Step by Step

by Anonymous

In the 6 years I’ve been attending courses with Universal Medicine, I can whole-heartedly say it is amazing. Serge Benhayon displays such consistent, honest, loving and professional qualities. His dedication to humanity is like no other

The courses I’ve attended are presented in a way that allows me the opportunity to reflect on what is spoken. I’ve never experienced being told I should or shouldn’t believe in anything. Step by step I’ve developed a deep connection with myself, I have an amazing relationship with myself now, it is truly incredible.

One of the important wake ups for me is the use of words and their meaning.

For instance the word ‘love’. If you ask a thousand people what is love you will get thousands of different responses. Simply, Serge presents that WE are love.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me discover me, in my time, at my pace. Serge’s support, his whole family and clinic have helped me through much – more than I can write here.

112 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. I love this blog…it is short, clear, precise and to the point. I, too, have found that attending Universal Medicine presentations have proved to be a great support for me to uncover the real me and as you say, I have done this in my time and at my pace. Thank you, Anonymous for your sharing.

  2. Beautifully shared Anonymous. Yes, Serge Benhayon’s dedication to humanity and each and everyone of us is incredibly touching and awesome. I cannot express my thanks deeply enough. With his love and support I have a way of living that is transforming my “old restrictions” and allowing myself to unfold more and more to the truly beautiful amazing woman that I am.

  3. “Simply, Serge presents that WE are love.”
    Perfect. Words hold much meaning and as you say have become open to misinterpretation. When we bring it back to their simple origins, the power of these words can be felt whole heartedly.

  4. Beautifully said – I’ve had a very similar experience. Serge’s dedication to people is like no other, he has helped me to enormously turn my life around, how can you express enough thanks for that? It feels almost impossible.

  5. Sometimes I find it almost impossible to even try to describe just how much Serge has reminded me of…it is SO big! The complete turn around in my life that I’ve been able to make, simply by seeing how important self love and body awareness are – and the beautiful and loving way I now look at people and how I am now able to offer something we all want – a loving connection (when before it seemed all I could see or feel was misery, and so was only adding more to it). Then there is the many understandings I have now come to about free will, cause and affect, energetic responsibility, pain, illness and disease, personal accountability and what is going on here on Earth… and there is so much more… these words do not scratch the surface of what Serge Benhayon actually offers us all – nor do they do justice to what I feel or to the now continued learning I am open to from my own wise inner heart. Yes, many thanks and much appreciation to Serge Benhayon, for his inspiration, courage, and loving purpose.

  6. Thank you I love the simplicity of your writing and the title – how Step by Step you have been supported to re-discover yourself at your own pace. Priceless.

  7. I agree 100% Serge Benhayon’s dedication and love for humanity is unwavering. Inspiring others to live the love that he shares. A beautiful and truly transformative way to live.

  8. Your words anonymous are very simple and true. Serge Benhayon is an absolute inspiration to me and many others I know. His living wisdom shared is allowing many thousands to change their own understanding of themselves and of life. A true philosopher and teacher.

  9. Thank you Anonymous for sharing your wake -up call with us: That we are love, which is the best place to start. Thank you to Serge Benhayon for being that love and reflecting that love to us.

  10. The deep respect and acceptance of ones free will is a crucial element of everything Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and stand for – and in fact the expression of true love.

  11. I completely agree with you and having attended Universal Medicine presentations for 10 years can vouch for the consistency. I also am very interested in the use of words and find Unimedpedia to be a great ever growing resource for delivering the true energetic meaning of words. You can find much more about the word LOVE here.

    1. I love Unimedpedia the most amazing living dictionary existing on earth. The only place where I can find the true energetic meaning of words. Every time I read a word there I feel myself grow and expand in my body.

  12. I loved reading this blog – and it has allowed me to fully appreciate the love and consistency of Serge’s love. As you say the love is always there and always so deep and profound – and playful and fun. It is amazing to have the inspiration of a life lived to the full and a life that honours all equally.

  13. I loved reading your short but genuinely appreciative article. Discovering and developing a deep relationship with ourselves is definitely an unfolding and sometimes challenging journey of many steps. This deepening for me has been undeniably inspired through the simple yet profound presentations by Universal Medicine and has been a journey blessed with the gorgeous and consistent, loving support from Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family, for which I am immensely grateful.

  14. If we do not consider our essence to be love, we are less likely to treat ourselves as the love that we are. As you mention, Serge Benhayon teaches that we are all love and should firstly connect to that within and thereafter treat ourselves and all others with incredible care and gentleness. Sounds like a great message for everyone.

  15. I agree one hundred percent. There was never do’s and don’ts. Only a pure reflection on what we come from and what is is that unites us all. It’s the love we are and we come from*

  16. This is beautiful “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me discover me, in my time, at my pace. Serge’s support, his whole family and clinic have helped me through much – more than I can write here.” and has been my experience also, and from what I’ve observed in 8 years, it’s thousands of people’s experience.

    1. Yes this has been mine as well and likewise I have witnessed many other people doing it as well – at their own pace in their own time. And the incredible patience and love that is on offer from the Benhayon family is something I have never ever seen. The investment they put into people without one skerrick of attachment to us ‘getting it’ or ‘doing it’ is worth the study of about 10000 PHD’s. It is revolutionary.

  17. Anonymous, it is also my experience that in all the courses I have attended with Serge Benhayon, nobody has told me what I should or should not do. The teachings have been presented and it has been wholly up to me what I choose to take from them or not. No judgment just my choice.

  18. It is very beautiful to watch how Serge Benhayon and all those inspired by him support others to come back to love, step by step, at their own pace and in their own time. There is no pressure, force or regime to follow… just constant unwavering support, inspiration and love.

  19. Thank you for this very beautiful article. Most of us go through life without developing a relationship with ourselves, something where we are deeply connected to who we are and regardless of what is happening in our lives we know this connection keep us steady and sure so that the external does not affect at all that knowing of who we are, which is love (yes this is everyone). This is what I have and continue to learn through Universal Medicine.

  20. What I love about your article is that it reflects so clearly you, your time and your pace, it really does and that is extraordinary in a world that barks orders constantly about how we should be.

  21. Awesome love does begin with us and I too have appreciated the support offered by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to feel that love as you say at my own pace and in my own time. It is indeed a step by step, moment to moment choice to choose love.

    1. Energy is felt before the words are spoken and if the words are true to the energy being felt then it’s a beautiful connection and confirmation.

  22. Well summed up, the benefits of attending Unimed events are amazing and I have never experienced the same anywhere else.

  23. I agree with what is written, and I also find the courses presented by Universal Medicine deeply interesting! They have expanded my understanding of the world, of science, and of people, and given me a deeper appreciation and acceptance of modern medicine. Serge Benhayons courses are not one dimensional, they cover all facets of life and have opened me up to many new understandings. I have to say that everything Serge Benhayon has said I have actually benefitted from. Thats a pretty big statement but it is true, he is just an incredible person.

  24. Gorgeous. and that’s the best thing anyone can give. Unwavering support… no rushing but complete understanding. That’s why it is so easy to love it all.

  25. I love reconnecting to the true meaning of words to anonymous. There are so many words that have lost their true meaning in the way we use them and to actually stop and feel the quality of a word and what it is in truth expression is quite delicious.

    1. And to build on what you say, Carolien, to use a word in it’s true meaning feels different in the body when writing it, saying it or when reading or hearing that word. When a word is used in its energetic meaning it allows an expansion and growth inside. Like a piece of truth gets re-awakened in my body and gets alive again.

      1. absolutely Monika and in that we can feel from our body if a word is used in it’s true meaning or not. We can tell so much from feeling from our bodies and developing and deeming this awareness opens up the world to us.

    1. Yes Katechorley, this I truly appreciate. To take one’s time, reflect, observe, discern is so very important for my unfolding.

    2. Yes, I have learnt that love is unimposing, spacious and very patient. When we try to impose love onto another or try to control it, it is no longer love.

  26. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve shared here Anonymous. There is never a push from Serge Benhayon but simply a deep understanding and allowing for everyone to develop and evolve in their own time.

  27. Your blog is as simple and true as everything is: WE are love. Thats all there is, no searching, trying to get it or failing, we are already everything and everything that is not love just stands in the way and can be peeled off.

  28. I love the succinct description of Serge Benhayon’s teaching: We are love. If we make that our starting point we have a true foundation and can as you describe it, step by step, develop a forever deepening connection to who we truly are – the sons of God.

  29. Gotta love short blogs! You make simple but valuable points, one of which is about the word ‘love’, easily the most misused word in the world – usually associated with emotional, needy, co-dependant, soppy, versions of ‘love’. When it is simply who we are, where we are from and where we (all of us) are returning to, eventually.

    1. Yes Fumiyo, I totally agree. How could we connect to love if we have misinterpreted the true meaning of it? It does certainly bring about healing when we truly understand it and are willing to connect to love.

    1. ‘Supported all the way’ indeed Luke. I feel this has always been the case in every aspect of life. It is only when I am choosing to feel shut off from the world and God that I feel unsupported but in reality I have been support from the very start. To appreciate this level of support is amazing to feel and to accept that we are never alone.

  30. Serge Benhayon presents ‘we are love’ first and foremost without needing to be or do anything. So simple yet truly powerful and has supported thousands of people to change their lives in a true way.

  31. Step by step we are re-discovering the true meaning of love. Serge Benhayon presents and lives love and inspires us to know that each and every one of us comes from love and is love. All we have to do is live the love that we are and restore brotherhood on Earth.

  32. Simple and truthful – we are love. Step by step we can return to love. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back, but whatever the movement, I know I am returning to love.

  33. Love is what we all crave for the most when we are missing our true purpose in life, yet so many of us seem to have forgotten where it resides, looking for it high and low but the whole time love is within us all, love is who we are.

  34. Beautiful, step by step without any expectations of being where you are not, knowing you are supported one hundred percent, it is beautiful to behold.

  35. Step by step without jumping ahead of myself but by being honest, realistic and responsible for my choices I was able to shift some old behaviours and habits I never thought was possible. Whatever I was ready to let go of that were no longer loving or supportive came in mini packages, not overloaded ones but very loving loads.

  36. I love the title of your blog, ‘Step by Step’ to me means that we have the opportunity to forever build on our return to love. We can never just reach a peak and say that is it, Love is always a forever expanding and an opportunity for us to continuously build.

  37. I love the simplicity of your blog, and I also feel my experience has been much the same – “step by step” and at my own pace. Serge Benhayon presents on such a wide variety of topics, and each makes such resounding sense to me. I go away from Serge’s presentations and feel the truth of what’s been shared, and it seems to awaken the same truth from within me. Normally with knowledge we take things into ourselves, but the truth of what Serge shares draws forth the truth from within me.

  38. Step by step, keeping it simple, life is all about love, being love, living love, nothing more, nothing less, than love. Love it.

  39. Hear, hear I can vouch for everything you say. I also feel that I have developed a loving relationship step by step with myself since attending Universal Medicine presentations.

  40. I liken the unfolding self discovery to peeling back an onion layer by layer to uncover a rose… the depth of understanding and connection that we develop with ourselves along the way and as a bi-product others, is truly incredible and worth every step.

  41. It’s true – we are the love we so desperately search for. But twist the word love to mean something else, and we will never see the goldmine we are standing in.

  42. Great truth here. Serge’s dedication to humanity is like no other that I have ever witnessed and this dedication has inspired hundreds to start to work for humanity rather than fro self. I also love what you say about the meanings of words. Serge has shown me how so many of our words have been bastardised away from their true meaning and there is an amazing project called the Unimedpedia project, that although it is in its embryonic stages, has already laid a foundation for a new footprint of truth in words. Browsing the Unimedpedia maybe the start of a beautiful relationship with truth:

  43. That is so simple and yet ground-shakingly true! We are love, it is as simple as that. I love what you present here “One of the important wake ups for me is the use of words and their meaning.” I have definitely brought more responsibility to look below the accepted meaning of words to see if they have been altered to take me away from them. An example would be the word God. I couldn’t say it for so many years because of the connotations of the church I had taken on. Whereas God is love and we are love makes total sense to me.

  44. Knowing that we are love puts an end to us running around looking high and low for it outside ourselves. When we know we are love it then becomes our responsibility to become aware of what is hindering us feeling and expressing our love, and then to remove these obstacles from our life.

  45. It is just as you state Anonymous, Serge Benhayon is “consistent, honest, loving and professional. His dedication to humanity is like no other”. He is the real deal, there is no question for me about that.

  46. “Step by step I’ve developed a deep connection with myself”. This has been so amazing as, I never had a relationship with myself, let alone connection. Having built a loving relationship with myself I have been able to have a deeper connection. It really is an amazing feeling.

  47. Serge Benhayon’s dedication to humanity has been life-changing and inspirational for me. My gratitude for his reflection deepens as expands as my relationship with and connection to myself deepens and expands.

  48. I love the simplicity of what you’ve shared Anonymous, what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presentations offer is a way forward, to evolve from our patterns, hurts, beliefs and ideals… from the things that affect our ability to live simply, joyfully and honestly from who we really are.

  49. We all crave and seek love which can seem to be so elusive until we meet and truly understand the teachings of Serge Benhayon of the Ageless Wisdom that we are love, true love that is there, and always has been there, within the inner-heart of all simply waiting for us to connect to our inner-most.

  50. I have been attending Universal Medicine events for over 10 years now and have watched Serge Benhayon consistently display a deep love and dedication to humanity that is second to none, an extraordinary man that is a true role model for everyone.

  51. This is truth, Serge Benhayon’s dedication to humanity is showing us another level beyond what we could imagine before. And yes it is also true that he is showing us what the true meanings are of many words such as love which has been bastardised to mean something completely different from its true meaning.

  52. There is not an ounce of push, telling or making you feel that you have to be somewhere you are not, when it comes to Universal Medicine. There isn’t anything that I can say I have personally felt that has made me feel I can’t be all of me, unfolding in my own pace – this feels very confirming.

  53. For every step that has taken us away from ourselves we have to take those same steps back to ourselves, and although that can be challenging at times, it is also a profoundly beautiful and enriching process.

  54. There are many words that we have come to accept with a meaning of something that is far different than the truth of what that word holds. Love and Religion are two fantastic examples. You might think they are just words but in my case when I looked at how I was reacting to each word or thinking something was far less then what it was, I realised the impact on my life simply from these two words being held in a bastardised meaning.

    1. Yes there is a place within us that knows the truth in word, which is probably why we may have reactions to certain words when they have become layered with beliefs and ideals. Love and Religion are both great examples. Yet when these words are lived in the truth of their essence they are unifying of us all.

  55. Anonymous your experiences reflect many others because you have simply expressed the truth. Serge Benhayon is an amazing world teacher and offering insight into every part of the human condition as well as our place in the entire universe. He presents and never “tells”, he inspires and never dominates, he reflects but never directs, and he is simply a gorgeous guy supporting many to change their own lives.

  56. Perhaps it is time to change the ‘All we need is Love’, to ‘All we are is Love’ as when you remove the ‘need’ and the expectation that love should bring us something we have separated from the fact we are that love by nature.

    1. Wonderful observation Victoria. The realisation and confirmation that love is our actual true essence and expression is immensely empowering. It is devoid of any need, but holds the responsibility of emanating that quality.

  57. Well said Anonymous . . . “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have helped me discover me, in my time, at my pace” . . . I also found that understanding that we are love and that all we need to be is the love that we are changed my whole perspective on what I had previously thought love to be.

  58. How did it come to be that for 40 years I had no idea that I was love and was from love – for it only took one man’s reflection of the truth of love to reawaken that knowing in me. What have we deprived ourselves of in this world. and how does a world depriving itself of love look? One only has to look around them, see the news for one night and we have the answer.

  59. When we walk the steps back to love, which means healing and clearing all that we have chosen that is not love, ( and does not happen overnight, not at all) so much space is created in our bodies for more love and grace to flow through.

    1. This is such a gorgeous process of peeling back the layers we have wrapped ourselves in to protect and hide the fact that we are love. Although some layers may feel comforting as we face the reasons why we decided to mask our love in the first place – when we focus on returning to who we naturally are, it’s simple to then see those layers as something we are not.

  60. Short and sweet and with a strong message. In a world that often doesn’t make sense there is a point and a place that’s making sense. Not only that the support offered is allowing others to make sense of it for themselves. This is possibly one of the main points offered, we are given the freedom in a way to choose what happens next or to choose what we see. No one is forced to live blind it is a conscious choice made by the way we are, the way we move everyday.

  61. Coming to the understanding that love is in fact who we are and not something we need or can trade in volumes between each other, changes everything. It changes the relationship with ourselves and it changes the way we interact with one another. With less need and expectations we can allow people to express who they are while holding them in a quality of knowing that they are love no matter what they are choosing.

  62. “We are love”.
    This I never in a million years would have believed of myself, because I knew I lived devoid of it. But the one thing that I didn’t connect with was the fact that it resides within me, and that I didn’t live it, because I choose not to. Choosing to live from love, more and more everyday brings a joy and lightness, a simplicity to life that I enjoy and embrace.

  63. I’ve found that any real and lasting change that I’ve made has always been step by step. I’ve tried to take millions of shortcuts but they never lead to any lasting change. The integrity and love with which Serge Benhayon lives and all that he presents allows anyone who wants to listen the space and the grace to learn and experiment with what is presented in their own time, and at their own pace. What I have learned is more of who I am, and what gets in the way of me living this, deepening my commitment to life and openness with people.

  64. Well said Anonymous. It has been 6 years for me too since I started attending Universal Medicine events and listening to Serge. What he offers is a way of living that is purely self-loving and from there, loving in relationships and with others generally. Having started to embrace this way of being I can attest to the fact that it is life-changing. Be love in relationship with yourself and others – pure and simple wisdom.

  65. What I love about the message Serge Benhayon has always put across is how simple life can be, and that we are the ones (with the aid of our spirit) that wants the complication. In the early days I did not see that it was possible to simplify my life and not live in the drama of it, but now I can clearly see that it is a choice, no different from anything else in our lives.

  66. You wrote this blog five years ago, and I had known Serge Benhayon for five years at that point. Love is now, fully part of my body and the way I live every day, it will always be a work in progress. WE are all just love; we just need to choose to come back to ourselves!

  67. I was not aware how much bastardisation we have been allowing in the meaning and the use of words and how that was the main culprit in allowing as much abuse as we see in our world today. Words are sounded in response to, and in order to encapsulate, the truth we experience and perceive in physicality into a form of communication. The restoration of integrity in words is much needed.

  68. It is absolutely logical to me that for every step we have walked away from ourselves it is also a step by step process to come back to ourselves.

  69. We are free, aware and choose every time. It’s up for us to feel the truth in every presentation and take our own steps to live it from our own flavour and rhythm.

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