True Representation: The Origins, Training and Practice of the Esoteric Breast Massage

by Sara Williams, International EBM Co-ordinator, UK

In our support of Esoteric Breast Massage as a Complementary Healing Modality we are posting this article below by Sara Williams, the International EBM Co-ordinator and Practitioner.

The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is Universal Medicine’s specialised healing modality FOR WOMEN ONLY and only ever PRACTISED BY WOMEN.

From early 2000 to 2007, Serge Benhayon, Founder and Director of Universal Medicine, observed in his clinical practice an increasing and all too common state of being in women’s bodies that was far from being truly well, vital and healthy, but rather one that carried an imposed imbalance which was causing much disarray in their body both physically and emotionally. In 2007 in Australia and then 2008 in the UK, Serge Benhayon invited a small group of experienced ‘female’ esoteric healing practitioners to train in a new modality that would support women to at first recognise and feel this imbalance. The new modality was the Esoteric Breast Massage and it set out to present an opportunity for a woman to recognise that there is a natural way of honouring herself in her relationship with her body and with respect to her breasts that she can re-connect to at any time. And that any woman can re-learn to live from the honouring of this way, a ‘way’ already known within every woman.

Esoteric Breast Massage Ethics and Conduct

Honouring the sensitivity of this area of a woman’s body and understanding of the potential opening for mis-interpretation by an uninformed public, Serge Benhayon made clear neither he nor any male practitioner would ever practise the Esoteric Breast Massage treatment on clients or practitioners. He presented the technique of the modality through clothed simulation well above his partner’s chest to the first group of female only trainees in Australia and the UK. Whilst the technique is simple, the depth of stillness and self-nurturing that the practitioner of the EBM must commit to and live consistently also required extensive practice, in order that the practitioners experienced directly the grace of the self-healing benefits of the modality. It is from this direct experience and ongoing self-healing that the EBM practitioners are able to support other women to re-connect to the same awareness within themselves and have the same opportunity to restore true harmony in their body once more.

A significant element of the initial and ongoing training of the Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner is ensuring the support she gives a woman to seek conventional medical assistance in the form of both testing and treatment should the woman have any questions with regards to diagnosing a symptom and condition she may suspect. As the International Trainer for the EBM, beginning my training in the initial UK group in 2008, I have shared as part of training sessions for aspiring EBM practitioners, the considerable time I have spent in EBM sessions gently introducing the benefits of regular medical cervical and breast testing to women petrified of otherwise doing so. It has not always been as a result of past traumatic experiences in medical care, but often stories they have heard or simply shut down to the testing in the fear that they may be found to have that which they dread but almost expect to one day be told they have –  ‘cancer’. It is a fundamental part of EBM practitioner training that practitioners understand that under no circumstances is the EBM a diagnostic tool, nor a modality that in any way, shape or form replaces medical treatment for conditions of a woman’s breasts or reproductive system such as cancer, fibroids, cysts etc.

In order that there be no further mis-interpretation, let me state here categorically once more, neither Serge Benhayon nor any other man, has ever given an Esoteric Breast Massage, nor been present in the room during an EBM practitioner practical training assessment. Esoteric Breast Massage training, assessment and practice is always conducted by FEMALE ONLY practitioners of esoteric healing.

The Esoteric Breast Massage is Universal Medicine’s most highly regulated healing modality, where practitioner training and ongoing assessment is rigorously monitored by the female Regional and International EBM Coordinators, under the auspices of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA)* and abides by their comprehensive and uncompromising ‘Code of Ethics’.

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

60 thoughts on “True Representation: The Origins, Training and Practice of the Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. I have received such immense benefits from the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) modality. For most people we see something like massage as a purely physical treatment that may support the reduction of stress and emotions (the non physical element). The EBM takes this many steps further by providing a quality of energy of the practitioner that is deeply nurturing, honouring and tender, and it supports me as a client to feel I am much more than my body and as a soul I am delicate, precious, Universal, and sacred, and that I can live connected to these inner qualities which can then be expressed in daily life. It’s a very life-changing modality because of the healing it offers on a being level and the depths of myself I can then access and bring to life, which then informs on a very practical level every choice I make for my health and wellbeing.

  2. The integrity and honouring of women with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is of the highest standard in our world, there is nothing at present that is even a close second. ‘Esoteric Breast Massage training, assessment and practice is always conducted by FEMALE ONLY practitioners of esoteric healing.’

  3. Since having Esoteric Breast Massage, and to date I have had a lot, my relationship with my breasts, and the rest of my body has changed big time.

  4. If we treat the body only at an anatomical or physiological level, there are some things you can say and there are some things that make sense. If we accept that the body also holds specialized energies you can access in different parts of the body (not of the practitioner’s choice by the way) and these energies are what a person requires to bring harmony into his/her life, sticking to the anatomical/physiological story as the only thing not only does not make sense, it also harms.

  5. Great to read the actual facts about this modality from the coordinator of the modality itself and to hear that the EBM is a truly complementary therapy that supports women and supports conventional medicine but is not claiming to be a replacement for it or alternative to it. This is how complementary medicine should be – an equal partner to conventional medicine.

  6. From my own experience I know how much integrity there is in a session of Esoteric Breast Massage, there is an absolute honouring of the client at all times, it is a practice that has been highly valuable to me, in opening up as a woman, and understanding how we shut down to protect ourselves, and there has to be an absoluteness in the standard of training to obtain such integrity.

    1. Integrity and honouring of women, and men, is fundamental within Universal Medicine in whatever they do or bring, this is one of the many reasons I still attend the events after 15 years of being a student.

  7. There are three possibilities: one is to say, there is no problem to address here so this EBM business is unnecessary. The second one is to say, there is a problem and perhaps this has something to offer. The third, is to recognize that there is a problem but disputing that it can be healed that way. Given the testimonies I have heard over the years from women who have given it a go, it is clear that the second possibility is the one. Not only they confirm that there is a problem, but also that EBM has something to offer to them.

  8. Amen, I say to any modality that truly supports and inspires women to restore a loving relationship with nurturing and honouring her sacred self, her body and being through appreciating, cherishing and connecting to her delicateness, her essence, as such her divine value in this world. This is where a woman’s power is realised and comes to life, with a grace beyond compare. EBM is a modality that ignites women to reclaim their power to live in connection to all that she is, which makes you wonder, what is at play for there to be any resistance to that opportunity being offered?

  9. I have received several EBM sessions and the care, respect and delicacy I’ve experienced during those sessions is massive. I’ve always noticed a great difference in the perception of my body and feminity, before and after the session. After every one of them, I always felt myself expanded in the exquisitiveness of my fragility, empowered in my vulnerability, amazingly sensitive and more aware of my presence as well as its effect in all around. It’s like returning home within the open doors of my body. I definitely feel fully Me after a session like this.
    Thanks to Serge Benhayon for bringing this modality to the world and everyone of the practitioners that offer it with such integrity.

  10. We love a twist on things, especially if we can make it sensationalised or dramatic. We have a number of sayings around this and my choice is to do my best to always understand fully what I am being told or what I hear in order to get a full picture of things before I make up my mind on something. To often I have been tripped up or made a fool of but jumping to a conclusion when I had only been given part of a story. As we know anyone can say whatever they want with no need to clarify or back it up. This modality is supportive for women, fact, that is my experience and when you see results like this you know things are on the right track and yet those with no experience pass a judgement because they can.

  11. If Esoteric Breast Massage was not a modality I don’t know where I would be today or how my breasts would be. I just went for a breast ultrasound yesterday for a checkup and was told that my breast tissue was very happy and was flowing. This was the opposite to where I was before having EBM’s, 3 weeks out of 4 I would have lumpy, burning painful breasts. It would hurt to lie on my side and I would be in tears. Apart from that I would be very emotional, anxious and run on nervous energy all day. Now I very rarely have any pain or lumps in my breasts, and feel content and confident as a woman.

  12. This illustrated so well why Esoteric Breast Massage is a so well rounded support for all women in so many levels. Yes, we are petrified of so many what-ifs having read and heard other people’s stories and become hesitant to seeking and receiving medical support when that is the very thing we need. I feel that the integrity and the care offered through an EBM (or any other esoteric modality) session and by the practitioner restores confidence in us to know that we are worth receiving utmost care and love – first, from ourselves, that would then allow us to see seeking medical support as a self-loving and responsible choice that it truly is.

  13. It’s an interesting agenda that the media has taken, to try to bring Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric Breast Massage into disrepute when it actually holds the highest ethical standards of any modality I have known. There has been utter rubbish printed in the media about this modality and Serge Benhayon, which is akin to slanderous gossip, instead of the journalists reporting the truth – and it’s a truth the public really needs to hear about. Women and men everywhere need to know about this modality and the level of ethics it’s based on. Everything that Sara Williams has shared here is the truth, and this has certainly been my personal experience of the EBM modality.

  14. The level of integrity with which this modality was both presented and is now practised is simply previously unknown in this world. This is exposing for it shows that we have settled for a far lesser version of integrity than is possible, and let’s face it, many of us don’t like to be exposed and will attack the very thing we are being exposed by, for in reality, who would say no to this depth of integrity if they really allowed themselves to feel it.

  15. This blog is a clear and informative post about the amazing modality of Esoteric Breast Massage. In my opinion this modality is a must for women, I thoroughly recommend it.

  16. To ‘walk the talk’ is what I am inspired by and Sara Williams is doing just that for how can we be inspired by another unless the practitioners are living the commitment consistently to themselves and therefore towards another. Never before attending Universal Medicine and its modalities had I come across practitioners living with such integrity towards themselves and towards their clients.

  17. Thank you Sara for speaking with your authority and power on the truth of the Esoteric Breast Modality and the utmost care and integrity in how this modality has been founded and is practiced worldwide.

  18. Esoteric Breast Massage is an incredible modality and needs to be written about in a way that reflects the truth of the modality, not a sensationalist version that does not represent what it is and mostly how it supports women to live who they are. Thank you Sara for this very clear representation.

  19. To really show what the EBM holds and stands for with regard to the depth of integrity offered, you just have to meet in person all the women who are in training or who are practicing the EBM modality. If you were really digging deep or investigating these women practitioners you could request there ‘before and after’ too. Nothing but an amazing healing modality changing how women live in our world. This has a ripple effect that should be story here!

  20. As a person who has received Esoteric Breast Massage, I am eternally grateful that this modality is available in our world today. I never realized just how racey l had allowed my rhythm in life to become, Esoteric Breast Massage has been a huge support in feeling this racey way of living and hense an undeniable reflection of the stillness that lies within. This exposes much in how I lived that required me to look at, take stock of and begin a process of adjustment I still practice today.

  21. A very well written and clear piece about the most amazing modality. It is vital that we do not allow misrepresentation of this modality when it can support women quite so profoundly.

  22. I can attest to what is written here is true as I was part of that initial group that was trained in Esoteric Breast Massage. The integrity and care this modality is practiced in is outstanding and the benefits for women are incredible. It offers healing on an energetic level which is so so confirming and a great support and foundation to overcome fears and to face medical treatment if needed.

  23. I just love the absolute clarity of what you have presented and the unwavering authority in which you have written what is a stand alone statement of facts… obliterating any current or future mis-interpretation with the practicalities of the truth.

  24. The delicacy in regard to the matter of women’s breasts shows what kind of relationship we have with breasts. Breasts are part of a woman’s body just like many other parts but they have been given much attention for the wrong reasons and I feel that many women have been starting to view their breasts in this way too, as objects. This modality seems to turn all that around, introducing a new way of looking at the breasts and what their true purpose is. To me it seems like a deeply nurturing modality and great for women to have the opportunity to begin to reconnect to this part of their body they might have forgotten about.

  25. I remember my first EBM – I was kind of worried that this was a bit weird, and whether I was doing the right thing – but I have never been treated with so much integrity and respect by a practitioner – and my breasts have never been the same since, they feel and I feel completely different about them. This is a truly great modality for women – I can’t recommend it enough.

    1. I had the same concerns for my first treatment, a little anxious and feeling it was unusual, but my session turned out to be one of the most deeply loving, supportive and caring experiences I have ever had. The whole session, including the conversation and EBM technique itself, left me feeling like I had literally be touched by heaven. That is not a lovey-dovey statement, something truly profound happened because of the quality of energy and integrity of the practitioner, the space provided, and the massage itself. It is not just a physical experience, there is a beauty and divinity on offer with the treatments, and it’s also nurtures this forth from within the client.

      1. Absolutely – the care and space and warmth you’re shown in the treatment is astonishing, it was a new experience for me and it showed me just how much more deeply I could care for myself and others too.

    2. I felt similar Meg, and can remember being amazed by how gentle, caring and respectful the EBM practitioners were. I felt held with love and understanding of where I was at and supported to feel what was underneath that I rarely allowed myself to feel. I also highly recommend this modality to every woman.

  26. Thank you Sara for providing a detailed explanation of the origins of the EBM and the absolutely integrity with which the EBM is conducted. The EBM has been a pivotal modality in bringing me back to the tenderness and gentleness of how I treat myself as a woman.

    1. Yes I agree and it’s important for people to see and read yet the best evidence is in the women that are around this modality. Here we have living examples of how this modality supports them fully in life. The absolute integrity backed up by living result, what more could you ask for.

  27. Thank you Sara for this important explanation of the origins of the Esoteric Breast Massage. In my opinion the EBM is second to none in re-connecting the woman to her body in a most tangible way. The practitioners present a supportive space and their integrity and responsibility with this modality are unquestionable.

  28. Hopefully this should clear any misconceptions up. Very to the point and clear Sara. I wasn’t really sure what I was going in for with my first EBM… But from my experience it was clear to see just how much emphasis is on ethics and conduct. From my treatment I know that they are of an extremely high standard.

  29. Thank you Sara for sharing with so much attention to detail and with integrity the origin and code of conduct of the Esoteric Breast Massage. EBM’s are absolutely the most precious treatments I ever had and they were the most supportive of all in connecting back to myself as a woman.

  30. Thank you Sarah for outlining the origin and details of the Esoteric Breast Massage. I can honestly share this modality has been the most incredible support in me connecting to me as a woman. It is a deep blessing for all women.

  31. A very small group of disgruntled men and the press has done great harm by spreading lies about EBM, which is a much needed modality for women.
    The level of care, integrity and responsibility the practitioners of Universal Medicine conduct themselves with in their professional and personal lives is the highest I have come across, anywhere in the world.

  32. Esoteric Breast Massage is practised by highly trained and professional women. There is nothing sexual about the modality. It is a profoundly healing experience allowing women to surrender to their own tenderness and connect to their bodies by bringing a strong awareness of how they are living and what impact this is having emotionally, on their body and how it is impacting their every day lives including work, relationships and more.

  33. I am truly blessed to have experienced this modality and all the healing it offers women. To be supported to re connect to such a tender, sensitive area of the body takes a very unimposing practitioner. When you go for a session you feel super sensitive to everything, the radar is on high alert for a whiff sexual energy. I am appreciative of the dedication the practitioners have to ensuring they are constantly developing their own relationships and responsibility in their own choices that has meant I have only felt deeply supported in my sessions.

  34. Thanks Sara for setting the record straight, there is no room for misunderstanding the practice and intent of this modality now.

  35. Having had an EBM I can say that I have experienced what you have shared here Sara, the utmost in integrity and respect for a woman’s body. Of course such a modality is baulked at if the only form of touch a woman has experienced has not come from a place of deeply cherishing this part of her body. From this session the imbalance you wrote about has been brought to my attention more than ever as well as my views and even the mechanical everyday way in which I touch my body. All from one session! I have not felt anything but deep care when in comes to the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  36. Thank you for this powerful and simple explanation of what is involved in the practice and training of an Esoteric Breast massage practitioner Sara. It was thorough and there can be no doubt about the high level of integrity, true care and support offered by those practising this modality. As a woman who has received several treatments I can fully back your words as my experiences have been nothing but nurturing, supportive and completely respectful of me as a woman and where I am at. I could not recommend this modality highly enough.

  37. The Esoteric Breast massage is a truly amazing modality. It has taken me a while to fully accept and appreciate just what this modality brings as I didn’t want to feel the hardness that Eduardo in an earlier comment was was talking about, the brick wall that I put up so as not to feel and used to so protect myself. Now that I am starting to let this go, it has been amazing to begin to feel what it is like to be a woman on the inside and not all the things that we associate a woman to be such as a mother a cook, looking good, just an inner connection to the stillness that is naturally within us all.

  38. Thank you Sara for this highly informative article on the integrity behind the training and practice of the Esoteric Breast Massage. I have found this modality to be deeply nurturing, non-imposing and vey honouring of me as a woman. The Esoteric Breast Massage has supported me immensely in my healing.

  39. Sara I experienced everything that you have so clearly outlined in your article when I had my EBM. I have only had one but it has been a life changing event. It supported me to permanently remove a layer of hardness that up until that point I had been holding up to protect myself from being hurt. The Esoteric Breast Massages are truly remarkable in their healing potential.

  40. Thankyou Sara for sharing the level and depth of integrity that the Esoteric Breast Massage modality is founded and practiced upon which is the same level and depth of integrity that all the Universal Medicines modalities are founded upon. For me, EBMs are simply a way for me to reconnect to my physical body and my innate preciousness. A physical body that we can often take for granted and a preciousness that we often can forget even exists due to the overwhelming demands and the stressful ways in which we live our days. I feel EBMs and Esoteric ovarian massages are simply divine and it is my choice to make them along with the other Universal Medicines modalities and Conventional Medicine all apart of the way I care for and nourish myself.

  41. I can feel the integrity in which this deeply nurturing modality is held through this article. I have found it to have a profound impact on my relationship with myself! I am grateful Serge has brought it through for us all, as it is a much needed (despite being possibly misunderstood) modality 💗

  42. I know for a fact how hard the chest area can be (because we use it to protect it against the world). I also know the beauty of esoteric massage technique (even if I have no clue how it feels on breasts) and how the body truly opens up with it. So, putting both things together, it is not hard to imagine how much needed healing this technique may deliver.

  43. Thank you for clarifying this extraordinary treatment and the profound support it offers woman around the world whilst capturing the unwavering integrity and professionalism in which it is performed.

  44. My experience of Esoteric Breast Massage is that it is performed with such love, tenderness and respect. Thank you for sharing the origins of it Sara.

  45. What is outstanding about this modality as Sara Williams says here is that the Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner is ensuring that conventional medical assistance is sought and not just to rely on an ‘alternative’. As this point is super important, it is a significant element of their initial and ongoing training. That in itself speaks volumes about the high level of training and integrity that these women hold and are expected to, which gives me the client a solid trust in what is being offered.
    Since 2008, I have had Esoteric Breast Massage from 3 practitioners and ALL hold the utmost deep love and care for themselves and this is there BEFORE you even start your session. I have always left the room feeling expanded and not once have I felt judged or made to feel like I have an issue. Their dedication, commitment and self devotion inspired me and I knew I could be the same as I had the potential too.
    Excellent treatment and highly recommended to any woman at any age. It works and is simply life changing.

    1. Thank you Sara and Bina. Esoteric Breast Massage is a treatment that is so obviously needed by humanity. It is time for a study to alleviate any fears or stigma attached to Esoteric Breast Massage.

  46. Thank you Sara Williams for giving us All a clear account of what the Esoteric Breast Massage actually is.
    You say in your Ethics and Conduct about this modality –
    “Whilst the technique is simple, the depth of stillness and self-nurturing that the practitioner of the EBM must commit to and live consistently also required extensive practice”. The word consistently sticks out as that is a huge level of responsibility for practitioners of this modality.
    I understand why it would be Universal Medicine’s most highly regulated healing modality because the general public do not want to be associated with words like “breast massage” and in the past I was one of them.
    I can honestly say that receiving this non-invasive treatment has deeply supported me in many ways and in particular during and after major surgery to remove a tumour.

  47. Thanks Sara, for the simple explanation of where the EBM has come from (the impulse of what was needed by women), and how it has been taught. Its a concise piece of writing which does not feel like you are trying to justify anything to anyone, but written in a way that is lovingly “comprehensive and uncompromising”.

  48. I have found having an Esoteric Breast Massage challenging because of being presented with the opportunity to connect to myself as a woman and recognising how far away from honouring myself I have been for most of my life. The gentleness and love that I am met with is so beautiful and humbling and the complete absence of judgement allows me to feel the depth of the disconnection in a safe environment.
    I can also attest to the fact that Sara Williams will always suggest getting any lump or irregularity checked out by my GP which in the past I have avoided out of fear and distrust of mainstream medicine.
    This is a beautiful and life-enhancing modality practiced with the highest ethics and integrity. The practitioners are inspirational because of their on-going commitment to their own self-healing.

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