Universal Medicine – CULT? … I Don’t See How

by Adam Warburton

Over the past few days, a number of articles have been posted by the Sydney Morning Herald and other smaller newspapers accusing Universal Medicine of being a cult, followed by further accusations about its so called followers, and the fact that they refer to their “cult leader” as the one. The original article in the Sun Herald based much of its findings on the reports of a small hand-full of disgruntled people, and made further claims through insinuation that Serge Benhayon was a money making relationship destroying cult leader.

My experience is that this is a complete and utter fabrication and total misrepresentation of the truth. I have been attending lectures presented by Universal Medicine for over six years now, and feel I am therefore in a position of some authority to comment on the many mis-truths that have been presented in these articles based on my first hand experience. 

Before I go any further, it should be made clear that any person or organisation is entitled to investigate Universal Medicine, and whilst it is an organisation that does not actively seek publicity, neither does it hide from being analysed or questioned, and its views and philosophies can easily be discovered on their website for all to see. What is therefore totally irresponsible of the author of the articles in the Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald is that he has made no attempt to check his sources, nor to confirm for himself as to whether or not the information that they provided was true or not, as any reasonable amount of research would reveal that the organisation is anything but a cult. As this is the first publicity of its kind that Universal Medicine received, he had a true responsibility to ensure that what he was reporting had some form of credibility, and to carelessly use the word ‘cult’, and to present the article with snippets of information that insinuate this to be true, is bordering on, if not constitutes outright defamation, of the most serious nature.

The word ‘cult’ conjures up in people’s minds a charismatic leader, brainwashed followers and a culture of isolating its followers from the rest of society, friends and family. Any amount of decent research into the truth of Universal Medicine would uncover an organisation that is anything but this. Universal Medicine (UniMed) is an organisation that at its core is dedicated to the true concept of brotherhood, and in bringing humanity to a common understanding that in truth we are all the one and the same. It is an organisation that explores the concept of what it is to truly contemplate the way the world is, and what it could be, and challenges the students of UniMed to consider in depth the way we live not just as individuals, but as a society.

Its founder Serge Benhayon presents the majority of lectures and courses held by Universal Medicine, however, attend a lecture, and you will find no Anthony Robbins American style presentation here, nor a worked up crowd salivating on every word presented by an emotive charismatic speaker, but merely a common man who shares from his experiences how he chooses to live, and how this works for him in his everyday life. There is no imposition, no need for you to follow his views, no need to even sit through the whole lecture. So how can this possibly be the workings of a cult leader? It certainly meets no definition of any cult leader I have ever read about.

I do not profess to be the world’s greatest intellectual, and am at heart a simple man who is a builder by day, and married to a loving wife, but also a man who claims to have a sincere love of his craft, life and people. Delve into my history and you will find no former allegiance to any cult or church organisation, nor a desperate emotionally vulnerable person searching for some form of spiritual enlightenment, dancing from one Indian guru to the next. Within the wider community that Universal Medicine represents, you will find people like me from all walks of life, from doctors, dentists and lawyers to cleaners, housewives, policemen and tradesmen. You will find a group who claim to be far from perfect, but have a commonality in that they are open to discerning life as it is with an open mind. Indeed you will also find in that group of people those that did formerly align to a guru, and those who have been left feeling emotionally betrayed by forays into the Spiritual New Age etc. But Universal Medicine does not align to, nor is it part of the Spiritual New Age.

Left to their own devices, many have, to varying degrees and in their own time, chosen to align with many of the views presented by Serge Benhayon. There are also those who attend Universal Medicine’s many lectures or courses who choose not to incorporate what is presented into their personal lives. Yet never are they seen as being less welcome or worthy by the body of students that represent Universal Medicine, nor by its founder Serge Benhayon. Indeed, never have I seen the man treat anyone more or less depending on how well he knew them, or what views they held, or based on to what degree they aligned to what he presents. Indeed, he is one of the few people I know who I can honestly say meets everyone who crosses his path with the same love and integrity he shares with his immediate family. How is this indicative of the workings of a sinister cult? Surely, if this were the case attendees would be chastised for not aligning to the views of its founder, or coerced into changing their views. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen numerous times people get up and leave Universal Medicine events half way through with no pressure at all, and indeed I know of those in addition that were gladly given a full refund, despite sitting through most of the course they had paid to attend.

And so, this brings me to the most inspiring thing about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as an organisation. At the core of Universal Medicine is the concept of brotherhood, the knowing that we are all truly equal in essence (although it is understood that this is not the current reality of human existence). All of Universal Medicine’s teachings are based on this very presumption. As a result, it takes a sometimes very challenging view on life, and many as a result are often turned off by what is presented in relation to a wide array of issues, from the negative effects of alcohol, coffee, gluten and dairy, to the divisive nature of nationalism, sport and religion in general. Yet it holds true to its teachings, and in Universal Medicine you will find no contradictions, for its founder lives what he presents.

Students, for want of a better term, are encouraged to discern what is presented to ascertain through their own life experience as to whether what is presented is indeed true. Surely, a cult leader would be more pandering to his listeners so as to ensure that he did not inadvertently offend them. Surely, a cult leader would want to have complete control over the views held by his followers, and not actively encourage them to question what has been presented.

Many people have been inspired to change the way they live and view life through the example shown by the way that one man lives his life. Yet the fact that they have chosen to align to the same views does not make them a “follower”, and nor does it make him a “cult leader”. This is not to say that there are not those who attend Universal Medicine lectures who carry themselves as a follower or devotee typically would, for inevitably there are those who look to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon as the cure to all of their woes. But this is not the teachings of Universal Medicine, nor of its founder, and those that portray themselves as such are missing the point – the point at the heart of all Universal Medicine’s teachings – that all of us have the potential to connect to a truth that resides within. All of us have the capacity to live life in a way that is more harmonious and joy-full. All of us have the capacity to live in a way that is full of abundance and energy and in a way that inspires others to be curious as to how we manage to be so steady and consistent, and yet do not seem to be caught up in the melodrama of the world’s problems, even though we are forever respectful and observant of the way the world chooses to be.

For to be part of the way that is presented by Universal Medicine is to be part of life in every single way. It is not an organisation that exists to shield anyone from the outside world, nor a retreat to buffer people from the harsh realities of life (as is the case with so many spiritual modalities/courses). To the contrary, it is an organisation that teaches people to commit to life in every single way – yet in a way that allows us to remain open and connected to the truth of who we really are. It represents a commitment to understanding life through being open to the possibility that inside of us all is a loveliness that for many of us we have not connected to since childhood.

Too many people have given up on the world, and have instead sold out to the notion that the world is the way it is. The rape, murder, war, greed, corruption and scandals that dominate the world’s headlines have de-sensitised us to point where we no longer believe that the world can be any other way. And then, on the other side of the fence are the plethora of rip-off merchants, false gurus and prophets preying on those who dare hope that there could be a different way of life. It is no wonder that there are those in the public arena who view Universal Medicine with a skeptical eye.

The religious views of Universal Medicine may not be to everyone’s agreement, and its views on drugs, alcohol, coffee, gluten, dairy and the divisive nature of sport, religion and nationalism are certainly challenging, but they are definitely not without merit, and certainly not controversial to the point of being “cult like”. Universal Medicine and those who are affiliated with its philosophy on life fully respect everyone’s right to be as discerning of Universal Medicine as they are of the world at large – indeed, it is encouraged – as long as it is done with an open-ness to discovering truth – for as the testimonials on this site attest – at the heart of Universal Medicine you will find a group of people who are dedicated to questioning the way life is and not for the purpose of self-again but for the purpose of proving that through the way they live, human life can be experienced and expressed in a truer, more complete and more harmonious way.

81 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – CULT? … I Don’t See How

  1. I can’t to some extent understand why people would call Universal Medicine a cult. I wonder if that has to do with the bastardisation of the word cult, which is now used for almost every group of people with somebody leading it, who are living against the trends in society. To me, that is just ignorance and should be called out. If you call it out, people admit almost immediately that is not what they meant. I know there are some people, however, that have use the word ‘cult’ deliberately to try to take Universal Medicine down, and that is an ugly attack and should be addressed in full. Not defend against the attack but put it out to the public, the truth about Universal Medicine, so people, all people see what Universal Medicine truly is.

  2. The presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are open to all to attend or not, there is no control, no locked door, it’s simply a choice to attend or not.

  3. There is a different way to ‘do’ life and The Ageless Wisdom through its representative, Serge Benhayon, presents that way – no more and no less. Everything else is conjecture, belief, prejudice or fanciful hope.

  4. The Word cult invokes a reality that runs parallel to life in which people who do not want to be in life meet and are together, that has its own rules; one in which the fundamental rights of the people are simply left aside. Universal Medicine is not such a home and does not host that kind of people or practices. It is in the world, open to life, and is asking that committing to life and to love is the only way. This exposes the extent to which anyone has to distort reality to claim that Universal Medicine is a cult.

  5. If we don’t all question life and the validity of our inherited ideals and beliefs how are we to grow and evolve collectively as a humanity?

  6. Nearly five years down the track from when this article was published and the number of people who could have been supported through what Universal Medicine offers, freely and with full transparency, and who might have been turned off by the ‘cult’ label, is growing. And that is a responsibility that those who slanderously attach labels and make allegations will have to shoulder, sooner or later.

  7. Well said Adam Warburton. I have never come across an organisation or anyone for that matter such as Universal Medicine who wholeheartedly supports me to commit to All areas of my life; to all my relationships, work, God, religion, community but lived in a way that is not at the expense of my body. There is no doubt to commit in full is challenging and to many too much to consider because it does rock the comfort we have been accustomed to but when there is a yearn for something far greater than what I see around me to have reflections such as Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the student body such as Adam Warburton speaking truth it cannot but inspire me to commit more deeply to truth and love for all mankind.

  8. I agree with all you have written here Adam, and yes Serge Benhayon ‘is one of the few people I know who I can honestly say meets everyone who crosses his path with the same love and integrity he shares with his immediate family.’ Serge Benhayon inspires us all in so many ways.

  9. As you said in one of your comments on this blog, Adam, truth stands the test of time. This is true of this blog. From my own personal experience of ten years of knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I completely endorse what you have written and add that by engaging with what Serge presents I have become far more truly objective and discerning instead of being a blind follower of a guru.

  10. Since you wrote this Adam it stands the test of time – this testament to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is my experience, and Ive known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for over 14 years and never has it wavered from being of the deepest integrity, completely transparent, nothing hidden, with a deep care for all in humanity. In my experience Ive never met an organisation like Universal Medicine with its level of consistency and quality.

  11. A truthful summary of what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon stand for and present, which nobody can take away or destroy however much they might try. Truth and love is still very disregarded in this world but it always holds its own not wavering form itself no matter how harsh the circumstances or evil the surroundings.

  12. “Indeed, never have I seen the man treat anyone more or less depending on how well he knew them, or what views they held, or based on to what degree they aligned to what he presents.” In my experience, and I trust most others would be the same, this you do not find is common. It takes a solid commitment to love of self and humanity to reach this level of understanding.

  13. Serge Benhayon does encourage you to question or challenge him at anytime what he presents (he also checks to see if everyone is keeping up). The only thing I find challenging is his questions back to us gently prodding us to go deeper and unlock and accept what we know equally innately within to the point where we can add equally in our own unique expression and past experience. There is nothing wrong with questioning what is going on, and as Adam expresses, just as long a commitment to truth is being asked for. The fact is we don’t question more responsibly what is going on and because it may not be directly effecting us individually we walk on by. This is the problem. All is energy and we are all being effected – for every thought any other has is passing through us too. It is therefore in our best interest to take note, take stock and truly understand we are all connected and to make a difference is to be aware and always question “What are we aligning to?”

  14. ‘Too many people have given up on the world, and have instead sold out to the notion that the world is the way it is.’ So true. When I have conversations with people about how I choose to live and how it supports me, I can feel how much of an effort they perceive it to be, because they are resigned to the notion that the world is hopeless and there is absolutely no point in trying to make a difference.

  15. ‘Too many people have given up on the world, and have instead sold out to the notion that the world is the way it is’. When we give up on anything it will never change. Change only comes from inspiration and the willingness to commit to life in full and consistently live in a manner that is both responsible and true.

  16. Great synopsis Adam of what Universal Medicine offers, a way of life which asks how we can be more loving with ourselves and all around us and encourages those who attend to consider how this may apply to them and their lives. It’s totally left in your hands to apply what works and what you consider to be true, and it’s the antithesis of what a cult is, there is a body of people who questions and is encouraged to question and indeed anyone who tries to be a follower is reminded to consider that how they live is their choice.

  17. If Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness is a cult then what about all the mainstream religions? They are much more cultish than anything I have encountered with Universal Medicine, where it is left entirely up to you to discern whether the teachings are true and whether you want to adhere to them or not and the tools to do so are taught and nothing is ever imposed upon you.

    1. I agree with what you are saying Judith, which exposes the word cult as such and what we have made it to be. It is a label that we have created to stick on anyone or anything that we dislike and/or disagree with which then gives us the right to condemn and degrade.

      1. Very true, the word ‘cult’ is used in a way today like the word ‘Jew’ was used during the Nazi regime – it is a dangerous game we play when we allow people to put a label on others like that without knowing the person or even bothering to look further into the matter.

  18. 4-years on from this article it still holds a truth that cannot be questioned, Universal Medicine continues to support people in an exceptional way, and people benefitting from that support continue to shine as role models in society.

    1. Which is testimony of the integrity and impeccable conduct this business is founded on and that it holds with every task at hand, standing firmly on this foundation and helping and supporting people to find back to living a normal and healthy life in a world where chaos and war is so prevalent and a normalcy that we have resigned ourselves to.

  19. This is a great article, outlining the truth of what Universal Medicine is. It is captured in all its abundance and variety, it is challenging the status quo, but will never try to force it onto others.

  20. An extraordinary piece of writing that captures it all really, nothing more need be said other than thank you and I concur with every word.

  21. Adam, you tell it like it is. Who sees what is going on in the world should also see that we need another way of thinking, being and living. Universal Medicine does offer a different way – this may not be in everyones flavor, but is not a reason to label UM as a cult. This way of performing tells more about the author of this kind of writing as about the object of interest.

  22. One of the most important things I’ve learnt and felt in life is to be who I truly am. But then again it seems like the most difficult thing ever. Serge however has the knowledge of why this is from his own experience and listening to him present is very rewarding indeed.

  23. Society judges harshly anything that does not fall within the parameters of not being normal, especially anything that by mere reflection challenges the status quo. It is too easy to brand anything outside the normal as being a “cult” without truly investigating what it is that organisation is actually doing. To date I have not seen the media provide one shred of verifiable evidence to suggest that Universal Medicine is doing anything other than having a profound impact on the quality of people’s lives. People don’t drink, they start to watch their diet according to their own dictates, they take better care of themselves, they become more reflective, they question things more, they start to open their curtains and peer into the world to see what is truly going on.

    1. This shows that not only does the media dictates what it deems of importance or more so sensational enough to stir people’s interest but too that we as a whole of a humanity still are inclined to only see what we want to see to keep our own living bubble, that we have created for ourselves, intact. We close our eyes for what we do not want to see, which creates a reality with many blind spots.

  24. Well said Adam, I do not see how Universal Medicine can be seen as a cult or Serge Benhayon as a cult leader either from what I have read and heard cults to profess to be over the years. With Universal Medicine there is no emotional hook, no persuasion or judgement of any kind, only presentations that there is a true way of living and being with one another that is respectful, loving, harmonious and joyful and it is our free will to choose if this way feels true for us or not.

  25. The misrepresentation and misreporting of Universal Medicine as some sort of a cult continues unabated. This suggests that the media audience have a thirst for sensation and bad news so this is what is fed to them with total disregard for the truth. Those who have attended Universal Medicine presentations, read the books by Serge Benhayon and had Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners have found out for themselves that they are met with truth, love and integrity in true equalness.

    1. Absolutely Mary, I agree, it is like the media and society get off on the thrill of a story that has a sensationalised aspect like an adrenaline rush that is forever looking for a bigger high. Could this unquenchable thirst for a more thrilling expose come from the absence of responsibility “with total disregard for the truth”? The media and society will one day find like the Unimed Students have, that being self-loving and self-nurturing is all that is required!
      For more on responsibility go to:

  26. I wrote this blog in 2012 in response to the media. Actually, I wrote it as a letter directly to the media. It was obviously too long for them to publish. It also directly countered their biased portrayal of Universal Medicine and so obviously could not stand as it was in their eyes. I still stand by every word I wrote today.

    1. Your words will stand the test of time, Adam. Because everything Universal Medicine stands for and presents is in fact simple, ageless, timeless wisdom. And who in their right mind can argue with that?

  27. Thank you for setting the record straight Adam, Universal Medicine is quite unique and does not follow any examples we have seen to date.
    There is no: Cult members isolated in their own little community, as attendees are regular people integrated into their own local communities all over the world.
    There is no: Spiritual new age airy-fairy rubbish so many have been let down by.
    There is no: Anthony Robbins style motivational hype.
    There is no: Charismatic evangelist using guilt and shame and other emotions to influence people.
    So the news reporters do not have a ready-made pigeonhole to put Universal medicine in but this is not excuse for publishing hearsay from a disgruntled few rather than proper investigation.

  28. Well said Adam, all of it but particularly highlighting: “…the point at the heart of all Universal Medicine’s teachings – that all of us have the potential to connect to a truth that resides within.” This has been exactly my experience with Universal Medicine also and so the question is: why does something so fundamentally simple and natural to us all, trigger reactions in some that see them lash out and condemn this way of living? What is so threatening about a group of people committed to living truth to the best of their ability in their everyday lives if it causes no harm to others?

    As a society we have invested a lot in what is not true – we are so caught up with striving to be bigger, better, faster, smarter that we forget there is a ginormous pool of wisdom on tap within us and we need only live what we already are on the inside, in order to connect with it once more. If this is terrifying, then it is an indication of how thick the investment must be in the outer spoils of life. That is, the lie that we live is so great it has obscured our sight of the simple truth that lies within us always. One sip from these still waters and the illusion dissolves. Hence, all that we have done, said and thought that was not in accordance to this was all achieved under false aspiration and never from a knowing of the truth of all things. If you have made your life about trying to do and be lots of things that gain you recognition and acceptance from your peers but require you to override your natural wisdom in order to get them done, well naturally… a little reaction may well be felt.

    1. So well said Liane. Those who stand up and call out the games we all like to play stand to receive their share of criticism – not because what they say is not true, but because of our investment as a society in the way things are.

    2. Interesting question you raise, Liane:
      “What is so threatening about a group of people committed to living truth to the best of their ability in their everyday lives if it causes no harm to others?”
      And I absolutely agree with your answer:
      “If you have made your life about trying to do and be lots of things that gain you recognition and acceptance from your peers but require you to override your natural wisdom in order to get them done, well naturally… a little reaction may well be felt.”

  29. It is very interesting to read this blog, almost 3 years after it publication and to feel its relevance and power, and a horror at the fact that the same story is still playing out three years later. The greatest gift possessed by some members of our press is the capacity to create controversy. The fact that it is baseless in fact seems to be of no consequence to them. It is the stir, the agitation, the angst and alienation they can create that gives them the thrill and the “score”. And it seems the bigger the stir the better the score. Truth? Doesn’t figure in this game.
    They used to be able to do this with racist epithets. Well they cannot get away with that these days. They used to be openly misogynist. Even that is harder to get away with now (although they still have a fair crack at it). Religious jokes….well the Charlie Hebdo murders has made them more cautious.
    But the word cult? That can be used with impunity. No one wants to stand up for a cult, even if the so accused organisation is not a cult. So what does it take to redress this situation. Playing their devious game is not the answer. There really is no short term solution, just the steady delivery of truth through each and everyone of the blogs written by students….a living testament to an organisation that offers the truest freedom that will be found on this earth.

    1. True Rachel. And more amazing to think that the Sydney Morning Herald spent several email exchanges with me deliberating on whether or not to publish this. In the end, they reduced what was written here to a single paragraph -reductionism at its finest.

    2. Unfortunately the media favours freedom over the Truth every time. Truth matters little when it is sensationalism that sells, and ensures that a journalist remains at the top of their game. Without a sensationalist twist, there was not story with Universal Medicine, and it took the lies of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin to package Universal Medicine in such a way for it to even pique the interest of journalists. Take away the lies, and the truth about Universal Medicine is much more simple – and even a little inspiring.

  30. Adam, I really enjoyed your blog post. I agree, from my own experience my observations of Universal Medicine are the same as yours. One thing that stood out was your line “To the contrary, it is an organisation that teaches people to commit to life in every single way…” I have found this to be true, whereas my forays into the New Age and eastern philosophy caused me to feel different and uncommitted to life and prior to Universal Medicine I was quite reclusive. Because of Universal Medicine I feel a deep equality with everyone and am more open, am participating with my community more, and feel more committed to life, work and sorting out my issues. This is definitely not a cult, because they have helped me stop isolating myself, and in addition all my relationships have improved (as has my self worth). When I arrived at Universal Medicine I was very vulnerable, I could have easily fallen for “following” Serge because I was looking for something, however what I felt was a truly loving man who I felt completely safe with and honoured by as a woman (not common in the new age or religion). I have been supported from day one to always look within and feel what is true for me. I feel Universal Medicine has supported me to finally stop giving my power away, to be discerning, and honour how I feel. Universal Medicine is definitely nothing like the intended smear created by the media in its manipulative use of the word “cult”.

    1. Thank you Melinda for sharing this. Universal Medicine presents a deeply philosophical way of living that challenges many, for it leaves no stone unturned in exposing the deep corruption that exists within the world – and in ways that we do not like to think come under such a banner. Equally, it is an organisation that holds humanity in the highest regard, and leaves no stone unturned in exploring the capacity of human beings to live to their true potential as the loving beings we truly are.

    2. Beautiful how you describe your experience with Universal Medicine, Melinda. I can totally relate to what you say that Universal Medicine supported you to stop giving your power away, be discerning and honour what you feel. This is my experience too. I got provided all the techniques and tools by Serge to discern whether what he shares is true or not. Now that is Integrity with a capital I, because it is lived.

  31. It’s interesting that we go and learn or study many different things, we attend all sorts of courses, workshops or classes, so what’s the big fuss about Universal medicine. We attend courses to usually improve or better ourselves and it just so happens that the courses run by Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine are life changing. Yes, there may be a very small handful of vocal opponents, but when you look at any business with a track record of Universal medicine you have to admit that something amazing is going on,

  32. A powerful, succinct and awesome summary of your experience of Universal Medicine Adam, it speaks volumes about the true integrity that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present with, and what is presented to humanity at large. This is an article worth reading, as it presents the truth of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Thank you for sharing your powerful expression.

  33. Great, clear article Adam.
    I was one of those who did get side-tracked by the spiritual/new age rubbish that is out there. This was such a distraction for me, and I have also found Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to be (in stark contrast to that) ‘an organisation that teaches people to commit to life in every single way’
    It is still (and I am still) a work in progress, but nothing has, and continues to, inspire me to live a fully committed life the way this organisation does, in all areas of life.

  34. There is no greater way to distort the facts than by presenting them in the context of the social perceptions of the time. The media is the expert in this regard, able to read and influence the underlying forces of emotional turmoil that rest deeply within society, easily activating them with a word or picture on cue. By using the word “cult” in its description of Universal Medicine, the media did that – created an image of Universal Medicine that is immediately tarnished by the use of a word that comes loaded with a momentous torrent of negative connotations and biased perceptions. Forget the fact that they also then printed lie after lie of incorrect information. That one word did it all, and established the foundation that would soften readers levels of discernment in anticipation of the lies that were to follow.

  35. Thank you for a very in-depth article Adam. Like you, I am not a blind follower who has been scouring spiritual pursuits looking for a guru. I am a tradesman who finds the presentations by Universal Medicine very applicable in the real world; from the supermarket to the factory floor, it makes a lot of sense. My life has been greatly enriched by the teachings of Serge Benhayon. I have a lot more understanding of myself and humanity as a whole.

  36. It is something very special, to have a man like Serge Benhayon presenting something so loving and truthful, that it has the potential to become a one unifying religion. At the same time he takes care that its foundations are clear, so that they don’t hold any hooks whatsoever and have not an ounce of imposition in them. That’s a huge difference to a cult.

  37. What you have presented makes a lot of sense Adam. How Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present the courses shows no signs of cult behaviour. There is no pandering and no trying to control and definitely no telling people what to do… It just doesn’t fit the cult equation. With what you have written, you’ve pretty much covered every aspect too.

  38. I really like your blog and agree with it in full: by definition and by action, neither does Serge Benhayon qualify as a ‘cult leader’ nor Universal Medicine as a ‘cult’. To state otherwise is a deliberate blunt misrepresentation of a reality that is totally opposite to these views.

  39. Thank you Adam, this is a comprehensive overview of Universal Medicine and its students, written with such clarity.

  40. Speaking from absolute authority after 6 years you have made some irrefutable points showing how Universal Medicine is not a cult nor are the students followers, all the while beautifully capturing the true essence of Universal Medicine and the foundation upon which they stand. Thank you for standing up to set the record straight.

  41. This has always been my experience “Students, for want of a better term, are encouraged to discern what is presented to ascertain through their own life experience as to whether what is presented is indeed true.” Through learning to take more responsibility for myself, I am more confident and able to ‘discern’ for myself, Serge Benhayon has supported this happening, the exact opposite of any ‘cult’ leader. He is an awesome and dedicated man who is committed to living life with responsibility. Challenging for some but very inspiring.

  42. Beautifully written Adam. My life has changed profoundly for the better since attending Universal Medicine events. I make my own choices, having been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, who, live lives of truth and integrity. Cult? No way. I am free to live how I choose, stay or walk away – my choice.

  43. Every word in this blog still stands true today. Despite the negative publicity received by the newspapers and the lies that were printed, Universal Medicine continues to grow in strength – not because of any clever marketing or recruiting campaign – but rather because people are continually inspired, not just by the simple philosophy that Serge Benhayon presents, but because they can see through his and many others living examples the profound and loving effect it has on so many people’s lives.

    1. Thank you Adam for a power-full blog and confirming again two years later that this blog still stands true today.
      There has been an enormous amount of bad press about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and as you say they continue to grow in strength.
      A success of a business depends wholly and largely on those who invest and purchase in whatever goods or services are being offered. If the demand is there, the business grows. This is basic common sense economics.
      With absolutely no advertising or any marketing to bring on new people, this organisation is growing very steady and very strongly. Why – because people like me are living the teachings of Serge Benhayon.
      I do not follow him, I am not brainwashed. I am simply inspired because I know there is another way to live and I have made a choice to apply the principles of these teachings.
      My life has changed beyond words and I now help many many people, not by advertising or marketing my work, but by being a living example of what is possible and that we are ALL equal and the same.

    2. You can’t sell truth but you can live it and in so doing inspire others to also do the same. 3 years later and those that are inspired in this way grow in their number every day. Lies and their liars will always attempt to get in the way of truth, but as truth comes from within, a lie can only get to work if it is invited in. Thus, what we see is always a reflection of what we have chosen to live.

  44. Well said Adam – I think many people need to redefine for themselves what a cult really means. It does NOT mean a group of people choosing to make better choices for themselves – these choices are made with complete personal freedom – attacking people for changing their lives and improving their health is not helping anyone.

    1. Ironically one could easily say that Universal Medicine is a cult, if you take its historically derived definition as expressed by sociologists in the early parts of last century who used the term to describe a community of people who have a religious viewpoint that is different to that expressed by mainstream religions. Of course, by that definition, the skeptics movement could also be considered a cult. What this particular article I wrote was referring to, however, was the current media interpretation of the word “cult”, which suggests an alluring but destructive leader and followers who are typically easily persuaded and mislead into doing things they would not normally do. This is the angle that the media has tried to take with Universal Medicine, but as the blogs on this site attest to, and as I have expressed above, is far from the truth of the matter.

      1. This is a great example of how manipulating, careless and disregarding of the truth the media can be. It is well worth taking the time to call them up on it, each and every time as it seems it will continue to get worse unless everyone takes responsibility for saying it is not acceptable. They have the power to ruin lives, but we each have the power to tell the truth.

  45. Thanks for this Adam. As a student I know we are asked to discern before accepting anything that is presented at Universal Medicine events. It is up to us to choose – to stay or walk away. No selling or urging to stay, unlike some other courses I have attended over the past 30 years. No cult would want to allow this freedom of choice.

  46. Beautifully written and expressed Adam. I have been associated with Serge and Universal Medicine for just over 2 years, and never in that time could it be said that I am part of a cult of any kind, or that Serge represents in any way, shape or form, a cult leader, or in fact a leader of any kind. In all my association, I have always experienced myself as being held equally – never better or worse, never lesser or greater. I have never been imposed upon to abide by any set of rules or things I can or cannot do, and have always been encouraged to discern what is being presented. I have experienced a more truth-full and honest connection to my body during the past 2 years, have made more loving choices for myself, have more understanding of humanity and respect for the individual choices of others, and have been able to develop more honest and loving relationships, based on truth – in preference to need or obligation. I have had absolute free choice to associate with Universal Medicine and to come and go as I please, and will continue my association making this free choice.

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