Personal Experience Shared of Esoteric Breast Massage

by Victoria Lister 

It’s interesting to read the words ‘cult‘ and ‘cult leader’ in relation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Until recent blog postings by a few detractors, I have not once in my 5+ year association with Serge and Universal Medicine considered myself a ‘cult member’. I have been free to come and go from events and workshops as I please, and free to make up my own mind as to whether I take what Serge presents on board or not. He has neither been the cause of any relationship breakdown (in fact, I have since re-married, and very happily so, in that time) nor separated from my family of origin, whom I love very much.

I am also quite puzzled as to the suggestions some have made regarding the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) – that it is promoted as a ‘cure for cancer’ or is somehow suspect in terms of the integrity in which it is offered. I have been having regular EBMs for a number of years now and can attest to both their effectiveness and the integrity of the women who provide this service.

To clarify, the Esoteric Breast Massage is only offered for women, by women. Serge himself has neither taught nor demonstrated the technique on anyone – it was, to my understanding, relayed by verbal instruction only in the first instance, and thereafter by female esoteric practitioners of exceptionally high integrity, carefully assessed as to their suitability for the task.

The EBM is not designed or offered as a cure for breast cancer but as a means to re-connect women with a part of themselves they have often ignored or seen as purely functional  – a part which in fact holds the key to our loveliness and delicateness as women.

The Esoteric Breast Massage path is one I have joyfully trodden, each session being a step along the road to being a true woman rather than a woman trying to outdo a man – and other women – in a man’s world. As a result, I live very differently now and my breasts, once prone to lumpiness, soreness and hardness have softened and are now pain-free. Yes, in trying to live like a man prior to this I know I was so out of step with myself I was on a fast-track to developing breast cancer – this is something I felt deep inside long before the EBM evolved. Deep down, I knew if something didn’t change about the way I was living, my driven-ness, the harshness in the way I treated my body, my focus on how I did at work and as a socially acceptable ‘attractive’ woman, was a disaster waiting to happen. Through the specific and gentle touch of the Esoteric Breast Massage I have learnt and changed much about myself – changes which my husband and friends and colleagues have also witnessed and celebrated.

Additionally, I have since added Natalie Benhayon’s Esoteric Ovary Massage to my self-care routine – another way in which I have deepened my connection to myself, learning what my body has stored and held on to that might lead me to live in a way that hinders rather than helps myself and others. In this very gentle technique, Natalie simply places her hands on the ovaries (with my clothes on) and feels what is there to be felt from the body. This healing comes with the understanding and intention that I will be able to do this for myself one day. The information that is shared is enormously helpful, and the premise is, as with all modalities taught and offered by Universal Medicine, that the answers to our health and healing are within us, not somewhere outside of us.

Never, ever have I heard Serge Benhayon or Natalie Benhayon or any other accredited esoteric practitioner encourage clients not to seek medical help – in fact, there are numerous recordings of presentations where Serge has praised the virtues of modern medicine. The esoteric healing modalities are always presented as complementary to medicine – I think of them as the ‘missing link’ – and feel such is their efficacy that one day they will become commonplace, with esoteric practitioners working hand-in-hand with mainstream medicos. In fact, we are seeing that future already at the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah, where several practitioners with mainstream qualifications, including a prominent Lung Surgeon and a Doctor of Exercise Physiology, have rooms.

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  1. In conventional massage therapies, breast massages have existed for a long time, and in fact in a lot of body work colleges breast massages are taught in mixed gender classrooms. What I find interesting is that this has never been questioned, whilst Universal Medicine presents breast massage done only by women for women and then this is questioned? So why is it an issue when you bring more respect, courtesy and integrity to a modality as Universal Medicine has done? This to me does not make sense, and I can say this as a remedial massage therapist (from conventional training) and as an Esoteric Massage therapist (from Universal Medicine training) – I have not learned the breast massage and do not perform it, but having recieved it I can certainly share that it is performed with utmost care, respect and integrity and is to me like a sacred ceremony.

  2. When I first went for an Esoteric Breast Massage, I was not quite sure what to expect, but I had a wonderful female practitioner, who was super caring, respectful and very reassuring. It was an incredibly nurturing experience for me to receive and I walked away know that there are true therapies for us as women that really do support us to the core.

  3. The word cult certainly has a negative connotation, and anyone using it for Universal Medicine and those attending sessions and presentations have clearly not investigated things deeper without any predjudice nor bias. Unless you define cult differently and consider that mainstream is one form of cult, alcohol drinkers are another form of cult. smokers are another cult, TV watchers another, excercise people another and the list goes on…It actually gets quite funny when you consider how many cults we have if our definition of a cult is re-defined.

  4. The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) has offered me so many surprising benefits that I could not have realised the power of this simple modality when I took my first appointment. I honestly had no relationship with my breasts prior, they were there and they felt sore around my period, that’s about it. The EBM not only supported me to reconnect back to and have more awareness and care of my breasts, but it also supported me to heal many things within me around being a woman, about learning to treat myself as precious and with care and tenderness, and to feel my inner qualities as a woman and nurture those to be expressed in the world. The changes for me have been monumental and the EBM sessions will be something I continue to have as part of my ongoing health and wellbeing plan. To be supported so much and so specifically as a woman is pure gold.

  5. Everybody can make a lie and run with it, it is easy – but how many of us can speak the truth and stand by it?

  6. I have never considered myself a cult member either, even though that is now what I and the rest of the Universal Medicine student group are being labelled. It’s ironic that I am now more self-aware, thus free to choose not to follow social norms/expectations/obligations that I am accused of blindly following the pack. Isn’t that the case of the pot calling the kettle black?

    1. Yes it is Fiona, what this makes you realise is how lies and corruption dominate our society. People will follow what is said without truly feeling and discerning for themselves, and so lies abound.

    2. I agree Fiona, I feel more free than I ever have, more open to others from my heart, and more joy than ever before. My life is so rich now and I can’t appreciate Serge and Universal Medicine enough for their contribution to this. There is no compound, no weird practices, and no control over my life, in fact my self worth has grown so much, as has my own self love, that I feel incredibly self empowered. I treasure everything I have been given through Serge and the Ageless Wisdom, and it may be that one day humanity finds these Universal Medicine blog sites and discern the truth for themselves (despite what’s said in the media) by connecting to our real life experiences shared here.

  7. The word ‘cult’ is meant to instil fear and panic and does not apply to the business that is Universal Medicine nor to any of its outstanding and deeply healing modalities.

  8. The esoteric modalities as presented by Universal Medicine are truly complementary health modalities that support people to support themselves and definitely work in partnership and not in opposition to conventional medicine.

  9. Always when I’ve received an Esoteric Breast Massage I’ve felt deeply honoured and respected for the beauty of the woman I am. No words can describe the high level of integrity and care in which I’ve been treated during the session. Having these moments to reflect and connect deeper inside me is something that I’ve missed so much before. So I’m very content for having such an amazing support in my life now.

    1. I feel the same – the touch is always deeply honouring and very respectful of the essence of a woman and the modality itself very confirming of what it is to be a woman who is connected to herself and lives life from within out and not the other way around.

  10. Media uses false information as a weapon of separation and manipulation. Definitely there is a work to be done in look at how we have ended up allowing and accepting such a corrupted stablishment. It’s time to trust in what we feel inside even more than ever before, to get to really know what’s the Truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Like you Victoria, I’ve always felt deeply supported in each workshop and presentation that I’ve attended and no one has told me what to do in my life. Love the inspiration that I daily receive from the Benhayon family as they are an example of integrity, decency and respect. Qualities really valuable and very needed in this world.

  11. We fight our essence daily – not necessarily trying to outdo men or whatever, but not honouring who we truly are in every movement, in every breath, is a fight, and I totally agree with you, Victoria, it is a disease waiting to manifest physically.

  12. Women who try to outdo men in their own game, need other women to help them to clear the male energy they have said yes to and to resurrect their natural energy of femaleness. It is just common sense.

  13. Yes I have visited many organisations in my sixty odd years on this planet and I can quite clearly say that Universal Medicine is not a cult.

  14. There is no question this approach should be studied just like any other modality. To write off the impact of the changes in lifestyle and the understanding behind the changes is to deny that we can be the change in our lives and that is manipulation on a grand scale.

  15. I am studying public health at the moment. It was very familiar to read about how innovators of things like hand washing and the need for clean water to prevent disease, were largely discredited in their lifetime. The same techniques were used then, slander and muddying of reputation, and fiercely holding onto the dominant theories of the time. Serge and Natalie Benhayon are these same trail blazers in healthcare.

    1. Thanks Fiona for sharing this, wow, hand washing is now considered basic common sense as is clean water, it seems that we as human beings can react to new ideas by stubbornly holding onto and defending beliefs, instead of being open to change and giving things a go. Of great concern in this in modern life is the way the media produces biased reporting to discredit innovators.

  16. I have experienced Esoteric Breast Massage and every practitioner I have had are women, they are deeply respectful, caring and professional. I come out of these sessions feeling deeply connected to my body and feeling deeply inspired to nurture and take better care of myself. This is a super supportive and powerful modality that supports women to deeply connect to our body.

  17. Never has a single woman who is a practitioner of the EBM said the Esoteric Breast Massage cures cancer. Of course that doesn’t stop people from making up stories about it, and telling those stories as if they were true.

    1. And sadly once a lie is repeated enough times, then that is all many can remember and then adopt as a truth. We can be too gullible when we accept such lies without question. What is really asked of us all is to feel for ourselves what is true and what is not.

  18. My very first esoteric breast massage (EBM) actually assisted me to reconnect to my cold breasts. I saw them as a hinderance, a commodity and got in the way when I used to jog regularly.
    Since then I am beginning to love my breasts, they are not so cold anymore. Never have I seen a male practitioner for an EBM and neither is one trained in this modality, it is a modality trained by women, for women.
    As a woman I feel I have a free will and if my choice is to have an EBM then ultimately this decision lies with me, no different to a medical profession that offers me a choice for surgery, ultimately the decision lies with me too. So where is the cult in this?

  19. I was never really aware of my breasts. I didn’t feel them from the inside. I also was not aware that when I move in a hard way or react to something or somebody it effects my breasts directly. Since I took sessions of esoteric healing and also EBM sessions I start to feel all that. This is great. It is my body giving me clear signals when I am not loving with myself. So also I can feel a sharp pain or a hardening in my breasts or when I go in stress for example my breasts start to feel empty.
    If I let in sexual energy they feel bloated. Very, very interesting, our breasts, our nurturing centres of our body,

  20. I have experienced both Esoteric Breast Massage, and Esoteric Ovary Massage, and they have definitely been performed with the greatest respect and care, and through those modalities I have been able to deeply reconnect with myself, and have felt the patterns of behaviour that don’t support me, and change my choices accordingly.

  21. I had the same experience Victoria that I never considered myself in a cult in all the years I have been attending Universal Medicine events. I have never felt so empowered, free or responsible for my own actions before. I also have never heard of Esoteric Breast Massage being touted as a cure for cancer. It has however been the remedy to the neglect, dislike and misuse of my breasts that I was ignorant to until I felt how delicate and lovely they can feel.

    1. Same here Fiona, I have never been associated with a cult and Universal Medicine is definitely not one and in all the years I have been attending Universal Medicine, I too feel deeply empowered, more connected, more loving and more settled in life. Overwhelm and anxiety is becoming a thing of the past as I embrace more self-nurture and self-love. It baffles me how it is possible that anyone would associate the word ‘cult’ with Universal Medicine because it is very, very far from it.

  22. Women’s breasts are often by-and-large objects of men’s sexual desires. They may also be used by women to attract men’s sexual desires. They are a part of a woman’s body that is often physically in the first line of her interactions with the world. It is not too far fetched then to state that as such, they might be particularly sensitive to how a woman (inter)acts. Many women make it about size and shape. But what if they also reveal something of the quality of how a woman stands in the world? What if how they stand in the world has consequences for their bodies? What if the Esoteric Breast Massage has helped not just to clear the unwanted consequences of how women stand in the world, but also to become more aware about themselves, so they can try different ways to be out there that might benefit their overall sense of well-being?

  23. People need to have the right to explore their health care as they see fit without being labelled part of a cult. Although Universal Medicine does support Western Medicine, it should not be imposed that it is the only way to address our health care, because as you say Victoria there is the missing link which to me is Esoteric Medicine, the energetic causes behind our conditions. Thanks to Universal Medicine and their unwavering support of Western Medicine I now seek medical support more regularly, as on a practical level it is a very essential part of self care. However I find the combination of Western Medicine and Esoteric Medicine very supportive, with additional support from natural herbal medicine.

  24. At the time when the media went to town on Universal Medicine, I was only just coming to the work and to all things Universal Medicine. I’d never heard of Esoteric Breast Massage until the media “reported” on it. As with everything I read in the media I had to use my own discernment and it wasn’t hard to see past an agenda and a lack of true reporting. It was quite obvious they were looking to sell a story and that the truth wasn’t at all something they were interested in. Not knowing what an EBM was, I read the newspaper reports and thought their tale of it all was so ridiculous that it sparked my interest even though I was quite nervous at the idea and thought it a bit odd. It took me some time to find a practitioner I wanted to see as there are very few EBM practitioners and even less at that time than there currently are and I’m glad I did. Life as a woman was very different after a series of EBMs – a very welcome kind of different.

    1. Thankyou Nikki McKee. It’s great to hear of someone not being put off by the media coverage of Serge Benhayon and his work and of continuing to pursue one of the healing modalities that he founded. I know how deeply powerful and healing they are and had thought that the bad press would keep people away. I am sorry that I made this misjudgement and encouraged to know that there are people like yourself who can easily see through the lies and propaganda and can benefit, as so many others have done, from these awesome modalities and teachings.

  25. My experience with the Esoteric Breast Massage and the Esoteric Ovary Massage is a very positive one. In both modalities I’ve experienced the most exquisite respect and care, which has allowed me to feel my body in a deeper way, bringing to me much more awareness and appreciation about the delicacy of my nature.

    1. I agree, I had no clue I was delicate before I tried these modalities, either physically delicate or emotionally delicate and that being aware of that delicateness was a great strength. Deepening that relationship has meant I am healthier and have less medical problems than with the bombastic way I used to treat my body.

      1. In today’s world it is encouraged to live life from our heads at the expense of our body and it serves us not; the lack of vitality, absenteism and presentism (being at work physically but not truly engaged) speaks volumes – a volume that falls on deaf ears, or so it seems.

  26. Esoteric therapies are a great complement to traditional medicine, and bring a depth of understanding of how we have a great part to play in our own wellbeing.

  27. I have experienced the Esoteric Breast Massage and this has been absolute beneficial in many ways in my life. I have been brought up with the ideal that breasts are functional and for basically two things: future partner and or children. Never did I feel that actually there are mine and that they are super gorgeous and precious, and way more than those ideals ever reached. I received my first Esoteric Breast Massage, where I connected to feeling my breasts by the absolute integer modality Esoteric Breast Massage, practised by a lovely sweet woman (my practitioner) and so did I feel myself for the first time again, my connection to my body & who I was and so I became aware of my breasts and that there they are so much more than those things I believed. Since than I started to build a relationship with myself and the awareness of what I am feeling in my body — and adapting the level of care based on what I feel and need.

  28. It’s interesting where deep tissue massage and other techniques are not questioned to their effectiveness or harm on the body even though they can and do leave clients with bruises and more aches and pains then before treatment. This isn’t a criticism but a look at what we see as normal and what we perceive as strange. Normal in society at this time are any forms of relief. Stressed out, exhausted, constant pain, anxiety, tension, lack of self worth and self loathing there is something in the form of relief to soften it, even just for a night or hour. Whereas modalities that offer a woman a true reflection of where they are at in their bodies and an opportunity to feel it while being held in and with the utmost respect and love are scrutinised and trashed.

  29. If we look at the world today we can see a grand number of illness and disease increasing and increasing.. Hence we need a true form of medicine that is beyond a pill. I have come to Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness and had found that there is a healthy way to life by getting to know truly who you are and take care of yourself in full in all areas of life in a deeper way.

  30. It’s funny how quickly we exercise judgement once we so much as sniff something we think might offend us, or to which we are unwilling to maintain an open mind. Actually it’s not funny at all, given the ugly places to which a bigoted attitude can lead.

  31. What is so wrong or strange about women choosing to connect to their bodies? Are we so content with our disconnection from our bodies that we attack and accept attack on those who make a different choice?

    1. Well said Nikki – it is the empowerment that we get from connecting to the body that so many of us avoid and hence in the avoidance we must then choose to put in down in another as their choice – it sounds crazy when we say it this way!

  32. I have known of Universal Medicine for around 9 years and I also had never consider myself afflicted with a cult. I add, I still do not and I am still very much appreciative of all that the organisation brings. It is like being in the playground and someone says, fat, ugly etc and everyone else starts joining in, this is how stinky the idea that Universal Medicine is a cult is, it is playground taunts and the fingers start wagging. I for one will not be taunted at and back down, this organisation does the world a service beyond imagination. I am here to support that and enjoy the wisdom shared at the amazing workshops and presentations.

  33. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you Victoria. If only the media would print the truth, not agenda based profit seeking sensationalism (aka lies). It’s great that these blog sites offer a platform for the truth to still be expressed. As a woman who has benefitted greatly from the EBM (and will continue to do so) I also testify to the integrity of Serge Benhayon and the EBM modality, and his support of Western Medicine. It’s actually because of Serge that I dropped my stubborn resolve to not see the doctor much, I now go regularly and appreciate the many tests, scans and other procedures I have since had. I opened to medicine because Serge on a very practical level explained the importance of medicine as part of self care. From that I realised my beliefs about medicine and pharmaceuticals being “bad” were unfounded, and reflected my own stubbornness to do things on my own and the hard way. Self care makes so much sense and is so logical that embracing medicine like I do now is just basic common sense, but if I hadn’t found Serge I may still have been resistant and at risk health-wise. And, I love both my doctors they are great human beings, and I so deeply appreciate the care they bring into my life. It’s a complete turnaround for me thanks to Serge’s presentations, there are no have-to’s or telling you what to do, just simple common sense from a really beautiful guy, the rest is up to us.

  34. Reading your sharing, I can feel how little care we afford for ourselves in general, pushing our body to fit in, to strive, to survive and consequential exhaustion and depletion, and accepting them as our normal. What Universal Medicine delivers is a deep level of care we have not given ourselves an opportunity for – from all angles. It is exactly what the world need.

  35. I have also found Esoteric Breast Massage to be so very supportive. I can understand from those that have not had it why it might be something to be questioned and approached with hesitation, but when meeting the accredited practitioners and the integrity the modality is held in and carried out by, my hesitation certainly vanished. Perhaps the reason why this modality has been so badly put down is because, we as women, have had such disregard for our bodies and for our breasts by the way we have sexualised them, that to consider them in any other light may seem difficult… and thereby honouring ourselves and this part of our body becomes a challenge.

  36. Five years on and certain sections of the scientific community and the media are still trying to have a field day in terms of putting Esoteric Breast Massage down. It’s a good thing as consumers we can vote with our feet and choose the sessions we know support us regardless of what others think, or their agendas.

    1. Victoria I find this interesting because I studied “Clinical Relaxation Massage” with a reputable business and breast massage was part of my training, with male students massaging women’s breasts. I opted out of that class as it did not feel right to me, but breast massage was simply considered to be another part of the body holding a lot of lymphatic tissue that would benefit from massage. If anything, Serge has actually raised the standards considerably by making sure it’s practiced only by women for women, which I was very grateful for meaning I could access this modality without compromising myself to a male practitioner. So then, why aren’t the media investigating this whole topic and exposing other organisations who train in massage if they truly believe there is something untoward about breast massage? The answer is, breast massage is not new, nor is it weird, and Serge is operating in integrity, but there’s no sensationalist story in that.

      1. Great comment Melinda, thank you for sharing your experience and I agree, Serge Benhayon brings absolute integrity, respect and honouring of women by setting such a high standard for this modality. Anyone who wants to put this modality down, to me is either misinformed or has a hidden agenda.

  37. It is interesting, we have so many abusive ways how the breasts of a woman are seen and treated and handled, and here we have a modality that truly supports women to connect with their breasts and say no to this abuse and instead of embracing this as a society it gets ridiculed and questioned. I can attest to the healing and supportive qualities of the Esoteric Breast Massage.

    1. If the media truly cared about women and breasts they would stop using images of scantily clad women and clean up their own abuse of the female form. I also find it interesting that the media in general says nothing about the use and abuse of the female body but attacks a modality that truly supports women to have a loving and respectful relationship to their breasts and body.

      1. Yes, we have made the body to be an object that can be used and abused, especially I feel a woman’s body. The advertisement and themes and pictures in magazines we allow nowadays are sexualised, pornographic, violent – simply abusive, and yet we do not see it that way but have made it normal. It is time that we become honest about what is really going on in the world and our lives and allow ourselves to see and feel because only then do we start to see the real impact all that we have made life to be has on us and we will understand and know what we need to do.

    2. Yes, that really gets me. How dare we champion the abuse and disrespect offered to our bodies and when a modality comes along that asks us to nurture ourselves, to deeply care for ourselves and to understand the divinity of the relationship we have with our breasts, to mock it and belittle it making women feel that there is something dirty and wrong with this level of self respect and care. That is just so wrong.

      1. Or / and it shows where our values truly lie. So it is a wake up call to take stock where we are really at and then in all honesty take the steps that are needed.

  38. Whilst modern medicine does an amazing job it does not put much focus on getting to the root cause of illness and disease. This is where Universal Medicine therapies come in and why they so clearly are complementary to medicine. We need both because the rate of illness and disease is on the rise and is fast becoming a tsunami that needs to be addressed.

  39. There is much to appreciate about Universal Medicine healing modalities, and when I read this line, “this healing comes with the understanding and intention that I will be able to do this for myself one day”, my appreciation went to a deeper level.

    So many modalities out there come with the consciousness of ‘only I can heal you with my modality’, or ‘there is something wrong with you and I can fix you’. But these don’t, quite the opposite actually. They work on the premise that you are all-knowing, and already everything, there is nothing to fix, just support to let go of ill-behaviours and patterns that stop you from living that.

  40. Breaking down the many myths or opinions on things is always very refreshing. We need not do this in the first place if we had all done our homework. So often we get caught and run off into a story before checking the facts or at the very least doing some research. Here we not only have the facts in an article but the facts are coming straight from the person who experienced it. Why don’t we give much weight to these real life experiences and seemed to be attracted down a road of gossip and drama? It would seem we have a fear or a block when it comes to being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ When in fact there is no such thing, only the truth. For me ‘right and wrong’ give me a hard time and no matter what I do the ‘wrong’ always seem to overshadow the ‘right’. I have found the easier I go on myself or the more care I take with myself supports me to not be constantly changing what’s wrong and being relieved I was right. It all comes back to the way we live and not just to what we think.

  41. Esoteric Breast Massage is not something I would have considered in a million years if I had not already experienced the power of the other healing modalities that Serge Benhayon has brought through. And it was equally a deep healing through highlighting the many abusive and destructive patterns I had been living and putting this body through.. If it had been something I could have discovered in my 20s, my life and the way I have lived would have been far more honouring and loving, and not only me but my family, friends and the whole world would have been better for it..

    1. Oh I hear you Annie, being introduced to Universal Medicine in my twenties or teenage years and the many modalities that are complementary in every way to medicine would have made a huge impact on my choices, movements and expression as a woman and to all those who were with me.

  42. Yes, Vistoria I can also vouch for what you say for in the 14 years I have been hearing Serge Benhayon present the esoteric healing modalities have always been presented as being complementary to medicine.

  43. It is simple really, we have modern medicine and it does a great job, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t be asked to fix everything. Modern medicine has its limits, so the modalities offered by Universal Medicine that are complementary to medicine can assist to support uncovering the root cause of illness and disease.

  44. A solid sharing. Thanks for this – as it reaffirms the power that is held in all the modalities we are offered. Esoteric Breast Massage brought me back to a deep connection with my body and my breasts.It powerfully connects me to the woman I am and the quality I can bring through as a woman.

  45. Esoteric Medicine and Medicine go beautifully hand in hand and I know from personal experience that through my own engagement with Esoteric Medicine I have engaged with Medicine in a more effective way and found the experience of the two together side by side to be very supportive. It is the future.

  46. It’s really great that so many people have written the truth about their experiences in the face of the absolute lies published in the media about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and it’s modalities. The media wields much false power but it can only do so if we cower and accept its lies and corruption. Standing up for the truth is something that every human being can do, and we must if we want to create a truly supportive world. Lies never support anyone, only the truth does.

  47. Powerful sharing as personal experiences are the gold we need to hear. Let the truth come from those who truly have experienced Esoteric Breast Massage and let them have their words, not those whom have no experience and lie.

  48. “The EBM is not designed or offered as a cure for breast cancer but as a means to re-connect women with a part of themselves they have often ignored or seen as purely functional – a part which in fact holds the key to our loveliness and delicateness as women.” This is one thing that to me makes the Esoteric Breast Massage so beautiful. Our breast are in the way we currently live often seen pretty much as for sex or feeding our children and for the rest women don’t connect often with their breast. This to me is already a sign of ill health as our breast are a very beautiful part of our body that is to be cherished and held lovingly.

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