I’ve just been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

I understand that certain allegations have been made about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (UniMed), in particular claiming that Serge and the practitioners associated with Universal Medicine are in opposition or competition with conventional medical practitioners. This completely contradicts my experience as a cancer patient over the past year since my diagnosis in early June 2011 and in my association with Serge and Universal Medicine since early August 2011. During this past year I have had continuous treatment medically and also since early August, weekly sessions with Serge or other Universal Medicine practitioners. I am grateful to both my conventional and complementary practitioners for the caring support that I have received.

Before my diagnosis I had had chronic fatigue and chronic digestive symptoms. I had for years sought both medical and complementary advice and treatment. Generally, there was not much either sphere could do to alleviate my symptoms. I had a strong preference for taking good care of myself in terms of diet, exercise, vitamins, regular check-ups, as well as massage, acupuncture and healing. I wanted to avoid needing any medical treatment if possible.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was shocked and terrified. I learned it was aggressive and I accepted that I could not avoid major and immediate treatment. I had an initial surgery in July which removed all the lymph nodes under my left arm and a lump from my left breast. I was advised that I would be needing chemotherapy and radiotherapy and hormonal drug treatment as well. When I considered chemotherapy I felt that in my debilitated state from years of low energy I would suffer more than most people. I dreaded it and felt it might be the death of me before the cancer. The first surgery did not achieve clear margins around the lump and I was booked for a second surgery, a wide excision, in August.

Before the second surgery, although I rarely went out at this time, I attended the Byron Writers Festival for one afternoon. I went into a talk on words and energy by Serge Benhayon. He spoke of how people say they love coffee when they mean they need coffee. He said that if people were honest and said they needed the coffee, they might then ask themselves how they were living so that they needed coffee to get through their day. They might make better choices to improve their energy. I appreciated his reasoning. He also spoke about the rising numbers of women getting breast cancer. I became very interested. I had not thought of myself as being part of a cohort. His comments about being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me. I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted.

I saw Serge in early August before the second surgery. I talked to him about death and how I had been living my life for others rather than for myself. I could see how I had squandered my life energy and made myself vulnerable to cancer in spite of my ‘healthy’ lifestyle. From my first visit with him, the intense, exhausting emotion I had been living with reduced dramatically. I told him how I optimistically believed that I wouldn’t need a mastectomy although the surgeon had warned me that it was possible if the second surgery did not get clear margins. The surgeon had said I could choose a mastectomy this time instead of just another excision. I was shocked and said “No!”. Serge somehow communicated to me a sense that I would be alright, even if a mastectomy was necessary. He didn’t minimise the loss rather he acknowledged the fear and sadness that I felt. After the second surgery I told him the results showed I would need a mastectomy. He told me that he was willing to see me throughout my cancer treatment and that other cancer patients who came to him usually did very well with their treatment.

I had also heard this quite independently from a physiotherapist who was recommended by the hospital. She said that women who had the esoteric acupuncture treatment along with the same medical treatment that I had and would be having, did ‘remarkably better’ than those who didn’t have this particular complementary treatment. She had seen a lot of breast cancer patients and had great respect for Serge and his work. She had attended some of his lectures.

Going into the third surgery, the mastectomy, I was almost calm, certainly accepting and even grateful, since my surgeon had told me that provided I had the recommended treatment, I had a very good chance of surviving. Beforehand I had some thorough cries over my breast. Since I emerged from the surgery, I never felt any further need to mourn it. My healing went well, and I was amused to have compliments from physios and nurses on my ‘beautiful’ scar.

I was given a month to recover from my surgery before I began chemotherapy. I was seeing Serge weekly for counselling and Esoteric Chakra-Puncture and began to feel so well physically that I could take longer and more lively walks than I had been able to do for many months before my diagnosis. I had also ended a destructive relationship and felt so positive that I told Serge that maybe I wouldn’t need chemotherapy. He said immediately that he would never advise that I not have the chemo. He simply encouraged me to keep looking at my life and my choices and feel for myself what was right. I cried over this because I definitely didn’t want to have chemo and had misunderstood and thought he might back that choice. Again, he gave me support through counselling and Chakra-Puncture and taught me to ‘rest deeply’ as I went into my chemo sessions, fully choosing to be there since I had decided that I would have it.

I have told my oncologist about the esoteric Chakra-Puncture sessions and how helpful I find them. He has told me several times that I have been doing very well and even said, “keep up the acupuncture”. As with the surgery, I found that I handled the chemo treatments well, having generally only fatigue and no vomiting or pain, and minimal side effects. I did make a choice after four months of chemo, to stop a little early from the second type because of side effects that suddenly got much stronger and could have been irreversible. I made this decision with my oncologist who said that I had had a lot of chemo and he didn’t think that the slightly shorter treatment would affect my life expectancy. I told Serge about this decision after I had made it.

After the chemotherapy treatment, I was due to see a professor of radiotherapy. Yet again I hoped that I didn’t need to have treatment but he said I did. I live alone and have not been well enough to manage without regular help. The radiotherapy treatment was nearly an hour’s drive from my home, five days a week for five weeks. I didn’t know how I could get myself driven back and forth and how I would cope with that much travel even if I had a driver. Universal Medicine provided me with a beautiful and nurturing space in which to stay within a short distance of the hospital so that I was able to drive myself to the treatment even though I was still tired and became more so. This accommodation and many of my sessions with Serge have actually been free of charge. Again, my treatment went easily and the main nurse who treated me said, “you obviously heal well”.

At this stage, I am beginning to recover some energy after the radiotherapy but am still easily tired probably because of the herceptin infusions that I still have three weekly at the chemo ward. I am continuing to have weekly treatments at the UniMed clinic and always feel a profound sense of peace and rest at these times.

I have also had treatment from a physiotherapist at the UniMed clinic, who gave me simple exercises that immediately helped and within a couple of weeks completely relieved the cording that had developed in my left arm months after the lymph node removal. These gentle movements were somewhat different to those shown me by the other physiotherapist. The main distinction in her method was that it depended on beginning with and developing a deep connection with the body, not just mechanical movements while the mind might be elsewhere.

I hope it is obvious that Serge Benhayon works very well with conventional medicine and is not at all opposed to it. In fact, he has often said that we have never had better medical treatment and he has particular praise for surgeons. I believe that his work is truly a complement to the conventional methods and when the two are combined, the patient is very fortunate indeed.

One of the most significant things to understand about Serge Benhayon and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself”.

By Judith McIntyre, Goonellabah, Australia

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  1. Indeed a health practitioner who truly takes care for themselves, that is a health practitioner you know you can trust.

  2. Everything that Judith writes has been my experience of Serge also, not only is he pro-medicine but he is a deeply caring and gentle-man supporting many people worldwide. Serge has been a significant support to me in so many ways with my health and other issues, and this support has been life-changing for me. I will always back Serge 100% because the lies in the media are just that, lies, and the truth of what Serge and Universal Medicine represent is deeply appreciated and being lived by myself and many others.

  3. I have been attending workshops, retreats, presentations, listened to thousands of hours of web broadcasts for the last 11 years and I have never heard Serge Benhayon ever advise someone against conventional medicine in fact on many recordings and face to face so to say at the presentations and workshops Serge Benhayon has always been very clear that if there is a problem with your health go and see you GP ASAP. So to read that there are such allegations against Serge Benhayon is mischief making and is a bastardisation of the truth.

    1. I agree, never has Serge Benhayon said anything about conventional medicine to suggest people do not seek support where it is needed, I have heard him say many times he supports it and that he understands there is a very real need for it (my words) I also like the marriage of conventional and complementary health, it is my work, my life and it deeply supports me to be open to both.

  4. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have helped me to understand the relationship between how I live and how my body responds. Through this understanding I have a much healthier relationship with, and appreciation of, western conventional medicine and I feel much happier about consulting medical professionals for advice. I would go as far as to say that I positively seek our the support of medical professionals now, rather than avoid them whenever possible as I once did. I agree that the approach to medicine that Serge presents is truly complementary.

  5. It’s so important that we all share our experiences of Universal Medicine because the media are not reporting the truth. My experiences also are that both Serge Benhayon and all associated with Universal Medicine (practitioners and staff) are very pro medicine, and it was Serge’s presentation on Western Medicine that changed my mind because to be honest I was a bit anti-medicine before that. I now see my doctor regularly, have had some medical procedures done and surgery thanks to the change of mind, and I also enjoy the complementary-to-medicine modalities available through Universal Medicine.

  6. ‘Being true to ourselves as a way to be healthy made sense to me. I knew I had many times looked after others even when exhausted’ – how many times have we as women disregarded / sacrificed ourselves for others and later found that does not serve us. I have found myself in this cohort until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I find self care is paramount for my own well being before I can serve others – it is that simple and easy if we just allow this.

    1. This is a huge one to break and so important to let go of in preference for self care. Some of the worst things we do to ourselves and our wellbeing is under the guise of doing good, such as putting others before ourselves.

  7. A diagnosis of breast cancer is very difficult and both esoteric medicine and conventional medicine are great forms of medicine to support a woman through it.

  8. Serge Benhayon is definitely pro Western Medicine, I have had a couple of operations myself and each time been supported with Esoteric Chakra Puncture and exercise that helped my healing process and made my recovery much quicker.

  9. Serge Benhayon offers enormous support to people which is why so many people attend his workshops/presentation/sessions as people can feel how genuine he is in his support and care.

    1. Absolutely Elizabeth, I’ve experienced that myself and shared in those same experiences of many others. Serge’s warmth, care and love for people is very consistent and a joy to receive.

  10. Esoteric Chakra Puncture is a great and super supportive healing modality as with all Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities brought through by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I know many people who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses and not one of them has been told by Serge Benhayon to not seek medical help. It is a complete fallacy that he turns his back on Western Medicine.

    1. I know Elaine, the media should not be allowed to print lies. Those affected by lies in the media should have an accessible and fair way to bring the media to accountability, and a way that is not financially costly.

  12. Western medicine is most certainly needed in our world today… as are all the Universal Medicine modalities. They complement one another – together they offer the opportunity for true healing for those who utilise them.

  13. I could feel the absolute love Judith received through the collaboration of both conventional and complementary therapy. I appreciate this blog and how Judith took us on her journey from the shock of diagnosis and to the daunting treatment of chemotherapy, how she was held and nurtured through the choices she made and the practitioners she chose to support her. It shows there is another way and how we don’t need to do it alone or in fear.

  14. There is real sense in the care that Serge Benhayon offers, that it is not like anything else on offer elsewhere. And while many may try to categorise his services and perhaps even to dismantle them, the reality is, that what Serge Benhayon offers by way of healing support is extraordinary.

  15. A diagnosis of breast cancer can be very shocking so it is very important that whoever a woman sees to support her through it has energetic integrity and energetic responsibility, something that Serge Benhayon has an abundance of.

  16. Chakra Puncture and Connective Tissue Therapies are amazing support through cancer treatments! So needed and so appreciated!

  17. Something that I’ve seen Serge Benhayon support people with many times is not only maintaining but actually deepening their sense of dignity and self-worth whilst going through necessary medical procedures and changes in their physical body that they otherwise may have felt less in themselves about, and this is something very important in my eyes.

  18. To say that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do not support conventional medicine is just one of thousands of lies that are being propagated against him by a few liars that know they are liars but couldn’t care less. You can lie all you want but a lie will never displace the truth.

  19. How awesome it is to be able to support ourselves through illness and not give our power away to other’s in this time. When we connect with how we feel and work alongside doctors we can not only understand ourselves much clearer but also treasure the space to heal and learn as we go.

  20. I love the way when our soul guides us, we end up exactly where we need to be to meet the people and situations we need to heal. Unfortunately the human spirit has its own version of this, creating serendipitous events that lead off track for another few years or lives.

  21. ‘if people were honest and said they needed the coffee, they might then ask themselves how they were living so that they needed coffee to get through their day.’ This phrase really stood out for me today. I don’t drink coffee any more and feel a lot better for that however I ask myself what else might I be feeling that I need in my life and if so how am I living that makes me feel that I need that thing or that person?

  22. Serge Benhayon, in the 17 years I have known him has always been pro medicine. He is not of the its either medical or alternative crowd. His therapies were always designed to complement and complete what medicine offers.

  23. As practitioners of life we all need to heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself”. It is the only way that we can take energetic responsibility for ourselves.

    1. Yes Elizabeth, it couldn’t be in any other way, indeed. The theory is not enough. To truly heal, we must know in our own life what is that, by living ourselves first then offering advices.

  24. I know that Judith has passed away now but each time I read her blog I feel inspired because I can feel the wonderful, loving, tender and delicate woman she was, and her warmth. Although her body died I can feel there was tremendous true healing for Judith in this period, and the reflection of her essence is still a healing for anyone to come in contact with.

    1. I agree Melinda, it is a healing just reading the level of acceptance and surrender Judith came to and lived through her cancer experiences and, as you say, it was a ‘tremendous true healing’ for her in more ways than we can imagine.

  25. I love this that even though you rarely went out during this time, before the second surgery you attended the Byron Writers Festival and met Serge Benhayon .. Divine magic and love at play and to also appreciate how open you were to healing and hearing the truth. It would be great to have studies or a paper on this ‘had also heard this quite independently from a physiotherapist who was recommended by the hospital. She said that women who had the esoteric acupuncture treatment along with the same medical treatment that I had and would be having, did ‘remarkably better’ than those who didn’t have this particular complementary treatment.’ A beautiful sharing and also a lovely and very true testimony to Serge Benhayon and the incredibly caring man he is.

  26. This highlights to me that we cannot go ‘it’ alone. We are meant to be in this life together and work through life’s events. In this case, western medicine, estoeric medicine, and the patient come together to work on the cancer in the patient’s body, all playing their own important part.

  27. Universal Medicine therapies work in a distinctly complementary way to Medicine, and when it comes to the treatment of Cancer this is something I have seen proven over and over. Your story here is testimony to the fact, thank you for sharing it.

  28. So amazing to feel the deep care and support you received from Serge Benhayon during your treatment, and it is so true the esoteric healing practitioners are great role models for how we could take great care of ourselves and keep refining our choices as part of our everyday life.

  29. Cancer can be a very serious and scary time for those with it or those within the patients life. But in this blog the sense I get is of great support, love and care and an appreciation of the two – conventional and complementary – medicines working together.

  30. Universal Medicine is exactly what its name states – Universal. Because of this it is complementary – that means it works with conventional medicine not in place of.

  31. The realness of this article simply begs for it to be read by every woman who contracts breast cancer. Leaving in its wake much for all to consider and possibly integrate into their own healing plan.

  32. A beautiful story of caring for the body – by all – Judith, doctors, nurses, Serge Benhayon, UM practitioners and a community.

  33. I have said this before on previous articles similar in nature to this one. The fact that we have actual people telling us their experience to something that has happened makes this so so clear. You know how all of us can have opinions on things, these style of articles cut through that and give you the plain and simple facts. It’s your choice to take them or leave them but what rings true is the fact that someone walking through and recording that walk is far greater then a mere opinion. We have become so use to hearing opinions that we often walk down a road or a path after reading or hearing one. Only to trip up at some point when the facts are seen or revealed. The only way to turn opinions on their head is to go to the facts, the truth of what is going on and not run off with the story.

  34. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2011. I was also very fortunate to receive esoteric healing and esoteric acupuncture treatment which greatly reduced the side effects of my chemotherapy treatment, that I only felt tired for a day or two. It was incredible really as I had also resisted treatment for 6 weeks after I was diagnosed and had huge fear of having chemotherapy.

  35. Universal Medicine offers the foundation of love that we can be supported to restore ourselves to true wholeness, whether we have disease, terminal illness, psychological distress or any other ‘affliction’. Remembering once more we are love, then we can take the steps back to the truth of it, and discard all that is not of that truth.

  36. This blog says all that! It is a great testimony to how Serge Benhayon is as a practitioner . . . ” One of the most significant things to understand about Serge Benhayon and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself ” . . . this line is so important to note for how could Serge otherwise be with clients who need to begin to truly care for themselves as part of their healing if he did not live with this same integrity in his own life?

  37. What a fabulous testimony to, amongst other things, the healing power of Esoteric Chakra-puncture, and esoteric medicine in general working so beautifully hand-in-glove with western medicine. There is much to be embraced here.

  38. When we truly understand that we are just vessels of energy and that our bodies do reflect to us at any moment if we align to the original energy we come from or not we know how to heal our bodies by choosing for love, over and over again.

  39. Judith’s story continues to be an inspiration. To truly heal takes a willingness to be honest with ourselves first, be ever loving and accept all the support that is offered.

  40. The best medicine is being who we are and expressing this in full, unreservedly so. Of course, western medicine and natural medicines all have their very significant place in the world – but our responsibility and opportunity is to live medicine in every moment of every day by how we are with ourselves and what we choose.

  41. Judith, thank you for this thorough account of your experience with western and Universal Medicine. I would like to add my testimonial to this as well. I recently had day surgery and had Serge Benayon’s full support through the process. I want to add that through the presentations of Universal Medicine, I have also learned to nurture myself much more, which supported me greatly through a strange, uncomfortable and at times unsettling experience of surgery.

  42. Putting others first and taking care of another needs before our own is almost second nature to many women, much to our own detriment. One of the things I have learned from Universal Medicine is to listen to what my body shows me, as it is the marker of all the truth, so if I go into the ideal of placing others before me then my body really communicates the falsity of this behaviour by showing me how exhausted it is. Life can be confusing at times but if we keep it simple and honour the truth the body communicates a new clarity can emerge.

  43. It is through the teaching of Universal Medicine, I started to embrace conventional medicine again after totally being against it for a long time. It really just exposed the lack of responsibility on my part and how much I was relying on the second hand information to make up my mind about things. I have been aware that even though we could be choosing ‘alternative’ medicine, the way we approach it could just be the same ‘fix me’ and it actually is far worse because there’s this consciousness that puts itself above what the majority accepts, and thinks it is superior by being different. So glad those days are over now.

  44. This is a great story, both from a western medicine side and complimentary side, showing they do work well together and at times are necessary. It also shows, how true support and loving care can help restore our bodies to a more natural balance and faster healing, and from experience, what Serge Benhayon offers and presents, is truly universal and the key to our way back to living healthily and joyfully.

  45. This blog is inspirational in so many ways, the support Judith received from Serge and Universal Medicine is brotherhood in action.

  46. This is such a sweetly sincere and gentle piece about the support and care that Universal Medicine gives, a care that surpasses any other healing clinic or organisation that I know of and part of this great care is in the fact of how supportive they are of conventional medical practises because often I have found that if a modality is in opposition to these practises it can leave a person feeling disempowered and at a loss when serious medical conditions take place in the body because if you cannot turn to your doctor in times of need then where do you go? The answer for many of the alternative practitioners that I have met would be to say that you would come to them or to their modality which sits outside of the conventional medical world, but these modalities in my experience are limited and unable to support a person through the more serious and vigorous challenges of some of the more major medical conditions such as cancer because they are by their very nature forever in opposition to conventional medicine which is dearly needed at these times.

  47. What a beautiful sharing of how when you take responsibility for why an illness presents in the body, then marry that with the amazing Esoteric Modalities that can support one through such things like surgery and effects of cancer, miracles can really happen.

    1. Sure Raegan, we can change the way illnesses and diseases are treated as we bring the complementary Universal Medicine modalities in. These modalities show that we have a relationship with that illness or disease because of our choices in life and in becoming aware of these we are able to heal on a much deeper level, and as you say, then miracles can happen..

  48. The combination of traditional western medicine and Esoteric Healing Modalities offers greater support than just the western medicine. Esoteric Medicine offers insights, understanding and an energetic awareness of the basis of the illness. It in no way detracts from the important work of western medicine.

  49. In fact this blog shows clearly that it is all about light, to restore the light we are from within. The lack of connection with this light is the root cause of any illness or disease that is presented by our body. In fact presents itself to restore that natural order it belongs to. If we do understand this then we know what to do, to let the western medicine to provide the cure for the symptoms that are being presented and to have the complementary treatments from Universal Medicine to support in the restoration of the inner light connection.

  50. “One of the most significant things to understand about Serge Benhayon and other practitioners at Universal Medicine is that they first take great care of themselves. They heed the old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself”.This is just what I needed to hear tonight a great reminder to me as just lately I have pushed myself and I can feel this has effected my outlook and therefore how I am with others, so important to deeply love and care for ourselves.

  51. This blog brings to the fore how much love and care we deserve in any circumstance, how much love and care our bodies are deserving in every moment.

  52. Coming back to this blog is a beautiful reminder that we cannot heal others before we heal ourselves. Taking care of ourselves first, learning how to rest deeply and give ourselves all the time and support that we need, is our number one job, so that we can be of service to others and the world.

    1. It’s so true Bryony, it is simply not sustainable to run ourselves into the ground for others and exhaust ourselves, however this is what we are taught to put others before ourselves. It’s so supportive to let this go and deeply nurture ourselves first, as the self love we live offers a quality of energy that is very healing for others even if we don’t assist them physically in any way. The care we then offer is from our being not in what we do for others.

  53. This is what I love about Serge Benhayon he always embraces and promotes Western Medicine alongside Esoteric Healing and how they compliment each other and allow the body an opportunity to truly heal. Thank you Judith your blog is a beautiful testimony to the true care and love Serge Benhayon consistently shares with humanity.

  54. To me this really shows how life is not about being comfortable but about healing fully and truly. We might not want chemo or radiotherapy and this is important to acknowledge this but this blog shows it is not about that alone.

  55. Your last point feels like the most important – “physician, heal thyself” means that we need to deeply care for ourselves first and foremost before we can be of service to others, especially when it comes to giving advice. How hollow does it sound when a parent tells their teenager not to drink whilst they themselves drink? How much impact do we expect our words to have when we don’t walk our talk?

  56. Judith’s testimony stands as a great example of the integrity in which Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine work. I love this old dictum: “Physician, heal thyself” for if the practitioner cares deeply for themselves they can offer the optimum service to all they see in the course of their day. Judith passed over in the most harmonious way. With little to no pain and lots of joy. It was a privilege to attend to her at the times I did in her last weeks; and not only was it an absolute joy it was inspiring and very, very healing. Judith set a new mark for dying harmoniously.

  57. What stands out from this blog is Judith’s understanding and acceptance of all that she was going through, and the support that she got from combining Western medicine with esoteric medicine. Learning to see and let go of old patterns like putting ourselves last, and learning to truly nurture ourselves, is all part of the healing process. Healing is a two-way thing that requires our own commitment to it, not a handing over of ourselves to be fixed.

  58. A powerful, first-hand account of the way Universal Medicine is complementary to conventional medicine. Practical, straight-forward, down to earth truth. This is the real story of Universal Medicine.

  59. Great testimonial – the situation we have with illness and disease in the society today requires the skills of modern medicine. Modern medicine however is in need of an approach where we look at why things manifest in our human body. That aspect is still a big unknown. From my understanding Universal Medicine suggests that before the body gives off symptoms there is a movement within the body that gives rise to the body displaying certain symptoms which for me makes total sense and it also gives us the power to help our body heal on a day to day basis. It’s like we have an opportunity to daily give our body a healing massage just by the way we go about our day, how we move, interact, love and are with ourselves.

  60. I was drawn to re read this blog after watching the video interview with Judith 4 weeks before she passed over. I was so touched by the woman that she is, I just had to come back for more. I was asked to visit her by my Mum during her last weeks on earth, my Mum was one of the many careers during her treatment but at the time I did not see the point in going to see a woman I had never met. Now I feel deeply sad that I did not meet this woman, she is pure joy right until her final breath, she is an inspiration, the blogs she left behind for me are little bits of history.

  61. It’s very beautiful to see the support that is available when someone is going through such a difficult period in their life. Seeking support can be a challenge for some and learning to let go of our harmful ways of living is also difficult. This is what the esoteric modalities and esoteric practitioners bring, to support people to live the best they can so they can let these harmful ways go.

  62. This is deeply profound, and inspiring to feel it is our commitment to healing that supports the medical treatment.

  63. What an amazing example of how Western Medicine and the modalities of Universal Medicine can compliment each other so beautifully. By embracing a fundamental union such as this, we have an opportunity to begin to truly heal illness and disease in this world.

  64. Friggin heck I have never realised this, but this is what I do, look after others even when exhausted and live my life for others rather than for myself, this is a massive wake up call for me. I am totally exhausted, run down, tired and get ill more frequently. It’s sad really. I know I’m not the only one, and it’s women that often do this, through a lack of self worth, role play being a good other, girlfriend, daughter etc or for whoever reason of not feeling good enough, or filling ourselves up with our own love for ourselves so that we don’t need to be needed. What’s also hit me, and my body is sharing this more loudly and clearly every single day recently, ‘they first take great care of themselves. ‘ There is a whole other level of deep care and living we can all go to, and it’s the reflection of this that is and can be way much more beneficial than thinking we are being caring by our outwardly gestures when in fact we are being overbearing, and overriding and deeply harming our own bodies. We would never put a sick, tired or exhausted child in the car, when they clearly need to rest, to go visit someone so why do we do it to ourselves?

  65. I gave my Mum a treatment after every chemo session while she was being treated for cancer – the two worked beautifully together, one supporting the other providing her with the very best of both worlds.

  66. “Physician, heal thyself” This quote sums up how in healing we need to take responsibility for our role that we’ve played to get to the point when an illness is presented in our body. Modern medicine working side by side with Esoteric medicine allows the practitioner to treat the whole body and take into account not just the physical body but our bodies as a whole, to facilitate true healing.

  67. A really extraordinary read that emanates the truly holding care offered by Serge… and the deeply embracing support of the Universal Medicine modalities during this time. This is a remarkable counter to those who are not prepared to report the truth and who’s false allegations sadly aim to deter others from being incredibly supported as you have been by such complimentary treatment and care.

  68. I have attended presentations from Serge for almost 6 years now and my experience is that he is always supportive of conventional medicine and the modalities he teaches are complementary to it. More so, what is shared in Judith’s blog, says so much about Serge and his loving approach to health and wellbeing – something he lives, walks and breathes everyday and expresses with everything he is. To me, Serge is the embodiment of a truly loving way of living and offers himself as a reflection of this for everyone who he meets and ‘touches’ in life.

  69. This is a true and honest sharing of what the union of conventional and complementary medicine can do. In all – there is so much more than simply a cure. If we are willing to look deeper, at our choices we will most likely find that a lot of healing can take place from our part – from the way we live – and that complimentary medicine can really support conventional medicine in so many ways.

  70. It is great to know that Chakra-puncture and other Esoteric Therapies are such a supportive complementary treatment to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

  71. We all respond well to a compliment – by definition it adds to what we experience… so naturally Serge and Universal Medicine look to compliment the amazing procedures and medicines that are available through Western Medicine. It would be churlish to ignore everything that is available.

  72. This is an inspiring and confirming read as to all Universal Medicine offers when it comes to any illness or disease. I agree with all Judith has shared and the support I received through breast cancer meant I could fully embrace all conventional medicine had to offer and come out singing their praises. This was monumentary for me as the 20 years prior to this I was very very anti any conventional health professionals and used every alternative therapy available. It was Universal Medicine that helped me see the only way to truly heal our body is through the combination of conventional and Esoteric Medicine.

  73. Judith’s article so beautifully speaks for itself. When we are open to receive we are given all that will truly support us. What a blessing for Judith to walk into the tent that day and meet Serge Benhayon.

  74. Clearly, Judith’s story highlights how an individual can take their health into they owns hands while also emphasising the support and love others can provide.

  75. What stands out as different to me about the way in which Unimed handles the care of cancer patients is there is no push for a cure or to fix or replace any other medical treatments. The care offered by Unimed to people suffering from cancer is set in place to make the experience as healing and supportive as possible. I am a big fan of modern medicine and amazing surgeon’s but a hospital experience can still lack a depth of warmth and extra special care that you crave at this scary time. Unimed provides a ultra nurturing support to anyone that comes and seeks support and all of this for little or no cost.

    1. I so agree Sarah. I recently had day surgergy and was held in the nurturing support of Serge Benhayon and now what I have learnt to bring myself, which did bring that extra special care that you do need as it is a bit scary.

  76. Judith’s story is testament to the fact that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine modalities are a great complement to conventional medicine – not a replacement – but a way of providing support and healing.

  77. I know some women who also got the support of Chakra puncture during their medical treatments for breast cancer. It was amazing to see how they coped with it all on both a mental as well as a physical level. And I see that it not only took the symptoms of the illness away they look and feel fabulous.

  78. Inspiring blog. The combination of western medicine and esoteric medicine is so powerful. I too have experienced both together and doctors have been surprised at how speedily I healed.

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