Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life

Why is it that simplicity in life is the preferred option most would choose over a complicated life, but not always the option we choose?

I began to ponder on this, as I would so often override a choice of simplicity in life and subconsciously choose the complicated option instead. Of course the situation never felt great – at the end of the day, often leaving me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

I began to realise that even though I preferred things to be uncomplicated and simple, I was not used to it because I was in a pattern of complicating my life. Then I realised we as a society are generally not used to things being simple. I continually felt as though there were not enough hours in the day and never felt like I achieved all that I felt I should. But what if there were enough hours in the day? And you could get done all that was needed, and more? What if it is actually how we are approaching our day that makes us feel like we are fighting time? Or that there is never enough time?

I started to experiment with this concept, firstly starting my day without planning how it was going to be before I even got out of bed. I knew I had to get up, and yes there was a basic outline of what was needed, school lunches, breakfast, tidying up, showering etc., however none of this was done in any particular order: getting up was first, then from there I did what was needed, sometimes it was maybe to make school lunches first, other times it felt supportive to start with preparing breakfast and ‘talk time’ with the kids first.

What I began to discover was that if I was not attached to how the morning would go, and being present and focussed on doing one thing at a time, it supported me to have more space in my day and things would take less time to do because I was paying attention to what I was doing in that moment; then I could move onto the next thing once I was finished. My mind and my body were in the same place at the same time, doing one thing at a time.

This is only one example of how I began to choose simplicity in my life. Feeling and choosing things that would keep my life simple, even in the simplest of situations. Now I am able to be more discerning with the choices I make, preferring and accepting that I can have a life of simplicity.

I was amazed that I could get so much more done without the rush and chaos of previous times.

I observed that as soon as I started to think of “what’s next?”, or “am I going to have time to get all this done?”, of course things in my life would begin to go pear-shaped and things quickly managed to get messy. By messy I mean complicated, and the time and space that was once there quickly became filled with my going off in different directions trying to complete and achieve, rather than feeling what is there to be done in that time frame.

Gradually I started to feel how different choices created simplicity or complication. For example, I may want to check my emails but if the children had not yet had their breakfast before I started checking my emails, I would rush going through them; however, if I got the kids organised with breakfast, that would allow me the time to check my emails without the complication of trying to do two things at once, neither of which had 100% of my attention: taking the latter approach I don’t have to experience the stress and complication of trying to do too many things at once.

Choosing the simple option in my life began to create more time, getting done what was needed without the rush and overwhelm I used to regularly experience. I now have the time to do extra things that I normally would not have had the time or space to do.

Slowly introducing simpler ways of being in my life in the mornings began to expand out to my days, and then my evenings until eventually my mornings, afternoons and evenings all rolled around the same way.

The tools shared through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have supported me in another way of being that has enabled me to bring simplicity into my life, making choices that are supportive of me.

By Nicole Serafin, age 41, Tintenbar, Australia

552 thoughts on “Choosing Simplicity in Life Over a Complicated Life

  1. Nicole it was great to read this blog again, as I feel simplicity is constantly being refined. I’m finding when I over plan, then I go in the doing, and my body feels tired and aches, but when I don’t, the energy within me is amazing and similarly to you, more seems to get done, without the effort.

    It certainly is worth experimenting with and observing how you and the body feels and allowing life’s flow to not lead the way and making space for your flow to lead instead.

  2. Nicole, I loved how you highlighted that simplicity has a flow on effect onto others and your day.

    I’m not the biggest fan of complication, yet I create them and get in such a tis when it’s been in your life for a long time. And then something simple as simple walks through your door, we don’t always know what to do or we default to complication again, until that muscle becomes stronger and we default to simplicity.

    This ‘another way of being’ certainly brings simplicity and supportive way of living. To break free from it is truly inspiring to do more and eventually bring more, so life is simple living.

    1. It is good to observe the little complications continually sneaking and coming in the way as we choose more and more of simplicity. When we choose more of simplicity that flow is super amazing to feel and once it is felt, it leaves a marker or a standard for the next to develop even further.

  3. Making a choice to have simplicity in our lives makes so much sense, ‘Slowly introducing simpler ways of being in my life in the mornings began to expand out to my days, and then my evenings until eventually my mornings, afternoons and evenings all rolled around the same way.’

  4. This has been so great to read today because of how practical it is. I’m sure the majority of the worlds population could relate! I’ve found that focusing on one thing at a time and taking it gently and step by step really supports me, if I try to take in all that needs to be done and stack it mentally within me it’s chaos. I like the feeling of committing to one thing at a time, it is so much simpler and less stressful for the body. It’s a great question though to ask myself through the day if my choices are supporting simplicity or not.

    1. Melinda taking one thing at a time makes sense, there is no multitasking otherwise we provide a diluted fragmented service. Life is about quantity and to be more meaningful it needs to be all about quality. Anything less will not do.

  5. Choosing simplicity allows space to appreciate how amazing we all are when in connection and rhythm with with the Universe.

  6. We don’t like to think that life can really be that easy and love to get caught up in the drama of complication, which puts the ‘I’ very firmly in the ‘me’ making us feel like we are in the driver’s seat and in control of where we are destined, but in truth in this belief we are still as much a vehicle of energy as when we keep things simple and are simply obedient to the impulses that come through.

  7. Having a picture of how things should run definitely gets in the way of simplicity. Accepting and surrendering is simpler than fighting and trying to control. Not that I find that option easy all the time. The feeling I get is that sometimes what appears to be a mistake or even ‘wrong’ may need to be allowed to happen for us to learn to allow ourselves to be moved with true responsiveness, rather than meticulously plan our movement to fit yet another picture or ideal we set up around the idea of simplicity.

  8. Sometimes I wondered why things were taking me so long to do and you made me realise how I was allowing distraction so I would be checked out. And honestly, I have totally underestimated how checked out I am most of the day. Through experiences, I have the mechanics in place to get things done, but really, I can feel how unforced and uncommitted I have been. I got up this morning later than I had anticipated, and I could feel a part of me going ‘Oh well, next time’ already trying to write off the rest of the day, or the week, or could even be life. I hate that.

  9. The older I get the more I enjoy simplicity because it creates space in order to be with oneself and with others.

  10. Most would say they want a simple life but most of us are not really honest about what motivates us to act in certain ways. We often enjoy complication if we were to be honest.

  11. You would say of course we pay attention to what we are doing, how would I not do, it is so simple but the truth is that our mind kicks in the moment we do something and we get thoughts about the next thing or what we did before or.. well you name it and we complicate it. Living from one moment to the next that is all we need to do to make life simple.

    1. I wonder if that is a giant clue as to why we prefer complication ! With space comes feeling where we are at and that can be uncomfortable.

  12. I love coming back to this blog and appreciating how my life has changed from one where it was all about complexity but not actually completing much, to one that is very full but all about simplicity. I was caught in the trap of thinking complexity meant I was working hard (be it at home or work) and yet now I appreciate the simpler life is the grander it can be.

  13. The more we let go of control and just allow what we are to run its due course we are offered an opportunity to learn far greater lessons in life then when we bring in the stops with control.

  14. With simplicity I feel more light and expansive, when I go into complication it is obvious as I go into my head and disconnect from my body.

  15. Thinking about things that ‘need to be done’ makes me feel tired before having even started on anything. Staying present with my body is lessening this complication the mind brings in.

  16. It is amazing and fascinating that just a thought that you have to much to do or if you will have enough time to do it brings in such a heavy complicated approach to life. It has and still is a learning and refining of knowing what needs to be done but not focusing on the to do list, just being totally 100% present in what I am doing, keeping it simple and wow is it super confirming when this happens. Everything slips into place and without drama or exhaustion.

    1. Yes, and it is our choice, ‘I started to feel how different choices created simplicity or complication.’

  17. We are addicted to complicate things as when we make things simple again we get much more access to the love that is available to support us in life. We like as spirits to identify with the complexity as it makes us feel important. When we live more from the love we are and have access to, we as an individual get a much smaller role.

  18. “What I began to discover was that if I was not attached to how the morning would go, and being present and focussed on doing one thing at a time, it supported me to have more space in my day and things would take less time to do because I was paying attention to what I was doing in that moment” I love this – and it is so true! Space opens up – time too – when I focus on the matter in hand.

  19. Yes it really can take time to get used to things being simple, easy and uncomplicated. It is in so many things and situations, even simply reacting to a situation creates complication and we so used to doing this. But being aware of the possibility of simplicity and space I noticed for myself that it naturally gets more and more normal to accept simplicity and embrace it.

  20. Focussing on time has the added effect of causing unwanted stress to the body and this is very clearly demonstrated in our workplaces where everything has a deadline and ‘time management’ is championed.

    1. True Julie when I focus on time I am already complicating how things go, I feel my body is going into tension to get things done and my mind is thinking how I can get it all done in a certain timeframe. Stress is garantueed and exhaustion and illness are not far away.

  21. Bringing simplicity to anything that we do makes everything easier for all involved, and in addition everything then has a natural flow.

  22. Expressing simplicity as the new norm or standard offers us the opportunity to live nothing less. How often do we say yes to this call?

  23. I feel I invite in complication whenever I am thinking only of myself and what I want to get done…. not what necessarily needs to be done. Complication has been like a dependent friend that needs so much time and attention and loves the limelight. A friendship that has never served me well.

  24. Staying present and remaining flexible as to how things pan out during my day gives more space and I am able to accomplish more, despite the amount of time and tasks remaining the same.

  25. Complications are distractions, whereas simplicity allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves.

  26. It feels like we avoid simplicity to avoid being still and feeling what to do, because we don’t quite trust that it will be okay and that everything that needs to get done, will get done. We’re so used to controlling and manipulating life, making sure that we’re safe and secure and fully covered, that to drop all that feels like a huge risk: will things work out, if we’re not driving and controlling them at every moment? Giving it a go is the only way to find out.

    The more we let go and allow ourselves to feel what to do next, the more we get to feel that it actually works: there really is more space in the day, and in our bodies, when we drop our pictures and expectations of how the day, or we, need to be. So it feels like the key to all of this is a total surrender: not a giving up, or being a victim of life, but a total acceptance of who we are, all of our ‘stuff’, and how life is at the moment. With this acceptance and honesty, we have a place to start from.

  27. I brought simplicity to baking the other day. By assembling all ingredients and utensils before I started and placed them in the order they were needed to be used. It was effortless. This method can be applied to other areas of our life also.

  28. I like to complete tasks as I go and when I return to a room I don’t find something unfinished or half done. This creates space as I’m always meeting a room that is clear and ready to go.

  29. We simplify life through our movements, by being consciously present as we move from one particular location to another. The body knows what to do, it’s the mind that complicates and over works.

  30. Simplicity in my life, I love it. Simplicity for me is also thinking simple, not thinking in terms of problems. If I am really connected to me body, feeling my body than I think less and the thoughts are clearer and simpler.

  31. A power that comes free when we choose simplicity! We are often so easily helped and it equally often serves another when you have chosen to make things simple.

  32. The more present we are with what we are doing the more space is created. If we were to live a whole day like that we would be totally revitalised.

  33. It all seems simple but I am becoming more and more aware how fast I make pictures of how a day should run. A picture is like a big or small plan. Trusting and turning to feeling what needs to be done in each moment, is something I am learning at this moment.

  34. There is so much simplicity first and foremost in staying present with ourselves so that we aren’t doing multiple things in multiple places at once in our minds.

  35. Having complication in our morning is a sure way of setting up for complication during the day, and then the cycle commences. i like how you pinpointed the role of the picture in all of this. In the mornings, I definitely have pictures of what should be happening and now I feel it’s time to feel what to do.

  36. ‘If I was not attached to how the morning would go, and being present and focussed on doing one thing at a time, it supported me to have more space in my day and things would take less time to do because I was paying attention to what I was doing in that moment,’ this is gold, it makes a huge difference letting go of the pictures we have about our day or for anything for that matter.

  37. I love what you are presenting here to consider, that being driven by time and the tasks that need to be done does not truly support us to truly live our true potential. It in fact limits the quality of what we can bring. If we focus alone on this we can move through our day void of love and true purpose, simply going through the motion and not bringing our rich quality to all we do. When we move with the simplicity of honouring what is true, moving in honor of the love we feel, we then move through the day with greater presence and not needing to know what is next but rather being guided by a truth that knows what precisely needs to be next.

    1. Super gorgeous what you share Carola; ‘moving in honour of the love we feel…’, yes from that space we are moving in the flow and the natural rhythms of the universe and as such we are continually impulsed of what is next, thus no need to think which comes from our heads.

  38. You present a great way of how to approach life Nicole, love it. At home I can relate to what you are saying, and put in practice pretty well. At work I am learning to apply this, but that feels like a child learning to walk, falling regularly : can I trust feeling what I need to do even though bosses are expecting different things, I may have projects with so called deadlines (who invented that word? Am I dead afterwards if I don’t reach the line in time with all the things done?) and promisses I have made to deliver things to a customer? Would love to hear things from you and other people on this topic within the work environment.

  39. Attaching to how things should be, look and feel can confide our ability to live with more simplicity and flow. The constraints we put on ourselves or championed from another are not really supporting ourselves to just be who we truly are.

    1. There is also control and protection involved with complication. Complication is so much the norm in our homes and workplaces that bringing simplicity can rock the boat. So like dressing ourselves down to not draw attention, we also can complicate ourselves up to not be noticed too. Therefore not showing our true natural way of living simply.

      1. I’ve noticed complication in business can also come with sense of cleverness, as if producing a system that’s very complicated is somehow a show of superior intelligence (!), and complication can be used to hide an ulterior motive such as taking advantage of customers.

  40. If we focus on what we are doing and are very present with ourselves then space opens up, we have more energy and don’t finish the day feel like we have been pulled from every direction.

    1. Absolutely Fiona, I also have experienced this know that this way of living and being supports my health and well-being and i can honestly say that my life is enriched in every way as a result.

    2. What you have described Fiona is like the foundation for simplicity and equally available to all – being present with ourselves and our body in our day.

  41. I recently got stuck in a situation whereby I had to renew my driving license, and I put it off for three years. Thinking that filling the long form in, getting photos and paying the post office to check it over was too much hassle and time-consuming – I could have done it a dozen times or more in three years. Anyway, I couldn’t find my old paper license and wanted to renew it once and for all and got onto the computer to see how I could get a new one. I filled in a form for a lost driving license which took minutes, they were able to use my passport photo, and my signature from when I applied for my passport and the license was with me in two days. It also cost me a fraction of the price it would have cost going the other route.

  42. A great sharing to read again Nicole, as I have been pondering on it. It can see that all the problems I have created in my life, making things complex, came from not choosing what to feel what to do, but what I think I must do. The mind can, as I see it, when not impulsed by the heart, make things very complicated.
    Though it is not a business article yet, I will publish this on LinkedIn, as this is also very valid in the work environment. How the business world makes things complicated, even making a business out of it.

  43. An important question to ask Nicole… “Why is it that simplicity in life is the preferred option most would choose over a complicated life, but not always the option we choose?” What is it that makes us go for the drama, emotion and false excitement of complication? Could it be that we are so exhausted we need this stimulation to get us through our day?

    1. Spot on Paula. Let’s be really honest: we just love complexity because it stimulates us and makes us feeling individual and heavy. From than point we start anew: feel how awful this complication feels and say this I don’t want anymore.

  44. “I was amazed that I could get so much more done without the rush and chaos of previous times.” It is absolutely amazing what is possible when we keep things simple and stay connected to the true purpose of what we have to do. Not only do we have more space to do what is needed, but we get supported in ways to do what is needed that is almost unfathomable.

  45. Love this Nicole, will experiment with this especially on work. So much to do, sometimes even noted down as a “to do list”. Could I work without to do lists? And trust my feelings in knowing what to do?

  46. We cannot hide when simplicity is chosen, simplicity makes truth obvious. Avoiding simplicity is avoiding truth and thus responsibility.

  47. It seems that certain situations trigger the complication and probably this is because the last time we were in that situation we chose complication. As an example maybe the way we look for work in a worried, frantic way or go into the story of having no money – the list is endless. So when that cycle comes around again what are we met with – more of the same.

  48. It does seem ironic, that the more we do, the more we can and do do when we are not in any kind of drive to get things done. When we approach things from a feeling inside us that feels true and has no doubt, it is quite incredible what can be achieved. It really is as though space literally opens up and time becomes almost insignificant.

  49. ‘if I was not attached to how the morning would go, and being present and focussed on doing one thing at a time, it supported me to have more space in my day and things would take less time to do because I was paying attention to what I was doing in that moment’ This is such a great example of how to build a simplicity into the fabric of our lives.

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