The Benefits of Esoteric Breast Massage

by Lucy Dahill

I have received many Esoteric Breast Massages (EBMs) in the last few years. At first I went because I had been educated in the benefits of breast massage from a physiological point of view, though what I came to feel was so much bigger than that. The support I have received from the EBMs, the practitioners and subsequently the Esoteric Women’s Presentations has been incredible.

When I came to feel a connection with my breasts, emotional issues that I had forgotten or thought were past and finished with started to come into my thoughts during the sessions. The practitioner kept everything very simple and supported me to understand my own body, in that the emotion I was experiencing was simply energy moving in the body.  My breasts have fed three children and they were quite ’empty’ physically but also they felt drained… It took a long while to reconnect with them, to not feel let down by their size, to not feel ashamed of their emptiness. After each EBM I would feel the size they truly were, they did not physically grow but I could get a sense of their true size. I had been having quite a few issues with cysts, the doctor had said there was nothing I could do, he said it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my fertile life and I would have to take great care during menopause. The woman who did my ultrasound said one of the earlier clients that day had chosen to keep her cyst because it gave her a larger cup size. I was not ok with this being ‘normal’ and if I had been distracted by size I would be denying what my body was sharing with me in the first place. It isn’t normal to have a lump in your breast. It is your body’s way of saying – hey, I am having trouble keeping the flow going.

For me it was my early warning sign and I felt to approach my healing plan no differently to if I had a cancerous tumour. I decided to massage myself as well as have regular Esoteric Breast Massages and to introduce more gentle and nurturing routines for myself. To be open to seeing if there were perhaps things that I did that were not as nurturing to myself as they could be. I found that there were and as I chose to make more nurturing choices part of my day to day living, each month the lumps reduced in size. I continue to have regular scans and was told I could now go to annual checks again. I still have a few lumps and I feel them as a communication from my body that something is out of balance, rather than something to avoid or be scared of. I love that my body is always talking to me.

I may not know what the next step in self-nurturing is, but I didn’t know what the first step was not so long ago, so I just choose to be open to feeling, and I know my body will find a way to show me.

154 thoughts on “The Benefits of Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. “I may not know what the next step in self-nurturing is, but I didn’t know what the first step was not so long ago, so I just choose to be open to feeling, and I know my body will find a way to show me.” For some women nurturing is going to get your hair or nails done, or buying clothes, but I love what is shared here as nurturing being something that the body leads in. In the past I would often turn to the internet or outer sources of information to support my health, and in some cases I would stubbornly continue to feed myself certain things called “superfoods” when my body was giving me symptoms saying it’s not right for me. I learnt to tune into my body and begin to honour its signals and authority – after all the body doesn’t need to refer to the internet! I have found that my body is a very strong communicator, it shares subtly and not so subtly all the pressures I place it under, and equally thrives under my love and care. Dropping beliefs about how life or I am supposed to be to actually honestly listen to the truth of what my body is sharing is a bit of a tug of war at times, but I’m learning to surrender more.

  2. Lucy what you have shared here is to me a revelation that should be shared with every woman worldwide.
    “To be open to seeing if there were perhaps things that I did that were not as nurturing to myself as they could be. I found that there were and as I chose to make more nurturing choices part of my day to day living, each month the lumps reduced in size.”
    So there is a possibility that if women were to take more care of themselves by nurturing themselves rather than always in the doing of the many roles that they take on this may have a huge effect on their overall wellbeing. Surely this is worth investigating as we know that illness and disease is dominating everyone’s lives, where it is now unusual that someone doesn’t have an illness or disease.

  3. How beautiful to accept that our body is communicating to us, and telling us if something is out of balance, so we can make new choices, that honour, nurture and care deeply for ourselves, ‘as I chose to make more nurturing choices part of my day to day living, each month the lumps reduced in size.’

  4. To start to understand what self nurturing is and start to live it is a gift for us all because by truly nurturing ourselves we bring the same quality to everybody else.

  5. I have found the Esoteric Breast Massage modality a true gift, it’s supported me to reconnect to and care for my breasts, to be more aware of my whole body and treat it with tenderness, and to feel the essence of myself as a woman and cherish this. It is an extraordinary experience to have an Esoteric Breast Massage, for me it’s been life changing.

  6. This is very empowering Lucy. It shows that we can deal with what we have been avoiding feeling in our breasts and the positive effect of being nurturing with ourselves. It sounds so simple but it is something that is missing from most women’s lives these days as they rush around being everything for everyone.

    1. I agree, it sounds so simple so we have to start asking ourselves why we find it so hard to prioritise that care and attention for ourselves. In my experience it lays a foundation for everything else.

  7. “I may not know what the next step in self-nurturing is, but I didn’t know what the first step was not so long ago, so I just choose to be open to feeling, and I know my body will find a way to show me” – this is just beautiful. I love this. This wanting to know, wanting to own, is what turns anything into a subject of judgment/frustration and ultimately sabotage what potentially could unfold. I so need to remember that.

    1. Me too Fumiyo, we want to grasp something before it’s arrived, instead of being open and allowing of it without knowing, and simply receiving.

  8. When dealing/observing breasts, we can choose the physical side of the equation or the energetic. If we go for the former, we look at size, shape, etc. If we go for the latter, we feel emanation. Two different criteria for beauty that is in the eye of the beholder.

  9. I really had no clue what self-nurturing was and what effect the way I lived had on my breasts until I started having Esoteric Breast Massages. I feel so different and so much more respectful of my own body that I wonder how I must have abused myself without even recognising I was. What a gift this modality is.

  10. Lucy at first I was skeptical about the benefits of Esoteric Breast massage (EBM) till I had a few sessions myself. It came to my awareness that they were just there, no different to testicles hanging for a man. They were cold in places and didn’t belong to me, they belonged to the world’s commodity.

    Once I had a few EBM I started to reconnect to them, they were becoming warmer than before and I started to notice them but most of all they started to take shape to their natural size.

    I spent years working out and my breasts had reduced in size so they never had the opportunity to be their normal self or size. Since I stopped working out (for health reasons), over the years my breast changed too.

    EBM has connected me to my breasts.

  11. The Esoteric Breast Massage stands alone as a modality that supports a woman in being all that she is, through her own dedication to self. It is an enormously supportive experience.

    1. Yes and until we embrace the simplicity of that understanding we will continue to impose the grubby presumptions that steer us away from nurturing and embracing our breasts.

  12. There is a great deal we can learn from our body when we listen to it, the problem is we choose to override what is being communicated, the Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to connect more with myself and accept how fragility is actually a strength.

  13. Breast care is something that seems to be almost wholly ignored our society. We care for our hair, grooming, colouring, cutting, we care for our nails, and of course enormous time on our face, but what about our breasts? It is like they don’t exist. Yet breast cancer rates are enormously high, so perhaps care of our whole self including our breasts is a wise step forward.

    1. Well said, such a large part of our body, completely neglected unless they are needed for sex or breastfeeding. The Esoteric Breast Massage has really brought the conversation back to the importance of breast care in health care.

  14. “so I just choose to be open to feeling, and I know my body will find a way to show me.” It is this simple Lucy, isn’t it? And to do this, it does require being more loving, more caring with your body and more open with it so we can hear the loving messages our body communicates with us. It absolutely adores us 24/7 – no matter what we throw at it! it wants the best for us, it keeps us alive! And our bodies are super honest, they cannot lie, they only know truth. No judgements on how much you ate for example, it will lovingly bloat, or be gassy to let you know it was too much and there is disharmony in your body.

  15. We do tend to bury our hurts as deeply as we can, which is what inevitably we are living from, hindering us to freely appreciate, nurture and live our preciousness. It is very empowering to have a modality such as EBM’s available to us so we can feel for ourselves where we are holding pockets of ill-energy that are keeping us from freely being who we are, and instead embrace a deeper relationship with nurturing and cherishing our body so our sacredness is naturally lived.

  16. I have always had a very remote relationship with my body – not taking the time to stop and feel and listen. It feels as though as we age the body can no longer cope with this level of disregard and begins to talk in a very loud and unavoidable way. I still find if challenging at times to not over ride my body but I am now more willingly to stop and realise that enough is enough and that my soul is calling me back home to be at one with my body and honour the love it offers.

  17. I was also surprised by the emotional issues that had been buried in my body, that resurfaced when I started to have EBMs. I had been having Esoteric Healing for some years so my body was much lighter and clearer, yet there are specific issues around being a woman that came up with the EBM. Although it was challenging at the time, I would much rather know what is there than be ignorant and have these emotional issues causing disharmony and potentially disease in my body.

    1. Yes, that is the same for me – I would much rather know what is being held in my body than have it influence my decisions and my relationships without seemingly knowing why.

  18. Like you Lucy I love that my body talks to me and informs me of what is going on within me and around me. Sometimes it may have to shout to get my attention but I am becoming more and more aware of how important it is to listen to the wisdom of it and to trust that wisdom.

  19. Thank you – ignoring is not working.. As our body will reveal its truth always and make the illness come out in whatever way it needs to do so – as it wants to keep the flow going of the natural state of harmony of the body.

  20. Coming back to ourselves as women is key and hence we must find our way back to living from this. This to me is The Way of The Livingness. A livingness available to us all..

    1. Well said Danna – as re-discovering who we innately are through developing a loving relationship with our body, we are able to discern and feel who we are not, as such heal and make the adjustments needed to bring all that we are, our Soul-fullness, to life. Yes indeed, The Way of The Livingness offers a way to resurrect ourselves to live the graceful power of who we all are in essence.

  21. Thank you, Lucy. It was great to read your blog this morning – it made me realise how I have got used to having lumps in my breasts. I do have regular scans, but I can feel how I have normalized them being there. My initial reaction to finding them was one of fear and I had a few biopsy to be told they were benign but as you say the fact that they are there are telling me something is off – whether how I used to live or how I am living, there are things that don’t have to be there – “I am having trouble keeping the flow going” – I love how you have said this, and how this has pulled me out of my complacency.

  22. I had a breast screening yesterday and although the woman I saw was doing her best to be gentle and clear I came away feeling that I had been treated less than the amazing precious woman that I know myself to be. As everything is a reflection it caused me to question the care that I had been taking in my life generally and how I had been nurturing myself and I could see that I could be so much more tender and delicate with myself than I am currently being. It also made me appreciate the levels of care and respect that I have come to thus far. The biggest thing was for me to realise how tense I had become as the machine was about to squash my breast. I had already decided it was going to be awful before anything happened. This guardedness I have been carrying around with me in life. This morning I decided to do a 10 minute Gentle Breath Meditation and I could feel the tension melting and my body surrendering.

  23. I love what you share Lucy about simply being open to what the body has to share. If we stay open in a way that marvels at the wonder of this information and innate intelligence rather than caught in the mind about worrying, so much more is revealed as to the original step that might have prompted the requirement of a sign. Appreciating our part of our well-being coupled with great medical advice and support we are able to approach healing responsibly.

  24. The power behind words when we correctly use them is very great, and to then use them in a way that empowers people is grand. As we can use them equally to take people down. It is time to show the world – where words can truly be used for.

  25. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a true blessing for women to not only support on a physiological level but to bring old hurts and buried issues to the surface so that they can be healed.

  26. How lovely to develop this nurturing and caring relationship with the body and honour its innate wisdom.

  27. This is a modality that helped me understand how beautiful it is to look after and deeply nurture myself and how my body is so very worth it. It is beautiful to become alive in ones body again from the inside out and to feel truly content in my own body.

  28. Self-nurturing is something we do not talk about. Often if we do we think it is about holidays, shopping trips, chocolate and spa days….this is not it, it is free, totally supportive and very sustainable, it just takes a different approach to how we treat our body. I am learning this myself, I used to give myself treats, this is not sustainable and not very supportive, I am changing and offering myself great care everyday and being very loving with myself, this is a nurturing way that really reconnects us and brings a quality of contentment in life like no other.

  29. I can only relate to the specifics of that this article is saying. I have seen in my own body, ‘things’ happening as a message, guide or warning of something needing to change. Even down to the smallest pain or ache there is something for us to read in what is going on. I love the openness and light way this article presents what is a serious and possibly scary experience. It’s not playing it down but more saying that like everything, read the message, make the change and be open to what is next.

  30. We need to register how so much in the world seems intentionally designed to remove us from the true connection to our bodies and to our essence, and how much we have played along with this and allowed the world to be so. Once we choose to reconnect and live the sacredness we are all naturally from, we can restore that naturally within the world and with each other.

  31. I love the way you write Lucy and I also the appreciate the approach you have taken to deal with what your body letting you know it needs. I know for myself that I have overlooked and therefore abuse my body in so many ways for such long periods of time in the past that it is necessary to slowly rebuild the trust and the relationship I have with myself and my body . . . as you have so clearly demonstrated that you are doing here. I often say to the young take care of your body as every choice to override what your body is telling you now comes back to bite you as you age.

  32. Our bodies are so divine in every way and are working 24/7 to keep us functioning so beautifully, so the least we could do is nurture and care for them like we would a very small child, or something truly precious. Either way our bodies are truly worth every moment spend lovingly with them.

  33. Lucy I appreciated your attitude to nurturing, that just as you did at the beginning learning to self nurture, now when it comes to finding a way to deepen your nurturing you rely on your body – nurturing cannot be prescribed to us. I must say my mouth was agape at the woman’s comment to keep her cyst because it added to her bra cup size – wow, we place the image we want of ourselves and how we look as more important than our health.

  34. In the hustle and bustle of today’s world we women have got so lost that true nurturing is like a foreign land to far too many of us – and this is something we all need to collectively correct together by supporting and inspiring each other to bring back to life both true care and then, true nurturing.

  35. i love the gentleness of this blog Lucy and the lovely way you reminded yourself that the place to begin made itself known and so the next step will also arise as needed in the choices to continue to loving yourself.

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