Burnout in the Workplace: A Call for Connection

by Bernadette Glass

I have been working in the health and human services (family, disability, housing etc.) industry for a combined 30 years. I have always known that what makes the difference in people’s lives is the connection that is made with another human being to then reflect to them the essence of themselves which is love. We don’t readily use this word in our industry because it ‘blurs the boundaries’, gets us ‘emotionally involved’. We silently all know that what is missing in most of our clients’ lives is an experience of true connection with another, true love. Not emotional love, but a connection that the heart of humanity is calling out to be declared, be truly SEEN and individuals to be ‘met’ and known as ‘enough’ just for who they are.

A pivotal point in my career was a true story told by Narrative Therapy founder, Michael White. When supporting a woman with severe depression who was an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital, Michael asked her, “who is it that has seen you for who you truly are?”. The woman in her mid 30’s replied without hesitation, “my grade two teacher”.  The story eventuated with a reconnection with the now well retired ‘grade two teacher’ and that was the beginning of the woman’s healing.

Since my connection with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have seen and felt the true way in which others have been ‘met’ for who they truly are, connected with their ‘enough-ness’ and begun to express themselves and their lives in true service to humanity, without the word ‘love’ being silenced!

Serge has an extraordinary understanding of the human condition and the effects on the individual and the collective when both are disregarded. This is reflected in the service demands for health, housing, social supports to name a few.

This is not rocket science!

I now present workshops myself in the human service field and what I am finding all over Australia is that many workers in this sector are exhausted, burnt out, pushed to the limits with the ever increasing demands for evidence of social advancement for clients to justify the dollars being spent!

What works as I present to workers across the sector is the reminder that we are ‘enough’ as human beings long before the expectations to achieve. A reminder of the first and foremost task of a worker, is to know this of themselves so that they can present and reflect this to their colleagues and clients. The response to such claims is always met with nods and relief that this topic is being discussed.

The essence of what Serge Benhayon presents is that we are all made to express love and to be connected. It is what everyone craves and feels to express. Why do we not say this? I have been inspired by the only person I know who truly is not afraid to say it to the world in a way that deeply challenges each individual to take responsibility for their lives in every aspect, bar none. We can make a difference. What are we afraid of?

152 thoughts on “Burnout in the Workplace: A Call for Connection

  1. Meeting another is simple giving that person your full attention, listening to what they are saying and not wanting to be anywhere other than where you are. It’s quite simple and quite profound.

  2. We are all made to express love and be connected, and I welcome the day when we all live this again.

  3. It feels like we are operating under this unspoken agreement that we uphold this world even though we know its faults and lies and that it’s not working and never going to work. What you are bringing through your work by connecting with people feels amazing. A great example of how truth always finds its way.

  4. That sense of feeling separate and disconnected to others leaves us feeling isolated, alone and helpless against the onslaught of the fast paced society that today surrounds us and in many ways engulfs us. This erosion of self also applies to everyone equally no matter if we are the employer, employee or the client.

  5. Thank you Bernadette, very inspiring to read your blog again. It’s so true what you have shared, we all innately want to be met and valued for who we are and not for what we do, to express love and to be met with love, and I agree, with love the crucial missing factor everywhere (home life, work and education etc) why aren’t we all talking more about it?

  6. How true, all everyone wants is to be seen and loved for who they are. We remember these meetings as the beautiful example of the woman you describe shows. When we lose connection to the love we are all else in life becomes dull and lack lustre.

    1. Yes true indeed Victoria – when we oppose our connection to love, we lose sense of who truly are in essence, and as such the lives we live are missing the exact quality that we seek to live with – the love we are within.

  7. You can feel the level of care and love you bring to your work Bernadette. A true service you offer reminding others that they are ‘enough’ well before they do anything. Serge Benhayon as you say is an inspiration in never holding back on delivering the truth, and has inspired many others equally to do the same. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This a very powerful blog Bernadette. Your words . . “We can make a difference. What are we afraid of?” . . . have really struck a cord with me as I realise that once we really do support ourselves by bringing the care and love back to our every aspect of living there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of as nobody can take the knowing of who you truly are away from you and that knowing awakes others to come to know who they truly are. The difference we can make is profound and all that is required is for us to simply be the love that we are and all else will come from this.

  9. The world has attempted to corrupt the truth of love, through reinterpretation and misrepresenatation in order to keep us from knowing and living its power. Yet there is nothing to be gained by aligning to the false versions and everything to be restored by living its wisdom and holding of all.

  10. From what I have seen this is true for all of us in all circumstances, “I have always known that what makes the difference in people’s lives is the connection that is made with another human being to then reflect to them the essence of themselves which is love.” When I think back when I was younger or I think of the work I do what holds most is that connection or that relationship with people. I am often saying, ‘that’s what I am here for’ to connect with people and have them connect. For me in life there is nothing greater or nothing I offer more dedication to than this. I can see from people and feel from me that this is what fulfils me and I remember something I always held dear from young was that I wanted to know everyone in the world in this way. I use to think it was silly but now I can see what I was saying, connection.

  11. When love is the focus of how we live, there is richness and vitality that fills our lives with a quality that cannot be compared. I have noticed and experienced how it is the quality of our connection to love, within ourselves first, that brings true enrichment to whatever we do and the relationships we are in be it work, family, friends or otherwise. I am sure we can all reflect on how the truly enriching moments in our lives are the ones where we are met with or touched by heartfelt connections, by love. We all do deeply crave love, as it is love that confirms who we are.

  12. Our bodies and beings are designed to energetically connect – through expression, openness and Love. To avoid, shut off, disconnect or deny true connection with ourselves and others is a huge factor of illness and disease because it’s going against everything the body naturally wants to be.

  13. The beauty of meeting another is felt physically in our bodies. We can feel that once we have made the choice to do so, we settle in our bodies and become clear, honest and attentive. There is nothing more beautiful than bringing this to ourselves and others.

  14. I love how you’ve presented this Bernadette: that we are enough as we are, before any of the things that we do in our lives, and our number one job above anything else, is to remember this, embrace it, and reflect it to others so that they know that, too. Sometimes we want to shut off and disconnect from what we can feel because it’s too uncomfortable or painful, But perhaps the only way forward is to allow ourselves to feel everything, in full, and to know that feelings and emotions aren’t permanent. The way to heal them is to acknowledge that they are there, and to feel them without getting lost in them. Building a connection with our body, to feel what is there and express it and connect with others, is one of the best ways that we can support ourselves to do this.

  15. I read on a social care company website recently that ‘we believe that the ability to care is a defining human quality’. The point is well made but in truth my feeling is that the most defining quality we have is to be love. Yes, we have made love mean ’emotional involvement’ and hence we are discouraged from expressing it in our work. But love is so innate in us, we cannot just switch it off when we go to work. Attempts to do so distort who we are and lead to a perverse relationship with others. Love is much more than the nice feeling we get about another sometimes. It is a way of being, right from the depths of our hearts that can be – and is being – lived in many lives today. Let’s hear it for love.

    1. Well said Richard. Lets hear it for love and lets start to realise that we must learn to love ourselves first to build the love that we are and then to let it in and let it out and hey presto, we start to live in a different world.

  16. ‘The essence of what Serge Benhayon presents is that we are all made to express love and to be connected.’ It is only when we are not this that life can become pear shaped and we get into serious muddles.

  17. “We are all made to express love and to be connected. It is what everyone craves and feels to express. Why do we not say this?” – this is a show-stopper question, Bernadette. We keep cheating ourselves and each other by settling for something far less than that, not even daring to ask what it is we truly want. We actually do know when we go after arrangement instead of connection, recognition instead of love that we are never going to get what we truly want and deserve but choose the booby prize instead – fearing what if we didn’t get that and rejected, and I totally did that myself. But the thing is love is already here. We don’t even have to ask for it to be given. It is here and we just have to fall back into that.

  18. Beautiful Bernadette, each and every one of us can make a difference to anothers life but foundational to that our own health and wellbeing must always be honoured for if we care for others at the expense of ourselves the risk of burnout will always increase exponentially.

  19. ‘The essence of what Serge Benhayon presents is that we are all made to express love and to be connected. It is what everyone craves and feels to express. Why do we not say this?’ This is a good question…

  20. I read an amazing statistic yesterday that in the UK, the NHS is losing 10% of its nurses every year. That is a huge number of nurses. That is 33,000 leaving every year. A common theme is not being able to cope with the stress and succumbing to depression and therefore having to give up the job that they always wanted to do and love. Teaching nurses to love and care for themselves should be an integral part of nurse training, because if you can’t love and care for yourself, you will not be able to love and care for others and you will become part of this awful statistic.

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