Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

by Shannon Everest

Recently in several articles in various papers, Natalie Benhayon and her work with the Esoteric Ovary Massage have been written about in a way that does not reflect Natalie’s true character, the technique of the Ovary Massage or the truth about what she has been presenting for women. In fact, what has thus far been written has unfortunately been pure lies and does not relate at all to what is true of her or the Esoteric Ovary Massage. The way that the Ovary Massage was expressed through the media made it sound very ‘far out’, but in actual fact you could not get something that feels more real and down to earth, so tangible and applicable to daily living. This article is to give a true perspective from one who has experienced the healing and whose life has been touched in the deepest way from the healing and by simply knowing Natalie.

In all of my sessions with Natalie, she has never said that the Ovary Massage can cure cancer, in fact she has never even mentioned cancer. She has definitely not claimed to be able to talk to ovaries, nor has she talked to my ovaries and I have had many ovary massages. The Esoteric Ovary Massage has been a very delicate and lovely healing technique where I have been able to go deeper and connect to my ovaries, to be able to actually feel them in my body, to feel that a lot of the time they were aching. Previously, before my attention was brought to this part of my body, I had no idea and it has made me wonder what that ache was doing to me on a daily basis. It has made me look at how I was living in a very practical way, how was I walking, how gentle was I being with myself, was I cherishing and adoring myself for the beautiful woman I am? My answer sadly was no, not truly, which created a huge turnaround for me.

After only one session and developing an understanding that my body was the product of all of the choices I had ever made, so much started coming up to be looked at. It was after this that I started going back and looking at some of the things that had occurred throughout my life and the choices I had made, the way I had chosen to respond to life that was oftentimes dishonouring to who I was and what I had actually felt at the time. All of these choices I had made over my lifetime (I am 33), had continually reinforced a lack of self-worth.

Each choice felt like it compounded in me a sense that I was always to remain in that lack of self-worth. From all of these compounded choices I felt an unworthiness and less as a woman. As I began to re-visit these memories with more love, understanding and compassion for myself I could see how lovely I have always been and had simply made some bad choices because I didn’t have the awareness and understanding that I now have. I could see that I didn’t need to continue in this pattern of choices, that I could go in another direction now that I had a deeper understanding of why I had done certain things. So, the majority of the healing actually took place outside the session room, just in ordinary daily living as I nominated and let go of the past but also began developing my connection to myself in a deeper way. So, it reinforced in me just how powerful I am and the fact that we heal ourselves.

Most of the healing that occurred from my sessions was via inspiration. I myself could feel the way that Natalie was with herself, how she took care with herself, how she honoured herself. All of what she spoke about, I could feel that she actually lived herself. There was nothing she ever said to me that she had not been doing and trying and developing for herself, this allowed me to feel such a trust and a confidence in her because of this genuineness, because I could feel this realness for myself and for me that is everything.

I could not count the number of women’s lives that have been touched by Natalie Benhayon and her healing work. I can feel the changes and choices I have since made have impacted on both my mother and my daughter in such a lovely way. That is three generations of women being inspired to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.

275 thoughts on “Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

  1. “Each choice felt like it compounded in me a sense that I was always to remain in that lack of self-worth. From all of these compounded choices I felt an unworthiness and less as a woman” each and every choice that we make is an alignment, an alignment to one of only two energetic sources. We align ourselves into every single situation that we find ourselves in and we can align ourselves out of any and every single situation we find ourselves in. Alignment is the key to our own salvation. No one else has save us, it’s only us who can align ourselves into energetic freedom.

  2. The media seem to pick up one element of a whole picture, like the Esoteric Ovary Massage, and then create an angle to make it all seem bizarre and to incite disbelief and emotion, frankly it’s quite disturbing and very abusive for the readers. What has been shared in this blog is something all women deserve to read, that this massage technique and the practitioner Natalie Benhayon have supported the writer (and other women) to make changes to the way they live which has impacted on health and wellbeing, self worth and self love, and the positive effects have gone beyond the client with the ripples having a supportive impact with other people – truly that is an amazing story! But, according to the media it’s not ‘newsworthy’, yet the bizarre twist with associated lies got printed, to me that is corrupt, immoral and unethical.

  3. Are we ready as a collective to take on the responsibility that our bodies reflect back to us all the choices we have made and continue to make?

  4. We heal ourselves, true, it is our choice if and when we make these choices, and inspiration from another can often be the staring point, ‘Most of the healing that occurred from my sessions was via inspiration. I myself could feel the way that Natalie was with herself, how she took care with herself, how she honoured herself. All of what she spoke about, I could feel that she actually lived herself.’

  5. Ovary massage is very simple and practical. It offers women, who are mostly unaware or dismissive of our reproductive areas the opportunity to feel and get to know more about how that part of the body is feeling and has been affected by our choices in life.

  6. “The majority of the healing actually took place outside the session room, just in ordinary daily living as I nominated and let go of the past but also began developing my connection to myself in a deeper way” – that is my experience as well. I have no esoteric practitioner in my local vicinity that I can visit for a session so my session room experience is very limited, but my every day is filled with constant healing and deepening opportunities. The Livingness is a very powerful modality in itself and Natalie Benhayon models that very well.

    1. How we live has a big impact on our health and well-being, so by choosing to connect with our body, listen to and really honour its many messages is paramount to our well-being and healing.

  7. It shows how important it is for us to just be ourselves in the world and what happens to our bodies and others when we aren’t. What Natalie reflects to everyone is what we all have to reflect. Thank goodness Natalie loves herself and humanity to the hilt that she does bring her all so women everywhere can see and be inspired to also be themselves.

  8. So many of us think that we have go and see someone or get a healing session to heal, but the truth is that life itself and the choices we make are our greatest form of medicine. The sessions often bring the awareness and or insights, but it is in our daily life that we have to nominate what we choose and renounce our loveless behaviors.

    1. True healing comes from our alignment with energy. Whilst we are aligned to an energetic source that doesn’t want us to know the truth of who we all are there can be no true healing. Sure we can think that there has been but that thought is simply one of the million trillion thoughts that gets fed to us by that same energetic source. It’s only when we switch to the true, divine energetic source that true healing can take place and it happens purely by being aligned to that source, we don’t need to sit on a therapists couch and talk about our childhoods!

  9. Our ovaries speak very loudly, to mock it is to negate an opportunity to listen to your own body. If that doesn’t sit well with someone then all good but don’t belittle something simply because it is not understood.

  10. To me Universal Medicine is all about understanding our bodies and building a deeper respect to them and therefore ourselves. After all we live in them 24/7/365 days a year but how many of us actually take much notice of them except when there is something wrong. Then we go to the doctor and expect them to fix the problem so we can carry on as before. But where is our responsibility to take care of ourselves? I was definitely one of those people who didn’t take any notice of my body I treated it like a dustbin, eating and drinking things that were not at all supportive at all. Then I got the wake up call from my body and started to take greater care of myself and what I ate, my body feels more vital for the dietary changes and interestingly my family without me saying anything have noticed the changes in me and they are changing their diets too and they say like me they feel so much healthier for it.

  11. I find it amazing, especially since I am living in northern NSW where anything goes with alternative therapies (I heard about a technique where people sit on another person’s stomach and bounce up and down on it) that a simple, gentle technique like ovary massage is criticised. We are fully clothed, and the hands are gently placed over the hip/ovary area. You get to feel this part of your body and discuss it with Natalie. Since so many women are quite shut down when it comes to feeling their pelvis or breasts I would say this is a much needed healing modality.

    1. Wow, what on earth is that technique called – the Bum Tum? How utterly silly that seems to me yet to the people practising it maybe it has meaning, and they are left alone. And definitely it’s true that in this area it’s a Mecca for anything goes alternative techniques, I’ve heard of some out there outrageous things going on, as well as community events like the annual nude bike ride in Byron Bay, interesting that the Universal Medicine practitioners get targeted and criticised even though they have the highest code of ethics in the world and others get left alone.

  12. Natalie is for me my example in life how to live as a woman deeply honouring herself.
    Not allowing one ounce of abuse.
    And having her focus to serve the evolution of both men And women.
    She is to be my inspiration to also make honoring choices.
    Her ovaries massage session has nothing to do with talking to organs. That Will be very useless.

  13. Thank you for sharing your experience, I too have benefited from the Esoteric Ovary Massage, it is an amazing experience to feel how tender we truly are, and how often we override our own tenderness in order to get things done, Natalie Benhayon is a true inspiration to many to lead a life more connected to themselves.

  14. Natalie through her livingness continually inspires me. Why would I not see her when I feel my ovaries need some tender loving care just like any other area of my body? She supports me to see and accept the true woman I am and let go of beliefs and ideals I have taken on about what it means to live as a sexy, sassy woman in the world.

  15. Thank you for writing this Shannon it brings some light to what is a deeply connective treatment for women. Even today some 6 years on there are still jokes and innuendos around talking to ovaries, ovary massage and breast massage. You can clearly feel the support this has offered you… and many other women also.

  16. Although I only have one physical ovary now I can feel them both energetically this becomes even more apparent during an ovary massage or during sacred movement sessions.

  17. We always did the best we could with the information and understanding we had at the time. Beating ourselves up for not ‘doing better’ just compounds any issues. We all make mistakes. We can choose to make changes and new choices in every moment and move forward with more awareness and love. Amazing what can then happen…..

    1. At any point in time we’re all aligned to one of two energies and everything that we do, say and think comes from one of those two sources. ‘Beating ourselves up’ comes from an energetic source that works tirelessly to keep us from the truth of who we all are, as does the notion of ‘good and bad’ and also the idea that we make ‘mistakes’. All of this just keeps us rummaging around in a consciousness that keeps us going around and around in circles, whereas the divine energetic source is everything already in that moment, no floundering around just instant connection to truth, we simply have to align to it through our movements and it’s there.

  18. Natalie Benhayon has never, to my knowledge talked to anyone’s ovaries. I have had several Esoteric Ovary Massage sessions and they are purely energetic. They are done fully clothed and with deep respect for the client. There is no inappropriateness here whatsoever. I appreciate these sessions and the deeper understanding they bring.

  19. I agree that a great deal of the healing in an ovary massage is from the inspiration of Natalie Benhayon. When she speaks, the way she moves and holds my body reminds me of a deeply honouring way that I already know but have been dishonouring. When we talk about what is felt it asks and gives permission for the woman to go much deeper than what she normally allows herself to feel.

  20. Everybody knows how important ovaries are for women. Yet, not everybody knows that it is possible to work on their quality and what happens when that work gets done. That is why it is so important to share with the world what those who have received an ovary massage have to say, based on their own experience.

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