Being Made Redundant? Supporting an Opportunity to Evolve!

The prospect of redundancy can often be a time of uncertainty and distress, perhaps with questions ofWhy me? Why now? Or what did I do that was wrong?” This can be at the forefront of our minds. Dealing with change that you don’t feel prepared for can feel like climbing a mountain.

Being in the throes of prospective redundancy certainly threw up anxiety in my case as I had a deep desire to stay where I was. Whilst not the perfect utopia, I loved the easiness of my teaching post in a private boarding school. It was comfortable and my relationships with staff, children and their parents were strong.

The school was in a beautiful setting, with high standards, great staff, supportive parents, small classes and an amazingly well behaved school population. What teacher could not appreciate and love working in such an environment? I could easily have stayed, put my feet up and glided to retirement.

However, I was also aware that there was no longer a feeling of being challenged and I had a sense of a level of coasting, stagnation and complacency creeping in.

For most of my career I had used the private sector as a form of escape or sanctuary to avoid the possible overwhelm from the more challenging, rough and tumble behavior that mainstream schools can bring.

I had been toying with the idea of leaving my current teaching job when my inner voice of wisdom came knocking with strong impulses to leave and return to the mainstream system, from which I had hastily fled many, many years prior. I was psychologically gearing myself up for a change, but I was battling with the longing to hold onto comfort and the feeling of safety of what I already knew I could manage.

The holding on to my comfort was winning… the other inner-voice (the not-so-wise one) was holding on for just another year… “I’ll do just another year and then I’ll look for another post…,” “I’ll see the next year’s group of students through, then I’ll go.”

I had just made up my mind to stay when God called, through the form of my head teacher, who announced that a redundancy had to be made between me and another member of staff.

It was like my calling card had come in. At the moment of the announcement I had an image of one of those pedalos you rent in Mediterranean beach resorts that you paddle out to sea for a bit of a play. When your hour is up, they flag you back to the beach with a round sign and your boat number.

I was being called in, “Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.”

I’d had my playtime and now it was time to roll up my sleeves and move to my next point of unfolding. I decided to take voluntary redundancy much, I am sure, to the relief of the second teacher!

Certainty enabled me to start applying for other jobs in the mainstream sector and all seemed plain sailing until self-doubt began to creep in and I started to wonder if taking the voluntary redundancy had been the right choice.

I allowed things to get internally messy, but there was no going back as I had great support from friends, family and my colleagues. I was also aware of the immense opportunity for growth, expansion and a new beginning that awaited me if I chose to go down the voluntary redundancy route.

The job application and interview process began and I learnt much about each school I visited and how I felt in relation to each one.

I trusted the feedback I felt from my body. Sometimes I felt a tight pressure across my chest, or a constriction through my whole body. Many times my understanding and feelings were confirmed, so I forged ahead trusting my choices – after all, my true wise, inner-voice had got me this far.

I am glad to say that out of the many schools I visited, one felt completely right. Throughout my visit I felt an openness, lightness and joy through my body, even though it was a school a few years ago I would not have touched with a barge pole. I was offered a post as a senior teacher, with training to support me in my new role.

So with some procrastination but an overwhelming desire to move forward and to evolve, and not to stagnate, I have taken a step up in my career and, more importantly, in my life. I am now ready, able and willing to take on greater responsibility for others and for myself.

By saying goodbye to old comforts, being ready to commit to work in the mainstream sector, I know there is much for me to appreciate about myself and about the choices that have come with it.

So I can say wholeheartedly that for me redundancy was a gift from heaven and the nudge I needed to move on and take the next steps of expansion.

Perhaps there should be a statement when announcing redundancy – “A wonderful opportunity awaits for renewal and growth. Who wants to take it?”

With enormous heartfelt appreciation for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for showing there is always a next step to be taken, which leads to a forever expansion.

 By Anonymous

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552 thoughts on “Being Made Redundant? Supporting an Opportunity to Evolve!

  1. We can so easily get caught up in the stigma and connotations relating to situations in life because of ideals and beliefs that we are blind to the universal constellations which are constantly forming offering opportunities to make the next step.

    1. Being made redundant and even being fired come with huge stigma and connotations. No matter how challenging, holding the stance of there being something to learn from the situation and taking the opportunity to make a new move flips the situation around from a negative to a positive.

  2. I am just about to begin a new job, and although it was me who chose to leave my current employer I feel many of the themes you share Anonymous are the same. We can so easily take these events, ‘good fortune’ or ‘bad’ as a measurement of our own worth. We can look to occurrences as a sign of our beauty. But what you show here, is in promotion, downgrading, sacking or headhunting it is not all about us, but everybody and what and where we are most needed to be. Imagine if we step forward in life, knowing each position and place is equal this way – it’s just an opportunity for us to be love. No matter the floor, class or position we hold this role we have is one we hold for life.

    1. Even being sacked, which can be perceived as a ‘worse’ version of redundancy, is an opportunity for growth and expansion. It’s the angle we look at it from and take up as we experience it that makes the difference.

  3. That next step can from the insecure, seemingly unknown point of view look very daunting and scary but the truth is that when you feel it (we always know what feels true to us), by trusting that it will come together we are looked after in every moment. Stepping into the evolution of our expansion is the best thing we can possible go with.

  4. I love how you refer to redundancy as you’re ‘calling’ – it beautifully highlights how anything can become an opportunity to grow and evolve if we choose to see it as a step forward rather than a crisis.

  5. Superb article Anonymous, thank you. So often being made redundant can really affect our self confidence, we are ousted from a job because we are no longer wanted or our skills are not sufficient to keep us employed while others loose their positions. Its very inspiring to read how you were aware of the comfort and security you had working in the private sector, while also feeling underneath how this is not what life is about. Responding to this opportunity so positively, seeing it as the invitation from God to step up, expand, to take your skills, experience and expertise into a new field and a new audience has completely transformed my appreciation of redundancy and the real opportunity for evolution that it truly is.

  6. Yeah, it’s time to rewrite job announcements. We judge responsibility and big work-loads negatively whereas it can be the most loving medicine if taken with care.

  7. This blog has got to make you wonder if there’s more to the events that happen in life that we often perceive as ‘bad’… Perhaps they are always a gift, and never the tragedy we make them out to be.

  8. A while ago I was fired from a job. Yes, it was a possibility to evolve in a new job. But in my case I had also had to look honestly why I was fired. And there were big learnings for me to see. The learning was that I was not fully committed and not giving all of me. Now I see that getting fired was a big blessing. Certainly not something that just happened to me.

  9. What you shared here ““Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” is just so beautiful. What a totally different take on being made redundant. Not going into making it personal, that you had done something wrong, but simply your magnificence was needed elsewhere, I love it.

  10. With the inner wisdom that comes from connecting to the inner heart… That place of inmate wisdom, comes the opportunity to as the writer has done, experience a whole different world from the obvious one that is to be seen on the surface so to speak, And this is the world of energy, and energetic awareness.

  11. What I love about this article and the comments that have followed is the turning on its head of a negative assumption about anything, that then clouds the opportunities on offer. Giving ourselves the space to reconsider our attitudes, as this article does about redundancy, is the beginning of re-writing the unquestioning way we live under assumptions and beliefs.

    1. It’s often what we think are going to be our most challenging moments that turn out to be most beautiful and fulfilling, as they reveal things about us, a richer layer, that perhaps we’d been avoiding or unaware of. It really is about trusting that the support is always there- just perhaps not in the same picture we’d imagined it to be in.

  12. Your redundancy feels like a great opportunity to take the next needed big step; sometimes we just need to be shaken out of our comfort to come closer to fulfilling our true potential.

  13. We have some pictures of ideal and there are some that do not fit – such as being made redundant or getting a divorce. Maybe we don’t set out expecting these things to happen when we get a job or get married, but we do know just because we hang in there for a long time doesn’t mean a happy-ever-after. Letting go of pictures is so liberating – it allows us to appreciate any life event as an opportunity for something more, the unknown and that we are ready for it.

  14. “Dealing with change that you don’t feel prepared for can feel like climbing a mountain.” I know exactly how this feels, I was made redundant around 13 yrs ago, and it felt like a real struggle to get back into my professional field so I decided to change careers. The job I was in was not what I really wanted to do, but I got stuck in it and as it paid well I got caught in living the life style. Looking back now it was the best thing that happened, I have learnt so much in life with a new career and I love my multi roles I do.

  15. In choosing to see the redundancy as an opportunity to grow and move forward you opened to what the Universe had to offer Anonymous….beautiful that when we trust and stay open we are supported, as opposed to contracting in fear and worry, thereby closing ourselves off to what is available.

  16. We all have something amazing to contribute and there are times when the right mix of people can change the world, taking care to be exactly where we are needed in any moment opens the opportunity for love to works its magic.

  17. ‘I trusted the feedback I felt from my body. Sometimes I felt a tight pressure across my chest, or a constriction through my whole body. Many times my understanding and feelings were confirmed, so I forged ahead trusting my choices – after all, my true wise, inner-voice had got me this far.’ Our body is a great marker, and barometer for alerting or confirming a situation. Actually having a great connection with our body and listening to it brings about a great awareness that we can use to guide us in the right direction.

    1. It is amazing that when we attune in, or clock the messages our bodies give us how it supports us to make choices in life that are true. A far cry from trying to work things out with the head.

  18. It is amazing the way we get these nudges from heaven for us to let go of comforts we have been conditioned to seek as a form of protection, only to find that if we say yes there is so much more waiting for us to assist us to evolve and truly serve where it is needed.

  19. Redundancy offers an opportunity to walk a new path in life, and to reflect on the old. The key is not to reflect with judgement or bitterness, but honestly take what needs improving and boldly appreciate who you are.

  20. Working hard and totally committing to people and life has got to be one of the best medicines around – it vitalises you, evolves you and you know you are actually contributing to the world. It’s time we rewrite the belief that hard work makes you tired, in my experience hard work enlivens and enriches you.

    1. Beautiful Meg, going to work without true commitment and engagement inevitably becomes an exhaustive struggle as in the withdrawal one is drained of energy… but to commit fully and engage fully in work and in life we do become vitalised, alive, and strong in purpose . . . and we can learn everything that is on offer for us all to grow and evolve together.

  21. We never know when the opportunity to evolve comes knocking at our door and being open to this is a real gift not only shocking us out of our comfort but also there is always a bigger picture at play that effects so many and so much which becomes clear and obvious over time when we allow it. A great sharing thank you.

    1. Exactly Tricia, there is always a bigger picture at play which often we cannot see, nevertheless when we trust our inner voice or guidance and follow the steps that we are being guided to make, it serves everyone including ourselves.

  22. From someone who has overridden a lot of what my body has shared with me a lot of my life, i loved this simple but very claimed sentence “I trusted the feedback I felt from my body.” This is really wonderful that you really trusted what you felt in your body.

  23. “I was battling with the longing to hold onto comfort and the feeling of safety of what I already knew I could manage.” Comfort and security are what we are conditioned to strive for but it is also a handicap in that it stifles us from growing and evolving. Our true nature is to forever expand and evolve and when that is fostered in childhood there is no longer a need to ‘battle’ with comfort, instead life becomes a balanced flow. What a superb opportunity you have, Anonymous, to share this with so many children.

  24. Before our work, before our occupation, anything that defines us from the external world, we can know who we are from within, and when we begin to live from that place of true connection with our Soul – then no matter what we do , where we work, the world gets to know the truth of who we are and where we are all from.

  25. It’s amazing how we seem to seek comfort as a final resting place – the idea that living on a beach and being waited on hand and foot would be the life. But as you’ve expressed here, comfort is actually a wake up call and an opportunity for change. In your case and also from my experience, it’s a great learning. Awesome that you’ve shared this all for us to read, reflect on and possibly change ourselves. Gold star for you!! 😜

  26. Love reading this blog because it asks us to trust in the face of uncertainty. It asks us to let go of control and to trust that we are supported in whatever way is needed. This is a work in progress for me, but I am astounded, daily, by the level of support I feel when I just trust that what is needed will be ready and there when it is needed.

  27. ” I was being called in, “Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” This is exactly how I would describe my move from Holland back to Scotland (after living there for 14 years). I love the feeling of space and expansion I now feel in my body and in my life. And the same impulse (or inner voices) that led me to make the move, keeps guiding me to what’s next, thus I am finding all the things I need are already there, as I have let go of the trying.

  28. You raise some really great points here Anonymous, this article would be a perfect addition to business magazines or business websites. Your experience of redundancy and choosing to see it as an opportunity to grow is unique and this would be very supportive and inspiring for others who may be dealing with a similar situation.

  29. I felt a very similar situation to what you’ve shared here Anonymous. In my previous job I practically knew everything inside and out, the work was easy. And I could of stayed in my comfortable zone but there would be no growth and it came to a point where I could feel that I wasn’t being supported by myself if I were to remain. But driving myself to find another job was not the answer either and once I reached the end of my tether so to speak/type and realised that this method wasn’t working, as like you shared my body very clearly told me when a job was true or not with feelings of tension, chest tightness, all-over unsettlement etc. Once the trying was dropped a new job just fell into place within a week. And the cool thing is that the actual everyday job tasks are simple because I’ve done it before but what I feel is that there are more areas of work in which to grow, such is in my case – work relationships. Staying in our comfort zones is not truly comfortable when we allow ourselves to feel the rut that we eventually sink into by choosing to not step out and be open to learn more about life, ourselves and others.

  30. It’s very interesting reading the comments because I get a sense that actually, what we feel is a rough deal being made redundant actually turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to them. I was talking to a friend of mine who at 65 was fired from his job of many years. And he has started up his own company and is having a wonderful time. He too says being fired has given him a new lease of life at 65! Amazing.

  31. It’s funny for me to see when we get hooked on a heading. So if I hear family, I have a picture, if I hear work, yep picture, if I hear fired, picture and if I hear redundancy, same again picture. Where do these pictures come from? Life experience, yes possible but also it would seem it is bigger then that. I can go into the detail of what redundancy looks like but overwhelmingly it has a ‘failed’ flavour to it or too old or useless picture with it. I know it may seem harsh but it’s not directed at the blog or author but more letting you know what I see when I hear the word. If we place more importance on a particular aspect of life then we may loose site of other gifts that may present. So if work isn’t an extension of how you play then the gap that lies in between these two parts of your life invites something to enter. I love that you are looking at ‘redundancy’ in this way because no matter what you are presented with there is always an opportunity for growth or evolution.

  32. “…there is always a next step to be taken, which leads to a forever expansion.” Yes I agree and I find this to be consistently true throughout life whether work, family, health issues or an accident, and every time in hindsight there has been a learning and a chance to grow. A shake up and wake up call! Thank you for the sharing and insights.

  33. I am so glad to be looking at my life and career as an unending adventure. I relish each new opportunity to advance myself in whatever challenge lies before me, whether thats paid or unpaid, a promotion or downwards step, it doesnt matter. all that matters is that I increase the quality I do anything in.

  34. We can all get trapped in the comfort of comfort but one day we must all realise that that comfort is just a cozy relief that in more ways than one is stopping us from growing our potential and inspiring others to do the same.

  35. It is interesting to observe how we stay in comfort and prefer what we are used to regardless of the working conditions and work ethos of the company, then when something like redundancy comes along it brings up all sorts of anxiety issues. Having observed this with a colleague of mine it is easy to see from a distance that leaving and moving onto the next step would be hugely beneficial, and that getting out of the comfort would in deed be a blessing but for the person it directly affects, it’s hard for them to see it that way.

  36. A brilliant article showing the opportunities we are given and our choices to stay in comfort and not move on or to take responsibility for our lives and all we can bring wherever we go.

  37. So great that you took the difficult choice. It would have been so much easier to have coasted along in the comfort of the secure and known job, but this would have cemented you into old and worn patterns. By taking the challenge you have said yes I want to grow and I know that I have more to offer than I have thus far. I feel certain that the correctness of your decision will already have been confirmed to you in many many ways.

  38. God knocks on our doors in many disguises – even was an opportunity to support you to move on. When we move from our knowing and truth, we are always supported, doubt rises and passes if we do not give it the energy to mislead us. Very inspiring!

  39. I had a redundancy come up a few years ago, the opportunity was there for me to move on to another position but at the time I was so resistant and blamed my boss and workmates for conspiring against me. looking back now I can see how it all unfolded and see how this was a chance for me to move, to make a free start. Its funny how what we see maybe the worst thing in the world, can be just what we need at the time.

  40. When talking change, we want to be the one calling the shots. We change because this is what WE want. Change, instead, is often not very welcome when it comes from a situation that forces it upon us. Do we ever consider that perhaps the constellation that forces the change upon us is exactly what our process of evolution calls for? We were there not by chance.

  41. What if we took every negative or difficult event or thing that happened, and took it as a chance to evolve and move forward? Life would be so cool….

  42. When we are made redundant we often feel helpless because we feel the loss of what was once a safe job. Redundancy give us the opportunity to spread our wings and look for jobs we may have always wanted but at the time we were too reluctant to make the move.

  43. There are many headings that bring about a certain feeling and redundancy is one of them. It implies something and yet here we have a blog that goes against that. A person made redundant regardless of age brings with it a certain picture for me. It’s almost like they weren’t needed, worthless, maybe to old and worn out. I look at how people go after this and many don’t recover from simply just this and may never return to the workforce. It can’t be the word itself but more the beliefs and action we have around the word. As this blog is presenting the way we look and talk about things hold weight, or holds a quality. This redundancy has certainly been turned into an opportunity for ‘growth and expansion’ and yet so many are not this way. May the author should write a DIY redundancy book and get it out there so people can see there is another way to look at this life changing event, no matter what your age is.

  44. Much to learn from this – should I do this or that? Feeling what feels true is the way to go I think. Going by the mind will end up in a setting produced by the mind and not from a warm glowing heart.

  45. I really love this sharing and can relate to it, that sometimes what we may be reluctant of may actually be the greatest blessing in shaking us up and supporting us to step out of comfort and take the next steps.

  46. absolutely love this blog! What I love that even if we make a choice that we think is right at the time, the absoluteness of God has a way of showing us the truth. What I loved about your blog is that life is about service and not necessarily for comfortable means, but a constant unfolding. Who knows where the next job may be but it will be amazing!

  47. The way forward doesn’t always seem like the “right” option but it is definitely amazing and mind blowing if we allow it all.

  48. “A wonderful opportunity awaits for renewal and growth. Who wants to take it? ”what a great and positive way to look at our lives in any situation and simply requires trust and knowing inside us. This is so different from the doubts and insecurities we are so often conditioned as the only way to be. Building our own foundations allows a platform of strength from which all can be taken care of and all that is needed will be given to us for service with purpose and love . Beautiful anonymous a great sharing

  49. Being Made Redundant? or making oneself redundant by completing and outliving what one is doing so that there can´t be but a next opportunity to just do the same by giving your all and do what it takes.

    1. Beautifully expressed Alex. I love the term ‘outliving’. It makes sense and it something that happens all the time in life, especially with behaviours and food choices. We can outlive any aspect of life and it feels gorgeous to keep observing what is outlived to then make new choices and refine what is next to live.

  50. “Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” This sentence describes exactly my move from Holland where I had been living for 14 years back to Scotland 4 short months ago. And such a beautiful reminder and gorgeous to revisit this blog as it contains so many pearls of wisdom.

  51. What I’m finding is that when I start to freak out about a seemingly risky choice I’ve made, I eventually remember that everything is ok. That I made that choice for a reason and to second guess myself is a pointless exercise. I trust things will work out, even if it doesn’t quite look like I want it to look…and often, along the way, there are many signs that suggest I’m going in the right direction.

  52. “I trusted the feedback I felt from my body. Sometimes I felt a tight pressure across my chest, or a constriction through my whole body. Many times my understanding and feelings were confirmed, so I forged ahead trusting my choices – after all, my true wise, inner-voice had got me this far.” Beautifully expressed Anonymous, it is amazing how our body communicates its wisdom to us and is a true support and guide the more we deepen our connection and awareness and embrace every opportunity to evolve.

  53. Part of my working life has required me to make people redundant, and in all cases I have known that there was a new life path available for them, “that it was time to move on” if you will. The path of redundancy can be a challenging one, and is certainly not to be taken lightly, but if embraced with a knowing that there will be a new path, with new opportunities, including expanding and growing from the situation, it can bring many rewards.

  54. It feels to me that when we find ourselves in a comfortable niche in life that it would be wise to see this as a sign that we are being asked to make some change in that area of our life.

  55. Embracing purpose in everything that we do allows to break through comfort and procrastination that holds back the volume of the universe coming through us doing what we are meant to be doing in true service for all.

  56. This is such a great example of ‘shut one door and another opens’. Often, we are so insecure about ‘taking the leap’ into the unknown when the known is so safe and comfortable. Yet, when we go by impulse and listening to our body, there is no limits to what we can do or be involved with. By not ending what is no longer working, we miss out on what life has in store for us!

    1. Awesome Rachael. This really shows how important it is to follow our heart and listen to our inner voice and follow through with what we feel is true.

  57. “Perhaps there should be a statement when announcing redundancy – “A wonderful opportunity awaits for renewal and growth. Who wants to take it?”” So true. When we react to the word ‘redundancy’ as a failure or that you are no longer needed you make yourself a victim but when you respond with a choice for the potential for what you have to offer you have a purpose and a responsibility to be who you are wherever you are called to serve.

  58. What a beautiful and inspiring way to view being made redundant “Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” I feel we can apply this level of trust and understanding to pretty much anything that happens in life.

  59. There is always a next step and to be reminded today that this is expansion is perfectly timed. I can feel how comfortable comfort is, the familiarity, and yet I feel the discomfort too, it’s like being in your favourite clothes from before which sort of fit you, but which you’ve out-grown, and you know a new set is needed. I love how life works and supports us to take that next step and how no matter how often we say maybe, or no, we are still offered the chance to be more us in the world, for that is what it truly is.

  60. Having just received news of my own redundancy yesterday this post is an absolute gift. I too was comfortable and stagnant in my position even though for some months now I’ve been getting the message that it’s time to go. Your words are an absolute confirmation and you remind me that I don’t need to take the first job that comes along – I just need to listen to my body and go where I am truly needed.

  61. I love that you chose to embrace what could be seen as a set back or inconvenience, as a opportunity to grow and expand… and embraced it whole heartedly, trusting in your awareness of where to go next and it providing you your next point of evolution. This is a gorgeous way to move through life that could be applied to any seeming disturbance to our comfort.

  62. I think that’s what it’s all about – being open – and not trying to control things, for you never know what’s round the corner so to speak.

    1. Yes, so true Fumiyo, life really does come to us when we remain open and have no plans or images of what our future looks like, therefore our future can naturally unfold with all our needs taken care of, we just have to say yes.

  63. Thank you Anonymous for shedding your light on redundancy, A word that was not too common in my mind. But, when explained it reaches a point in my life until now, that I have used many many situations in life to comfort me instead of truly stepping forward.. I can feel that there is no space for judgment ,but simply space for observation to feel what was beyond that comfort, why I wanted to held onto it and not move on .. this helps me from moving on now

  64. Absolutely beautiful blog! We tend to get stuck in one comfortable nest and forget that there is a lot more out there, there is the next thing for us. We are taught that for security reasons that once we get a good job not to change it or to stick with what has worked but to widen our sense of understanding we must step out and take those expansive steps even if it is a little bit scary.

  65. A totally different approach to being made redundant, not a punishment nor loss but an invitation for unfoldment and greater service somewhere else. I think that applies to many things in life where we tend to complain instead of appreciating the opportunity and learning that has been given.

  66. A super delightful blog to read with lots of wisdom, I especially loved: Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” What a beautifully understanding of what was being asked of you and how you turned around the whole notion of redundancy and the opportunity it presents for growth and to evolve.

  67. A blog that reminds me of transition points in my own life and how important they are for our own evolution. Anonymous, power to you for making a choice based on how you felt in your body and nothing else. We are empowered as job applicants and can say yes or no to job offers and potential work environments, in other words it is not just the employer that does the choosing.

  68. Another way is to feel stagnation in our bodies and heed the inner call to walk away from jobs, relationships and partnerships that no longer serve us. One of the best choices I made was to resign from a full-time well paid job, and become a freelance worker simply because something within compelled me to move on, rather than stay.

    1. Yes Kehinde2012, this is music to my ears. In a way if you do it from the head the anxiety is worse, when you can feel the impulse and move from there there is more ease in the body.

  69. To go to work in this type of school Will give a bigger reflection of the problems Children deal with nowadays and asks from the teacher to be prepared in way that included Selfcare and selflove And a good rhythm. This way the teacher support her/himself to be solid to handle all what they need to deal with.

  70. Anonymous, this is great to read, I love how you trusted and followed what you felt in your body, this makes me realise that our bodies always know what is needed, what an amazing guide we have in life if we honour it.

  71. This experience in life has obviously been used by you for personal growth and development. This is awesome, and proof that we don’t have to be defeated by what happens, it can all make us stronger and wiser.

  72. I also agree that what was crucial was the trust in the body – of all things!- that support us in such situations.
    I am very glad to be using my body very well to support myself in life.

  73. It is amazing to read of the way you handled your redundancy with such grace and acceptance and saw this as an opportunity to evolve and expand – a great reminder to apply this learning to any challenges that happen to us in life.

  74. What a great blog ~ so honest and relatable. I have always found every change to be an expansion and also experienced a bit of tension in the gap between the old and the new.

    1. I have also observed that almost always the energetic change had already happened before the material change as you clearly describe how your change had already been felt even before you were offered the redundancy.

  75. I love that eery opportunity that is bestowed upon us is there to help us to grow and move forward if we so choose. It is in our movements that we can solidify change and it also shows us our attitudes and beliefs around change and how we can adapt and shift to what is truly needed to learn from and to accelerate our growth long term.

  76. Good on you for going for it. There is a big world out there and sometimes the most amazing things happen when we look fear straight in the face and say no. One of the greatest freedoms is to take a step and see where it takes you. I am inspired by your choice.

  77. What a wonderful opportunity for you Anonymous to move to the next step in what is needed. There is much to appreciate in you saying yes to this opportunity. Feels like a blessing for you and all at your new school.

  78. We are always the same, no matter the place we are. However, there are moments in which we have to move from one place to another. Sometimes we need to express more of who we are, sometimes we have to learn something in that new place. There is always a reason and there is always a gift behind every movement we do as well.

  79. It really makes sense that we grow and expand and our circumstances need to change to accommodate that on every level. What was once supportive and loving could be abusive if it was simply kept and repeated automatically with no consideration as to where we are actually at.

  80. Hello anonymous, I can relate to getting comfortable and wanting things to stay the same, however I too am feeling an air of change with regard to my current job. I am not sure what this will look like, but the prospect of change no longer frightens me like it used to. I love the image of being on a pedalo and then your number being called, indicating your time was up in that particular job.

  81. “I was being called in, “Your time is up! Time to go somewhere else where you can expand your service, your love and your own personal development.” How beautiful that you recognised this call – as an opportunity to evolve, rather than feeling a victim, Change gives us an opportunity to step up and be more – whatever work we do.

      1. Oh I love that, the small stuff is what makes love bigger….my focus for today. I have a full day which could be called a ‘big’ day, so the ‘small stuff’ is where I will bring my attention, to the mundane, to the foundation that supports any day regardless of supposed importance. Thanks Simon 🙂

  82. There is always another step, yes there is and sometimes we need a little nudge to move off the one we’re on. And that’s the thing no matter what life presents we can choose to fight it or engage with it and see what we can learn and unfold, and we expand in ways we might not have thought before until our next step comes.

  83. I had my first experience of being made redundant a couple of months ago. I had been feeling rather bored and frustrated with the lack of work that was coming through, and so a part of me was relieved. The next job that presented itself was completely different to anything I would have considered applying for in the past. Despite the enormous pay cut that many would say was irresponsible of me to take (given my expenses), I knew that something about this job was going to open me up to new things. I trusted I was being taken care of and let go of the picture of the type of job I thought I should be doing…because controlling every single thing in the past didn’t work. This approach is far less stressful and definitely more expanding.

  84. That edge between being too comfortable vs always being challenged is an interesting one – Its a fine balance and over the years I’ve established a balance between saying ‘yes’ while at the same time constantly looking at how I am doing things, the way I move, what I carry in a project. Its that refinement that allows more and more of me to come through.

  85. We have so many opportunities to grow and evolve in numerous ways, this was a lovely sharing of how it was with a new job.

  86. We can see every experience as something positive, either to enjoy, or to learn from. There is no right or wrong, good or bad – simply an experience which we can react to, or respond to accordingly. To live life like this in every way would be truly something.

  87. I have come to realise that choosing comfort can lead to all kinds of problems further on. I was very comfortable in my first teaching post and could have stayed there forever, but realise that I learnt so much by having experience of different schools.

  88. When I was made redundant earlier in the year I found myself approaching the whole thing with so much calm I surprised myself. I didn’t go into any massive drama, feel sorry for myself want to blame anyone. I was really open to whatever was going to present itself next, and now I’m in a job that I never would have dreamed of being in, because it was so far from my interests, but it turns out, I’m enjoying myself much more than I have in probably most other jobs I have had in the past that have ticked all boxes and have been more ‘attractive’ if you like. I’m forever blown away but what happens when we let go and trust that everything is ok.

  89. From the most difficult challenges, the greater the opportunity to grow. It makes sense to embrace every part of life so that we open the door to evolving and learning. Life has a habit of throwing out surprises, but in this, greater internal strength can be developed.

  90. Saying goodbye to comfort and yes to responsibility is the way for all of us, ‘I am now ready, able and willing to take on greater responsibility for others and for myself.’

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