No Wonderland… but Loads of Wonders

by Claudia P., Bonn, Germany, Health Coach (English 2nd language)

The Queen of Alice in Wonderland said to Alice: “If you want to stay on the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible.“

And as Alice in Wonderland, I was running through my life and had always the feeling something went really wrong; so much energy and so much effort and nothing changed my state of being.

I would still run, but about five years ago I attended a presentation from Serge Benhayon.

One aspect of his presentations led to a pause to think.

My understanding of what he said was:

If at least you stay on the same spot, why don´t you choose to change the quality of you whilst you are running, walking, breathing or working? You come back to the same spot anyway.

To be honest, I felt uncomfortable because I was getting the notion of the truth in his words and had to question myself; how did I live up until this moment?

The journey began.

“Where should I go?”– Alice

“That depends on where you want to end up” – Cheshire Cat

As a goal-oriented high level athlete I thought life is about the achieving of goals.

My whole life I was running fast and training hard.

Inspired by Serge I stopped again: it is not the question of where you want to end up – it should be the question of which quality you wish to be in. How your body feels like in every moment with a constant quality – flexibility, vitality, spaciousness and full of energy.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” – Lewis Carroll

And what he, Serge, said made sense for me and I started to change. But not in a way that I quit my job or my relationship, coloured my hair and moved to another country.

I just changed the perspective – looking from the outside to the inner. And what followed was a paradigm shift of everything of what I experienced before in my life.

I started questioning my relationship to food, training, my manner of communication, and if there was a drive behind earning money. And I started to get an awareness of who I am, and if there is a “who I am” at all.

I am still a traveller, never was a follower.

Where this journey will end – I don’t know.

I am my own travel guide but on my side there is a friend who answered my every question, lends always his ear and who supported me in difficult times – unconditionally.

I would do the same… this is what true friends do.

“You used to be much more… ’muchness’. You have lost your muchness”– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I am so grateful that we met each other because now I have the chance to make choices of getting back to the connection of my ‘muchness’.

Thank you, Serge Benhayon!


194 thoughts on “No Wonderland… but Loads of Wonders

  1. This is very true of all of us
    “You used to be much more… ’muchness’. You have lost your muchness”– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.
    I can feel the constraints of the society we have built that doesn’t want anyone to be in their muchness. Because to be in our muchness would expose the lies we have all fallen for. We just have to remember the muchness we were as young children to know, just how muchness we have lost.

  2. Claudia I agree, ‘it is the question of where you want to end up – it should be the question of which quality you wish to be in’. That says it all for me, that ‘quality’ we want to be in, determines our every day life that we live with. Be in that quality and our lives are and will be different, it is a matter of making the choice to be in it in the first place, is the key.

  3. Serge Benhayon’s offering and reflection is certainly one of a different perspective – one of connection to our deepest source within and not outside of ourselves. This is where the quality comes from, rather than running the rat race using outside sources that do not offer true inner quality.

    1. Henrietta we are experts at looking outside of ourselves, so it is a no wonder we run around in that rat race and become exhausted victims of life. When we look within to our source, that quality cannot be questioned by yourself even though the reflection will be, by others.

  4. Awesome sharing Claudia as it really does highlight the fact that we have a choice – a choice to look at the quality of how we live and this is what we have the capacity to work with and to work on. Quality is everything.

    1. Henrietta, I get what you are saying about the quality of life, from reading this blog and the comments I know from my own experience that I miss out the quality of how I go about my daily life. This is what I find so supportive about these blogs and the comments left by everyone, it allows there to be a discussion about life that we just don’t have with each other that much, if at all. But because of the comment you left I can look at how I can bring more quality to my everyday life, which I would never have considered if I had not read you comment.

  5. “If you want to stay on the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible.“ – This is the game of the Astral Plane … to keep us busy and distracted from our true work. Awesome example – thank you Claudia!

  6. What Serge Benhayon shares always makes so much sense, yes the quality we live in and with is key, ‘it should be the question of which quality you wish to be in. How your body feels like in every moment with a constant quality’.

  7. The beauty of what Serge Benhayon brings in supporting us to find the true meaning of life is we find – us! Once we restore our connection to our essence and begin to live from that again, expressing and enjoying our qualities, what we find is the opportunity to deepen and expand those, to bring more of all we are to the all we are a part of. This is where the cycles come in, passing the same spot over and over, yet we have the opportunity to deepen into and expand the quality of our presence with each cycle.

  8. Don’t we all love it when things make sense and simplicity presents itself? Then again, when someone turned up and told us to just be who we are, I found myself going ‘How?’ ‘What do I have to do?’ when I am already who I am without doing anything – there is no sense in that.

  9. I seem to keep coming back to this blog. Such a beautiful confirmation of how quality rather than outcome is a far superior travel guide and it restores ‘muchness’.

  10. I love this and it is a joy to read again. It is also a great joy to be reconnecting to my ‘muchness’ as I am having met Serge Benhayon and for his loving support.

  11. Everywhere we travel there is an opportunity to deepen our Love and when we are allowing others to run their own race we are given others the space to evolve. So all we need to do is reflect and say mirror mirror on the wall who is transparent so their divine reflection is felt by all.

  12. There is nothing special about this ‘Wonderland’ we live in here. The real wonderland is inside. I have given my energy to what is around me for too long and have got sucked into the pleasure and delights. The real wonder is to feel everything and then put words to those feelings.

    1. Bringing it back to our quality all the time makes so much sense, ‘If at least you stay on the same spot, why don´t you choose to change the quality of you whilst you are running, walking, breathing or working? You come back to the same spot anyway.’

    2. Love it Lucy – and I could not agree more. Even if we are not actually going anywhere, and despite the fact that we are travelling at a phenomenal speed on the surface of the planet that is going around in circles, the quality of how we are in this “not going anywhere” is the most important ingredient for us to behold and live.

  13. “If you want to stay on the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible.“. From another angle, this brings the issue of movement to the fore and the extent to which by engaging in permanent motion you do not truly move.

  14. I love the muchness you are speaking of. Aren’t we all yearning for this muchness of ourselves and in others to be there and fully felt and lived and expressed.

  15. This sentence sums up what I have learnt from listening to Serge Benhayon too
    “I just changed the perspective – looking from the outside to the inner. And what followed was a paradigm shift of everything of what I experienced before in my life.”
    When I stop to look at my life now, I am so blessed that I listened to Serge and changed my perspective on my attitude to life. This didn’t happen overnight I am constantly working on myself but the payoff is that everyone gets to share in the positivity I now have for life.

  16. What I so appreciate about Serge Benhayon is that he does give everyone the opportunity to gain a different perspective on their life. This has been immensely supportive as I knew something was out of kilter in the way I was living but didn’t have a clue how to make the changes.

  17. To stay in the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible. This means, move in a specific vibration that guarantee your staying within the human dimension, going nowhere. Yet, if this is not your wish, you have to connect deeply with yourself. It is then, when you realize that the issue is not the spot in itself, but whether you are willing to bring your multidimensionality into it.

    1. It is an opportunity to question what we have taken as our reality, and Alice in Wonderland clearly has some good reflections to prompt a deeper questioning our our reality.

    2. Eduardo so well expressed it’s all a choice and for some it’s a question of dare I live my multidimensionality and once again feel the slings and arrows of scorn from humanity that doesn’t want such a reflection to spoil their wayward thirst and desire for creation.

  18. Delightful Claudia, thank you for sharing how beautiful our muchness really is, this, we have been looking for for countless eons when all along that muchness of who we are lived within.

    1. Thank you Jill – and yes I too love the expression and the words “muchness” – we certainly hold much muchness inside to connect to.

  19. Claudia before I met Serge Benhayon I was always running, running away from myself not allowing a moment to stop to feel the emptiness that I felt when I did stand still, until I met Serge and Universal Medicine where I found that standing still and feeling the emptiness was down to my choices and as I changed my choices the emptiness began to disappear.

  20. “If you want to stay on the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible”. So with the world around us seemingly moving at a faster pace with every year that passes is that because we are marking time on the same spot while simultaneously looking outside ourselves so we are not growing and evolving in alignment with what is on offer from within?

  21. Our muchness has been there from the very start so it doesn’t matter how many times we go around and around it doesn’t change our essence… it does change the quality in the movement of going round and round and how long it takes to re-connect.

  22. “If you want to stay on the same spot, you have to run as fast as possible” – this feels like hard work. What if there was something that made more sense to our body, to our muchness to just be, that is already carrying us and we are just running against it to stay at the same spot? Considering the quality of that ‘same spot’ we have been at for a while, a stop seems like a very worthwhile option to have a go at.

  23. I have come to love those pointing out the obvious moments that Serge Benhayon brings. We go around and around the sun in circles going nowhere yet we believe that we are going somewhere in human life. When my focus is on the end result when I get there I feel less and empty, when I focus on the quality I want to be in the end result comes to me and I feel full and not needing the end result. The end point will come but do I want to be stressed and empty or prepared and settled in myself when it comes?

    1. I love that thought – I don’t want to be rushed when my time to leave this body comes – what a waste that will be. I would like to embrace every moment and then recognise home by the stillness I am living as I come to the end of my days.

  24. ‘Where this journey will end…’ – maybe now this is less important than who we are being along the way.

  25. “Where should I go?”– Alice
    “That depends on where you want to end up” – Cheshire Cat

    We are going back to our muchness but we can make it a long-winded and arduous road or a purposeful dedicated path straightforward hence the initiating question is essential and so is the answer that in fact is a choice. What we start with we will end up with.

  26. There is never too much ‘muchness’ we can be but we need to let go of the ‘lessness’ we have accepted and found comfort in.

  27. I’m not familiar with that part of the movie, Alice in Wonderland but I can see and know the support given by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and relationships like this always seem to pull the true situations out of everything. My view, how I moved and how I felt about myself control my world and the moment I became aware that there is more then this then the world changed. We can be impacted by life and just follow along or we can stand up to the point where life no longer hits us and we start to lead life.

  28. To quote Lewis Carroll again, it is our ‘muchness’ that we trade in as we progress through life and it is the Ageless Wisdom as brought through by Serge Benhayon that supports us to reconnect to and then live it, in full and at our own pace.

  29. There are indeed many paths to walk upon in this world, and many that I have tried, however through The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by way of Serge Benhayon, I have discovered that there is only one way to truly live the ‘muchness’ or the greatness of all that we are, and that is through our connection to who we are within, where we are forever guided along the way by the light of our Soul, to live the truth of who we are.

  30. Serge Benhayon introduced me to the truth that it is not trying to get somewhere or achieve something but the responsibility of how I am with myself in every moment and movement of every day.

  31. Yes I would be still running if I had not come across Serge Benhayon also Claudia . . . running on nervous energy.

  32. I love the concept of getting back to my “muchness” as you have Claudia, a “muchness” that I really didn’t understand I actually had, for a very longer time. To have had Serge Benhayon shining a hugely bright light on my way back to my “muchness” has been so wonderful and as a result I am now truly living my life in contrast to the life that I was just managing to exist in.

  33. I love the term ‘muchness’ – and life just would not be worth very much if we didn’t have our ‘muchness’. Constantly enriching, never dulling, always expanding and returning back towards Soul, the one Soul, we are all from, is what Serge Benhayon inspires every single moment of the day.

    1. Beautifully said Katerina. Coming to understand that our Soulfullness is not only who we are but also very possible to live, has enriched my life to no end. A sense within that I had often felt and wondered about but was unable to live, until I met Serge Benhayon where from day one I was inspired to explore this inner-sense and began to develop a relationship once again with the truth of who I am. A relationship that continues today, that as you so accurately described is – ‘Constantly enriching, never dulling, always expanding and returning back towards Soul, the one Soul, we are all from…’

  34. Life is full of magic and wonder and so much beauty if we are open and living in such a way that is honouring of ourselves and each other. The simple fact is each and every man woman and child on this planet come from love and are love, how can we not be anything but grandness and amazing beautiful divine beings.

  35. The quality we live in is so important, ‘the question of which quality you wish to be in. How your body feels like in every moment with a constant quality’, rather than just doing and driven by outcomes.

  36. I really enjoyed reading this blog Claudia. The first sentence really struck me, because I do recall my life used to be frantic and very busy but nothing much was changing for all the energy and effort I was putting in. It did feel like I was running very fast to stand still. Its great to have people around you that pose questions you haven’t ever thought to ask yourself. These questions can be the start of making new choices.

  37. Beautiful Claudia the more we express our muchness the more muchness there is – an endless supply of love that keeps on giving.

  38. So well written Claudia, if we are forever running only to get to the same spot, it does make one question why we are choosing to run in the first place.

  39. Claudia, such a simple and deeply profound blog, thank you. It moved me to tears in particular ‘it is not the question of where you want to end up – it should be the question of which quality you wish to be in’ … feeling this I realised that I’m allowing myself to be driven by outcomes and not always addressing the quality of how I’m being on the way to those outcomes, so today this sentence stopped me to feel my quality, and to understand that it’s about quality first ever and always; in how I move, how I treat myself, how I am in each and every moment, it’s that simple.

  40. I too was lost before I found the work of Serge Benhayon, I was literally going around in circles but even when I felt things were changing I would eventually end up back in the same spot. I was using a lot of energy, exploring many things, but not really getting anywhere. Now I understand the nature of life and evolution being cyclic, I can understand how I am coming back to the same spot over and over but there is something I can change which is the quality of energy I choose to live from (namely love) and I can finally feel each day, week and month is different. True change is happening and life is feeling wonderful.

  41. I am always my own travel guide as it is always my responsibility to make choices and nobody else’s; I cannot blame another even if I have chosen to listen to them! Yet it is humbling to admit and even knowing that all the answers are inside me and I simply need to connect to this inner knowing that from time to time I need support in my livingness from a source I know is true and am inspired by and there is no doubt that Serge Benhayon is the ‘real’ deal through the way he chooses to live love.

  42. Everything changes when we make it about the quality we are in and with each other and then it does not matter where we are going as it is a going together in equalness where every moment can be enjoyed.

  43. Meeting Serge Benhayon and attending my first Universal Medicine workshop was the biggest ‘stop’ moment in my life and offered me the directions for the way to go that I had always craved. Since that day I have started to live those directions and I have found them faultless.

  44. Absolutely gorgeous Claudia. Changing the question from, ‘where do you want to go to’, to ‘what is the quality you want to be in’ gives a whole new and different purpose to life.

  45. I recall my attending my first ever presentation by Serge Benahyon and everything he said made sense and it was presenting in a very ordinary way. Nothing that was presented felt like a theory, it was practical, everyday and very real. Nothing has changed, but everything has changed at the same time.

  46. We can run away from ourselves as fast as we can but we always end up back in the same place! By staying put and reconnecting back to what is inside – the magnificence and expansiveness of all the universes – everything does come round again and agin but the quality in which we are in it is the thing that deepens so what we then experience on the outside is what we are expressing from the inside. It’s beautiful.

  47. Asking myself how I was truly living and in what quality was never easy for me either. I knew it was not something I could make up for by just doing more or being ‘good’ from then on, there was something fundamental that had to be looked at and felt, and I wanted to hide in shame and remorse, claiming it was not possible to be changed because there was something seriously defective about me – too far away from the muchness, and that’s how it began for me. And me too, I am forever grateful for encountering the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon to reconnect and live from the muchness I forgot for a very long time.

  48. Claudia, so we stand on the spot really, busy in motion to stay there and in fact why not consider how we move, the quality of it – this changes everything totally, we still move but we can begin to move with the muchness you speak of.

    1. It’s such an illusion we live in, that busyness or achievement takes us forward, that the more we do the more we are, or even that advances in technology signify movement. But what is really changing if the world is more loveless than ever? Bringing life back to the energetic quality I live from is one of the most profound and true changes I have ever made. And that energetic quality comes from my soul and is an ever deepening daily learning process for me of living in stillness, love, joy, truth and harmony. Evolution is the ongoing surrender to who we truly are and living from that place.

  49. I know that feeling of running on the spot, putting so much effort in which leads to exhaustion but nothing really changes and you don’t actually get anywhere, just go around on the same spot. But when I started see that we live in cycles and come around again to the same issue, same way of living, there is an opportunity to make different choices.

  50. It does feel like so many people end up running on the spot going nowhere so it makes sense that the problem may be the quality they are running in… maybe if we changed the quality, there’d be no need for the running in the first place and more an allowing of moving with and where the quality guides us.

  51. There is a muchness just waiting patiently for everyone to tap into it. At the beginning, the muchness seems to be something out there. Yet, the muchness belongs to us in the same way we belong to it. The only way to get there is through healing that allows a person to start feeling the walls it has constructed around it so it cannot be felt to the point that we may even deny that there is something out there. That is why, the quality in which we move makes such a difference.

  52. Living our muchness is living our potential. And this is making me wonder how many of us are living our potential in this world today or how many of us are merely marking time in the same place and not learning to take those extra loving and expansive steps into our muchness, our potential. Or worse, not even considering that we all equally have this abundance of potential just waiting to be lived.

  53. I never read Alice in Wonderland but I can relate to the point of ‘I lost my muchness’ and I’ve got inspired by Serge Benhayon to claim it back. There is much more than I ever expected from life and me to discover, I see this more and more what this ‘muchness’ is and enjoy to discover and live it again. Live ‘me’ again – in full. Very much so. 🙂

  54. I love how it simply comes back to the quality we are in, that is huge and lets all the goals and wishes fade into the background. Then everything I do counts, as the quality counts first and foremost and not so much what I am actually doing in each particular moment. It brings equality to life.

  55. ‘…I started to get an awareness of who I am…’ I really appreciate this line. It’s me seeing I can be letting go of the drive in my day (got to do this, then that then etc) and allowing of my awareness of who I am. A beautiful way to live.

  56. Thank you Claudia for a great sharing about coming to find your muchness. I too felt lost in life before coming into contact with Serge Benhayon, the first time I heard him speak i knew I had at last come home

  57. “It is not the question of where you want to end up – it should be the question of which quality you wish to be in.” This sentence got me as it showed it very clearly where most of us ended up – we are more human doings than human beings – something is not how it could be.

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