Healing Anxiety with Self Love

For most of my life I have had anxiety of one degree or another, manifesting as compulsive hand washing at the age of eleven, to constant checking in my teens and adult years, along with panic attacks which I experienced palpitations, sweating and shaking… It was very exhausting and debilitating: a reaction to life’s stresses and all the beliefs in the world… the “shoulds and should nots“, “got to’s“, “it’s this… it’s that“, “it’s because of“…  All the external views and opinions as opposed to what I was feeling within, along with a lack of trust in myself and my decisions.

I had tried many self-help strategies and various orthodox and complementary treatments, none of which had any lasting effect. I learned to live with it the best I could.

When I started attending and listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine this began to change, and with the support to understand myself more deeply from Esoteric Practitioners, mainly Simone Benhayon, I began to care for myself and build a foundation of love for myself.

I developed an understanding of eating foods to support myself rather than feed my reactions and emotions, to really listen to my body and what I felt was right for me rather than doing what I thought was expected or that I should do: it’s amazing how these have underpinned most of my decisions and choices in life.

I have realised that anxiety is not who I am – it is a reaction that I can have a choice over.

When I could feel the anxiety rising I started to bring myself back to my body by feeling my hands and feet, how my body was moving, how my food tasted and felt in my mouth – just simple things that brought my focus back to me rather than the situation that was scaring me.

When I had times where this level of anxiety happened I would take extra care in nurturing myself to support myself through it, and afterwards, to help my body recover, by having a soothing bath with oils or bubble bath then tenderly putting cream on my body. Or by going for a gentle walk, making a calming cup of herbal tea or sitting quietly and listening to the birds in the trees.

Over time, as I continued to love and care for myself, building my foundation, I found that I wasn’t reacting in the way I used to. I noticed the situations would occur but I would stay steady. I may have wobbled a bit but I came back to a steadiness that was within me – it felt strong.

This steadiness is growing as I continue to build love and I find more and more I stay steady in situations that before would have completely thrown me: my trust in myself has grown so much.

I continue to work with this and now my anxiety is at a level where I feel it as a tension in my muscles, for example in my arms and across my shoulders. When I feel this in my body I know there is anxiety at play and I am then able to look at the cause and can stop it pretty quickly by bringing myself back to my body. I am now aware and can feel how it is a choice I am making and I can change that choice at any time, whereas before it just seemed to happen to me.

I no longer feel the need to check things now I have this steadiness inside me… it’s just not there. If from time to time my heart starts to pump, I say to myself: “It’s a choice, Ruth.” I can choose to feel differently, which I do by connecting to my steadiness, and it stops.

Trying to fix the anxiety didn’t work, but by loving and caring for myself it has naturally been diminishing.

Each day I experience how my steadiness keeps me much more balanced and able to deal with life, moment to moment. My energy levels are sustained and I get to enjoy the day so much more.

Thank you Serge Benhayon, Simone Benhayon and Universal Medicine for inspiring me to care for myself and helping me to understand that how I live affects my health.

By Ruth Ketnor, London, UK

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777 thoughts on “Healing Anxiety with Self Love

  1. “Each day I experience how my steadiness keeps me much more balanced and able to deal with life, moment to moment. My energy levels are sustained and I get to enjoy the day so much more.” I have experienced this too Ruth being inspired to be far more tender and caring with myself and when I truly support myself the steadiness I feel in my body supports me back.

  2. It’s great to read another article that is basically let us know that the key to anxiety is to feel and not just to accept it or try and make it better. Once you are anxious it’s more difficult to see it but by taking care of yourself more and more deeply we are able to feel more of the subtle feelings of anxiety and not let things escalate further. We often fight, accept, distract, harden and suppress our feelings when in fact just allowing ourselves to feel what is going on in any moment is the key and the power to unlock what and how the feeling is there in the first place. The more we stop running from feelings the simpler things become.

  3. I love this technique of coming back to being aware of my body, as it seems to work everytime there is anxiety rising up inside. And it can be as simple as feeling my toes, or being aware of my jaw, or how I open a door.

  4. “Trying to fix the anxiety didn’t work, but by loving and caring for myself it has naturally been diminishing.” I find this is the case with a lot of things – over eating, rushing, being messy, allowing abuse…when we work on loving ourselves it is amazing what simply falls away without even trying.

  5. This is great what you share Ruth, deepening self love and care to bring a steadiness in the body and to be able to choose that anxiousness is a choice and we don’t need to choose it. Bringing it back to the body, really is a lovely simple way to reconnect to the self.

  6. It is very much keeping my thoughts in line with what my body is doing at that moment and boy oh boy how easy it is to let my mind wonder and to get anxious over what might be going to happen, or going over all the possibilities how things could go wrong and how to control these situations. Pretty exhausting way of life. But like you share I have a choice to connect to my body and breathe my breath and to deeply care for the precious lady I am.

  7. Serge presented today the possibility of anxiety being us bottling up our divine expression. It’s like heaven knocking at our door and us keeping the door closed.

  8. Once we come to the awareness that our anxiousness stems from our reaction to certain triggers that we allow affect us in life, we are well on the way to uncovering its root cause, and from here we can choose the appropriate healing route which may be as simple as coming back to our gentle breath and connecting more deeply with our body, or in seeking the support of an esoteric healing practitioner.

  9. Anxiety is not who we are. Love is who we are. Therefore when we feel anxious, we simply have to return to being who we are, which is love. This process of deepening the love within us through self-care feels simple, but it is very effective.

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