Simple Truths: Food & Health – ‘the body knows’

by Anna Karam

As the owner of a health food store and an active student of Universal Medicine, I would like to respond to the recent articles regarding Serge Benhayon and the suggestions he is ‘leading a cult’ in which members are supposedly asked or forced to make drastic changes to their diets.

In all my years of studying nutrition, never have I seen a food philosophy that is so freeing and yet so loving and supportive to the body as that which Universal Medicine offers. It is a philosophy that allows one to feel for themselves a way to be with food that brings more harmony to the body. Call me crazy, but isn’t this something we all truly want?

Along with this, Universal Medicine simply presents and offers the potential harming affects that certain foods and beverages have on the body, most of which have already been proven by scientific studies and with many of these actively felt by each of us on a daily basis in the form of bloating, constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), eczema and lethargy – the list goes on.

The foods here on issue include:

Gluten: known to have a sluggish or slowing affect on digestion, as well as being one of the leading causes of inflammation to the gastrointestinal tract which precedes mal-absorption issues (as is the case with Coeliac disease and Gluten Intolerance). Both of these conditions are escalating amongst the young and old: each day I see more and more people come into our store suffering from a medically supported condition and wanting advice on gluten-free eating.

Dairy: known to congest the lymphatic system leading to numerous problems, from weight gain and fluid retention to cellular toxicity. Also, and much less known, the high levels of calcium found in dairy are not readily absorbed by the human body – here big business and misleading advertising have us fooled. More and more people are claiming how much lighter and more joyful they feel in their body after stopping the intake of dairy.

Alcohol: a known toxin and poison to the liver, the organ in our body that is responsible for the removal of the toxins we accumulate in our bodies (through our indulgent and excessive ways), bringing greater harmony within. It is crazy that we still need to speak about this, when in truth we can all feel that alcohol is not in any way supportive or loving for the body, yet it continues to be used and abused by a great many. And lastly,

Caffeine and Sugar: both affecting the nervous system through over-stimulation, which then works to deplete the endocrine system and contributes to an exhaustion greater than that which we were already experiencing prior to needing the caffeine and sugar – a mouthful yes it is: the nervous system feels it this way also.

So there you have it, simple facts based on various scientific and nutrition-based studies. They are also simple truths that one can easily feel through the body for themselves if they so choose. What Universal Medicine does is present these simple facts / truths. It never preaches them, it is simply an offering.

For myself I can say this: in working with my diet in this way, my body feels amazing. And not just here and there, but the majority of the time. I feel lighter, more energised, more vibrant, more sexy (dare I say it), and more brilliant then ever in my life since discovering Universal Medicine. And yes, I still get the occasional craving for sugar at the end of the day, but I deal with it. The point here is that the choice is my own, and not Universal Medicine’s.

In all my association with the philosophies in question, I have never heard anyone be told what foods to eat or not eat. What is offered simply to those who are seeking a more true and loving relationship with food is to feel for ourselves, by working with our own body and its responses to our dietary choices. This asks of us a level of honesty, commitment and responsibility to our bodies and to ourselves.

It is the simplicity of the body in action if we truly take the time to listen.

114 thoughts on “Simple Truths: Food & Health – ‘the body knows’

  1. We are so used to being told what to do and what not to do which is held as an ideal of some kind. Being told to feel and discern for ourselves doesn’t happen very often and yes it is totally liberating and empowering, and inevitably calls for responsibility.

  2. The more we make choices that are loving for us the stronger we are at deflecting the cravings that present themselves to trip us up and send us on a wild goose chase that amounts to nothing but more emptiness.

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