In Response to ‘The Echo’ article

In response to receiving letters of support from Universal Medicine students, such as this one below, The EchoNet Daily have shown that journalistic integrity is still alive. They have decided to research the facts and write a more balanced article [‘It’s a Smear Campaign: Health-Group Leader’, Jul 26th, 2012, EchoNet Daily].

by Carolien

A response to the article on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine:

What a missed opportunity for you, Louis and staff reporters. I feel if you had read and not just copied the other articles from previous days’ papers, but had taken the time to read all the comments and replies to them, you may have felt to write a completely different piece. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are all about responsibility and integrity. Is it not true that it is also the media’s responsibility to offer the same level  of responsibility and integrity? I do not feel you have applied this to your reporting.

You claim to bring independent news but have obviously copied news from other newspapers (which had to retract parts of their articles because of the utter falsities). I have witnessed how Serge and Universal Medicine have been portrayed in the press and want to offer you my experience. When I started to attend Universal Medicine courses 5 years ago I myself was rather against conventional medicine and the ease with which prescriptions are handed out these days. But not once have I heard Serge Benhayon be anything other than supportive of conventional medicine and thus slowly I came to feel things differently. Not once in the past 5 years have I heard him make claims that Esoteric Breast Massage cures cancer.

I come from a background of alternative medicine, eastern medicine and healing and have in that always felt something was missing. My teachers had spoken great words of love and awareness and self care and about the fact that everything is energy and how that is now a scientific fact. But upon observing them closely, they were all talk and no walk. They spoke of love and then I observed them judging people, or taking drugs or not living in a self-nurturing manner, they were dishonest, lived lovelessly, etc. etc.

What Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, Kate Greenaway and the other practitioners at Universal Medicine provide is first of all the fact that they actually live what they share with others. They have been willing to take the fact that ‘everything is energy’ a step further and to look at what that ACTUALLY MEANS. How many of us, for example, who are willing to speak of responsibility for the environment, of the terrible state of the world or the situation in politics, are ready to discuss the fact that ‘everything is energy’ and talk about the topic responsibility, discuss it with our friends, or at the dinner table, or even with our clients in alternative medicine. How many of us actually STOP and looked at what the CONSEQUENCES are of this scientific fact? What it actually means to take responsibility? I certainly did not before I came upon Universal Medicine. Because to do that is asking us to become really, really honest about how we live, the choices we make and why we make them. Yes, there are those that do not like this level of responsibility and instead of being honest about that they retaliate and attack those who raised the question.

The way Universal Medicine works is of the highest standards I have ever come across. The practitioners are held to an exceptionally high code of ethics and their level of care, attention to detail and most of all their level of love is amazing, unprecedented and truly inspiring. The sessions I have received from all Universal Medicine practitioners have been very supportive and have helped me regain my health (and my life) to a great extent.

The Esoteric Breast Massages are only performed by female practitioners of the highest integrity. Many people react to the word ‘breasts’ and judge without allowing a moment of contemplation. Maybe we need to look at why we only take our breasts into true consideration when faced with illness and disease. Does it not make sense to treat the breasts as an integral part of the body? Not just to sexualise them or see them as a source of nourishment for the young? To me it certainly does. In a time when women’s diseases are spiralling completely out of control, does it not make absolute sense to look at all parts of the female body?

In regard to this, I have had regular sessions with Natalie Benhayon which have helped me to re-connect with my body, to become aware of what was going on at a deeper level, and feel supported in the issues as they presented. To be clear, I remain in constant contact and have regular appointments with my GP. Also, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon do not have any ‘followers’, the student body is actually made up of all kinds of people from all walks of life, who have one thing in common: they have the courage and strength to be open to what is being presented, with the possibility that it may in fact be true. Serge does not direct, tell you what to do, or demand anything ever. He simply presents what he lives, and I can now say from my own experience, it actually works!

We are students and we stuff up at times and people can react to that, understandably so. I for instance, was so inspired that I wanted everyone else to know about what I was learning about myself and experiencing; I wanted to share it, but the way I did it wasn’t respectful or loving in regard to where they were at. My family was concerned at first, but now fully agree to the fact that I have become so much more healthy, balanced and loving. Presenting a way of living that is actually working is not Serge Benhayon wielding power over us, it is giving us our power to choose. It is not about him. It is ME: I am responsible for my life and no one else. I am the one responsible for my choices. I am the one who lives with the consequences of my choices and I am the one who chooses to live in awareness and with integrity. My attending the courses is not for Serge or for me to give my power to Serge (although at the start I tried, believe me and he simply would not have it). I go because every time I do I learn more about myself and humanity as a whole, bringing much greater understanding and acceptance of myself and others, building a life of true love. Through the years I have had a chance to observe many other students and the changes in them have been tangible and inspiring.

I think, Louis and staff reporters, that if you will allow yourself to look at this ‘story’ again with an open mind, you may be surprised by what you find.

93 thoughts on “In Response to ‘The Echo’ article

  1. When everything presented in the media about Serge Benhayon, his business Universal Medicine, his family, and the students who study the Ageless Wisdom, is presented as very negative, inciting shock, fear and other emotions, you have to wonder if people are questioning such outrageous stories. If someone told me that everything about someone in their life was negative I’d have to question that. The media, it seems, are quite cunning at presenting an angle and manipulating the public with stories that don’t represent the truth.

  2. The is an industry of the copy paste out there feeding the circulation of fake things that get legitimized because it circulates. Circulation gives life and wings to untruth.

  3. To me it is even not worth to respond to the media lies. A waste of time which we can use to share about the amazingness Serge Benhayon is, here to support everybody who is ready to return to the love we all innately are.

  4. This is so gorgeously expressed, a claiming of the changes you’ve made and how Universal Medicine has inspired you to make those changes. And that’s what it’s done for so many, inspired them to change their lives (and I’m one of them), not by any diktat but through observing and understanding that how we live, how we are with ourselves impacts everything. And that’s the story here, that a large body of people from many walks of life, and all over the world have trialed this in their own lives, making changes for them and in this have found a greater vitality, commitment and joy in how they are and how they live.

  5. What does it mean independent news besides that not being paid (bribed) by someone to speak in a biased way about him/her?
    Is it about coming to an ‘independent’ judgement about something? What if the judgement is simply false? We tend to place the label independent before any other one, forgetting that the label true is always the first one. Only when we put the true label in front, we can see how truthful is an independent opinion and its true value.

    1. Yes you raise a good point about claiming to be Independent which to me is setting yourself as separate from the rest and in that comes an arrogance that lacks the Universal Interdependence we all crave. Yes the Echo is independently owned but in writing this I can’t help but notice how apt the name is symbolising an echo bouncing off the walls of what has already been laid as the foundation that is the media and that is to sell you products to consume you and not a true voice for humanity.

  6. I thought that to report a fact, the journalists always went directly to the original source to find the information before exposing it. It seems that the obvious is not what is currently happening, as some media don’t assume the work they are due to do. Isn’t it really bizarre that precisely those kind of media are those that are pointing someone who is fully integral in his life and work?

  7. It really is a shame when journalists do not bother checking the fact and publish a story just by copying and pasting it from another source – sure, later on, they may find that their story was untrue and retract or correct or whatever, but it is often the case that those ‘corrections’ do not get announced in or attract as much of a volume as when the original story came out, and it seems rarely possible for the damage to be undone. Sure, we all make mistakes, but our responsibility lies in our willingness to learn from it so as never to repeat it again.

  8. It’s very disturbing to read about the media and the cut and paste mentality as they blindly copy stories – where is the responsibility in that? There is also a lot of judgement generated by the media with this corrupted way of reporting, as they appeal to the decency of people and incite them with lies to judge another – who hasn’t even done the things they report on. It’s incredibly indecent of the media to act this way and you have to wonder what kind of toothless tiger regulates this industry?

  9. “It is not about him. It is ME: I am responsible for my life and no one else.” Absolutely true, and not only that but Serge Benhayon is the first to say this and reminds us often that our life is our responsibility, no-one else’s.

  10. I likewise choose to attend Universal Medicine amazing and life changing courses, and have found similar, ‘I go because every time I do I learn more about myself and humanity as a whole, bringing much greater understanding and acceptance of myself and others, building a life of true love.’

  11. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer and deliver, ‘the highest standards I have ever come across. The practitioners are held to an exceptionally high code of ethics and their level of care, attention to detail and most of all their level of love is amazing, unprecedented and truly inspiring.’ Absolutely, very beautiful and touching to feel and experience this.

  12. Ultimately what Serge Benhayon presents is how to take responsibility in our own lives – which is for our own choices.

  13. I am a student of Universal Medicine because it supports me to let go of that which is not true so that I can be and live the real me, the love I know I am. It is not about following Serge Benhayon but listening to my own inner heart and being and committing to life from this place.

  14. Glad you set the record straight, and it appears there are a number of people supporting the truth also!

  15. It has been startling and eye-opening to see the level of corruption and propagation of mistruths that media organisations are willing to go to in an attempt to destroy one man and his family, their reputations and livelihoods just to serve their own agenda, an agenda that I wonder if they even know fully what it is. Knowing Serge Benhayon, his family, and the organisation Universal Medicine and what they live and represent, the extent of the lies and corruption to misrepresent truth is deeply shocking and blatantly obvious abuse that needs to be called out.

  16. Likewise Carolien, I’ve misrepresented what I have learnt many times… through an overabundant enthusiasm or a simple misunderstanding. However it is not a reason to write off the truth that is behind this. Especially when it is plain to see that this Truth has inspired thousands of people.

  17. It’s revealing to live in a world and be troubled by unloving thoughts that can cloud your judgement of yourself, another and life. This alerts me that I am hurting and allowing those thoughts to determine my actions. It’s an honour to take responsibility and understand what is the hurt and support myself by being honest. I am in deep appreciation and awe of Universal Medicine for providing this level of awareness and my new way of living healthy.

  18. The integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medline is second to none, the practitioners uphold an exceptionally high code of ethics and take true responsibility for their livingness as this is the reflection offered to humanity in all that we do say and every move we make in our lives not just sessions.

  19. To take the time to express what we feel and set the record straight is so important even if the media or authorities that need to be addressed will not always see the reason but you never know it may just be that extra drop that is needed to make the scale tip.

  20. It’s interesting that we do not question those who do not walk their talk so to speak and yet when someone finally does there is suspicion. We live life so back to front.

  21. Media, by its very nature, is interactive – and so it rightly should be. We should never view something that is ‘in print’ as not challengeable, or let alone, ‘factual’. We all have a part and voice to play in the veracity of our media and breaking the stranglehold on truth in media that exists in so many quarters.
    The cheap option of settling for the sensationalist ‘sell’, rather than the true story, is never, ever ok. And we must state it so.

  22. Well said Carolien, and well called to account on the part of what was a clearly biased article, fed by mistruths and fabrications born from a small band intent on smearing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in what seems (in retrospect 4 years later, and still ongoing) the worst ways possible.
    Cyberbullying and media misrepresentation are two of the greatest ailments of our societies today – this will only change when our collective voices are heard, and we do not ‘stand by silent’, pretending it is not occurring, when it is under our very noses, every day.

  23. There is nothing more heart warming than seeing people stand up for what they know to be true and call out the lies knowing of the harm they cause. If no one did, the media would not stop to realise the damage they do and consider the power they abuse from the position they hold. One can only hope that at some stage they hear it enough to decide to change.

  24. Great and powerful statement Carolien, and a great opportunity for the reporters to have a second go at it.
    It seems easy to just do a copy and paste job but you remind them that that is not what news reporting is about.

  25. ‘they have the courage and strength to be open to what is being presented, with the possibility that it may in fact be true.’ I love this line for it could not be more true. Those, including myself who attend courses and workshops held by Universal Medicine are not afraid of responsibility, not afraid to consider there might be another way to live.

  26. ‘Does it not make sense to treat the breasts as an integral part of the body?’ You know, I have never actually considered how dismissive we actually are of our breasts until reading this line. We have practitioners, for our backs, feet, head, internal organs etc….but no actual care for our breasts – BEFORE they require medical attention. It makes absolute sense that we treat them as an integral part of our body because they are. It’s amazing how ingrained the ideas we have about life and how live are. We clearly have so much of it all wrong.

  27. It’s true – at Universal Medicine courses you never stop learning about yourself and life and what goes on around you. It’s such an important part of both life and living healthily – there’s nothing to criticise here – but everything to investigate in terms of what really is true health.

  28. The level of disrespect here is very disheartening to know a journalist would cut and paste such trashy lies. As more of the truth is told about Universal Medicine, the more obvious the lies become. The integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is second to none. I have been inspired by Serge Benhayon for many years now to talk responsibility for my choices in life as I am the one that has to live with the consequences of my choices.

  29. It is interesting that the term “breast massage” causes such a stir. As you say Carolien, are they not an integral part of our body? The reaction to the term merely indicates how breasts are viewed. Admittedly, I found the concept a little strange when I first heard of it. In appreciation of myself, I was open to what may come of it and I am thankful I did. I now view my breasts in a completely different way and my life and relationship with myself has changed for the better because of it. I have recently had a series of Esoteric Breast Massage and I am far more connected to the truth of the woman I am.

    1. There is no stir in the media for their own portrayal of bikini clad or actual naked breasts such as in the case of page 3 girls, so it’s interesting that something such as the Esoteric Breast Massage, which deeply respects women and their breasts and in fact supports the restoration of a true relationship to the breasts, is severely attacked. This itself reflects how the media has succumbed to indecency, corruption, and indulgence, and thrown their own values into the bin, values that once upheld the media as positive and very healing industry for society.

      1. Great point. The media and society are very accepting of using our breasts – be it sexually, to sell a product, or simply to display ourselves in a way we think is sexy. Yet connecting to our breasts causes a stir. We can disregard them and no one blinks an eye, yet honour them and watch out – we’re weirdoes!

  30. Thank you Carolien for letting the truth be known. The media has a lot to answer for in their reporting of stories. The true story in this case is one that is powerful and life changing. The public have a right to know the truth but it is their job to discern truth and what they read whilst journalism’s integrity is in its current state.

  31. Carolien thank you for writing this letter and contributing to The Echo providing a more balanced approach to reporting about Universal Medicine. You can feel with the sincerity and honesty in how you wrote, it brought a truth that is difficult to ignore.

  32. This is a great letter Carolien, I agree with all you say. Serge Benhayon certainly walks his talk and I have never met anyone with more integrity which is something a few journalists could well take notice of.

  33. What is inspiring is a group of people who are so willing to work through there issues. This is something that is void in a mostly blaming global culture. The only way to live a better life is to work together and support one another.

  34. “Serge does not direct, tell you what to do, or demand anything ever. He simply presents what he lives, and I can now say from my own experience, it actually works!” I can add testament to this also, I have attended Universal Medicine courses and listened to what has been presented and everything that Serge has spoken of in workshops and sessions, has made sense, and when tested for myself, has borne out to be absolutely correct. As Serge has stated, he never wants nor expects anyone to believe him, only to consider for oneself the possibility, and put it to our own test. And the results speak for themselves. This Louis would be a great story indeed.

  35. A missed opportunity indeed Carolien, where are the journalists who have not sold out to the craziness of their trade, who have integrity and who once were motivated to write for truth. Here is a golden opportunity.

  36. This blog Carolien is a clear description of how Practitioners at Universal Medicine all live what they share with others. They walk their talk. And that is what also inspired me. The high level of honesty and integrity is unwavering. For any journalist to write otherwise is simply not true. How come we as a society are not speaking up, that fabricated or copied, without tracing the actual facts, news stories are not acceptable. If you look at what lies written by journalist do to people’s life’s then we can actually say that it is a crime what these journalists commit.

  37. Great point here, the practitioners live what they offer. Most people whether in conventional medicine or alternative rarely live what they are presenting. How many doctors do you see that are over weight, drinking smoking yet trying to heal you.
    Universal Medicine stands ahead of the pack for this very reason. We live what we offer simple. How better way than to offer, when you already know and live it through experience.

  38. Well said Carolien. I resonate with your words that Serge presents our power to choose how we live, and with himself, his family and other practitioners at Universal Clinic as living examples of the benefits of the making loving choices – that he walks the talk and thus presents a lived experience not a set of ideals and rules, far from it. It is up to us if we want to explore taking responsibility and making loving changes in our lives. I for one had found enormous benefits to my health, sense of well-being and relationships with all.

  39. ‘I am responsible for my life and no one else.’ This is what Universal Medicine presents, everyone being responsible 100% for themselves and being supported to make responsible choices that take into consideration everyone equally. Given this it makes no sense whatsoever to accuse Serge Benhayon of trying to exert power over people attending Universal Medicine courses. This wouldn’t be treating everyone equally and I can attest to observing Serge Benhayon treating everyone as an equal no-matter who they are or what choices they’ve ever made in life.

  40. “But upon observing them closely, they were all talk and no walk.”
    I feel it took me too long to see that New Age modalities did not heal anything long term; I invested in them for quite a while – I guess I was waiting for the ‘real deal’, Universal Medicine, to open their doors but had to keep looking and trying things until the Universal Medicine business was happening. Once I tried their sessions, I knew that this was it, no need to look anywhere else again, thank goodness, or, should I say, thank Serge Benhayon, thank God, thank my Soul.

  41. For me, this type of ‘journalism’ is cheap and nasty, and highlights just how empty some can be the industry. Echonet, your first story is permanent, but also was very wrong; thank you, however, for acknowledging that by publishing a follow-up story to bring some balance and the truth.

  42. This is a great sharing with us all Carolien and one that I can feel that comes directly from your heart. Truth. When someone repeats, copies or infact tells an outright lie this can also be felt in the body. Over the years I have also attended through my own choice many presentations from Serge Benhayon and received numerous sessions from the most dedicated Practitioners. The level of those sessions are consistent with total respect, openness, honesty and integrity and truly inspiring. They too set an amazing example for us all (all of humanity) that there is another way to be living in a world that is constantly trying to dictate otherwise. I am quite taken aback when in particular, journalists have to express negativity/exaggerations/lies that, when presented with something so amazing like that which is offered by Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the dedicated Practitioners. Now if the reporters/journalists reported truth – I would want to read what they had to share.

  43. I can relate to what you have said here Carolien thanks for taking the time to encourage these journalists to look for the truth, if they did they would find a truly great story and an amazing gift from which they too could benefit.

  44. Great post Carolien. I love how you state that “presenting a way of living that is actually working is not Serge Benhayon wielding power over us, it is giving us our power to choose. It is not about him. It is ME: I am responsible for my life and no one else. I am the one responsible for my choices. I am the one who lives with the consequences of my choices and I am the one who chooses to live in awareness and with integrity.” Thats true empowerment!

  45. What you shared about caring for our breasts made so much sense Carolien. I’ve never thought of it that way- but just like we take care of the rest of our body by having a massage etc, we can take care of our breasts by having a massage as well! It’s only because breasts are sexualised that it seems unheard of.

  46. If the reporters of this Smear Campaign were to actually report on the truth about Serge Benhayon rather than the agenda that they had already pre-determined – they would see a very transparent and open man who lives what he presents to the nth degree. Serge knows many people on a professional and personal level. From my personal experience and knowing Serge very well, he is absolutely full of integrity right to the very details of how he talks to me or walks past. He is incredibly respectful and supportive.

  47. Thank you for the logic of that article. It is true EchoNet Daily and I am so pleased to hear you have revisited and written a more balanced article. We choose our own path to walk in life. No-one ‘makes us’ we have to choose to be actively engaged.

  48. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to write the truth about Serge and Universal Medicine. Serge sets a new level when it comes to integrity

  49. I totally agree with you Carolien that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are all about Responsibility and Integrity.
    I have never come across a man or organisation who consistently puts people before profits and offers us to make choices that truly support our well-being. There is simply no hidden agenda and this can be felt.
    I am living proof that what Serge Benhayon presents actually works and is very easy to live if you choose to be responsible. It is simple and that is the reason I am still around after 9 years.

    1. Agree Bina, if there had been one whiff of something not feeling true, or an inconsistency in what was being presented compared with what I could see being lived – as is so starkly evidenced in so many yoga and spiritual groups, I would have been gone in a flash.. this organisation for all the years I have observed it has never once faltered or missed a single step. To see someone live the truth we can feel and know to be true (but had almost given up hope of ever finding it here on earth) is a joyful confirmation and a coming home.

  50. I found when I first started attending Universal Medicine presentations and having sessions with practitioners I definitely gave my power away. I couldn’t fathom that I actually held the power within myself to change the connection I had with myself and subsequently, my life. I wanted others to tell me what to do. I have learnt over time that this will never happen through Universal Medicine; I am only ever offered support to make my own choices and to understand the consequences. This is very different from every other philosophy/way of life that I had heard of and it takes the meaning of ‘responsibility’ to a whole new level. Definitely not the way a cult works …

  51. Carolien I am so impressed with your response to the article in the Echo. So beautifully written and articulated. Serge Benhayon and the Practitioners of Universal Medicine are an incredible group of people all of the highest integrity as you mentioned. I have only the highest regard for them all and the support that they have given me over the years (8) I have been one of the students of Universal Medicine. I also see my GP regularly.

  52. It’s a story so worth writing about!
    From the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I now feel me to such a depth that I no longer have to search for answers, I am getting to know the true, loving uncomplicated person underneath all the layers I mistakenly thought were me. I still receive support from Esoteric Practicioners and traditional Medicine as required but the return to me has been through taking responsibility with integrity and life is a joy.

  53. Carolien what a beautiful and heartfelt response which reflects the journey you, I and many others have been on. It is written with such honesty and integrity that many current journalists could take and learn a lot from it. Thank you for expressing the truth for all the world to feel.

  54. Great testimony Carolien and even though written three years ago still very timely. This exactly reflects the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon wherever we are or wherever we have come to what is presented offers anybody in any moment a point of reflection to stop and choose love as the foundation of life.

  55. The words integrity and responsibility stand out in your blog, and I agree that these should be at the forefront of all reporting and journalism. As the media have a huge responsibility to society as a whole, and a powerful influence on billions of people worldwide.

  56. Carolien your article is great. It feels strong, clear and truthful. Particularly the section where you emphasized that it is all about the choices that we as individuals make. It really is such an individual journey, yes there are similarities but the detail is ours and ours alone.

  57. Thankyou Carolien for sharing your dissatisfaction with the medias portrayal of Universal Medicine and its modalities. I too am really disappointed in how copy, cut and paste the media have been with their stories. The original stories printed were incredibly biased and thus in many ways inaccurate. But unfortunately because of the journalistic copy and reprint mentality, all subsequent articles printed have been based on the same bias and inaccuracies. This does not illustrate journalistic integrity to me.

  58. Thank you Carolien. Being open to the truth is a choice we all have. The lovely thing is that truth doesn’t judge, it waits patiently for us to come back to it. Unfortunately when we walk away from truth we can justify it to the hilt, until of course our body steps in and reminds us that we never get away with pretending we don’t know.

  59. Great letter Carolein! I agree wholeheartedly. Serge Benhayon is no dictator, he is inspiring simply because he walks his talk and in my experience alone, there are few people in the world that do this with the level of integrity that he and all fellow practitioners do it in. That’s why there are so many people drawn to what is presented by him and Universal Medicine.

  60. Great blog Carolien, he (Serge) certainly walks his talk…,and through so doing, has inspired countless others to increase their level of lived integrity within their lives. Myself included.

  61. Carolien, I love this letter and you so clearly show and claim how through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine you began to make more loving choices for yourself, and how that changed your life. As Eduardo mentions above the point you raise about treating those who happen to be inspired by Universal Medicine and who choose to make changes for themselves as ‘gullible followers’ or sheep – this is calculated, it’s a way of ignoring all that proof of people (thousands) living more fulfilled, healthy and loving lives, and instead attempting to discredit them and Serge rather than seeing this as a group who’s all made changes, in free-will and with choice, which work and that as a result there’s a body of evidence that there is a different way to live (a lot of living breathing examples). How do you ignore that, you undermine the group, you dismiss their decisions as somehow being suspect, or dictated by another – Serge never dictates, he presents what he’s lived and you can decide from there if you want to give it a go or not. They’re not, I know I have one have freeily chosen to be inspired and change my life – there’s no overseer, Serge or anyone else for that matter, just me actively choosing each day to live more of me and be honest with what works and what doesn’t for me. It really is that simple.

  62. Thank you Carolien for writing this letter. What came to me while reading it is a realisation: the press which has published articles on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that do not reflect at all the truth, focus on Serge but totally ignore the people who have chosen to consciously align with the teaching he presents. Behind this, I feel there is a judgment before hand on us (a simple prejudice). This is worth exploring. Like you, it is also ME who is consciously and discerningly deciding to align to these teachings for I clearly feel the truth they represent. Serge has nothing to do with my decisions, which by the way, have brought a level of wellbeing never experienced before.

  63. Great of you to share this Carolien, I’ve searched high and low for the truth but nowhere did I find anything that corresponded with what I felt to be true, until I found the work of Universal Medicine. I was quite fed up with all the inconsistency that I found on my spiritual journey but with Universal Medicine there was none of that. No pandering or giving your power away to something greater “out there”. Very down to earth and what I love the most is that it makes so much sense! I love common sense, it just makes sense.

  64. Thank you for standing up against the lies reported in the media through sharing the truth of your experience with Universal Medicine. Your appreciation for what they have brought to your life, as they have to many, is deeply felt through your words.

  65. This letter inspires the reader to go deeper, to look outside the box and consider another way of life and a way of healing. Whether the reader accepts this or not, or is willing to look or not, does not matter. What matters is that we don’t hold back and we continue to express the truth. It’s fantastic that we have people willing to do this.

    1. absolutely Danielle, very powerful. Expressing the truth is not to make others change their ways but to claim what is felt deeply within. The benefit is that it is then out there for those who are searching to be inspired as we once were and continue to be by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Students of the Way of the Livingness.

    2. I agree Danielle, expressing the truth and not holding back is the way to say no to all that is not true in the world. And with this letter Carolien is absolutely an Inspiration to everyone in speaking truth and holding others to their responsibility and doing this in a absolute loving and respectful way.

      1. It’s so true diana1957. A great point is that there are people who do speak up and say truth, but usually from a reaction to what they are experiencing, so it comes out harsh, and is just as separative as the abuse that is being called out. Ouch!

  66. It all comes back to the responsibility and integrity that Serge Benhayon teaches and lives. There are those who are inspired and ready to be super honest and take responsibility for everything in their lives. There are others who would rather shoot the messenger and ridicule those who take responsibility for the way they eat, exercise, work and connect with others on a daily basis. There does not appear to be much responsibility or integrity in the media today.

    1. I unfortunately have to agree Carmin Hall that there does not appear to be much responsibility or integrity in the media today. I was talking to an ex- journalist the other day and what he basically said was on his first day at the job they told him, that there is no time to check all the facts and if it is a good story just get on with it. Especially during holiday seasons when there isn’t a lot of world news happening they make everything sound “bigger and worse than it actually is”

  67. This is such a great letter, Carolien. It was written at a certain point in time, but the issues you address are timeless – standing up for the truth, personal responsibility, and why people misinterpret the ‘esoteric students’.
    I love what you said about how you were so inspired by Serge Benhayon that you wanted to share what you had received, but you were not respectful of others and where they were at, at the time. I am sure many of us can relate to this, and we have unwittingly done much harm in this way.
    It is not just about Serge, it is about us, and how we are with ourselves and others, and the choices we make in every moment.
    And the more we are able to make loving choices, that include everyone, the more we are able to stand as a point of reflection of that love, as Serge Benhayon stands for us.

    1. I agree with your comment Annemalatt. The more we are able to make loving choices, that include everyone, the more we are able to stand as a point of reflection of that love, as Serge Benhayon stands for us.

  68. I very much agree. Universal Medicine is all about integrity and responsibility, and I have learned a lot, through the teachings of Universal Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon, about taking my life in my own hands and not letting it sit in the hands of others.

    1. I have the same experience Esther with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In learning to be more caring and loving of myself I naturally started to take more responsibility for myself and my actions. One of the greatest gifts for me in this process has been realising that responsibility is an expression of love for myself and others. It has dissolved the old belief I had that responsibility was a chore and a burden that I had to comply with to get by in life, I can’t tell you how much of a relief this was to let this go.

      1. I absolutely agree Kate273 and Esther, what I have learned through the teachings of Universal Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon, about taking responsibility for all my actions and taking life into my own hands is the enormous reflection this holds for everyone around me. Living from the love that I am has an effect on me and also on so many people around me.

  69. Beautifully expressed Carolien. What comes through your writing the most is the sense of responsibility that we, as a humanity, should take, which I totally agree with. We are the ones who make the day to day choices so therefore we should be responsible for whatever happens in our lives. We have been presented with a marker of true integrity and responsibility in Serge Benhayon, and as always, we have a choice to embrace that responsibility or continue to blame others for our ‘misfortunes’.

  70. “I am responsible for my life and no one else. I am the one responsible for my choices. I am the one who lives with the consequences of my choices and I am the one who chooses to live in awareness and with integrity.”
    What a powerful series of statements from a woman who is clearly feeling empowered both to look at where she has come from, and where she is going… we need more of this out there in the world. People taking true responsibility for their actions.

    1. I absolutely agree Simonwilliams8, this is very much needed in the world. What Carolien shares here about the way she lived and the responsibility she takes for her actions is very powerful. This says all about how she looks at life and there is no way that a women sharing this level of wisdom would follow anyone. But as she says here she is very much inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to live the truth of the women she is.

  71. Thanks for this post Carolien and like yourself I was on my own spiritual journey meeting many people who as you say were “all talk and no walk”. There was something missing in what they were saying and how they were actually living. I recall one particular organisation where the two lead teachers, who were called masters, would need alcohol immediately after the day had finished and it was clear that one of them actually had an addiction. What this left me with was questions as to why I was taking on board every word they said, and thought they were speaking truth just because loads of people attended. There was nothing else out there so I went along with it until a wise friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon.
    Now this is a man who ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’, and gives me the reflection that I have the potential to be the same.
    Amazing is a cheap word for Serge Benhayon but it will have to do.

  72. Thank you Carolien and I totally agree that I attend Universal Medicine presentations ‘because every time I do I learn more about myself and humanity as a whole, bringing much greater understanding and acceptance of myself and others, building a life of true love.’ Now that’s a story worth investigating.

  73. It is very disheartening to see copy and paste jobs from journalists, it gives the impression of being lazy and disrespectful. These days if you write an article and it goes online it can stay there for who knows how long. Knowing this I would want to be sure that what I write is of integrity and as truthful as it can be, as it is there for all to see, no longer tomorrow fish and chip wrappers…
    Journalists, surely you see the need to be more responsible? If you have told a lie, then you need to go back and tell the truth, otherwise your lie is still out there showing the world that you are a liar. The more the truth is told about Universal Medicine, the more obvious the lies become.

    1. It has been fascinating reading this blog again in 2015 because as you so gracefully presented Laura the truth of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and all its practitioners has consistently exposed the lies written about them. This truth has been felt and appreciated by many clients and people in contact with Universal Medicine. This has been shown by the people voting for them in the People’s choice of Business award in Lismore NSW and they have won this award again for the second year in a row. That says it all.

  74. Hi Carolien, this is an awesome response and tells it exactly as it is! I really relate to being excited and wanting to share with everyone what amazing things I was learning about myself and how they could/should do it too… This is where I am at now, realising that everyone is on the same path of return, but at very different points to one another and respecting that. A timely reminder to let people be exactly where they are at, thank you.

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