A True Relationship with Nature

Even though I grew up as a city girl, from a young age there was always an intimacy I felt with nature. Nature was not something that was needed, but every time I connected with it, I felt a return to myself that was pure, simple and very lovely. Most of my adult years have been spent in a concrete jungle. When life became intense, nature was a place where I would go walking and ponder. It was a reminder of the spaciousness that I felt within, so I could simply relax and be myself. Continue reading “A True Relationship with Nature”

From ‘Don’t be a Nuisance’ to Claiming Myself – an Ongoing Journey

My parents ran the village shop and Post Office in a rural community. We did stock a very wide range of goods, but this was more than just an emporium – it was the centre of village life. We had a coke-burning stove and in the winter the farmers would come and warm their hands on the chimney pipe. There were so many ‘characters’ – those who would come several times a day and buy just one item each time; those who would come just before closing time and engage one of my parents in conversation; those who would ignore the shop hours totally and come to our back door!

This all seemed very unfair to me, but the response I got was always the same – to be grateful to these people because their money put the food on my plate. It seemed as though my parents lived in fear of offending (and more particularly my brother and I offending) a customer. What appeared to me to be grave injustices were swept under the carpet of duty and inevitability.

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Serge Benhayon on Vaccination – Choice and Responsibility

Serge Benhayon and Family Serge Benhayon: “Just for the record, Deborah and I had all our four children vaccinated. Our grandchildren are following the same course. Thus, I/we have chosen vaccination. I also respect choice. Simple.” Esther Rockett, with what amounts to the usual disinformation of the serial cyberbully has made a couple of suggestions that Serge Benhayon is anti-vaccination. Like so many of the lies that Esther Rockett spins about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine nothing could be further from the truth. Serge Benhayon has consistently advocated for everyone to seek appropriate medical care for all health conditions and his strong pro-medicine stance is reflected in his advocacy of the benefits of vaccination. He has consistently referred to the great benefits of vaccination in preventing disease (1) and stated that he and Deborah Benhayon had all their children vaccinated and now his grandchildren have also been fully vaccinated by choice of their parents. Continue reading “Serge Benhayon on Vaccination – Choice and Responsibility”