Help!… I was Part of a Cult

By Joel L (Western Australia)

Not so long ago I managed to escape from a large and very powerful cult. I was born into this cult so grew up not knowing any better but still the hold it had over me was strong and my parents and siblings are still part of it.

There were strict rules about who I should and shouldn’t marry, there were clear rules about what I should and shouldn’t do on any given day. We would attend ‘Prayer Meetings’ where one of the church leaders would share interpretations from the bible and implore us to ‘be better people’ (and give money of course). The church leader would be positioned as the one that understood ‘the word’ and would interpret it for us (only males were allowed to have this role).

There was a subtle code of hierarchy and power, with people vying to be part of administrative roles to have greater influence in the community. We weren’t a gated community, but many of us played sports and socialised together, convinced that the world was out to get us.

My break away started when I met my wife, who was not part of this cult. I was clearly told of the harm and shame I would bring to the family, and my wife was told by the church elders that she would be going to hell based on the cult she had grown up with.

At one point I had even convinced her to convert, until we realised we were only doing it for other people’s approval.

The cult I grew up in… is one of the four mainstream religions.

119 thoughts on “Help!… I was Part of a Cult

  1. Once something is seen as normal, i.e., when there are many of us enjoining in similar behaviours and aligned to the same belief systems we don’t question it. That’s why understanding life from the quality of energy behind the physical, and the truth the body always communicates is so important. Without these two things we can be lost involved in something thinking it is ‘it’ or the truth, when it’s actually very harmful.

  2. I wonder why those four mainstream religions are not ‘officially’ considered as cults, if they treat to suppress people as clearly as they do..

  3. Human beings are quite groupish, whether it’s religion, fan clubs, sports groups, suburbs, fashion fads…etc, we tend to follow the norm and do what everyone else is doing. We even change how we speak to fit in. I suppose the difference between these and what we incorrectly call a cult is simply how different the group is.

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