there and reacted with, “if that woman puts her camera right in my face one more time I am going to grab it and smash it”. So I left the building and didn’t get my money back. That’s what you get for reacting.

    1. So true! Knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

  32. Thank you Suzanna for your account of that evening, that was love and care in action as Serge gave the opportunity for those present to talk about and debrief after such a terrible situation. How beautiful.

  33. This is further evidence of the absolute integrity, care, love and support shown by both Serge Benhayon and the Universal medicine team. What a gift to be a part of such a wonderful community.

  34. Thanks for your sharing Suzanne. It demonstrates the level of love and integrity that Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine held themselves in, in the face of such ugly behavior.

  35. It’s very easy to focus on the appalling behaviour by David Millikan and the media that evening and the shock caused, so thank you for reminding us of the exemplary duty of care that Universal Medicine displayed in the face of such an ambush. As always they remained calm and consistent in their dedication to supporting everyone as lovingly as possible and it was indeed a great healing, and enormously appreciated.

  36. Thank you Suzanne, even in the face of deceit and aggression there was no retaliation from anyone. Your comments just sum up what complete integrity Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine have.

  37. This is a great post from you Suzanne, as you work in Customer Service and you sure got the real Customer Service at this Universal Medicine event. Serge Benhayon really deeply cares and it is no surprise you were all given the space to share how you felt before you left for home and you got a full refund of your fee paid.
    This confirms the integrity which Universal Medicine has shown for the past 15 years.
    What is re-assuring is that the majority of the audience were shocked and to leave feeling “safe and secure” as you say is demonstrates the deep level of Care and Responsibility that Serge Benhayon has for everyone.

  38. Thank you for sharing what happened after. What a wonderful example to David and his gang and what a pity they didn’t hang around to feel the love shown by Serge and his team!

  39. That is what’s so amazing, so appealing and most admirable about Serge Benhayon – 100% consistency – love, care and integrity even in the face of ugly.

  40. Great point… that absolute, consistent integrity has been my experience over the last 7 years with Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine. It does not surprise me. I look forward to when the real & true stories come out in the media about this great man and organisation that has such love & care for humanity.

  41. Thank you Suzanne. That again shows clearly how far Universal Medicine is away from being a cult. It´s quite the opposite. So called cult-experts should take this as an example for their own behavior.

  42. I have only ever experienced a high level of integrity from Universal Medicine – well done to the team and the crowd for behaving like human beings when animals were on the loose!

  43. What can never be faulted about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine is their unwavering and consistent support and love, for all equally. No ranting and raving, no retaliation and no reaction – just love. Even under circumstances such as the disgraceful media stunt pulled by David Milikan, they are no different, and continue to present love and support – humanity has a lot to be inspired by their example.

  44. Even when being attacked, Serge and Universal Medicine are there supporting all those that require it, you get my standing ovation Serge, thank you…

  45. That’s a perfect example of integrity and love in action on the part of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in the respect and duty of care each and every person there was shown – even ‘David Millikan and his crew were removed from the premises without force but by repeated gentle requests.’ No one was incited into retaliation and people sat patiently throughout the disruption. How awesome an example is that!

  46. Great point as David Millikan disappeared with his film crew it was Serge Benhayon who talked with those of us who had stayed sitting patiently in our seats. Another demonstration of his care and love for everybody. Serge Benhayon gave this support, trust, care and love to David at the beginning of the evening and it was how the evening ended. This is what people will find as they continue to investigate Universal Medicine, lots of love and support.

  47. That is wonderful. Because of the proven integrity Universal Medicine is known for nothing less could have been expected.

  48. Here here, thank you Serge, as the opportunity for us all to debrief was extremely healing and much needed as you have said. Thank you Suzanne.

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