Is Truth Deeper than Words?

While contemplating which tea to order at my favourite tea shop, I began to wonder about how we describe the taste of things and asked the owner how she would share what a certain tea tastes like, to which she replied, “If they asked for a Rooibos tea, for instance, I would say it pretty much tastes like, well, Rooibos!” I asked this question because what occurred to me is how we tend to use all kinds of descriptive words to describe things like how a tea tastes, such as ‘floral,’ ‘woody,’ ‘rich,’ ‘earthy,’ ‘smooth,’ ‘crisp’ and we can take on the subjective nature of these words as our truth in a way that removes the most accurate sensor of Truth that all of humanity has… the human body. 

What unfolded from there was a philosophical discussion with the purveyor of the tea about how predominant this type of communication is in all walks of life, from the description of foods and drinks, what it feels like to watch an eagle soaring above you, to other things like flying an airplane, how it feels to pet a fluffy dog, or even lying on a sandy beach as you watch a golden sunset, and if there is a deeper form of experiential wisdom we can have in our lives. Of course we want to use our language to convey to others the sense of something we experienced, but my feeling is that at some point we give more significance to what others have said about something rather than honouring the power of what our bodies can feel on a deeper level once we directly experience something for ourselves.

It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know. Another example of this just came to me, where last night at work we were looking for an inspector we needed to check our work and were asked to find the next shift’s inspector (let’s call him Tom for the story). When we asked the manager what he looked like, he hesitated and said, “Well, he’s kinda short and chubby,” to which we all laughed as that was quite a generic description that matches a lot of people, really! He really had a hard time describing him and I can totally understand that because there really is no substitute for meeting someone in person, looking into their eyes, and allowing not only our five senses to take in the image of the person, but to feel their presence and the quality of their personality and all it offers as well.

I can feel how prevalent this disregard for our deeper knowingness of things is, and how much we have demanded things like complex scientific studies, with so much intellectual data and complicated jargon to prove a theory over something so elegantly simple and profound as a person’s anecdotal lived experience. I’m sure most people have read at some point one of these scientific studies and were left with the feeling afterwards of “What the heck are they really trying to say here?” as the terminology describing their observations are typically very convoluted and never seem to have the same impact and power as when we actually experience something directly, or even when we listen to someone’s personal account of an experience.

When we honour these direct forms of experiential wisdom we are actually recognising that there are deeper levels of energetic communication happening that go way beyond the words used to describe something. Anyone who has listened to an inspiring or touching story can attest to the fact that they could feel something within them that was being communicated from the other person on a level that was not expressed merely by the words being used.

Therefore, we can easily be fooled by words alone, such as when someone makes a claim of something being true but we just read the words being used and don’t give ourselves the chance to read the underlying energy that these words were transmitted with. This also applies to verbal communication, for instance, when we listen to a politician’s speech and believe what he or she is proposing but fail to consider the motivation or force behind those words.

We all need to use our various languages to share and communicate with each other, but I feel that we also have strayed from the appreciation that our best instrument for truth and wisdom is our body, for how could you possibly describe to another the sensation of something like making love when they have not yet experienced it for themselves.

Anyone can perform a certain act, but what quality of energy is it being accomplished with? I can hammer in a nail while building a house with anger, frustration and resentment, or with love and appreciation for the opportunity to build a lasting ‘nest’ that is supportive for the occupants for a hundred years into the future. These energetic imprints are lasting and we actually do have the ability to feel the difference between the two when we allow our bodies to observe the truth of this, as we are feeling it all the time whether we acknowledge this or not.

Our history of accumulating facts and knowledge and owning it as if that is going to help advance us as a humanity has simply not worked.

All one needs to do is look at the current levels of exhaustion, mental illness, disease, famine, poverty and war in the world to see that one may have the ability to regurgitate a million factoids and have 10 doctorate degrees, but he or she may not be one step closer to living a life filled with the love, harmony, stillness, joy and vitality that is our natural way. I feel that a more practical approach to life and a focus on feeling the truth of a thing via direct observation provides a more real and lasting form of wisdom that can be shared with others.

For instance, when we move our bodies with presence that allows them to be more still, our inner hearts act like an incredible antenna for truth and can detect aspects of communication that go beyond the words being used. But if we only go with what our brain is telling us as it processes the basic meanings of words, we are liable to be led astray and continue down the path that has resulted in our disconnection to a greater Truth that is available to us all.

By Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, Lover of people, Nature and the philosophy of Universal Life, North Carolina, USA

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115 thoughts on “Is Truth Deeper than Words?

  1. This sharing brings me to realise that the missing link in this society is stillness, a quality that allows us to read the energy behind every situation. A quality of love that doesn’t judge, punish or push but holds everyone equally in the same level of respect and regard.

  2. Sometimes it seems we need to have quick answers for everything in life. But what if we stay in the not knowing for a while? Perhaps we find a deeper answer that in the surface we couldn’t.

  3. How we move has a rhythmical relationship on how we live and the some of these two parts moving and living should be taught by the young before they forget what it is like to move there bodies in harmony instead of the imposition by elders who think they know better and take the natural-ness away.

  4. Oh Heck Michael yes! I can so relate to what you are saying
    ‘It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know.’
    I get so caught up this a very old habit that someone is more intelligent than me and so therefore knows more than me, so I literally give myself over to the knowledge. I have lost count of the number of times I do this. In writing this I can sense It’s pure manipulation on my part I use the excuse that someone is more intelligent than me as a way to keep my self small, or lesser, I avoid my power so I do not have to stand up and take responsibility of cutting the energy.

  5. ‘Anyone can perform a certain act, but what quality of energy is it being accomplished with?’ I never really questioned such things until I attended Universal Medicine presentations and then it was like .. of course! this is basic stuff but we don’t talk about it. Our livingness (the way we live) including what quality we do things in should be the fundamental teaching in and for everything.

  6. Giving our power away supports and serves no one. Learning to be true to ones own values and to stand up for truth in contrast supports oneself and can serve the all.

  7. Our bodies gave so much wisdom. Yet we have been taught to give over to our minds, which can deceive and trick us. I know when I’m tired it’s good to rest or sleep. Ditto if I’m hungry – time to eat, or to stop eating if I’m full, regardless of what’s left on my plate. Yet if I push through, ignoring what my body tells me, that sets me up to feel less than vital. A price no longer worth paying.

  8. Our current way of communicating that allows not only regurgitated knowledge to be constantly circulated, but also allows for the constant judgement, belittling, attacking and hate towards another to be expressed could all be stopped if we were taught to engage our body in our conversations, because the moment we do this we can feel the quality of that which we are about to express and know before it is spoken if it is going to harm or heal a situation or person. This is where true responsibility begins to take place, do we speak that which we have already felt in our body is harmful, or do we stop that flow of energy and instead allow our body the grace of offering us a truly healing expression?

  9. I am connecting to this statement more and more, ‘Therefore, we can easily be fooled by words alone, such as when someone makes a claim of something being true but we just read the words being used and don’t give ourselves the chance to read the underlying energy that these words were transmitted with’. This statement takes it to another level, and makes me realise that even when people speak, I can tell there is an underlying tone to their voice and when it is their truth and, when it is someone else’s.

    We need to discern more and more, the intention behind everything that is spoken or written, and as you become more astute and aware, you will observe and feel this. I’m learning this more and more in my everyday living and in this there is a responsibility by all. How about we all play our part in this more often? What would life be like then?

  10. I love your penultimate paragraph, describing how despite so much mental processes that have and still are occurring in all areas of life, we still haven’t learned how to combat exhaustion or to truly heal disease. Our brains and mind are useful, but they are not the be all and end all so many believe them to be.

    1. Sue this is a great reminder that our brain often leads the way for many and the so called degrees mean nothing, if our bodies are kaput. Take it to the body, and life will be different.

  11. ‘…. when we move our bodies with presence……. ‘ makes such a huge difference to life, to our ability to be detached yet compassionate and to observe and not get caught up in life’s dramas. So simple yet this brings profound results – and healing.

  12. ‘It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust and our bodies and they know,’ I so agree Michael. Having had a metaphysical discussion yesterday with two scientists they really didn’t like the fact that I held my body with more trust than I did my brain. On so many points we agreed to differ, but the resistance I felt to them getting out of their heads and into feeling from the body was interesting and quite fascinating to observe.

  13. Expression! It is a big topic yet we do not discuss this enough. We all know that someone can say the words ‘I love you’ but not mean it, so that alone just shows how easily it is to say something without the energetic back up; and with more social media our relationships, communication and expression is being affected. For example a young person told me every day after school she is messaging with a boy yet when they are at school and see each other they don’t speak. This shows the lack of transparency we currently have with our expression.

    1. Now that would be something, for everyone to feel the body first before speaking. There would be more responses and fewer reactions. We would all be reading energy first rather than accepting words at face value.

  14. There is ‘a greater truth that is available to us all’. So why don’t we all live in such a way that we can all access it? We are educated to not know truth.

  15. “It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know.”

    I have been observing this a lot lately. with others but also with myself. When we know ourselves inside out and express from there we move with the authority of God.

  16. I like and resonate with this statement – “It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know”.
    I haven’t perfected this but, I have a tendency to lean towards speaking to others as the self doubt filters in to add to confusion. The body knows but it only knows if what we feed it is clean and clear, in other words not polluted with certain foods or drinks. In saying this, there are times, the impulse has been that strong, you cannot ignore it, so the body does know the truth, it is us that gets in the way…

  17. “It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know. ” Not almost – we do – trust our brains – on account of the education systems worldwide that teach us to do so. Yet when we stop, connect to that innermost part of ourselves and feel our body foremost, the wisdom that can emerge feels amazing. Its like we become a vessel for those words – and no self then gets in the way.

  18. “Anyone can perform a certain act, but what quality of energy is it being accomplished with?” This is so important for everyone to take on board. When I’m at my local swimming pool its amazing the noise that can be generated by the banging of changing room doors and the difference felt when people close the doors gently – and its not just the noise……

  19. Surely this is what we have allowed Science to do which is to dictate to us what we are to feel or not feel, to know or not know. This takes away the experience of what we feel and smashes our body because we have not honoured what it felt.

    1. Mary totally agree, we have allowed science to dictate to us, what, how and when. If we are nurtured of these innate feelings from a newborn, then the world will be in a different place.

    2. The insistence on having everything evidence-based does away with any regard for experience or feeling. No wonder, for if we were all to be and live in our true power, systems wouldn’t stand a chance of persisting in their current mode.

    3. I so agree Mary. So pertinent after a discussion I had yesterday about feelings, energy and reincarnation. I know what I feel and what my body knows, but they didn’t like that and we’re insistent about the importance of factual evidence. Fascinating to observe and we agreed to differ. I won’t change their view and they won’t change mine!

  20. So much about life has been and is imposed upon us be this tea tasting or how to shop for a car or how to find a partner. We are being fed these things all of the time, and most of the time we are not even aware of being fed these things until such time that we allow ourselves to see and feel how much we have been fooled. But by then it is too much to admit and so we continue the game to not have to face the reality of the pill we have swallowed.

    1. Henrietta, there comes a time in ones life when we say enough is enough there has to be a different way to be and to live. When we say this to ourselves then the universe that is there with us every single Nano second of our lives says yes there is and offers a different way to be and to live. Some people take up the offering and make changes and some people don’t because they cannot bear to feel just how much they have been fooled and so go along with the charade and point fingers at those that have made the changes.

      1. Sadly true. Even being given the opportunity to live a different way after a major illness, many just want to return to their old ‘normal’ way of living, which is sadly what probably gave them the disease in the first place.

  21. “if we only go with what our brain is telling us as it processes the basic meanings of words, we are liable to be led astray and continue down the path that has resulted in our disconnection to a greater Truth that is available to us all.” I completely agree and the word ‘love’ is a great example. Everyone has a different picture of what this word means, feels and sounds like.

  22. They say a picture can say a thousand words, and it is true, words have often deceived us, when we connect to our inner heart our there is no room for justification.

  23. A beautiful sharing and understanding of the importance of feeling everything and not just hearing the spoken word for there is so much more transmitted to allow us the true understanding of what is really being said and who is saying it.

  24. It is particularly interesting how we believe what we are told when we perceive it to come from a source of established authority such as politicians, governments, those responsible for the leadership of large organisations, newspapers, religious leaders etc. and forgo our own innate ability to feel what is true or not. Is it not that we are in happy to do this, even are asking for it, so as to avoid our own responsibility to act from what we know to be true?

    1. Yes people can blindly follow someone in authority, hence World War Two. No need to feel what’s true, or think for oneself, just accept what’s on offer. Maybe happening again to a greater degree in the world today? No need to accept responsibility then. ‘ He made me do it’……….

    2. Michael too be honest I don’t think we are prepared to admit just how much we give way and are ruled by the consciousness of religion it is the unseen hand behind Politian’s, Governments, Nationalism, etc.,it is like a cancer it is so invasive we know this and yet we allow it to happen by giving away as you say our own innate ability to feel what is true or not. So really we cannot complain that we do not like how our society has become because by standing by and doing nothing we have allowed it.

  25. I’ve been contemplating descriptions of what people are feeling recently because some people’s descriptions feel like a lot of words, whilst others’ ignite in me something that resonates. In the past I would have preoccupied myself with why didn’t I get what they said, was it me or them who was wrong (!) I was needy for connection and feared people not getting me and vice versa, because I was missing my connection with me. What’s been fun is listening to what I feel about things. Being more connected means I’m no longer devastated when someone doesn’t ‘get me’ .

    1. This is beautiful Karin, how you are taking your relationships to the level of vibration, rather than getting caught up in the confines of the intellectual world that ignores the quality of energy that is being expressed, but instead focuses on a false importance of regurgitated facts.

  26. Reblogged this on and commented:
    “All one needs to do is look at the current levels of exhaustion, mental illness, disease, famine, poverty and war in the world to see that one may have the ability to regurgitate a million factoids and have 10 doctorate degrees, but he or she may not be one step closer to living a life filled with the love, harmony, stillness, joy and vitality that is our natural way. “……

  27. I reckon you have just exposed the madness of our pursuit of research based evidence to explain and justify everything, when the truth is that lived experience (anecdotal evidence) is the real deal. Thank you Michael.

  28. Many of us (myself included) have in the past chosen to attach to words and clouded by ideals and beliefs refused to see the truth before of us. Many relationships begin this way. I’ve read articles of people swindled out of prized life savings, simply because they focussed on what was said, outward appearances, and not their own inner knowing. To live disconnected from our body and its wisdom is a dangerous place to be and has unfortunate consequences.

    1. When we’re connected we’re rock solid but when we’re not then we can go this way and that way, we can dally forever here and we can rush madly over there, we can stick staunchly to our guns or flit here there and everywhere. Connection is an anchor to a truth that has never changed and a truth that will never change. It simply is what it is and that’s that.

  29. Is Truth Deeper than Words? I would say yes as truth is a knowing that is felt in the body, it just is. Whereas words have as we all know been barstardised and have many meanings depending on which one you choose. Words that had one meaning for me when I was growing up for example, have a completely different meaning to my daughter, it is really weird to experience this, I wonder who decides to change the meaning of a word?

    1. So true Mary. It seems that there is this slow degradation or misrepresentation of the meanings of words that slowly shifts from the original meaning and intent over time to the point where we find ourselves with a completely different meaning in the end, but have forgotten how we got there. But if we stayed with feeling from our hearts what was going on the whole time, it would be more difficult to allow this misrepresentation to occur in the first place.

  30. Is Truth Deeper than Words? Yes absolutely. However as we know truth can be expressed by words but ultimately it is what we align to, connect with and feel first. I have more and more of an understanding now that we are all just vehicles of expression.

    1. If we are connected to truth and then either say or write a word then that word is imbued with the truth but if we are not connected to the truth then that word is merely a combination of letters.

  31. True communication at a deeper level allows our body to connect to the vibration of another and it feels that this is also how the whole Universe communicates. Words are not necessary when we allow our bodies to speak to one another be they human of the stars.

    1. How true Susan people have already felt our vibration before we every open our mouths to speak. How much to learn about our speaking way and level of communication.

  32. We know truth so much more than we are allowing ourselves to feel. We do give more credit to research to tell us what is true and what is not, which are controlled experiments which never are exactly the same as our lived, everyday reality than our innate feelings of what is true.

    1. The absolute truth of the matter is that each and every one of us is truth, we are spun from the body of God and He is truth, love, harmony, stillness and joy and therefore we can’t not be all that He is. Impossible.

  33. ‘our best instrument for truth and wisdom is our body’. I remember once being in someone’s house at a party and I really needed the loo. My body absolutely refused to take me there and I was wondering what was going on at the time, thinking that I was being really silly and insecure. I couldn’t wait to leave and use the bathroom somewhere else. Years later I found out that this person was a voyeur and had secret cameras in their bathroom. To me this highlighted the absolute dependability and wisdom of my body and taught me a valuable lesson not to override its signals.

    1. Wow, what an incredible example of the body’s innate intelligence. With no mental input, it just knew what was right for you in that moment, Michelle. I’m sure many people can relate to your sharing here. I know there have been many times where I have inexplicably paused or delayed a departure in my car by even just a minute or so, only to come across a horrible multi-car accident on the highway that if I would have left earlier, may have found me in the middle of it. There are tons of stories like this with people deciding at the last second to not get on an airplane that ended up crashing, or not going to work in the World Trade Center buildings that were destroyed on 9/11/ 2001. When we trust our bodies, they have more to tell us than all the data even the internet could provide us with.

      1. So my question is why don’t we trust our bodies more Michael why do we try to silence what it is telling us? I did this for years and put myself into situations that were at times dangerous and ended up in abusive relationships all because I refused to listen to my body. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I started to turn my life around from one of self abuse to developing a more loving relationship with me and others.

      2. If we’re to seriously consider all of these anecdotes and more, how much more willing would we be to appreciate the fact that every particle in our bodies is divine and that with each particle we get to access the wisdom of the universe?

  34. ‘Anyone can perform a certain act, but what quality of energy is it being accomplished with?’ Absolutely and I feel this is a must for us to truly learn about but also one to deeply care about as well.

    1. It’s a catch 22 though isn’t it because unless we’re being impulsed by a certain energetic quality in the first place then we’re not going to genuinely care about the energetic quality that we’re doing things in.

  35. Most of like the fact that we can pretend to hide behind words and that others will pretend not to see us, it suits us very nicely as it allows us to continue with the elaborate charade that we’ve been playing for centuries. If we were to shift our method of communication to one of feeling then we’d all be outed in a trice!

  36. ‘It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know.’ We learn to do this very quickly because as children we are taught that knowledge from the head is where life is at. In the education system the expression of how a child feels is not ever considered nor is it ever on the radar to consider that the body contains immense wisdom on its own.

    1. This is so sadly true. The ‘tabula rasa’ theory that we come into this world as a blank slate and need to be filled up with knowledge has got us a world that is devoid of feeling and full of mind driven leaders rather than feeling our body and our hearts. Yet the innocence of a child as yet untrammelled by an education system can be amazing – and so wise.

  37. Fantastic Michael – we look at life as a consequence of words when in fact it’s the energy contained in them that determines what occurs. It’s like reading the envelope but throwing the letter out.

    1. Hmmmm Joseph your comment has really got me pondering on what the ‘energy contained within a word’ actually means. For example the word ‘love’ can be said in a way that’s completely devoid of love and the word ‘sausage’ can be expressed with an abundance of love and yet at the same time I can also feel that words do have a certain vibration all of their own. I was going to say that I feel that the energy that we’re in when we express a word is the most crucial but then again there are certain swear words that I can’t imagine even the most love filled person being able to say in a way that they then feel loving. Hmmm much to ponder on…………….

      1. Wow, Alexis, you have taken this question of the vibration of words and the quality that we are in while speaking them to a whole new level. Perhaps it has something to do with the foundational impulse of the person who began using a word and the intention that it was used for. For instance, as you alluded to, it may not be possible to say a word of profanity in a loving way because the original impulse to say that word was rife with emotions of resentment, anger, bitterness, hate, frustration, etc. Alternatively, someone inventing the word love to express what they are feeling for another or the word delicate to describe a flower comes with a totally different vibration and intention. Just a theory here, but quite interesting.

      2. So Michael I am pondering publicly here but if I was with someone who didn’t speak the same language as me and I screamed the word delicate at them in a fit of rage then I don’t reckon the word would carry any of it’s usual vibration. Equally if I was to use a vulgar word lovingly with that same person then I reckon that they would be wooed.

    2. Joseph, we also feel when words don’t match a quality a person is in. We know when someone is not speaking truthfully (honestly) because the body tells another story and does not lie. With awareness we can detect truth from lies.

    3. I love this. One of the reasons why I loved/love Shakespeare so much is the energy in which he couched his words. Sometimes when a truth is brought through the feeling is so profound that it touches deeply and you know that what is being communicated transcends the words and the physicality of temporal life.

  38. Many of these scientific studies have been found to be floored in the research. If we look back there are so many studies that have been discounted. So my question is what is going on that huge amounts of money can be spent on these research projects and then some years later found to be seriously floored. Take the studies on cigarettes the public were told they were good for our health and now we know they are quite the opposite. But have any of the scientists that conducted the research been held to account for their misinformation? Seriously they made a successful career out of misinformation, probably were paid very well for the research they conducted. Did the cigarette companies pay them to conduct the research and so the information was floored to start with and the results constructed to make it look as though cigarettes were a health benefit? When I was a child just listening to my mother as she got up in the morning I felt as though she would cough her lungs up they were so full of yuck as smoking is an irritant to the lungs which are incredible sensitive to the tar that smoking produces. My mother when she was alive was a heavy smoker all her life and this was enough for me to know that cigarettes were bad for one’s health. So should we really believe the scientist or go on our own feelings about something.

  39. There has to be a deeper truth than words, only because one word can mean so many things. Have you ever said something which is accurate, but you still feel like you are lying? This is because the truth is lacking in your communication, we may be doing this to conveniently escape out of something or just skip over a subject/ topic we don’t want to talk about. Perhaps that’s why we’ve made our language so that it cna be open to interpretation.

    1. When considering the question ‘Is truth deeper than words’ all we have to do is consider how we attempt to use words to describe God to realise just how inadequate and ‘tinny’ our words are. In fact we don’t even have to go to the word God, try describing the beauty of a wood full of bluebells……………….even if I told you that it ‘makes my heart ache’ it still doesn’t describe how I feel.

      1. Animals need no words, no language and their communication is clear, they can travel continents, build underground cities and remain obedient to laws of nature without the need to speak or say anything. Yet, because of this ability of ours, we have coined ourselves “the most intelligent.”

  40. Another thing that occurred to me is that perhaps we lose the real meanings of words and they eventually become bastardized and misrepresented because when we just use the intellect to figure out things instead of feeling from our inner heart, it allows us to be fooled in a way that let’s these words gradually drift from the original intent of their expression.

    1. The ‘gradual drift’ that leaves us bereft of truth. Yes I agree Michael. And it is super fun and inspiring to explore the truth in words, returning them to their original quality and vibration.

  41. Quite often I find that words don’t really capture the true depth of truth that is on offer and that we have to accompany feeling to the quality behind the words uttered to get gain a real sense of what is being communicated in full.

  42. Energetic imprints can be felt, and we deny we feel them. But, who has never walked into a room where an angry argument had just finished and there is a heaviness hanging in the room! Do we also enter a space and it feels light and welcoming? Energy is everywhere, we can choose to feel it, or harden ourselves by ignoring it.

  43. So true ‘we give more significance to what others have said about something rather than honouring the power of what our bodies can feel on a deeper level once we directly experience something for ourselves.’ And I wonder why we do this? That we are so used to listening to another in how they are with or feel about something than to listen to ourselves, as you say our body, and how we feel about something. A simple truth that should be grounded for all when very young .. then maybe we would trust what we feel more rather than doubting ourselves.

    1. Well said Vicky as it has taken me years to trust myself and what I know to be true over and above what I have been told by society.

  44. ‘Our history of accumulating facts and knowledge and owning it as if that is going to help advance us as a humanity has simply not worked.’ I am sure it has been said many times before, but with all the extra PhDs and qualifications we have in society we are still getting sicker – both mentally and physically – at alarming rates.

      1. I love the simplicity you bring to this Matilda. I was at a webcast presentation of Serge Benhayon’s where he explained that the reason ancient civilisations didn’t write things down in the way we do wasn’t because they were less intelligent, they used a different intelligence. Modern academics consider the ancients less evolved because their written symbols on rocks/stones were simple, but simplicity is the language of the soul. The fact that those ancients didn’t need to communicate through writing meant they were communicating through energy, so the more ‘intelligent’ we are from the head the more we move away from our natural expression, the more the body has to clear. We have transgressed far, far from where we need to be and our bodies are letting us know this incredibly loudly.

  45. Being able to tell the truth and discern if another is telling the truth comes from the body not the head, because the head can be convinced the words they are saying are the truth – the truth to them. Yet the body is incapable of lying and although it may take time, the truth will always rise to the surface.

  46. Thank you Michael for this blog because by reading these words
    “It’s almost like we trust our brains and what others think more than we trust our bodies and what they know.”
    I have allowed myself to feel a deeper level of an aspect of my behaviour. I trusted what other people thought, I have made their opinions of me and allowed their so called intelligence seem more important that what I have felt to be true. I have subjugated myself in order to fit into something that actually I cannot fit into because we do not belong here on this pane of life. None of us belong here but while we trust our brains or mind and give our power away to so called ‘intelligent’ people over and above what we can feel we are doomed to be living here for a very long time.

    1. I attended an expression workshop this weekend and we were encouraged to feel and be in our body and not in our heads. It felt amazing to speak form my body and trust what came though, as opposed to planning what to say in my mind. The difference was palpably felt as others did the same. Allowing for pauses and to not rush in to fill the silences was a new experience for some and a great reminder that silence can truly be golden….

  47. Like you mentioned with trying to find ‘Tom’ if I haven’t met a person and I get told about them from another that’s nothing compared to meeting and feeling them for myself.

  48. I have spent most of my life being fooled by words as I have only been focusing on the physicality of the person rather than the energy they are transmitting. Now when I feel the energy coming through the physicality it changes everything because it is a completely different experience and it actually frees me from the ideals and judgments I may make about another because it isn’t actually them I dealing with but an energy coming through them, so it’s not personal.

  49. Our body provides the foundation for our sixth sense which is far more potent than any of our five physical senses, even when put together. They can serve as a confirmation, but feeling life and everything that occurs comes first.

    1. Yes it is a whole different way of seeing and hearing people. We receive without the pictures, ideals and beliefs and our senses work as a team rather than individually. It is a retraining of our programming!

  50. Thank you Michael Loved what you have shared, and adding to the discussion , as words go ,they come with an energetic Truth and appreciation is the conformation we are more than physical and thus with authority when we appreciate our essences this is a conformation of who we are and thus deepening our True purpose in life.

  51. Planet earth is currently such a mixed up place that we can claim we are speaking the truth and know what the word truth means and be no where near it. This is because we are such a mind focused society and rely on thinking, as opposed to feeling which comes from our whole body. And, without the connection to our soul via the inner heart to sense energies with we are really lost as this is where the truth sits and acts as a guide for us to feel whether something has the same true quality or not.

    1. I agree Melinda, there is also an energetic source that mimics the truth and I and so many other people have been caught out by this cunning imposter. Those of us that have ‘felt the truth’ in our bodies when we have found spirituality or those of us the have ‘felt God in their hearts’ when they have found organised religion have all been nobbled by an energetic source whose intention it is to pose as the truth so that it can intentionally delay those who fall for it’s evil ways from finding the real truth for a few lifetimes longer.

      1. i certainly fell for it too, but could never stay with one ‘spiritual modality’ fr long on account of the lack of integrity I felt in the organisation and its leaders/ However i have been attending course of Universal Medicine for over twelve years now and feel the truth in my bones. My body has said yes to this Ageless Wisdom and i is deeply felt.

  52. Michael, thank you for your sharings here – it certainly does leave a person pondering on what really matters in life and how important the body and our connection to our essence is for after all, this is what we are here to live.

  53. Intelligence is prized as having multiple qualifications such as Masters and PhDs, but does this truly offer the skills that support a person to live sucessfully in life – and with success here I am indicating practical aspects in life and the capacity to live harmonious relationships with self and with others?

    1. Consider a dog – a dog has no formal qualifications and yet can love unconditionally have a harmonious life – could this not be considered living a successful life, compared to the many that have university degrees, or have become so called successful doctors (intelligent people) and yet end up committing suicide?

      1. Great point Henrietta. Time to dedicate ourselves to re-appraise what we consider intelligence when the way we have it configured at the moment means ending our lives is even an option for consideration as a way to ease the tension.

    2. Henrietta I would venture as far as saying that most education takes us out of and away from life. Life is a felt experience, you have to jump in it, experience it and get very wet. Most forms of education don’t support us to be amongst life, to learn about it and to adjust and as life is the very thing that we’re all living then it begs the question as to whether education is truly educating us about anything that’s truly important? Yes of course I acknowledge that there is a stack of things that we need to learn but the litmus test has to be whether or not learning that thing will benefit the livingness of life.

      1. Love this Alexis. “I would venture as far as saying that most education takes us out of and away from life.’ ‘I’ve worked in sectors and experienced first hand how ‘quality’ managment was distorted and complicated beyond all recognition with hundreds of theories telling you what it is. Not once did I meet a conversation on quality that involved or considered the quality we move in and bring to life.

    3. What do degrees equip us for? Do they equip us to know ourselves in more detail? Do they teach us how to be more loving? Do we learn about how to be in deeper relationships? Do they support us to evolve? Do they offer us the answers to life’s conundrums? Do they make us more joyful? Do they support us to live in a way that is more harmonious with ourselves, life and others? The answer is ‘no’ but I can categorically say that ‘The Way of The Livingness’ answers a resounding ‘yes’ to all of these questions and so many more.

  54. I love the playfulness of your approach here, while being deeply committed in your intent to live in a way that has integrity and truth as it’s foundations. Thank you for another great blog.

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