Bringing the Quality of Love into Cleaning

My background has been in the Hospitality and Hotel Accommodation Industry working as a Hotel Executive Housekeeper, in Interior design, Managing and Building hotels, and as a professional House Cleaner, cleaning homes. The quality of cleaning I would offer was always very high, but nevertheless there was something missing.

In my experience working as an Executive Housekeeper, I was always feeling pressured for time. With every task that I did I had a very high expectation of myself and others. In order to achieve all that was needed to be done for the day, I would start very early and finish late in the evening, without any breaks. I always put the guests and all the other staff first before I considered how I myself was feeling, or what was truly needed. Later I realised that this way of going about my job was connected to the fact that I was brought up with the belief that everyone and everything came first before I did, and this belief programmed the way I worked – never bothering to stop or eat lunch. I had become a slave to my work, being obsessed with being perfect in everything I did, and always putting others’ needs before my own. Even my children called me a martyr.

I would help the room attendants to clean the rooms to be ready in time for guests, because I was afraid I would get into trouble with my manager and CEO if the jobs were not done and the guest complained. No wonder my day was so long and exhausting – I was constantly afraid of getting into trouble and never had enough time to do my job because I was doing other peoples’ jobs! I felt anxiety, stress and tiredness to the point of being numb in my body – but I kept pushing myself to the limit.

Living this way meant that my body suffered the consequences with stomach problems, migraines, back problems, anxiety attacks and heart palpitations. I ended up with blood poisoning and thrombosis in my right leg and had to spend 3 weeks in bed: after that I had to give up work. This experience showed me how I had being working and living all my life.

This pressured and stressful behaviour was also happening in other areas of my life, including my own house cleaning – something that in fact could have been a lovely, nurturing experience. I had come to live in a way that was just ticking one job off the list before I launched into the next. Before I even started to do my house cleaning I would get anxious a day before because it felt such a task to do. I could feel body tension in my arms, legs, back and neck and I would program myself so that the cleaning could be done by a certain time. My body would ache and feel exhausted and I would get frustrated and angry with myself for allowing myself to get to a point where I just wanted to go to bed and shut myself away from the world and sleep. There was no joy in my life, only pain and sadness from not being able to stop myself from this workaholic way of living. And it stands to reason that the quality of cleaning, and everything I did, was compromised because of how I was feeling.

Since I started work with Universal Medicine I have truly realised how I had been living and working. I began to feel my body and to know whether I was being nurturing and loving towards myself or not. I am now aware of the way my body communicates to me about how I am being and living. The more I connect with my body the more love I feel. The more love I bring in my body, the more I become aware of the way my environment feels. I could feel that if I was tired and did the cleaning in a pushed way, the quality of the cleaning and the house reflected that back. The house might have looked clean, but you could feel and tell that I had rushed my work and pushed myself to get it done and nothing that I had cleaned  felt right or in its place.

Now I am more aware of the way I clean mine and my clients’ homes. I prepare myself each day in a loving way – preparing my body by starting earlier in the morning, not rushing in getting ready, and having a nurturing breakfast so when I start to do the cleaning, vacuum, clean the bathroom or place a piece of furniture, I am aware of not pushing my body. I work gently and my body knows where and how to place things so that the room feels harmonious. I love to do the little things that make a difference.

In the morning I love making my bed and being playful. When I finish this job it feels complete. This way of being supports my body and creates a beautiful welcoming feeling in the home; everything in the home feels loving and in its right place. I have discovered that it is not about ‘what’ or ‘how much’ I do, but the quality in which I am doing it.

Since I have become more aware of how my body feels in everything I do, I get more things done with ease. I feel light and there is a flow in what I am doing.

When I stop being aware of my body, my mind comes back in, driving me in everything I do and I can feel that this way of being is acting against myself and against time. My body then becomes tired, aching and exhausted.

When I stay connected to my body I have more clarity and I know how to be; time is no longer an enemy. Nothing is too big or too small for me to do. Listening and honouring my body not only supports me in everything I do, it also supports those around me. Life has become simple and fun. I enjoy the quality of cleaning services I now offer at a whole new, amazing level.

By Kathy Avram, Melbourne, House Cleaning Business

470 thoughts on “Bringing the Quality of Love into Cleaning

  1. This blog was timely in that I’m moving homes after many years being in one spot and the imprints of stress are coming through. I cannot stand chaos and mess yet I am not the best at cleaning up too. I loved reading that the connection to your body brings more awareness to everything around us. And I love that more can be done when we are not in tension of ourselves, as in that tension it puts a strain on the body so there is no flow.

    It’s amazing how we can change a perspective around when we truly connect and feel our bodies. Wouldn’t life be different if we did this more often?

    1. Hi Shushila

      Thank you for the beautiful expression of the response to the blog
      I have moved many times in my life and each move felt very unsettling to me and packing felt too much
      Until I came to the loving understanding that it was not about the moving but how I came from my body and what quality I brought to each movement in the purpose of what was so beautiful to pack each item in love and clean with the purpose in imprinting that divine love for the all in the space as one to receive

      We always make it about the doing and not about the purpose and so we get caught up in the doing and drama
      Much love
      Kathy xx

  2. I agree, it’s not how much we get done, but rather the quality in which we do things, ‘Since I have become more aware of how my body feels in everything I do, I get more things done with ease. I feel light and there is a flow in what I am doing.’

    1. We place so much emphasis on getting things done instead of doing it with that quality that bounces back to you like a boomerang. You certainly can feel the difference…

  3. So well said Elizabeth – we must ask if what we offer is superficial and hence empty on the inside? Or perhaps truly coming from an endless source of love from within.

  4. Universal Medicine is a business that supports people to take deeper responsibility in their own self care, which essentially is all about looking at the quality of how we live. I am superbly blessed to have come across Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and all the Esoteric modalities that have supported me to re-ignite my love for myself and a life truly lived.

  5. Nothing we do should ever compromise how we feel or who we are. Now this is an easy statement to say as words, but to live it in full is a huge learning.

  6. Amazing blog which really shows there is so much more to cleaning that things just looking clean from the outside!

  7. “Since I have become more aware of how my body feels in everything I do, I get more things done with ease.” So true, when our mind is not busy distracting us our body flows with the movements of the task in hand.

  8. Thank you Kathy, I could feel the fun, lightness and play in your final paragraphs with how you now are with cleaning, very different to the compression on yourself when you lived in stress and fear with work. The fun and light way you now clean with is simply you being able to be you.

  9. If we put our body first, making sure that it’s feeling supported in its activity, our life experience would be so different. No reward sweeter than this.

  10. ‘When I stop being aware of my body, my mind comes back in, driving me in everything I do and I can feel that this way of being is acting against myself and against time.’ Spot on Kathy and a beautiful reminder for us all, the connection to our body is key in bringing a certain quality in everything we do.

  11. I can really relate with this as this is something I used to do but more than it being about an anxiety I can see for me it was a form of control of wanting to do things my way and not trusting what other members of the team could bring. It was quite arrogant. ‘never had enough time to do my job because I was doing other peoples’ jobs!’ It is, and feels amazing when we let this go and as you have discovered start to love ourselves more.

  12. Putting others first is a pattern of movement we can bring into different realms of life. Although it may appear as if there is just generosity in this way of moving in life, there is only self behind. A hurt self that needs the outside confirmation to keep going.

  13. Perfect timing to read this today Kathy, as I’ve been feeling the push to get things done and struggling with that, a classic ‘When I stop being aware of my body, my mind comes back in’ moment as you note. And the thing I’m learning now is it doesn’t work to stop the mind, I need to come back to my body and become aware of it and how it feels and when I do there is more space and a rhythm in how I can do things no matter what they are. Great to be reminded again of this, thank you.

    1. Monicag2 thank you for your sharing how our thoughts can distract us from being present in our body. It is so beautiful when we allow the body to show us what is true, bringing in the moment what is needed to be done without a struggle but in the ease of everything we do in joy.

  14. Usually I have a cleaner who comes every week and she tends to do the majority of cleaning in the house. Right now she is ill so until I find someone else I am on my own. As a friend pointed out the other day this gives me an opportunity to deepen my relationship with my house. I can bring more love to what I am doing and a freshness to the act of cleaning, like starting anew and possibly decluttering along the way.

  15. When we leave ourselves out from whatever we are engaged in, no matter how well done the job might appear, we are left empty, needing reward.

    1. This is so true Fumiyo and yet it is something I fall for time and time again – it is a process to learn to live this on a daily basis.

  16. Another point I find really important with cleaning is to do it as soon as I feel to do it or the thought crosses my mind – it’s easy to have that impulse and then think – “I’ll do it later, or tomorrow or whatever” – but I find if I do it the moment I think of it then there’s an ease and enjoyment to it, yet if I delay then it becomes a chore.

  17. That workaholic way of life is one I know so well, but am in the process of leaving behind. That perfectionism, obsession with wanting to be perfect and fear of being told off.. all of that can only happen when we go off into our minds and leave our bodies behind. When we stay connected to our bodies, there is no need to be perfect and nothing to fear – we know we are amazing before we even start doing anything, and that is both amazing and very simple to feel, when we allow it.

    1. Staying connected to our bodies, allows us to listen to its communications, ‘I began to feel my body and to know whether I was being nurturing and loving towards myself or not. I am now aware of the way my body communicates to me about how I am being and living.’

  18. Yesterday I went to my friends place for lunch and as I drove in the front yard it felt really light and spacious – and it turned out her husband had done a big clean up. So I understand exactly what you are saying Kathy about quality for its amazing how much we can feel when we are open to that awareness but in the rush of human life to tick the box we are on we can all too often miss or even ignore.

  19. I loved what you have shared Kathy and all the comments on offer , it is a great reminder for me to really stay present with loving attention to how my body is feeling and the quality I am in as I go about my cleaning today.

    1. Eduardo, thank you for your great response. Perfection is very much about controlling life and it debilitates you, always keeping you to achieve a higher goal in making it more perfect, which never works and only takes you into exhaustion and trying to get things right. Life is never enjoyed but seen as hard work.

  20. A beautiful way of cleaning out the old way of ‘doing’ and bringing a sparkle of magic in the way you are during the day.

  21. For me it is about holding the connection to myself and doing what needs to be done in a rhythm that supports me with no regrets about what I should have or not done. It is having the willingness to love and nurture myself in the process of doing.

  22. The more I surrender to my body the less ideals and rules there are to live life by. In this, life feels far more open and free to just express who I am.

    1. I find the more I discover or explore what it means to tend to the little details, the more I realise just how how much of life is determined by our attention to the smaller details in life.

  23. I’ve found for me when I have pushed myself to get everything done it has come down to a lack of self worth and doing it for recognition. I’ve been seeing also how much we can set ourselves up as soon as we go into a role or even say I’m going to do this now and it is going to be a massive job. Our body knows what that means from past experience, and starts to feel exhausted at just the thought of what is next.

  24. Thank you Kathy, reading your blog again today I can see an enormous pattern we are all part of that places what we do ahead of people. Many systems of life are also based on this. We don’t value people, instead we place value on getting the job done and how well we get it done. Because we don’t value people we don’t care what happens to the body nor the being that strives to get the results, whether it’s work or education, or running our lives, we give ourselves away to the task in front of us – and we are even celebrated for doing this. We are literally taught to do that in school as well, nothing matters but the mark or exam result. The work of Serge Benhayon is so vital as at its foundation we begin with caring for the body and our being and then taking that to the world to do whatever is needed. Even more than this is exploring and deepening into the amazing qualities we do have as beings, which we cannot re-connect to and live and express from when we reduce ourselves to just getting things done, and often at any expense. It’s a huge thing to undo the patterns of “doing” over being, I’m still working on it so it’s always very helpful and inspiring to read what you’re now living.

    1. Melinda as women we have been programmed to do many tasks in keeping up with what has to be done for the day as this has been a reflection from one generation of women to another and that putting everyone first is the way life is and that it is normal to live in this way.
      We are blessed to have someone like Serge Benhayon presenting and teaching the true way of the Livingness to come back to the truth of how sacred our bodies are and to treat them with great care and responsibility in bringing the quality of our beingness in all that we are.

  25. The awareness of how our body feels when we work is something we all like to dismiss. We like to put the outcome of the job at hand before our body, but without our body the outcome cannot be achieved, so the body must come first, and self-care can assist with that.

  26. Its never what we do but about the quality we do things. It is always felt by others, when we leave loving imprints either at work or in the home. Being connected with ourselves ( our bodies), our movements are gentle and all the details get taken care of.

  27. “I had become a slave to my work, being obsessed with being perfect in everything I did, and always putting others’ needs before my own.” I can relate to this completely, I had allowed it to have a control on my life. It was very exhausting and mentally draining. This all shifted when I started to reflect and look at how I was living and started to take more care for myself. It has been a journey and awesome one too as I have learnt so much along the way.

  28. Your story shared so beautifully that just doing more is not going to ease the tension we might feel in ourselves if we are not giving our all to something. Yet the answer lies in caring for ourselves in every way equally as to what we need to do.

    1. Lieke, thank you for your lovely reply. It is so amazing how much our body can share with us when we stop to listen and feel what is truly going on, allowing the space to read in the doing and how much that it can effect us not only in the way we work but also energetically how we are cleaning.

    2. Caring for ourselves deepens the quality in which we live, then our movements are more aligned with truth and there is no space for tension.

  29. What a fantastic blog in how honest you have written exposing how you were living and working and putting all others before yourself which led to your illness which was a blessing in disguise. I lived and worked like this too in the past and it is the body that suffers the consequences and just like your body, my body brought me to a stop also through illness which supported me to change my ways along with the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. Thank you jacqmcfadden04 for your lovely response. We are blessed to have the loving support that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine brings. Serge is a great reflection, allowing us to come to the true way of living in honouring our body, coming to a loving understanding of the truth and what that brings to self and others.

  30. The things we can do to ourselves and others when we are in the ‘need to just get it done mode’ goes further then the eye can see. When we make life about what we can do then eventually it all leads to the same place, usually exhaustion of varying degrees. It makes no sense when you are doing it and even part of you knows that it doesn’t support you and yet you keep choosing it. It’s like you are trapped in a way but then you are introduced another way which you realise then is your way and the way you always knew it should be. It’s like the more we do something and the more people that join in it makes it harder to see and or stop. Universal Medicine is supporting us all to see that there are things we are doing that are hurting ourselves and in this awareness we can choose another way.

  31. “When I stay connected to my body I have more clarity and I know how to be; time is no longer an enemy. Nothing is too big or too small for me to do. Listening and honouring my body not only supports me in everything I do, it also supports those around me.” This is powerful. What a change you made to your job by simply honouring yourself first and foremost and it all begins in the connection with your body and not your mind.

  32. Our house reflects alot back to us if we are willing to take off our everyday glasses and take a long hard look at how we are actually living. And its not hard to change it either… to introduce some space and love can be as simple as wiping a surface, setting a flower, burning a candle.

    1. So true Simon, our house does reflect back so much to us if we just press the pause button and really take the time to look around and walk around our own house, so much can be communicated for example, a piece of furniture that needs to be removed, cleaning out a drawer, unpacking a box at the pack of a cupboard, or just a good clean, whatever it is when we follow the impulse, the house always feels different.

    2. So true our house is a beautiful reflection, the more we nurture our home with simple movements the more supported we are as we go out into the world, as we take that quality of movements out to others.

  33. When I’m in my head striving to get the house cleaned or a project done, a million and one other urgent jobs creep into my thoughts and I feel overwhelmed. I then chop and change and nothing actually gets completed. On the other hand, when I’m connected and with my body and focus on what needs doing in that moment, everything else fades away into the background and I’m left to just be.

    1. Thank you Aimee for the beautiful sharing. I can relate to striving to get things done in house work and everything else that needed to be done. In the past I would make a big list and try and tick everything on that list by the end of the day which would be overwhelming. You could feel the frustration in all that I was doing not only with self and others. This harden my body through the exhaustion in the pushing. At 63 I now am wiser within and allow my body to guide me in all that I am doing by the impulse of what is needed for the day which is receive in a flow of energy that is so divine and gorgeous to feel with joy and harmony.

  34. This is great to hear Kathy and very inspiring, ‘Since I have become more aware of how my body feels in everything I do, I get more things done with ease. I feel light and there is a flow in what I am doing.’

    1. Thank you Lorraine for your sharing, it is amazing when we are aware of how our body feels in our movement, bringing everything we do with an ease and flow through the connection from within, nothing is too big or too small it just is which brings the detail and divine love.

  35. Kathy, thankyou, I really enjoyed reading this again. I am going through another cycle of awareness currently of how I let my mind (because of pictures and ideals) drive my body, and time based deadlines are a huge trigger for this too. This has shown me again how vital it is to deepen my relationship to my body and check in more consistently and allow my body to take the lead. This is a great line which I have found is true for me too as I explore my body connection “The more I connect with my body the more love I feel”. All the love we are is in the body, not the mind!

    1. Thank you Melinda for your lovely comment. It is so lovely when we have great awareness of the pictures and ideals, keeping us in the cycles of our patterns and behaviour so that we cannot feel our bodies. Being in a consistence relationship with our body, we start to lovingly understand our connection in what we bring through energetic responsibility in divine love, together body and mind aligning with all.

    2. So very True Melinda – ‘the more I connect with my body the more love I feel’. When I am walking I am feeling all of my body and as such I feel so expanded, so light, and I feel so very held, held by myself and by the grandness of the universe and perhaps that is the true meaning of self-support and of self-appreciation.

  36. When cleaning body awareness is essential as otherwise you can do yourself a lot of damage as it can then become a very physically taxing job. In my experience I taught myself to clean as if it is a dance where not one step is taken that is unnecessary and thus no energy is ever wasted, where time expands and all is well. Thank you for sharing your process back to your own dance Kathy.

    1. Kathleen thank you for the lovely expression of ” I taught myself to clean as if it were a dance as each step was taken so as to not waste unnecessary energy and time expands”. In this you can feel the movement of the body in divine love bringing the joy in expression in cleaning, without a thought but a true flow of body and movement together as one.
      Nothing is a chore or work, only a movement in all that you bring, divine love or a struggle of thoughts.

    2. I love the symbol of making cleaning a dance. We associate dance with fun, and freedom of expression, so what a lovely way to feel into cleaning and clearing.

  37. Amazing all-round Kathy! What we a capable of is mindless literally. A quality you have described and how to attain it very well through-out your blog. There is too many to quote but I advise to read your nourishing blog. Cleaning is a simple example of this quality in application that can then be applied to all we do.

    1. Thank you Rik for your lovely response. When we truly connect within, we have the awareness to bring the quality in the all of life, which brings the harmony, joy and love for all equally with ease and simplicity.
      Our body is our true home and everything else is a part of life to observe and respect self and others in the choices we make in all that we do.

      1. Starting with our own space and surroundings we take this flow into everything else. It becomes a ritual a rhythm a natural flow.

  38. This is a belief that has been passed down the generations, it was one that was active in my family, ‘ I was brought up with the belief that everyone and everything came first before I did, and this belief programmed the way I worked’, it is very damaging and debilitating for those who take it on as you showed with your symptoms.

  39. Living within a time so that you are in anyone else’s rhythm definitely is a drain on our energy and causes all kinds of emotional turmoil. This is not rocket science as we all feel the pressure of someone else rhythm being imposed on us. Working with a Love and dedication of being a humble student who is a servant for all humanity so that our work is a joy and not a chore.

    1. Is working for the pleasure that our body feels so that we are in full respect of what is felt and not the distractions that can be caused by the things that are happening around us, always brings a ‘connection’ that is simple to maintain.

    2. I have not realised this so clearly before but now I can see how draining it is when I allow another’s rhythm to be imposed upon my own, and what is really revealing is that the reason I have done this is to avoid embracing the responsibility of attending to my own.

  40. It makes sense that if we put everyone first and then run with the pictures behind this, that we can then go into pushing to get a task finished, and then feel the pressure of running out of time – running ourselves like this has a whole different feel than being fully aware of our movements and doing the task from that place.

  41. When we clean we are leaving behind far more than a clean home, we are leaving our lived way. A great clean starts well before we pick up the cleaning cloth.

  42. I too am finding how important it is to stay connected to my body and be aware of how I am doing things. When I make this my focus, everything else seems to flow with ease from there.

  43. Being present in the body when we work steadies us, and lets us work in a way that whatever we are doing, our work and our focus are one. Through that we are no longer like a cork floating around in an ocean of pressure from others, but instead we have our own rudder and power.

  44. Loved how you expressed your experiences of cleaning, it is easy to drop into getting the job done, and how through pushing our way through we become exhausted because we are fighting against our body’s natural rhythm, when we actually take ourselves in full to the task in hand, in full connection with ourselves we are able to do a quality job quicker and with plenty of spare energy left.

    1. Sally, thank you for your response and the realisation of dropping into getting things done can take us to a place of not being connected from within, so that our mind can keep us busy in our work, not allowing ourselves to want to feel the body where it is at.
      When we let go of our expectations, ideals and beliefs , there is no exhaustion or pushing, we allow the body to bring the quality, rhythm and flow in our work with simplicity and love.

  45. In connection to our beingness we are able to reimprint any space with our own quality of love that will support and hold others to be more of who they are, this is huge!

  46. This is beautiful Kathy and takes cleaning to a whole new level of responsibility and true care, when you clean it’s not about function and ticking boxes it’s about bringing a quality and presence that imprints the home for others to feel supported and blessed by.

  47. What a ‘pull up’ it is when our body itself brings us to our knees, so to speak – showing us that the way we’ve been can be no longer, that it’s time to look at undoing what has driven this and consider the possibility of our own healing…
    And how profound it is to have the work, teachings and Esoteric Modalities that have been brought through by Serge Benhayon, to reflect to us that yes, we can indeed work hard and ‘do much’ in this world, but it is as you’ve shared so beautifully here Kathy, all about the quality in which we go about EVERYTHING.
    An awesome and deeply inspiring blog, thank-you.

  48. Kathy, this is one absolutely remarkable transformation – wow… The patterns of driving oneself and putting oneself at the end of the pecking order are so strong for so many – I would say most will relate in some way to all that you’ve shared in this regard.
    That you have experienced the turn-around you have is deeply inspirational and beautiful – reading this, I cannot but feel how the woman that you are has truly come alive, as you’ve shed the ways that, as your body so strongly revealed to you, were not sustainable, let alone supportive.

  49. I love also to do the little things around the house, as it does make a difference being aware of the detail and the what I call, ‘the art of placement’. Intuitively feeling when something has to be moved and placed somewhere else or even put out as it dulls the energy of the room…. everything counts!

  50. ‘The more I connect with my body the more love I feel. The more love I bring in my body, the more I become aware of the way my environment feels’. This is gold, in its simplicity to just connect with our physical vehicle the body and honour it in everything we do, and when we do this, we move differently and all the old movements begin to drop away providing the space for more love to be expressed.

  51. How very beautiful Kathy that life has become simple and fun. I love, and deeply appreciate, the level of responsibility and choices you have made to bring true love to yourself and others. Thank you for your inspirational sharing.

  52. A women of my movement Kathy, I can so relate to what you have shared. Cleaning is now a trust in my movement, I get my ‘self’ out of the way and offer my body over as the vessel it is to be moved in a way that provides evolution to all I clean for. In this a true service is provided.

  53. I find the way I prepare for my day makes such a massive difference to how my day actually goes. It feels amazing to have a rhythm in the morning and remain committed to it, if I ever get lazy or skip bits or don’t take as much care or rush my whole day is majorly effected.

  54. Such a lovely blog to come back to. I can feel how I am projecting a ‘life’, or an image of life to be more precise, away from the body that is actually living it. Sometimes I feel like I am making ‘being gentle’ an ideal of some sort, telling my body to be in a certain way, rather than letting its true quality arise. My body is the one that is in movement, and it is the quality the body is in that will be communicated and expressed through whatever I do with it.

    1. Fumiyo, thank you for your lovely sharing. If we allow ourselves to let go of control and allow to feel the body, it brings through the impulse of what is needed with ease from within to do what is needed without the doing, just being in present consciousness it brings the true quality in the all that we express in our everyday livingness

  55. And thank you for the gorgeous reminder that making my bed can be done with a natural joy which can continue to flow into everything I do throughout my day.

    1. Tamara, thank you for your loving response, Everything does flow so beautiful when we start our day in appreciation and joy of self in the quality we bring with ease setting our day in harmony

  56. “And it stands to reason that the quality of cleaning, and everything I did, was compromised because of how I was feeling.” This realisation is pure gold Kathy.

  57. Leonne it is all about the quality we bring in our work which brings love and all feels complete in harmony and joy to be in. Our body is our loving vessel when we choose to connect through, to bring the impulse in what is needed without going into overwhelming in the doing. It is not the quantity it is the divine quality.

  58. A brilliant blog for me to read after a very busy day in the office. I am reminded that bringing a loving quality to what i do starts with loving me. If I make it all about quality there can be no overwhelm as the task is always simple and achievable.

  59. Coming to a place where you can recognize the benefits of connecting to and working with a true quality rather than ignoring that for the sake of ticking boxes to get things done is revolutionary. So many of us get lost in the latter thinking we’ll feel better with less on our list but as you have exposed it is in the connection and awareness that we get to experience and embrace the lightness of body from being in a flow that supports us to do whatever needs to be done in the space provided.

    1. Samantha thank you for your great response. Our body is a great marker when we are cleaning, if we first connect to our body before we start our work, brings the awareness in the quality of our movement in the body bringing divine love in our work. Everything we touch feels complete in joy and harmony allowing to support everyone in the space and home.

  60. I always used to hate cleaning, it was such a chore for me. Only because my whole life it was drilled into my head that because I am a girl I should clean. However, since I’ve started cleaning for myself, because I want to live in a clean home, this “chore” has become so much more joyful and pleasant that I actually look forward to doing it!

    1. Viktoria it is amazing that you find cleaning joyful after coming to a loving understanding that house cleaning is not a chore but to honour you first in bringing love within your home by enjoying having a clean home to live in which in turn reflects how you feel from with in.

  61. Thank you Kathy. There are a few chores I have been putting off and I have been feeling down on myself for being unable to make a start. I can now see that this is just a smokescreen that gets me focused on the idea that there is something wrong with me when in fact the way I feel is a result of the energy I have chosen and the quality I am expressing. Your blog allows me to feel that housework can be an enjoyable experience if I connect to purpose and listen to my body.

    1. Leonne thank you for your lovely response. I feel that house work has been made and taught to be a chore instead of what it truly means. It is first connecting to the body and the purpose bring order within your space and home and allowing to feel what is needed at the time to clean. There is no right or wrong in cleaning, having the impulse to clean what is needed to support you with bringing the love and quality from with in, in everything you do.

  62. It’s super-simple isn’t it…. All we have to do is allow ourselves to be guided by our body and we can’t go wrong.

  63. There’s such a big difference between cleaning when you’re honouring your body, and cleaning in a rush – I know both super well – one feels amazing, complete and you can feel the imprint of that loveliness and the other is just exhausting… what a choice!

    1. So true Meg, I used to go into a lot of drive when I had to clean my house so I could do it quickly and then have a break, but I would exhaust myself in the process and you could feel the house had this unsettled feeling to it for there was no beautiful imprint or quality left in the house to feed me back.

  64. I used to work as a cleaner and I would push myself all day. I would even eat lunch while driving to the next job and not even stop for 10 minutes. One day I started taking the time to eat my lunch in a nearby park and having a short walk. I stopped creating so many time pressures that were purely self imposed. When I began to care more for me I realised the responsibility I had walking into someone’s home to clean it for them. If I showed up racy, exhausted and rushed, that was what entered their home. Likewise, if I showed up steady, feeling cared for (by me) and present, that was what each home received.

  65. Sometimes I struggle with what my body feels and how my house feels, as the two can feel disharmonious with each other. But I am learning that this tension is no excuse to dull down what I feel, to dull down my awareness, nor does it mean to push myself so hard to get the house up to reflect how I feel. In fact, what I am learning is to allow myself the grace of imperfection, knowing that no outer place can ever reflect the grandness that I feel in my inner-heart.

    1. openheartletters thank you for your great reply. Everything we do comes from the body, it is the choice we make in what energy we choose. When we come from within we bring love, beauty and grace in everything we do and the inner heart brings joy in everything and feels complete.

  66. Kathy thank you so much for your honest blog. “Since I have become more aware of how my body feels in everything I do, I get more things done with ease.” I find this insight very useful as it showed it very clear that we do have a choice of how we feel in the evening – exhausted in a bad way or just tired and satisfied because of working hard physically but with presence and joy.

    1. Thank you Ester for your beautiful reply. When we always come from our body we bring all that we need to do with the loving quality, clarity and ease. Everything we touch and do feels complete in harmony.

  67. ‘ I love to do the little things that make a difference.’ Becoming aware of how important these little things are is only possible when we are true to ourselves, when we are anxious or stressed we don’t have an eye (or better say feel) for details because we are not busy with the whole but only with ourselves getting the job done.

    1. Annelies thank you, it is the little things we do that brings the loving detail when we come from within our body and not allowing the pushing to drive us in getting the work done.

  68. It’s interesting how we push ourselves to meet the expectation, trying to deliver something of high ‘quality’ while neglecting our own body, thinking that ‘quality’ can be magically manifested without us not even having it as a lived quality. Thanks to Serge Benhayon, I can now see how this makes no sense at all.

    1. Fumiyo it is interesting how we push ourselves in our expectations through our ideals and beliefs that it is about doing more and not the quality of how we do things, which drives the body in anxiety, exhaustion and stress. Serge Benhayon is a great reflection on how to live in our quality of our essences and bring that quality in all that we do.

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