Esoteric Chakra-Puncture: A Practitioner’s Perspective

by Rebecca Poole

I am writing in response to false claims recently made in the media about the safety of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.

I will qualify my response by including my professional background. I have studied a 4 year Bachelor of Health Science specialising in Acupuncture, a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine (through the University of Western Sydney), lectured in musculo-skeletal anatomy within an acupuncture degree program as well as writing subjects for the Bachelor of Health Science (acupuncture). I have also worked in several hospitals in China, my first internship was for 6 weeks specialising in acupuncture and then again 4 years later specialising in herbal medicine and gynaecology. I have been in practice for 10 years this November, during which time I have owned a successful clinic where I have employed up to 8 staff including admin, massage therapists, acupuncturists and nutrition medicine practitioners. I would consider myself well respected as a health care practitioner, working with and receiving referrals from GP’s, physios, gynaecologists, IVF specialists and the occasional endocrinologist. I have been practising Esoteric Chakra-puncture for 3.5 years and was part of a small group of qualified acupuncturists who worked with Serge Benhayon in the development of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.  I am therefore well equipped to discuss the safety of Esoteric Chakra-puncture.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture, like all other modalities taught through Universal Medicine is based on love and integrity. The utmost care is taken to ensure that practitioners adhere to safe practice with consideration to local and state health and safety regulations. I have also presented during Esoteric Chakra-puncture courses on the skin penetration laws. To even suggest that this form of therapy is unsafe shows absolutely no integrity in reporting.

Through my training and experience I can unequivocally say that Esoteric Chakra-puncture is in fact MORE safe then Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (the most common acupuncture practised in Australia). In Esoteric Chakra-puncture the insertion of needles is extremely gentle and superficial much like traditional Japanese acupuncture and it is unusual to cause any bleeding or injury to the skin. I am not saying that traditional Chinese acupuncture causes physical injury, just simply that Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a far more gentler technique and ABSOLUTELY safe.

As a practitioner of Esoteric Chakra-puncture I can also say that the Code of Ethics that each practitioner commits to as part of their accreditation holds the highest level of care and integrity that I have ever seen.

281 thoughts on “Esoteric Chakra-Puncture: A Practitioner’s Perspective

  1. Said with true authority Rebecca, thank you. I have had many chakra-puncture sessions over the past few years and my experience is that it is practised by practitioners with very high levels of integrity and a genuinely loving approach.

  2. Having read the code of ethics myself, I know what a blessing they were to read let alone live or be treated by someone who abides by this code.

  3. I have never received acupuncture but from Observing doctors at a GP surgery I work at who give it – it doesn’t look like a pleasant experience. From my experience of Chakra Puncture I could say that It is a far more gentle and stilling approach which seeks not to ‘fix’ the body or it’s pain but to allow someone to surrender and heal themselves. I have never seen anyone walking away from an acupuncture session looking deeply rested, vibrant and delicate – like I have from those who experience Chakra Puncture.

  4. The Integrity, quality of service and decency of practitioners that I have received Chakra puncture from is inspiring – and inspires me to bring the same level of deep comittment to people in the work I do.

    1. This is my favourite modality in so many ways. You walk out of a sessions with what I describe as a fresh start or a clearer choice on what you would like to choose next. There is no middle ground or confusion but more a clear point to choose and your body feels so settled and rested. I use this modality as a life support and not as an every now and then thing or something to go to when something is wrong. For me now it’s just a part of how I support myself in life.

  5. I only had acupuncture once and really disliked it. The needles were awful as they felt very hard and hurt a lot. Chakra-puncture needles on the other hand are so light that you barely feel them go in and the experience of Chakra-puncture itself is simply gorgeous. I always come away super expanded from it.

  6. As a recipient of Esoteric Charka Puncture I can absolutely say it is an incredibly gentle technique and when offered with the level of integrity required by qualified practitioners it is safe beyond any regulations for any other treatments available in any industry/sector.

    1. I’ve never had acupuncture to know what it is like, so I was a little nervous when I went for my first Esoteric Chakra Puncture of what it would be like. I hardly felt the needles going in, I was completely supported by my practitioner at all times and it was an amazing, gentle, stilling experience. I have never felt so still within, in all my life having a session. I’ve since then had many many treatments.

  7. Chakra-puncture is nothing like acupuncture, the only similarity is both techniques use needles. Chakra-puncture needles are like very fine fishing wire, and the technique is exceedingly gentle but the effects on the body are extremely profound. All practitioners have a strict code of ethics under the Esoteric Practitioners Association where the integrity and the responsibility of each practitioner is scrutinised and checked annually. It is an honour to be a part of and belong to the EPA.

  8. As a receiver of Esoteric Chakra-puncture I can say that it feels very different from Acupuncture and also has expanded my understanding of chakras in the body. Recently i had a treatment after several months and I found that it gave me such a boost, I hadn’t realised how far from my potential I had come, a beautiful way to be supported back on track.

  9. It is very hard to believe anyone would genuinely say Esoteric Chakrapuncture is unsafe if they have actually experienced or even just seen for themselves how it is done. I am very much inclined to say they have to be on some kind of agenda.

  10. Esoteric Chakrapuncture is one of those modalities that can stop us in our tracks as it allows us to feel the essence of who we are. Once our essence is connected it is then a matter of learning how to express it in the world.

    1. It sure does stop you in your tracks. You are left with the clarity of your own essence. What you have imposed or allowed on top of that is very much felt and given the opportunity to let go of.

  11. You or someone like you with many years experience in acupuncture and esoteric chakra-puncture should have been the first person interviewed or listened to if anyone had questions about esoteric chakra-puncture. It reveals the intention when the practitioners using a modality are not consulted when claims are made.

  12. Beautiful to read of your long experience with Esoteric Chakrapuncture. Being a comparatively recent practitioner and as a former homeopath, I would vouch that Esoteric healing modalities are practiced with an ethical basis that I have never before witnessed in any other healing modality. Not only are we trained in the knowledge and technical ability but every year we are energetically assessed. This is surely a first. How I live affects not only myself but everyone around me, including of course my clients.

  13. It’s just lovely to read the truth about chakra puncture,and its so beautiful reading the following ” Esoteric Chakra-puncture, like all other modalities taught through Universal Medicine is based on love and integrity.”
    Having received treatments by the modalities of universal medicine I can verify that they are based on love , integrity and healing.

  14. When someone writes something in the media we assume it is a true and factual account but I am starting to wonder if some of what we get presented in the media is from a slant or bias from the opinion of the writer themselves.

  15. You sound qualified enough to me to know what is safe and what is unsafe and from being a receiver of Esoteric Chakra-puncture myself many many times I too would say it is ABSOLUTELY safe and a very supportive treatment and modality for the body and being.

  16. I receive Chakra-puncture treatments and can say that I’ve been always treated in the most exquisite, respectful and loving way. No danger felt in any moment, but the lightness and deep connection with myself, everytime.

  17. Esoteric chakra-puncture is a staple in my life – an amazing therapy that supports me in my everyday, that bows away any cobwebs, and brings me back to my essence… the true unencumbered me.

  18. I completely 100% agree Rebecca, Esoteric Chakra-puncture is an amazingly safe and gentle modality but with profoundly deep support to return the client back to their original gorgeous selves. The difference getting on the couch ( before the treatment ) and off the couch ( after the treatment ) is phenomenal.

  19. Practicing Esoteric Chakra-puncture, I have found the codes by which we practice, makes this a very safe technique. Every care is taken in training to ensure hygiene, comfort and safety of the client. I have also found it to be an incredibly powerful healing modality that supports all sorts of people to feel restored back to a truer feeling in their body.

  20. I agree that Esoteric Chakra Puncture is a completely safe modality. I have had around one chakra puncture session a month for the past 10 years and I have suffered no ill effects whatsoever. I could say what an amazingly powerful technique it is too but in reality that is only words. You have to experience it to start to grasp its power and benefits.

  21. Awesome sharing Rebecca – and I have to agree as a practitioner of Chakra Puncture myself, that this is a very safe modality and so beautiful in its support that it offers clients. And in addition, in order to practice Chakra Puncture, one has the option of joining the EPA which holds some of the highest standards of Code of Ethics that you can find.

  22. And Thank you Rebecca for your sharing – in terms of also sharing your background and your authority with what you have experienced and lived. Amazing to read, and beautiful to see how this is now coming in to support with Chakra Puncture and all it has on offer.

  23. Thanks for sharing Rebecca. It doesn’t take much scratching to get to the facts around chakra-punture. Where were the media looking for their information and were they even interested in the facts?

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