What Foods Should I Eat?

I have never been able to digest milk or eat gluten without bloating – this has been true my whole life.

We were forced to drink milk as children because it was believed at the time that we needed it for growing. It always made me gag and I felt sick. Likewise, my stomach always blew up into a big hard bloated ball whenever I ate gluten. I did this over and over just ignoring my body and how I felt and the whole time feeling horrible for many years, until I couldn’t keep doing this to myself any longer – I stopped eating the gluten and stopped drinking the milk, again common sense from listening to my own body.

The point is that I began listening to my own body as a direct result of my association with Serge Benhayon. I became more aware of how my body felt after I ate certain foods. Listening to my body made a lot more sense to me than the food pyramid, which tells us cheese is ok everyday, as is milk and certain glutinous grains. If they are so good for us, then why do I feel heavy, bloated, lethargic and sick after I eat them?… Yet, when I stopped eating them I felt lighter, brighter, more energised and balanced.

It became clearer and clearer what I could and couldn’t eat the more that I listened to my body. I realised that what I need to eat may be different to another person – even within my own family. If I fall asleep or I don’t feel well for example after I eat something – is it not common sense that the food may not be agreeing with me? This is no different to having fish and breaking out in a rash – we know this to be an allergy or an intolerance to the food because it is something we can clearly see.

I have never felt healthier than I do today since honouring my body and choosing not to eat the foods that I have discovered don’t agree with me including eliminating dairy, gluten, yeast, caffeine and alcohol from my diet. As a result I have more energy, I feel more balanced, clear headed and my body feels alive!

by Deborah 

135 thoughts on “What Foods Should I Eat?

  1. Deborah, I find my body becomes more and more astute as I eat and drink the foods that serve or no longer serve me. For me the worst thing I could eat was dairy. For years I would be chesty, had frequent coughs, colds, ear infections. The worst was the mucousiness and even today, if I replaced dairy with an alternate substitute, the effects upon my body are no different to having milk.

    As we honour our body’s choices, it serves us more. It is a work in progress, but I know this certainty, I will not go back to my old ways again and put my body through that stress again.

  2. When we take the time to listen to the body, it really does speak louder than words…Indigestion can come from eating certain foods or eating too much, a hangover happens when we cannot detoxify a poison that we have ingested, a rash or eczema often comes from foods we have eaten that do not agree with us, and the list goes on, from heartburn to fatigue, irritability and foggy head etc etc if we but realised that the body is constantly speaking to us, and our job is simply to listen and then heed what we hear.

    1. Yes Henrietta and then we go to the doctors who prescribe medication for our symptoms instead of treating the root causes of the symptom. And then the medication has a side affect, so we take something else to counter that. A vicious cycle. Address the root cause then we won’t be needing to pop as many pills anymore.

  3. There are many many recommendations in terms of food and eating that do not actually suit all poeple, so we do have to be very careful about taking these recommendations on board. An example is dairy – it is recommended in significant amounts to everyone, and yet a large portion of the world’s population is intolerant to dairy – for example black Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Australian Aboriginals to name a few. In my opinion, there should be an adjustment to the wording in these recommendations that gives people permission to test it out on their body and see if it works or not for them.

  4. Deborah – awesome sharing and great examples here of how simple it can be to listen to the body and apply some common sense.

  5. While it is that simple, human life at times has been made so complicated to the point where people only cut things out of their diet when a scientific test has been conducted to confirm what the body has been saying the whole time. The body is so simple and life is clearer and lighter when it is simple.

  6. What helped me to heal is good to know – therefore I find it important to have a good connection to my body as this connection helped me so often to feel what is really not healing at all.

  7. Listening to our body in every way makes so much sense, ‘I became more aware of how my body felt after I ate certain foods. Listening to my body made a lot more sense to me’. Great to hear how
    you felt lighter, brighter, more energised when you listen to and honour your body.

  8. I remember talking to a dietician about the links between removing gluten and the improvements in the mental health condition of a relative, both from general research and my own observations of my family member. The dietician had never heard of this but remarked that a little gluten would still be ok, however I had to reply that ‘how could that be when it was contributing to symptoms?’ To me this is how the consciousness around nutrition works when it’s held as knowledge, the truth of what a food does to any individual body may not be accepted because the book says it’s good for health, even though the body shows clearly that it is not.

    1. Spot on Melinda – there is the knowing of one thing from reading it from a book, and then there is the experience of it in the body. In my opinion the experience of the substance in the body should be the over-riding one – ie the one that helps us make a change and maintain it – because of how individual we all are with these things and no amount of knowledge can replace what the body is communcating. For example no amount of knowledge about how healthy nuts are can be taken over and above someone who gets stomach aches and rash from eating nuts.

  9. It’s strange isn’t it that feeling healthy isn’t the norm, and that we don’t consider more deeply how foods affect us? We seem to accept feeling heavy, sleepy, racy, comforted, etc, from foods yet we don’t seem to look for lightness, vitality, clarity of skin, ease of digestion, and so on, from our diet. Food is something we are with everyday but we can tend to have a more emotional relationship with it, go with taste alone, and opt for junk at times. Even on a nutritious diet healthy foods might not be healthy for our individual body. Essentially we haven’t been taught how to listen to our own body and honour what works for us to produce a vital and light feeling nourished body.

  10. This has been my experience also that Serge Benhayon never tells anyone what to do or forces people to follow any rules but supports people to connect more with their own bodies and there own awareness and wisdom as to how they want to live.

  11. You do not need to be a Universal Medicine student to listen to your body. Our bodies talk to us constantly about what they like and do not like, it is just whether we listen.

    1. Spot on Fiona, anyone who has a body can do this (listen to the body’s communications).

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