Step by Step

by Anonymous

In the 6 years I’ve been attending courses with Universal Medicine, I can whole-heartedly say it is amazing. Serge Benhayon displays such consistent, honest, loving and professional qualities. His dedication to humanity is like no other

The courses I’ve attended are presented in a way that allows me the opportunity to reflect on what is spoken. I’ve never experienced being told I should or shouldn’t believe in anything. Step by step I’ve developed a deep connection with myself, I have an amazing relationship with myself now, it is truly incredible.

One of the important wake ups for me is the use of words and their meaning.

For instance the word ‘love’. If you ask a thousand people what is love you will get thousands of different responses. Simply, Serge presents that WE are love.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me discover me, in my time, at my pace. Serge’s support, his whole family and clinic have helped me through much – more than I can write here.

130 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. “Step by step” are such an important term for life, to allow things to unfold in their own way at their own pace, to consolidate and appreciate each step, and to not try to place ourselves outside of each true step because of expectations and pictures of where we are supposed to be. To accept and appreciate each step – so simple.

  2. For me it was a great experience to feel what true love is – it stops all my thinking and also all my desire around love and the only thing what stayed was me loving myself.

  3. It is incredible the difference in how we are and live if we choose to embrace what Serge Benhayon lovingly lives and shares, ‘Step by step I’ve developed a deep connection with myself, I have an amazing relationship with myself now, it is truly incredible.’

  4. To truly know a word is much more than a conceptual meaning, it’s something we can live, and the Livingness of a word, like love, truth or harmony, is something that can keep deepening and expanding.

  5. That’s exactly the beauty of Serge Benhayon’s work – discovering ourselves. And, we are not just human beings, but soulful, and that soul has a place in the Universe, which means we are also Universal beings. A lot to discover about ourselves (and each other) and return to.

  6. You are absolutely right anonymous it is a step by step process sometimes forwards sometimes backwards as we grapple with the ideals and beliefs we have absorbed as children without the understanding of the harm they have on our bodies.

  7. Step by step, literally so. Any moment I place a goal banner somewhere, having an image of arriving somewhere sometime somehow, I am gone. It really is a moment by moment thing, and this way of being feels very unusual in the way we have been brought up in this world, and it feels like I am giving myself a full, unconditional permission to just be.

  8. But you also took the time to write and the change in your life can be felt so thank you for sharing and being brave enough to do so, because I also feel how much of a step that was.

  9. Step by step, beautifully said as we can feel from the tittle the stillness that this comes with it allows us to grow step by step – in a loving appreciation of our growth. That there is no need to be something, but just be you.

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