Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

by Shannon Everest

Recently in several articles in various papers, Natalie Benhayon and her work with the Esoteric Ovary Massage have been written about in a way that does not reflect Natalie’s true character, the technique of the Ovary Massage or the truth about what she has been presenting for women. In fact, what has thus far been written has unfortunately been pure lies and does not relate at all to what is true of her or the Esoteric Ovary Massage. The way that the Ovary Massage was expressed through the media made it sound very ‘far out’, but in actual fact you could not get something that feels more real and down to earth, so tangible and applicable to daily living. This article is to give a true perspective from one who has experienced the healing and whose life has been touched in the deepest way from the healing and by simply knowing Natalie.

In all of my sessions with Natalie, she has never said that the Ovary Massage can cure cancer, in fact she has never even mentioned cancer. She has definitely not claimed to be able to talk to ovaries, nor has she talked to my ovaries and I have had many ovary massages. The Esoteric Ovary Massage has been a very delicate and lovely healing technique where I have been able to go deeper and connect to my ovaries, to be able to actually feel them in my body, to feel that a lot of the time they were aching. Previously, before my attention was brought to this part of my body, I had no idea and it has made me wonder what that ache was doing to me on a daily basis. It has made me look at how I was living in a very practical way, how was I walking, how gentle was I being with myself, was I cherishing and adoring myself for the beautiful woman I am? My answer sadly was no, not truly, which created a huge turnaround for me.

After only one session and developing an understanding that my body was the product of all of the choices I had ever made, so much started coming up to be looked at. It was after this that I started going back and looking at some of the things that had occurred throughout my life and the choices I had made, the way I had chosen to respond to life that was oftentimes dishonouring to who I was and what I had actually felt at the time. All of these choices I had made over my lifetime (I am 33), had continually reinforced a lack of self-worth.

Each choice felt like it compounded in me a sense that I was always to remain in that lack of self-worth. From all of these compounded choices I felt an unworthiness and less as a woman. As I began to re-visit these memories with more love, understanding and compassion for myself I could see how lovely I have always been and had simply made some bad choices because I didn’t have the awareness and understanding that I now have. I could see that I didn’t need to continue in this pattern of choices, that I could go in another direction now that I had a deeper understanding of why I had done certain things. So, the majority of the healing actually took place outside the session room, just in ordinary daily living as I nominated and let go of the past but also began developing my connection to myself in a deeper way. So, it reinforced in me just how powerful I am and the fact that we heal ourselves.

Most of the healing that occurred from my sessions was via inspiration. I myself could feel the way that Natalie was with herself, how she took care with herself, how she honoured herself. All of what she spoke about, I could feel that she actually lived herself. There was nothing she ever said to me that she had not been doing and trying and developing for herself, this allowed me to feel such a trust and a confidence in her because of this genuineness, because I could feel this realness for myself and for me that is everything.

I could not count the number of women’s lives that have been touched by Natalie Benhayon and her healing work. I can feel the changes and choices I have since made have impacted on both my mother and my daughter in such a lovely way. That is three generations of women being inspired to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.

211 thoughts on “Esoteric Ovary Massage & Natalie Benhayon: A True Inspiration

  1. The ovary massage is a very gentle hands on technique on a fully dressed body. It allows me as a woman to connect deeply with this part of my body. As Shannon has expressed too, the ovary massage helps me to become aware of the hardness and the pain I carry through my daily life, caused by pushing and driving to get things done or to be perfect. My ovaries ‘talk’ to me daily, in that I can feel hardness or pain, for example, but especially when I have my monthly period and ovulation. Natalie does not talk to my ovaries… She talks to ME during the session, and I am able to feel what is going on in my ovary area – Natalie, as a practitioner of this modality, has a great awareness of what she feels in my ovaries and she expresses this to me. These can be things I already know, but also things I do not want to see, but my body shows me. Once shared, and I acknowledge these things, I am more supported in my daily life and it is something I have a special focus on to observe.

    1. This mirrors my experience of Esoteric Ovary Massage with Natalie Benhayon. I have had many and will continue to have many more for as long as there is a practitioner offering them.

  2. There is a realness about Natalie Benhayon that is not trying to please or be liked. She is so unwaveringly confident in herself without any arrogance, just knowing her true worth… So, she can support men and women to claim their worth too and live from this because she is living from this fullness everyday.

    1. What you write Annie is very true and a tribute to an amazing woman. Natalie is for me the greatest example and inspiration that I as a woman may and can honour and live my Worth every day, every minute of that day. I am learning to live from my fullness too, as Natalie does, how that makes me feel is too grand for words. The ovary massages that Natalie offers has a quality to it that I have rarely experienced before in this life.

      1. Love what you have shared Shannon, Annie and Katinka and I also feel the true humbleness that is part of what Natalie Benhayon brings so their is never any imposition.

  3. This article is just a start of all the gold that Natalie Benhayon is showing us in women’s health. The Ovary Massages I have experienced are absolutely beneficial to me. It has offered me a true development to myself as a women (what I did not know before, I even did not know what being a woman was!). How incredible. And what does that tells us about Natalie Benhayon, what she is offering us with Ovary Massage and her living wisdom and love everyday. To me the newspapers should be full of that if we want to truly make a change in the world, especially in women’s health. If not, this would be an absolutely ‘missing out’. Therefor writing in such way that is negatively portraying the work of Natalie Benhayon, is disgraceful and respect-less and is adding to our illness and disease on earth, This just continues our lack- of self-worth while actually having something right in front of us that actually heals all of that!

  4. Hear hear Shannon. I just had an ovary massage with Natalie Benhayon yesterday and I can attest to what you have shared in your article. These healing sessions are very practical and deeply profound. I was able to connect with in the session how I have been making choices to feed my lack of self-worth. What I continually find inspiring from these healing sessions is that I am not just listening to what the practitioner is telling me which then remain a concept, in these sessions I have the opportunity to be able to connect to feeling from my own body how I have been living and the choices I have been making and I find the answers are all there in my body. Having felt this, it then becomes easy to make choices to be a different way based on what I have felt as opposed to what I have been told.

  5. What you share about the work of Natalie Benhayon I can also attest to, no claims are made and really, none are needed. I may see her once a year for a session but even then certain phrases that were discussed stick with me and pop up now and then. The only ‘out there’ part of these sessions is the long standing inspiration that I have felt from just an hours session as so much of the healing actually occurs out of the session in everyday life.

  6. The very important truth “that we heal ourselves” should be such common knowledge that the detractors of this and other Esoteric Healing modalities simply have nowhere to go. For as long as we search for the panacea or the cure for our ills we are prey to this kind of misleading and downright deceitful attacks. Wise up people – we heal ourselves, and everything about medicine and therapy is used as a support to that end, in the same way that we make ourselves ill. All through our choices!

    1. Helen you have summed it up perfectly – we heal ourselves or we make ourselves ill, it’s our choice but unfortunately the majority lack the responsibility in acknowledging that it’s their choice, hence they look on the outer for cures or blame the government or doctors for their illness. I don’t get it, for most we can adapt to the latest technology easily but when it comes to our bodies we haven’t a clue as to how to operate them.

  7. Ovary massage allowed me to connect to myself and the way I was living, which was with lack of self worth and dishonouring. As I connected to parts of my body during the session and what they where reflecting in how I was living, I began to self heal. My confidence started to build and as did my expression and speaking what I truly felt. The ovary massages has been extremely powerful and supported in my healing journey. Natalie Benhayon is one amazing women, with deep awareness and wisdom

  8. I must admit when I first heard about Esoteric Ovary Massage it sounded a little odd to me. Since then I have seen the healing effect this particular treatment has on women. Women have lost track of what it is really like to be a woman. The differences between the two sexes have become smaller and smaller and I have come to understand that this is not a good thing. When women are not in touch with their femininity and harden up, they go against nature itself. The goals women (and men) set for themselves become too high, trying to be something and get somewhere instead of trusting that connection to our true selves is all we need. Women are loving, gentle, delicate and tender beings with so much to offer. We don’t have to become anything because everything is already within us. I for one can’t wait to have my first Esoteric Ovary Massage with Natalie Benhayon.

  9. It is such a shame that almost everything that is brought form truth is made ridiculous in the media. It feels that there is a lack of honesty in our society to allow ourselves to look at our way of living compared to the truth that is being presented that is causing this instant reaction.

  10. What I am learning through Esoteric Women’s Health, Natalie’s living way and the esoteric healing therapies is that it is a women’s natural way to support, inspire and come together. It is a great ill in our society that women compare, get jealous, have dynamics, gossip or bring each other down. It comes from not feeling full and living who we naturally are.

  11. The beauty of this modality as practised by Natalie Benhayon is that is is able to bring us back to our own natural way of being,that lies underneath the layers of conditioning and the choices that we have made up to now. It gives us the opportunity to surrender to a deeper knowing that Natalie can support us in – and in such a delicate and honouring way.

  12. The point you make about the sessions with Natalie supported you to understand and observe patterns and choices you were making and to then from there to be able to observe this and then make a different choice for yourself. What Natalie lives for herself is a deep love and commitment and it inspires women to be able to see something different- another way and this is the inspiration that supports us to make different choices.

    1. That is a recurring thread I have noticed in Natalie’s work, the fact that she lives and breathes cycles and how everyone is living within cycles and that we can re-imprint the quality of said cycles within life. With a change in quality comes a change in outcomes and as our health is an outcome it thus changes too when we start to bring more self-love and care into our lives.

  13. That is so true Shannon that when we feel that someone is living what they are talking about that we feel a trust and an inspiration to connect to the same wisdom within ourselves. This is indeed the best way to describe genuineness…

  14. Natalie’s lived experience is what is inspiring, she shares what she has lived and in that sharing truth is felt. She is full of ageless wisdom and as she shares it resonates with the knowing we have within us, this is then another confirmation of truth.

  15. I count myself among the growing number of women who is inspired by Natalie Benhayon “to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.”

  16. Esoteric Practitioners are inspirational, never have I been to see a practitioner who so consistently ‘walk their talk’. For example they will perhaps ask a question about my relationship with myself and it is clear as bell that they have a lived understanding of this that is real and tangible in their life, this is the same with personal rhythms and self care and smooch more. Awesomely inspiring.

  17. I totally agree Shannon with all you share about Natalie Benhayon being a true inspiration for both men and women. She is deeply inspiring because you can feel and see Natalie lives in a way that is very honouring and loving towards herself and this invites me to also make choices that honour and support me in a true way.

  18. A woman’s ovaries house the potential for life – not just for producing children but in the woman’s life too, her own personal potential. I feel an ache in my ovaries when I am not living my full potential, when I am being less or hiding in any way. The ovaries for women are a definite marker for how much of herself she brings into all that she does – namely her stillness into the motion.

  19. “That is three generations of women being inspired to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.” This is amazing Shannon and shows clearly how inspiration does not stop when we are truly inspired by someone, we naturally inspire others. Without the inspiration of Natalie Benhayon I would still be unaware of what it means to be a woman in a world that does not honour this fact.

  20. Thankyou Shannon for sharing your experiences. This line really was highlighted for me “…..was I cherishing and adoring myself for the beautiful woman I am?” I can feel I still get caught up in what others want me to be, instead of accepting and surrendering to all I naturally am. I can also feel how this disrupts my natural rhythm of daily self nurturing, and how deflated or flat I feel when I allow this to happen. I can see the futility of making my relationship to others and their ideals or expectations a priority, instead of my relationship to myself.

  21. I cant comment on the ovary massage however I can appreciate your experience as every healing modality that I have experienced with Universal Medicine practitioners has been very effective in clearing energy that isnt me and also helping me in connecting to my true essence

  22. The media are willing to jump on the band wagon of anything that is slightly out of the conventional way we as a society expect things to be. I have had an ovary massage and it has helped me in re-connecting me back to my true essence as a women. It is a very healing modality that I love to have. Natalie is so gentle and loving and her words are always so healing and deeply profound and help me understand myself and the choices I have made to not honour myself as a woman.

  23. Thank you Shannon for your open and honest sharing – it’s lovely to feel the loving understanding you brought to yourself.

  24. One of the beautiful things about Natalie Benhayon is she is reflecting to all women who they truly are and how they can choose to be. If we let that in about ourselves and other women, then our relationships with each other will truly change.

  25. The fact that Natalie Benhayon exists is a blessing to all women. We have the opportunity to observe someone who reflects to us who we can all be, and who we are innately if we allow ourselves to be. She shows us what it is like to live relatively free from the imposts of the world – especially the ideals, beliefs and expectations that many women can succumb to along the way in the need for recognition. Natalie stands strong, with a deep connection to her inner delicateness and femaleness, as a reflection for all.

  26. This inspiring sharing on Esoteric Ovary Massage Shannon is something all women could benefit from. I have not had one to date but would love to do so. I like your phrase “Most of the healing that occurred from my sessions was via inspiration”.

  27. I feel to add how much I admire Natalie as a young woman of great wisdom too Shannon. Thank you for your wise sharing also, you share how three generations of women in your family have been inspired “to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.”

  28. Thank you Shannon for a beautiful read, Natalie has been, and is, an inspiration to women everywhere and of every age, a true reflection of what it means for a woman to be in her true glory and power.” That is three generations of women being inspired to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is. “

  29. Reading your blog Shannon brings tears to my eyes as I am also one of those women whose lives has completely changed since meeting Natalie Benhayon. Words can not describe how much wisdom she has reawakened in my life which has helped me to let go of the lack of self worth and self loathing I held in my body. Natalie Benhayon is one of the worlds greatest role models – along with her family and Sara Williams. Women of the world are deeply blessed to have such a lady leading the way in Womens Wellbeing.

  30. Natalie Benhayon is stillness and offers reflection in every moment. There is no need for any magical words or movement, she just is. Natalie’s presence is inspiring and healing because she has the gift to allow the space for another to connect with their truth – sometimes this is uncomfortable and challenging. The Esoteric Ovary Massage is a modality that brings this truth-full expression. Thanks Shannon.

  31. Thank you Shannon for this true representation of Natalie Benhayon and the Esoteric Ovary Massage. I too have chosen to have multiple sessions with Natalie because I find them very supportive, she always helps me to develop a greater insight on how I’m living my life and the effect this has on my own health and everyone around me.

  32. We should get our facts straight before we begin to make theories and accusations based on those ill and factually incorrect presumptions. It is deeply harming to be spreading lies

  33. It’s so important for women to be aware of every part of their bodies, including the ovaries. The truth is our body is communicating something to us all the time, and it’s usually based around the level of care we offer to ourselves. This communication allows us an opportunity to deepen our self care by examining the choices we make. Being aware of my ovaries is another level of responsibility I can have in my relationship to my body, and for me this is very supportive.

  34. “There was nothing she ever said to me that she had not been doing and trying and developing for herself, this allowed me to feel such a trust and a confidence in her because of this genuineness, because I could feel this realness for myself and for me that is everything.” I agree. What I find pretty disturbing is how on the whole, when we go to seek support from a health professional, be it complementary or conventional, it is not considered to be normal or expected that they be ‘walking the talk’, ‘practicing what they preach’. I have been there myself, bowing to the intellectually superior knowledge of a practitioner without discerning whether they were committed to the way they were espousing for me to follow. Universal Medicine practitioners – in their entirety, are the exception to this. They walk and live and love the changes they present. They inspire by being living examples of the words they express. Then and only then can true healing take place.

  35. When I am overdoing it and becoming driven in life my ovaries ache with a sharp pulsing pain, a message that I have disconnected and need to re-connect with myself. The Ovary Massage by Natalie Benhayon is very powerful, deeply connecting and nurturing.

  36. I too have experienced an Ovary Massage from Natalie Benhayon. She was able to share things about me that she could not possibly have known, she knew because she was reading my body and more specifically my ovaries, how I was as a young girl, teenager, my thoughts, feelings and how I viewed myself at that time, but also as a women. In having this played back to me, allowing the space to truly let these old out dated feelings about myself to be released from my body, was deeply transformational and healing.

  37. I have had many ovary massage sessions with Natalie Benhayon over the last 3 years, they have been so profound in my healing. Natalie is able to read my body so well, and her sharing has allowed me to go deeper in my connection and heal lots of my own life. Natalie’s own reflection has also inspired me. Now I can feel the vibrancy in my ovaries and my sacredness, where as 3 years ago it was all numb and cold.

  38. Having seen Natalie Benhayon yesterday I was reminded of her unwavering beauty, this lady oozes real sexiness and wow what wisdom she speaks, Natalie is a living reminder of the divinity we are all from.

  39. “…in actual fact you could not get something that feels more real and down to earth, so tangible and applicable to daily living.” – This has totally how I know the Esoteric Ovary Massage that Natalie Benhayon offers to be. I’ve found sessions with her to be super supportive and applicable to life, helping me actually to be more committed to life, being truly me.

  40. I felt it was disgusting that Natalie was written about in such a poisonous way, thank you for putting the record straight. Natalie is one of a kind and at last we have a true role model one that is truly sexy, truly wise and is all about humanity and not about self. Absolutely refreshing.

  41. If massage is a modality that in the right hands and with the right energy is healing, then why should it not be healing for the ovaries of a woman just as much as it might be so for her feet or back? To make anything more of it feels like the act of a lewd imagination rather than of someone seeking to discover the truth.

  42. There is certainly no talking to ovaries here, quite on the contrary – every part of our body talks to us and sends us messages continually, long before there is a diagnosable condition.Is it possible that this is too confronting for some and revealing of their lack of responsibility so that they have to make up ludicrous stories about the modality and the practitioner?

  43. What sets Natalie apart is the fact that she offers a reflection in the way we’re living that’s based on the truth of her own lived experience and the choices she makes for herself. This radiates real confidence and trust in the wisdom of everything she brings.

  44. The power of one living what they present is very powerful. Who hasn’t preached or been given suggestions and advice to change things without it being delivered with a lived experience. I’ve done it and have received the same so I know. I’ve had sessions with Natalie and can attest to the trust you feel in asking her for advice or whatever it might be. Very down to earth, very solid and the real deal. She’s a glowing, golden package.

  45. “…the majority of the healing actually took place outside the session room,…”
    This is the amazing thing about a session with Natalie Benhayon that what ever she reflects to you in a session stays with you for life and sometimes things she said in the session that went over my head at the time, actually pop into my memory months later at just the right moment and give me a revelation or deeper understanding of myself.

  46. Natalie Benhayon presents ageless wisdom her lived experience is what inspires me. My experience of her ovary massage is a gentle technique on a fully clothed body that support me to reconnect with my body and feel my ovaries. Having ignored and neglected my connection with all of my female parts being supported to reconnect with then offered me insight to the hardness and pain I have held onto and carried though my life and allowed me the choice to let go of this hurt and feel the expansion of me opening up to accepting more of me.

  47. Thank you for such a beautiful sharing of your experience of both Natalie Benhayon and the Esoteric Ovary Massage… a lived experience of truth that exposes the lack of integrity in reporting hearsay. 3 generations being inspired to be more loving and honouring with themselves would not be possible if what was reported was true.

  48. It is very difficult to comprehend the degree to which the media sensationalise everything to do with women, so much so that when the word “ovary” is used in conjunction with the word “massage” they try and turns it into something weird. There is nothing weird about an ovary massage. I know because I had some. What is weird is that the media do not report often enough on the number of women who are dying of ovarian cancer all over the world, why this is occurring and what women can do to prevent it.

  49. “That is three generations of women being inspired to be more loving and honouring of themselves all through one woman just being who she naturally is.” Beautiful Shannon, indeed the magnitude of Natalie Benhayon’s ripple continues to unfold.

  50. “developing an understanding that my body was the product of all of the choices I had ever made, so much started coming up to be looked at.” This really is inter generational healing. We take back the responsibility for our choices and start to be more discerning about our choices and consequences. Having someone like Natalie Benhayon in my life who walks her talk is, to be really honest, a God send, she reminds me that she is no different from any of us, she has simply been more aware of her body and made different choices. Choices we can all make any time we want to.

  51. Such is the power of Natalie’s reflection that three generations of women and so many more lives have been changed by her living ways with deep self love, honouring herself as a true woman.

  52. An important point that I would like to contribute to this subject, is the fact that Natalie does not purely give the Ovary Massage, that is not all that she is about. A session with Natalie Benhayon involves so much more, as we talk, laugh and listen to eachother. There is an incredible depth of understanding and love in the room between us. Therefore which ever modality is practised is great, as she has so many to choose from, and they are always chosen exactly and precisely for what will assist me to move forward, to expand, to be more of who I am. The ovary massage may be a part of this and it may not, it doesn’t really matter.

  53. Hi Shannon, wow! If that what The Esoteric Ovary Massage and Natalie Benhayon has offered you, your family, and many women, all women would be supported greatly experiencing this healing modality technique and truth that Natalie lives.
    The media have their story but I know which story I rather read any day. Truly inspiring!

  54. Yes! The thing I love the most is that pure fact that nothing is shared without having being lived first. So it’s sooooo much easier for our bodies to respond, should we choose to, because we feel the truth in it, unlike when we grow up and people try to influence our choices through words that are empty and only used because they believe they should be spoken. Living the talk is a whole new ball game and it’s so refreshing.

  55. The fact that for some people is difficult to feel anything (because they have willingly sealed the door to feeling in truth) does not give them the authority to deny that other people may have an enormous capacity to ‘read’ energy and feel how the body they are treating communicates with the practitioner. To write lies about what really goes on is only to confirm those who have likewise sealed the door to feeling in that there is nothing to feel.

  56. I have found that inspiration is the most powerful healing modality I can choose. For sure the healing sessions I have attended with Universal Medicine Practitioners, including Natalie Benhayon, have been powerful healing opportunities in themselves too. However it is the quality of the Practitioner, the reflection they offer, the way they move, care for themselves, live their lives (which can all be felt during the session) is a beacon of light lighting the Path back to Me.

  57. There is nothing quite like the inspiration we feel from someone who walks the walk rather than talks the talk. Natalie Benhayon walks the walk, which is why she can be so deeply trusted. She is a young woman who is deeply in touch with her own body and it is from this place of knowing her own body that she can be such a great support for other women.

    1. Yes Natalie walks the walk and talks the talk. A total package of awesomeness that is showing us that we also are all equally awesome if only we can choose to stop blocking our awesomeness.

  58. The Esoteric Ovary massage is such a tender and delicate healing technique that is very nurturing to receive. It has supported me heaps in being the beautiful woman I am today.

  59. The Esoteric Ovary massage offered by Natalie Benhayon has allowed me to reconnect to and feel a precious part of my body that is sensitive to how I care and honour myself as a woman.

    1. Seriously, with how women are striving, pushing and hardening themselves to be a hundred different things for everyone and in every area of their lives… should this modality, that actually supports women to reconnect with their most natural sacred part of their bodies and once again see themselves from who they are first, be celebrated and researched… instead of concocting false news story about it?

  60. It is simple and very real what Natalie Benhayon brings in her expression and work to women. What she shares about her living and experience with women in the field she works with. It is incredible and very real how she presents, I have never saw that before. She lives what she talks, and the otherway around. Hence her voice is very powerful and what she says makes absolute sense, as there is no lies or pretending whatsoever. This reflected back to me that I can be real too. First time I felt inspired by a woman to truly be myself with all that I feel. Hence her living way is felt in all she does. And I am inspired to live all that I am as woman because of what I feel in her as reflection! No need to compare.

  61. Natalie Benhayon’s sessions are truly profound and deeply healing for the body, to misrepresent her and lie about her is a calculated attempt to reduce her amazing qualities and the powerful reflection she offers all women worldwide.

  62. Reading this makes me want to have another ovary massage. I have had 2 with Natalie Benhayon and they were very profound. I connected to the point in my life where I chose to step away from expressing the woman that I am. Going back to that time in life and seeing and feeling what was going on gave me an understanding of why I made the choices I did. Ovary massages are an incredible experience and I’m ready for my next.

  63. I completely agree Shannon how Natalie is on every aspect of her life is so inspirational it is beyond comprehension to most. I have observed her closely over the years and are often blown away by her integrity and level of service and willingness to help others especially woman move beyond there self imposed prisons.

  64. Natalie is very inspirational in so many ways, and can inspire us to make new loving and supportive changes in our lives, ‘developing an understanding that my body was the product of all of the choices I had ever made, so much started coming up to be looked at.’

  65. I love the teachings that Natalie has been bringing through about the sacredness of women and their responsibility to be and live that sacredness. I had always felt there was something sacred about women but then I discovered that they didn’t think so, so I was left confused. Sacred movement is an awesome modality and also great for men in helping us to reconnect to our tenderness.

  66. I agree completely with what you have shared Shannon, every time I have spoken to Natalie about anything… be it body or work related, life, parenting or relationship issues etc. I have been inspired to understand and go deeper with what I actually feel inside my own body, by the realness, genuine and lived experiences Natalie offers support from.

  67. I find it a bit ironic and misnamed when I hear ovary massage described as ‘far out’. The modality itself is very gentle, respectful and the insights I gain from feeling and listening to this part of my body (for once) are incredible. There are so many new age modalities that actually are ‘far out’ and are far from respectful in their approach. One has to wonder why these modalities don’t attract the same attention. Could it be that ovary massage actually offers us something true, a way out of the mess we are in as women and some of us don’t want to see there is such a simple way?

  68. I had some sessions with Natalie Benhayon. And when I got the ovary massage I got aware how much I was not connected anymore with those parts of my female body. And then slowly on I got used to feeling love by the touch of Natalie her hands. I could feel how hard they were. During the years they become more alive and show me very clear when I make movements during my day when I harden. My ovaries get hard. And that is what is talking. My ovaries are talking to me, they tell me hey Sylvia slow down be and live the precious woman you are.

  69. What you have presented is so true Shannon, what any esoteric healing session brings to us is for us to take away and work on. Then from what we feel from the session to bring a deepen of the healing that was offered by the practitioner we continue to explore what the body is telling us so our true healing can never stop when we see a practitioner and are on a program of healing. Natalie Benhayon is a master at Esoteric Healing so no matter what the modality the client has opportunity to deeply heal from what has been offered through that session.

  70. I agree, so many women have been inspired to live who they truly are and deal with their hurts and embrace womanhood through Natalie’s simply living who she is, we are all enough, no need to try and do. And Natalie has the self-love and knowing of her truth and essence that will continue without force or trying, regardless of what is said about her, because she knows love and lives with it. This is very inspiring.

  71. Any journalist who doubts Natalie Benhayon’s professionalism and expertise as a health practitioner quite obviously to me has never been to a presentation or had a treatment with her and they should fully inform themselves by attending either one or both.

  72. Thank you for sharing your experience Shannon. Everything you share is exactly my experience with Natalie too. It is unfortunate that newspapers are allowed to print stories that amount to nothing but defamation and sensationalism. The story that you share is the real news.

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