Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life

Why is it that simplicity in life is the preferred option most would choose over a complicated life, but not always the option we choose?

I began to ponder on this, as I would so often override a choice of simplicity in life and subconsciously choose the complicated option instead. Of course the situation never felt great – at the end of the day, often leaving me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

I began to realise that even though I preferred things to be uncomplicated and simple, I was not used to it because I was in a pattern of complicating my life. Then I realised we as a society are generally not used to things being simple. I continually felt as though there were not enough hours in the day and never felt like I achieved all that I felt I should. But what if there were enough hours in the day? And you could get done all that was needed, and more? What if it is actually how we are approaching our day that makes us feel like we are fighting time? Or that there is never enough time?

I started to experiment with this concept, firstly starting my day without planning how it was going to be before I even got out of bed. I knew I had to get up, and yes there was a basic outline of what was needed, school lunches, breakfast, tidying up, showering etc., however none of this was done in any particular order: getting up was first, then from there I did what was needed, sometimes it was maybe to make school lunches first, other times it felt supportive to start with preparing breakfast and ‘talk time’ with the kids first.

What I began to discover was that if I was not attached to how the morning would go, and being present and focussed on doing one thing at a time, it supported me to have more space in my day and things would take less time to do because I was paying attention to what I was doing in that moment; then I could move onto the next thing once I was finished. My mind and my body were in the same place at the same time, doing one thing at a time.

This is only one example of how I began to choose simplicity in my life. Feeling and choosing things that would keep my life simple, even in the simplest of situations. Now I am able to be more discerning with the choices I make, preferring and accepting that I can have a life of simplicity.

I was amazed that I could get so much more done without the rush and chaos of previous times.

I observed that as soon as I started to think of “what’s next?”, or “am I going to have time to get all this done?”, of course things in my life would begin to go pear-shaped and things quickly managed to get messy. By messy I mean complicated, and the time and space that was once there quickly became filled with my going off in different directions trying to complete and achieve, rather than feeling what is there to be done in that time frame.

Gradually I started to feel how different choices created simplicity or complication. For example, I may want to check my emails but if the children had not yet had their breakfast before I started checking my emails, I would rush going through them; however, if I got the kids organised with breakfast, that would allow me the time to check my emails without the complication of trying to do two things at once, neither of which had 100% of my attention: taking the latter approach I don’t have to experience the stress and complication of trying to do too many things at once.

Choosing the simple option in my life began to create more time, getting done what was needed without the rush and overwhelm I used to regularly experience. I now have the time to do extra things that I normally would not have had the time or space to do.

Slowly introducing simpler ways of being in my life in the mornings began to expand out to my days, and then my evenings until eventually my mornings, afternoons and evenings all rolled around the same way.

The tools shared through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have supported me in another way of being that has enabled me to bring simplicity into my life, making choices that are supportive of me.

By Nicole Serafin, age 41, Tintenbar, Australia

385 thoughts on “Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life

  1. The power of true simplicity is not to be underestimated! I love how you say Nicole that with being present and focussed on doing what you were doing until complete and then moving on to the next that space opened up in your day and you felt more connected as there wasn’t the background drive or rush to be already doing something else.

  2. We make dealing with complexity (the complexity that we create) a way of life that fills us, gives us identity and keep us very busy. So, complexity is a great way to avoid connecting with ourselves deeply and to feel life from there. And, the truth is that we can create complexity as much as we can and praise ourselves of how well do we deal with it, but if we do so we will miss every opportunity to feel what life has to offer us.

  3. I guess simple is this moment right now, not going ahead in our minds or recalling the past in our thoughts – just – what does this moment need right now?

  4. “My mind and my body were in the same place at the same time, doing one thing at a time.” A great reminder Nicole that the key to letting go of old patterns that bring in complication and struggle is to bring simplicity through our quality of presence in each moment and focus wholly on each task we need to complete.

  5. “What if it is actually how we are approaching our day that makes us feel like we are fighting time? Or that there is never enough time?” I could relate to this, I found I was approaching time this way and I was in a constant battle with time, just never had enough time and I would feel exhausted all the time, causing myself to eat food to keep me going. I was in a merry go round.

  6. This is such a great blog to read this morning as I can feel a little bit of complication trying to sneak its way into my day. This is a very old, and previously deeply ingrained, pattern that does not feel very nice in my body at all. I love the idea of “Slowly introducing simpler ways of being in my life in the mornings” and from there allowing this way of being to naturally flow into my day. This is going to be the one supportive tool that I will be taking with me from this blog; a work in progress that I am looking forward to.

  7. Simplicity is when we allow ourselves to go one step at a time. Through the thinking ahead and then worrying we create complications that need not be.

  8. I love how our choice to stay connected to our body offers us such simplicity in our next movement. When we are present and with one movement at a time there is space for expansion in our lives because we are not stretching ourselves in too many directions to get things done. Simplicity is the key to expansion and a flow to our movements which ultimately sets our rhythm for living.

  9. “Gradually I started to feel how different choices created simplicity or complication”; such a simple statement Nicole delivering such an important message. The choice is ours simplicity or complication. Sounds simple, however as you have pointed out, it is a gradual process of continual self awareness and learning.

  10. In recent months I have made simplicity the focus of many of my daily routines. If it gets complicated I have been stopping to take note why this is so. It is interesting to feel that in many cases I have ‘liked’ the complicated as the simplicity has been drilled for so long as not possible. The beliefs and patterns can often set up a roller coaster road of ups and downs when the simple path is always there for the offering. What is incredible to notice is how we can be more and the quality we bring to each moment is lived more!

  11. I have often wondered why I used to find myself living such a complicated life but those were the days before I came to the understanding that my life was created by me, and me alone, from all the choices I had ever made; I had created the complication I have found that as I take more and more responsibility for my life, let go of controlling everything around me and consider every choice I make very carefully, the complication is very slowly being replaced by simplicity, a way of living which I am absolutely loving.

  12. Oh Nicole you make it sounds so easy and it is! A simple choice to be 100% present at all times, creating space and the what is next to unfold. I love this and are inspired.

  13. When we think ahead we’ve already gone into complication by virtue of the fact that we are placing emphasis on something outside of ourselves rather than surrendering to the flow that’s already there that our body is in harmony with.
    In other words we lose presence and at the same time the simplicity that would be there too.
    It’s a big one to knock on the head as we’ve been conditioned to be constantly calculating and planning. But I am learning steadily that my body’s intelligence knows exactly when something needs to happen and that the best planning comes from me being super still in the simplicity of not trying, just enjoying being in the moment and the flow.

  14. There was so much in this blog for me Nicole. First point that woke me up was you talking about how being present in what we are doing saves time. I was finding it difficult to stay with the blog as my mind was wondering off to other things, it made the blog take a lot longer to read. What I was being distracted with was something that I had not expressed. It allowed me to see another importance of expression and how when something is not expressed we can use it to delay and distract us from being present. Second was choosing what was supportive in that moment and not following a picture that needs to be filled. Quite often I notice I have a picture of what I want the kitchen to look like before I move onto the next point. This picture brings in complication as I stop moving to an impulse and move to an images instead.

  15. The relationship between time, presence and simplicity is profound. You have inspired me to pay more attention to how I choose what to do and to stay present with what I am doing when I am doing it.

  16. I always love coming back to the fact that choosing simplicity over complication, in all aspects of our lives, provides an opportunity to live in harmony, love, truth, and stillness. How awesome is that; why wouldn’t we choose simplicity over complication?

  17. When we bring in complexity it’s like we’re pulling ourselves apart into different pieces – the mind distracted with one or many things whilst the body is doing something else rather than bringing the whole of us to the task at hand…

  18. This is so true Nicole, when I focus on one thing, and take that thing through to completion, whatever that point is for that day, there is far more space and efficiency in what I get done and how the day feels. I do find a very persistent impulse to complicate however, usually by way of distractions while l’m doing one thing, to start something else I see along the way also needs doing. It requires a solid focus sometimes to complete what l’m doing at the time, and not get waylaid. That is when complication sets in, things don’t get completed and the day starts feeling squeezed and as though nothing really got done.

  19. This is such an appropriate and needed blog post Nicole that I feel would support almost everyone I know, in particular myself! I’d very much like to practice doing one thing at a time more efficiently than doing 10 things at a time and forever chasing my tail. I have given it a go a couple of times, and realised that it’s an absolute illusion that you’re more efficient when you’re juggling. It’s actually not the case at all, you just feel like you’re more productive by virtue of the fact that you are racing around like a mad person.

  20. I feel I avoid simplicity because it is impossible to not feel the power that lies within and with that comes enormous responsibility but I am starting to appreciate that responsibility is actually a joyful process not a dreaded burden.

  21. Having lived as someone who regularly complicated life and made it very busy it has been life-changing to begin to stop all these unhealthy patterns that left me exhausted and start to embrace a life of simplicity and to feel the lovely flow and space that this choice brings.

  22. The greatest complicator I have found is the habit we have, of holding back. It leaves vital sentences unsaid, documents unsent and actions incomplete. It introduces doubt and hesitation, where naturally there is none. Reading your words today Nicole is a beautiful reminder to me to get things done, and move on, with no dwelling in or hanging on.

  23. Something that I’ve recognised in myself is how we can make ourselves an identity out of complication – it’s like by making things into a struggle or more difficult than they need to be we feel more defined as an individual with our problems so to speak but in true simplicity that is where I feel genuinely connected, and it’s not that there won’t be challenges but that I will handle them in a different way.

  24. Along with simplicity I also find that completing or completion takes away complexity, as it is so simple to move to the next task when I know I am completely finish the last, and completed it with all the love that I am to the best of my ability..

  25. ‘What if it is actually how we are approaching our day that makes us feel like we are fighting time?’ I can very much relate to this blog at the moment as this is what I have felt more and more over the last few weeks. That I am rushing to fit everything in and always lagging behind. However after having a few sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners in the last week and making an effort to change this I have noticed a slight change. Today I had a really intense day at work with unexpected situations plus a lot of work to prepare for the next day, I caught myself going into ‘stress’ mode and then instead of running with this made a choice to stop, be with me, and do one thing at a time and not go into the overwhelm .. and I really noticed the difference. The key is coming from and being with us in every moment and not allow our day to run us instead.

  26. I agree Nicole, it’s as if when things are too simple, I look for some complication because I cant believe life can be that easy. I too have changed my approach to how I do things. Simply not rushing myself and allowing a flow to happen has reduced my feeling of overwhelm to almost zero most of the time.

  27. It’s fascinating how much time we can waste complicating things, or having our mini ‘off’ moments during the day such as when we spend 10 minutes on social media, watch television or otherwise get distracted, and how if we bring PURPOSE to these minutes we create space to look after ourselves, others and enrich life.

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