True School and True Expression

Some of my earliest memories are of being told that my schooldays were going to be the best days of my life. Consequently, I held an ideal around school – that of it being play-full and offering students ways of developing relationships within everything school had to offer.

What I experienced in those early years was that the teachers would never encourage the enthusiastic play-full-ness and freelance writing attempts of their young students. This form of open-ness in their written expression was always marked down with red lines. No credence to creativity was given, so one felt punished for being creative in their expression.

Learning then became a rigid, rote-type discipline, offering no slack or allowance for a child to develop at his or her own pace. This meant I learned very little grammar or spelling because, after a lot of perseverance in doing what seemed correct to me, I was awarded marks that, at best, still were usually three out of the ten allocated to the task. As for any homework we were given, the results would always be the same – red lines and low grades.

I discovered that shutting down my natural expression was an approach that worked. It became the way I coped and managed to play the classroom game.

Social interactions within the class put anyone who was part of it at odds with the teacher. I became the class distractor who interacted with his classmates by turning around and talking or listening. For me it was mainly listening, as I did not talk much because of the lisp that resulted from my having my two top front teeth knocked out at the age of four.

At that point in time, discipline in first and second class was the edge of a fifteen-inch ruler being applied to the back of our fingers and hands that resulted in blood blisters on several occasions.

I found it was easier to simply put English into the too hard basket, because learning English always felt too difficult due to the lack of any true encouragement. All this added up to my getting grades that placed me as a student in the lower ten percent of the class, scoring well less than thirty percent in exams.

Then out of the blue came a teacher in third grade who responded to what the students were offering. She was able to connect with me and the other students in some way that the other teachers had failed to do. The whole class’ percentages shot up and I started to be in the top twenty percent of the class or higher.

For that one year my grades skyrocketed, and this was simply because my grade three teacher recognised some form of creativity in each and every one of her students, which probably related to the whole class having a co-creative relationship – a feeling of connectedness as they learned together.

After that particular year, my grades improved from where they had been in those earlier years at school, however, I never experienced such understanding from the teacher as I had enjoyed during my grade three year. Being a student and finding a true way of understanding of all that was being taught was possibly on offer, however, my focus for the rest of my days at school continued to be about having fun and not so much about learning.

By grade six I was regularly getting caned, sometimes three times a day. It even reached the point where getting caned on a regular basis became a game between the teacher and me – a time where learning to relax through my breath so the cane flicked painlessly on my hand became a normal occurrence. I had found I could stop reacting by responding to the situation by focussing on my breath, which eliminated the tension in my hand and therefore the painful aspect of each blow.

Breathing gently was a valuable lesson, however it took another forty years for me to realise its true blessing. It is something that I will always treasure thanks to the presentations of Serge Benhayon!

I remember that at one point in sixth-grade, the teacher caned me so gently that the whole class went into hysterical laughter, as the cane literally just touched my finger without any force. Even the teacher had a smile on his face. This was probably the fourth time for that day that I had been given six cuts with the cane.

I had to wait until I was fourteen before my front teeth regrew. This was also when my voice started to break. I was one of the first boys in the class whose voice broke and I got laughed at yet again. I became even more silent and further shut down my natural expression.

Some fifty-five or so years later, I am a student once again, this time with The School of The Livingness where presentations and experiences have led me to have a deep understanding of the following:

  • The way we express has a lot to do with our connection to our essence;
  • That this is a co-creative relationship;
  • It could be said that the way we express is paramount to everything else in our life;
  • This is a procedure that starts with our being, at least, gentle first.

Finding a True teacher who will allow us to express and learn from what we are offering will always bring out our essence in the most lovingly supportive ways.

A teacher who brings True expression and wisdom so that the energy we are connected to in that expression is loving, has been inspirational to me, as I have developed an understanding of the difference between True expression and ill expression.

Each is shown for what it is offering and the subtle difference in what it feels like. Learning from our own mis-adventures into the ill energy is available to everyone and it supports us to develop an understanding of what true values and decency in true expression are all about.

With experience and an understanding of what each energy feels like in my body, I have realised each and every one of us has the choice to be connected to our True essence of Love or to continue living in love-less ways. I have developed an understanding that the emotional reactions, which I now realise are mistakenly seen by people to be an expression of love, are in truth actually love-less.

True Love has no emotions.

I have learned that even our thoughts have the power to be co-creative; that when they come from our essence, they convey Love, otherwise they are destructive in what they are conveying.

I now know this originally started as a journey that was taking me further away from the Truth and how that expressed itself. I was seemingly on a path that was considered by many to be evolutionary, however I eventually came to the realisation that it was actually deepening the illusion I was in, keeping me in my quest for individuality and providing the motivation and drive behind my wanting to become spiritually enlightened.

Understanding the difference between divine connection, which comes by way of our Soul connecting to that essence and what our conniving spirit feels like, is a learning curve we will all eventually face. Starting the journey to learn to express from the Soul as a way of living comes via the process of understanding:

  • Just how manipulative the spirit is in its wanting to control this life;
  • That when we look at what is happening around us it is not a true picture;
  • That we are trying to better a life that has no True purpose.

Learning the value that expressing in Truth brings a divine purpose, which is a Loving and purpose-full-ness to all we do, then we start to understand that: 

“Expression is everything.”
(Serge Benhayon,1999)


Because expression is everything,

so too is everything an expression.

Thus, everything is communication

as everything is communicating.

Every angle, every colour, shape, light, tone, word,

sound, reflection and movement is communicating

what is and what is not of our true future.”

(Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, Ed 1, p 332)

Words, thoughts, expression and being Loving in their delivery is changing the way I and many others live as students of life. The School of the Livingness presents these and other practical sciences in a simple language that is easily understood and supports us to evolve back to our Soul. I am learning Life is an art that brings in all the sciences, and that is full of philosophy and religion.

Hallelujah! The Truth is that for me and many fellow students, our Livingness is ever-deepening with True understanding; learning that will never end as it is forever-expanding. These days as a student of life are truly the ‘best-days-of-my-life’ in contrast to my early school experiences as they are exponentially allowing true evolution, bringing a deepening of connection to myself, others and to life itself… and with not a red line or low grade in sight.

By Gregory E Barnes, Student of The Livingness; Writer, Lover of Energetic Truth in Words; EPA (Esoteric Practitioner’s Association) accredited for Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Chakra Puncture; Handyman, Painter, Gardener with Cert 4 in Organic Horticulture, Carer, Loving Husband, Australia

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209 thoughts on “True School and True Expression

  1. Greg thank you for exposing this part of us, our spirit that does not care one jot for the body as it uses us to express its waywardness. Until we have mastery over it we are mere puppets to its every whim.

  2. The hate that can live within can be expanded to Love as we have learnt to understand and depersonalise the way the system has treated us, then our understanding of how we can learn from a place of Love advances our awareness exponentially and thus disconnecting us from the illusionary way that teaches us to disconnect from our natural expression and it is never too late to break away from that encrusted way of living and learn to express from our Inner-hearts again.

  3. Greg- I loved your openness and rawness in expressing how you experienced early school life.
    I too found school difficult – everyone comparing with one another in exams, and competing to be the best, especially sport which I was very weak in. My parents thought sport was a waste of time and money, so it was not encouraged at home.
    English and how to express verbally in class or in writing was also not my forte’. I was a shy student and feared getting told off by the teacher.
    I learnt to calibrate with every teacher and friend I was with. I kept people at bay if they appeared like someone you couldn’t trust or had an aggressive tone/ walk or look about them.

    Thankfully this is all changing thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine courses and healings from esoteric practitioners that I have attended over the last 10 yrs.

  4. As I read this
    ‘I discovered that shutting down my natural expression was an approach that worked. It became the way I coped and managed to play the classroom game.’
    I had that sudden feeling of resentfulness of shutting down what I now know was my true expression. My family and teachers were not able to or want to understand my knack of calling them out to be truthful and so this was squashed and as I allowed it to be squashed the resentment and bitterness grew to the point where I just gave up as humanity wasn’t and still isn’t ready to hear the truth. And while we create ways of silencing ourselves and others we will not be in the true wonderment and beauty that we all are naturally meant to be.

    1. Absoulutely Mary, exposing the Truth takes on a different perspective for society as they or we have all aligned to the lies and need to understand how we can simply not waver in our dedication to the Love / Truth that we all come from.

      1. What humanity is currently witnessing is that the Astral plane are being shown that they do not have it all their own way any more. That their dictatorship is up, they are furious at the exposure and can do nothing about it. They tried to lock humanity down, which hasn’t worked as more and more people are waking up from their stupor to question the validity of what has been done. The more the Astral plane is exposed in the control they had over humanity the more furious they become as they know their time is up and all the discarnate beings that make up the Astral plane and that have controlled humanity for eons will have to reincarnate and start their journey back to soul just like the rest of us. Humanity will witness the worst the Astral can and will do but it really is their last hurrah.

  5. Greg as I read this, it bought back memories of how I used to be at school, always struggling with everything and sometimes still do to this day. School is so rigid and does not cater for those who struggle and that connection of teacher student is so so important.

    Every person on this planet has a true voice and a natural ability to express and, everyone should be encouraged to bring this out to the forefront by a person who can recognise this.

    The School of Livingness is forever expanding and evolving and our natural expression is encouraged and bought to the forefront. I am just claiming my voice and dealing with an array of people who I have avoided for centuries and I’m loving it and I know there is more to come which I like forward to, whether ugly or not.

  6. There is no graduating from the school of life. Some prefer to toil at the school of hard knocks eternally. Others are the fable of the ant and the grasshopper; they either work diligently or coast through life. I have experienced most of the above, but, the School of the Livingness is something old, but timeless in what it brings to everyone.

    1. The School of the Livingness is everywhere and if it encourages or brings the natural expression of a person, then that is The School of Livingness. Otherwise as far as I’m concerned it is called the school of nightmares, where we are haunted for a long time until we come across, the true and real School of the Livingness, who sees us for who we truly are, then life truly begins.

      1. Shushila, Totally agree with you for years this life has felt like a continuous nightmare, the school of The Livingness supports humanity to re align themselves back to their soul and it is only by realigning does the nightmare stop and the true way of living begin.

    2. Great Steve, and thus allowing the space for us all to learn that a Livingness has always been there for us to learn and evolve our awareness when we are ready, so no force-feeding a way of living as it all comes naturally.

  7. “I discovered that shutting down my natural expression was an approach that worked. It became the way I coped and managed to play the classroom game” I did this too – and it tool a long time to resurrect from this – fifty years…….thanks to Universal Medicine, the courses and practitioners. .

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