A Practitioner’s Perspective – ‘I Knew Something was Missing!’

by Jenny Ellis, Brisbane, Australia.

I speak from the perspective of a practitioner of 25 years experience, well regarded and successful in my practice in Brisbane and from a base of having always worked closely with members of the medical profession, for many years working directly alongside them in integrative health practices.

As a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, I had access to an enormous bank of information about what was needed to be healthy and I was a dedicated student and practitioner who practised what I preached. So I lived the sort of lifestyle that was considered super healthy.

But I still personally woke each morning with hay fever that lasted a couple of hours (every day from age 9 or 10), I got a bad headache every month before a period, suffered eczema in patches on my arms and legs (from age 3), I still had lower back soreness regularly and occasional episodes where I felt down or sad for no good reason. I was better off than the majority of clients that I saw though and I accepted that constantly taking things and getting treatment for these ailments was normal. And what’s more relevant, that this had nothing to do with my ability to help another.

After ten years of practice and living this way I knew something was missing in my understanding of health and healing – despite using the treatments for myself and seeing the very best of these worlds being utilised for clients. My own health issues continued to a point where I contracted pneumonia one winter and by November of that same year, was struggling with a third relapse, had lost several kilos in weight and felt gaunt and unwell. I was using antibiotics along with herbs, supplements and acupuncture – nothing was working.

Then I heard about Serge Benhayon and booked a session.

In the session he presented to me why he felt I had a lung condition and did some hands on healing work with me. As he worked I felt the release of a feeling I had lived with for most of my life – a deep sadness, and afterwards was left with a profound sense of contentment and warmth that was centred around my heart – unlike anything I’d felt before.

Since that day (10 ½ years ago) I have never had a single condition involving my lungs, not even a common cold induced cough!  My lungs have been and remain completely and utterly healthy.

Over the next couple of years I continued having sessions at intervals and felt a deeper sense of that contentment and warmth inside developing. This, I grew to understand, was my essence and most importantly, the part of me that did all the healing… so, in fact, I was healing myself.

That was a pretty huge revelation for someone who’d spent 8 years of tertiary training learning about how to heal another – I was not the healer after all!

Finally I could see the possibility of a way to work with people and not burn out (as I had before) because I wasn’t the one responsible for making them well. I was only responsible for being well myself in a way I had now come to understand was something way beyond anything I previously considered this to be.

Today I experience none of those ailments, not one of them – ever. That’s pretty amazing! I now have a level of vitality and health that redefines everything that I once understood and is the basis upon which all of what I now practise is based. I now work 5 days a week from 7am till 6pm and on several of those days help run a large health care centre, run development programs in women’s health, need only 6-7 hours of sleep and am frequently told I look 10 years younger than I am. I live with a deep joy and contentment with life that has nothing to do with anything outside of me.

I work even more closely with the medical profession these days as I find their practices are more complementary to the way I now understand healing than most of the alternative therapies I have training in and experience with.

My experience with clients is now one of deep satisfaction as I am rarely without understanding of what might be the next step forward for them in assisting their path back to true health. I know I am deeply appreciated for what I bring as many express this as their health changes and they feel what is possible from within them.

So I have all of this (and there is so much more) which I can say I owe to Serge Benhayon, his family and the amazing practitioners working at Universal Medicine because they showed me how it was possible. But I also know that I got myself to where I am through my choices and it is only through my continuing choices that I will retain it.

Universal Medicine provided the living examples of what is possible, but they have not preached nor ever asked me to believe something or do something because they said so or because they did. I have felt deeply respected and appreciated for who I am and what I do and have been supported at every turn to make my own choices and find out what was true for me. They have displayed a level of integrity, transparency and dedication to what they know is true from their own experience that has never once faltered in ten years of my involvement. And that is also pretty amazing!

None of this I ever thought was really possible in life but now I have it, I realise that somewhere in me I always knew that it should be like this.

93 thoughts on “A Practitioner’s Perspective – ‘I Knew Something was Missing!’

  1. Jenny I understand this, ‘something was missing’ and I have felt this all my life too, growing up as a child and the majority of my adult life. Nothing could touch the sides of this ‘missing’ thing. Like yourself my life has changed since meeting Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and his family, all equally offering an opportunity to heal and ultimately being down to me and not them, they were the means of bringing the opportunity to heal.

    If you are a living, walking, healed form of testimony, then anything is possible, we just need to be open to the possibilities of eradicating ailments. Now that is worth exploring…

  2. Over the next couple of years I continued having sessions at intervals and felt a deeper sense of that contentment and warmth inside developing. This, I grew to understand, was my essence and most importantly, the part of me that did all the healing… so, in fact, I was healing myself.” This exposes the consciousness around spiritual healing, that another can heal us, instead of facilitating the client to heal themselves. All healing is truly from returning to our own loving and joyful essence (our soul), and it’s not being connected to our soul that brings about the issues.

    1. Melinda it also questions any forms of healing when we make it about the practitioners, or the modality they bring. Healing begins with the number one person, you. When you have made the decision to go all the way, then the practitioners role is to simply facilitate it, credit to the soul for instigating it.

  3. True inspiration comes from a person who lives with integrity and in that shows how to be in a world that does not foster true responsibility and vitality. It does not come from someone telling us what to do or how to do it, for no one can do it for us, we need to feel it from the reflection of another and then learn to activate our own healing from within.

  4. We are our own healer and love how Jenny talks about the responsibility of it and how it is an on-going responsibility: “But I also know that I got myself to where I am through my choices and it is only through my continuing choices that I will retain it.”

  5. How we live, the choices we make, the quality we live in and with, all have a big impact on not only ourselves but also those around us, ‘ I live with a deep joy and contentment with life that has nothing to do with anything outside of me.’

  6. Recognising our true essence as something that is paramount in all that we do is very powerful, and this would allow us to understand the intricacy of human life and how then we can be in that by maximizing what it is that we are truly here to do.

  7. I agree that modern conventional medical care marries very well with esoteric medicine or healing practices and I know many cases such as yours where the combination of the two has had remarkable effects on health and well-being.

    1. The two (modern conventional medicine and esoteric medicine and its healing practices) are indeed a dynamic duo and by considering both together, it allows one to explore all options for true health and well-being.

  8. ‘I always knew that it should be like this’ When we find what we know is true, something settles within us, and with that confirmation, we get stronger.

  9. Knowledge and ‘alternative’ know how on how to treat a recurrent condition may be a huge trap since they numb us to the point that we avoid looking into the true meaning of us being constantly affected by them.

  10. I remember Serge shared with me that as a practitioner I could not work with another on something I had not cleared in my own body. I am paraphrasing because it was a long time ago but over the years what he has said has been demonstrated over and over again. I can only feel and recognise something in the body as being out of kilter if there is balance in my body, otherwise I will simply consider it normal. For example, if I eat a lot of sugar I will not see eating sugar as an issue, I might justify it by saying “it is my one treat”, or “my one sin”, but I am less to see it as an issue in the body of the person on the table.

    1. This is very true, and important, and makes so much sense, bringing it back to the saying of ‘Physician heal thyself’ first.

  11. We all know deep down that there is another, much truer and then true way to live because we can feel that things, as they are, are not the way they need to be or should ever be. We are greater than this physical existence.

  12. Thank you Jenny a beautiful reminder for me of how important and amazing our body is at communicating what we need to know, and the importance of living in a way that we are able to hear what that communication is saying, and support it through our more informed choices.

  13. We need healing when our particles are locked in a pattern that is alien to our natural state of being. Unlocking such pattern requires help. Yet, the power of heal us remains with ourselves. Healing comes inside us. Healing is a movement we can invoke through esoteric modalities. Through them, we help the body to help itself through a vibrational movement that helps to come back to its natural state of being.

  14. I hadn’t actually really thought it through and accepted that when health care workers take on the burden and responsibility of healing another it can be detrimental to their own health and wellbeing. Burnout makes far more sense when you connect the dots and realise it occurs when this burden becomes too much to bear any longer.

    1. When we burden ourselves with the responsibility for others’ health and don’t care for our own, we end up burning out – and many do and think, it is par for the course.

  15. “None of this I ever thought was really possible in life but now I have it, I realise that somewhere in me I always knew that it should be like this” – so true. And this applies to every one of us. Otherwise, why would we ever feel something is missing? Surely we must know we are far more than what we have come to accept we are.

  16. A powerful blog that turns everything about healthcare on its head. When we address the whole there are no ‘parts’ that linger with symptoms etc. A testimony to the dedication of a true practitioner who knows when to seek support for themselves rather than being in the ‘but I’m the practitioner so I don’t need support’ attitude which is common amongst health professionals today.

  17. The ‘something missing’, I realised for myself was simply me, along with the willingness to stay in and with my body so that I can feel my essence and so began my choice to give voice to it again. Everything shared in this article has been my experience, and like Jenny, never did I believe that the life I now live could be a reality, but it is.

  18. Thankyou Jenny, great to read your blog again, I’m sure many practitioners of complementary therapies could relate to what you shared as there does seem to be something missing. I appreciated what you shared about feeling a warmth inside yourself and how this related to your healing “This, I grew to understand, was my essence and most importantly, the part of me that did all the healing… so, in fact, I was healing myself.” The whole foundation of why we get unwell and how we heal needs to be looked at because the being, our essence, has a profound effect on our wellbeing. When we live in connection to our being it also can change the choices we make daily which can positively impact our health.

  19. This is a very strong and powerful statement that you are making about us being our own healer and a great testimony to the presentations of Universal Medicine and the true healing work of Serge Benhayon. We can never get away from this truth. Healing is our responsibility. Serge can take us to ‘the warmth’ within but it is our choices that allows to stay with that, our very essence, or not. Thank you for sharing your inspiring unfoldment Jenny.

  20. It’s beautiful and very humbling to admit when life is not working and the body is always the first to alert us to the fact.

    1. So true Rachael, sadly it often takes the humbling experience of the body breaking down in some way to stop us from the patterns we adopt to get through life, instead of dealing with things that aren’t right or true for us. Many lessons learnt that way by me… the hard way you might say 😉

  21. Beautiful Jenny, the healing, inspiration and understanding you received through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is now shared with all the people that you work with and meet.

  22. I can relate with what you shared here Jenny, having likewise been a well respected Acupuncture practitioner for about 20 years, who lived a healthy lifestyle and practised what I preached, yet at the same time, I knew something was missing and continued to search, and at the same time my health was starting to deteriorate. What a blessing that I found Serge Benhayon and could finally understand more about life and healing, ‘I could see the possibility of a way to work with people and not burn out (as I had before) because I wasn’t the one responsible for making them well. I was only responsible for being well myself in a way I had now come to understand was something way beyond anything I previously considered this to be.’

  23. But I also know that I got myself to where I am through my choices and it is only through my continuing choices that I will retain it. We are all equal in our power to choose…… we can choose to change and make different choices that support true health and evolution or we can choose to remain in comfort and indulgence, which is anti-evolving but the choice is always ours!

  24. Wow! This is incredible Jenny! It’s so awesome that you were open to the possibility that perhaps you were not the healer but that the individual needs to choose to heal for themselves. The fact that you have cured your symptoms is a miracle, but one not reserved to you alone. So very cool.

  25. I am absolutely in love with this line about finding out that that warmth coming inside of you was your essence, and it was this that was healing you – your own light. Simply gorgeous.

  26. Such an inspiring story Jenny and one that many healers and practitioners should read as often they burn out trying to support their clients. The steps you took to heal yourself with the support of Serge Benhayon is beautiful to read and reminds us of what is possible when we connect back to our ‘warmth’ and to feel the endless supply of love and wisdom that is constantly within and around us.

  27. The desperate feeling of wanting another to heal me is completely the opposite to knowing I am the only one that can heal myself. Going to a practitioner like you Jenny I have always been seen as whole, enough or really more than enough and from my essence first… and that is true support, and a reminder that we are all equal, we just have stuff get in the way. Your commitment to yourself and your commitment to humanity is palpable in what you have shared. Thank you.

  28. Until we feel true vitality we don’t know it’s possible so we settle for a state of health and being that may appear better than those around us but is a million miles away from what is possible.

  29. Amazing story to be told Jenny – a lot of joy to feel you in your new claimed way of healing. I have spent 11 years with Universal Medicine and like yourself jumped all in from the beginning from the absolute fact of connecting to my essence! I have also joy-fully discovered how it is to heal in my essence, and the more this quality is held and lived with yourself, the more this provides the natural space for another to heal. Serge Benhayon is a great example of the quality he lives from his essence. You can see how this man has had an effect on many thousands through the inspiration of the reflection and healing from the essence. He has / is redefining health, vitality and wellbeing; and now the students are giving back the same through a website called unimedliving.com. There is something about living with the natural rhythms of your essence … and giving back the same love we all hold within.

  30. It is our responsibility to heal ourselves, nothing more nothing less. But the beautiful thing is as the process of healing ourselves unfolds we inspire others to do the same for themselves.

  31. It is a humbling realisation to connect to our essence and feel the stupendousness of what is holding us, which feels tremendously beautiful to be part of but there is nothing to be identified with.

  32. Through your lived way, you too shine a constant light of inspiration to so many – and show what is possible if we make the choices that allow our body to live its true potential – and this is a never-ending unfoldment and journey of rediscovery. thank you.

  33. It is beautiful that you are living proof of the transformative power of applying the Universal Medicine philosophy to your life and your practice and as such… both you and your clients have experienced undeniable and far reaching benefits in your health and well being in ways you never thought possible. Amazing and inspirational to read.

  34. So basically what many of us think is healing is actually not. To me it feels like we go through life looking and searching for something but that something is always kept enough away for us to not reach it and therefore we keep on searching. But at the same time what we are searching for is right there beside us or more correctly within us and what you experienced is proof of that. It sounded so simple and I guess it is, to surrender and allow what is already within us to be part of our lives. That must also mean that we accept the true source of energy to run through our body. It also begs the question how the body responds to not having that energy pulsing through us each day. Must take some or more probably quite a substantial toll on the body.

  35. It is interesting how we burden ourselves with the demand to heal others and thereby not serving ourselves at the first place. To discover that we are what we are right now just because of our own choices is revealing and empowering. My healing way of living can inspire others and a s a practitioner I can support others in their choices – but the choice is by them. The choice is ours. Big thing!

  36. Thank you Jenny for a great sharing, it truly is amazing the changes that happen to our health when we reconnect to our essence and live from this love in all that we do.

  37. Wow Jenny: “Today I experience none of those ailments, not one of them – ever.” That is really something to digest as it means that a true healing is possible! I have made a similar experience since I visited the workshops from Universal Medicine so in my life I have learnt that what heals must be true – I can say this as I have used my own body as an example.

  38. Physical symptoms are evidence of a life lived from something that is not true, even though according to everything around us says we have got it right. What you have shared Jenny is profound and the clarity of what you have come to is powerful in it’s healing for every person that reads your blog. We are ultimately responsible for the life we live and who and how we are in the world. Knowing that this healing happened for you from making the choice to re-connect to your essence confirmed that all others can choose to do that also. This is a beautiful foundation of truth. Thank you for sharing.

  39. ‘Today I experience none of those ailments, not one of them – ever. That’s pretty amazing!’ It’s also very normal and our natural state. But in society we have accepted a lesser definition of the word ‘healthy’ to mean that our perceived normal is where we’re doing okay, getting by with regular treatment for our ailments and conditions, aches and pains.

  40. “This, I grew to understand, was my essence and most importantly, the part of me that did all the healing… so, in fact, I was healing myself.” This, for me, was a very profound teaching from Serge Benhayon. By taking responsibility for the way I live and the choices I make I can support my own healing. When we expect conventional medicine to ‘fix it’ but do not play our part then there is no true healing.

  41. Thank you for sharing Jenny.. Especially about your experience with the treatment and no longer having any lung illnesses .. True miracle. For a lot of health care practitioners it seems like it’s the blind leading the blind. They are just coping themselves with their ailments and so helping clients with the knowledge they have to do the same. Which you can’t really blame them, cause no one shows otherwise – except universal medicine and now you Jenny.

    1. Absolutely Emily, I agree, all the wanting to make it right for someone else will only ever scratch the surface and never get to the root cause of illness and dis-ease. We now have free choice, and the ‘blind no longer needs to be leading the blind’, thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The Ageless Wisdom teachings have always shared that we cannot compartmentalise our bodies, but need to ‘treat the body as a whole’, and in doing this my feeling is that our true healing come from within when we choose love. With me recognising the root cause of the dis-ease, I can then go about healing, with the help of whatever medical treatment I feel will support my body in the healing process.

  42. How I feel about myself and how I feel in my body. My relationship with friends and family and significantly with myself has improved ten fold in the last couple of years.
    I am truly grateful for all of the support and encouragement I have received from the Universal Medicine team.
    My wish is for everyone to make the choice to live in a certain way because I know that everybody can feel like I now do about myself.

  43. “I could see the possibility of a way with people and not burn out (as I had before) because I wasn’t the one responsible for making them well.” I have to remind myself that I am not responsible for another and that my responsibility is deeply caring for myself. So many see self-love as selfish but it is only when I love and honour myself first, then and only then, I can truly love and care for another.

    1. Your beautiful words are very special Caroline. In everything we do, all the way through life, it is the reflection that we put out that makes the difference to everybody we meet.

  44. As someone who has experienced many amazing sessions with you Jenny, I can say without hesitation that I deeply appreciate what you bring to these sessions. I know that you walk your talk. Your support to help me feel what is there inside of me, heal what doesn’t belong and furthermore, to recognise what else I am potentially capable of, is truly valued.

  45. I’ve have also found that Universal Medicine’s Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities produce literally miraculous results. Unlike other complementary therapies I’ve experienced, the changes are sustained, it’s not temporary relief because they really treat the whole person. Many complementary therapies say they do this, but in my experience they don’t. The Esoteric counselling techniques that come with the sessions, and the focus on choices and self care really are very supportive.

  46. Truly powerful! The line we heal ourselves stands out to me as we can forget how amazing we are in bringing true healing to ourselves – with that comes the responsibility of the fact it is our choices that effect how we live. An awesome testament to you Jenny Ellis!

  47. Practitioners who choose to live a life based on truth, a life that honours and nourishes their own body and being cannot but inspire everyone around them to do the same for themselves. Whether we choose to embrace or resist this inspiration is according to our own free will.

  48. Wow Jenny, I would love to have a session with you! I love that you expressed that our only job as practitioners is to be well ourselves. Laying in bed with my husband this morning, I just realised that this is actually our only job in all our roles including as mothers and wives too! Being truly well, however is much broader than what has been (to date) societally accepted.

  49. In my experience it is common to accept a whole array of illnesses and minor ailments as being a normal part of life, and something you have to put up with. If we are willing to take a deeper level of responsibility with regards to our health, and to consider that the way we live day to day could have an impact on it, then we can actually empower ourselves to make changes. The changes you have shared here certainly make it worth considering…

  50. I just love the deep appreciation you share here of yourself alongside all the support you had. That’s something I haven’t really allowed myself to claim fully, and your power-full words are utterly inspiring. Thank you, Jenny.

  51. When I miss something or feel there is something missing, there is always the most easiest of answers: I am missing. All I have to do is take a breath to re-connect to myself. Serge Benhayon, you are just so super cool!

  52. Thank you Jenny for your beautiful sharing. It’s inspirational to read about the changes you experienced in your own health after taking responsibility for the choices you made.

  53. I love how you share that you took responsibility for your own healing while getting support from Esoteric Practitioners. Too often we take a disregarded and unwell body to an appointment and expect someone to fix us – they can’t. They can offer support and wisdom, but true healing comes from (as you share) our essence within.

  54. The world still needs to know that your quality affects your capacity to help others. This brings an enormous sense of responsibility. We tend to feel that we can get away from this because of our talents, know how and abilities, but the truth remain.

  55. It is truly amazing Jenny, how you have recovered from your ailments by taking the simple truths taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, into your life. I am becoming more and more aware that ever moment I have a choice and what I choose in that moment will become part of my life. I have lived a big part of my life thinking I didn’t have a choice , but now I know differently.

  56. Thank you Jenny for sharing you experience about your personal healing. I loved where you wrote about the session you had with Serge Benhayon all those years ago and left feeling that warmth in your heart area and never had any lung issues since that day… amazing!

  57. It is very beautiful reading about your journey back to the ‘warmth’, Jenny. I can relate, as I had spent many years sick and sad and chasing remedy after remedy to no avail and expecting others, practitioners such as yourself, to heal me (do my dirty work for me). After hearing Serge Benhayon present and really feeling the wisdom on offer, I then had a moment that was both ‘aha!’ and a slap in the face – I AM THE REMEDY and that is what I had been running from all along.…ME, the ‘missing piece’. I felt both foolish and inspired!

    1. I can so relate Liane, having spent so many years applying so many ‘remedies’ without questioning the fact there was never any real resolution to my ailments or to my emotional state. All that time, all that so-called searching and I never once looked inside me, let alone considered that I might be the missing piece. The fact we can miss this for decades, or a lifetime… and never think to go there… is fascinating in itself and needs to be studied. How we get so hood-winked into trying this or that, convincing ourselves that somehow it is the answer. And without Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I would still be on that treadmill.

  58. An amazing realisation Jenny that you were not responsible for making your clients well. I see all the time the demand we as health professionals place on ourselves to ‘make’ a client get better. It definitely breeds burnout as you have said, as we find it hard to accept the choices a person may make through life. Especially as we witness the consequences to this on the health of our patients. In hospitals we often see this at it’s most starkest.

  59. Very inspiring Jenny – thank you for sharing this. The total absence of those historic recurring issues is amazing in itself, but my favourite part was your realisation that it is not you doing the healing on another, but that we heal ourselves and the practitioner is there to facilitate that through their own livingness.

    1. Yes Simon, quite a game-changer when our entire education system is geared towards teaching that when you have the ‘knowledge’, you are the expert. My first 15 years of work I attempted to apply what I knew to patients, feeling the burden of responsibility for ‘healing’ them very acutely. The result… exhaustion, burn-out and recurring pnuemonia. A very stark contrast to the way I practise today, the ease with which I can work long hours but even more profoundly, the results I see in clients every day. Understanding that healing ourselves and living in a way that is deeply honouring and respectful of the preciousness of who we each are provides the foundation for another to do the same… is a complete paradigm shift in healthcare.

  60. Jenny what sticks out to me is how you always knew something was missing, I felt that as did so many people i knew growing up. It was only after re-connecting to myself through the support of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that I knew what it was I was missing and that was the warmth of me, of my soul.

  61. Thank you Jenny for sharing your appreciation of the choices you have been supported to make through Universal Medicine and the transformational impact this has had on your health and wellbeing and all those you come into contact with. I love how you finish by confirming ‘None of this I ever thought was really possible in life but now I have it, I realise that somewhere in me I always knew that it should be like this.’

  62. An impressive and inspirational account Jenny. Your realisation that you had to be well
    in order to make others well is very well described.

  63. What an amazing story Jenny, thank you for writing. What you share about the fact regarding the practitioner not being the healer resonates with me – though more from a client’s perspective since in the past I used to hold the belief that the practitioner is in ‘a’ or ‘the’, ‘higher position of authority than myself’ and also one who is best placed to do so – because ‘they are trained / have qualifications’ etc. and moreover that their role in serving, helping or healing people is something to be aimed for / aspired towards as being a better or an ‘alternative career choice’ – in which to escape the busy life of corporate / business / office etc.

    As you inspire a great example in the dedication to just ‘be well yourself’ – not only is this a sea-change in the caring / medical / healing professions, but it also further inspires and confirms that once the inner-most is claimed and lived, ‘healers’ are hence able to exist in any profession outside the usual realms. Career change – no longer required!

    1. Great point Zofia. I too have held and still do at times hold a belief that the practitioner knows more than me hence giving my power away. Seeing a practitioner or even a doctor for that matter in assisting me to heal my body is so supporting while always remaining true to myself.

    2. Living from our innermost, I agree. We are all teachers and ‘healers’ in all our professions. I too have been under the illusion of wanting to be a practitioner thinking it was better than another job to find this is so not true. When I am connected to my soul and living from this place it doesn’t matter what I do for my work; what matters is the quality of energy I am in.

  64. Thank you Jenny for this wonderfully inspiring writing. I feel as if I have just had a session reading it. The deeper awareness you have brought to me that we heal ourselves made my heart instantly leap with joy in celebration of myself and a truer understanding of how that realisation to know I am amazing, impacts and works magic on all around me. Today, after reading all the other comments too, I have a renewed understanding of the science of love and the true nature of what it is to be a woman.

  65. An inspiring read Jenny. Present throughout your writing here is something so rarely felt in women’s voices today – the deep love and appreciation you have for yourself of the choices you know that no-one but you could have made. An example of how choosing to live in a self-loving way benefits all around us and in time, as women practise this and feel the truth of it, perhaps, just perhaps we’ll break this insidious belief that loving ourselves is selfish. Jenny, you inspire us to feel it is quite the opposite.

  66. Yes Jenny, I am a client who has benefited from your sessions. I felt supported by you to feel the deeper, underlying issues of what was coming up for me on a surface level. The session allowed me to feel how the underlying issue was impacting on my life and well-being and the choices I then made. It is true that we are our own healers, since then I have been able to deal with these underlying issues and learn to make different choices that are not driven by an emotional issue but choices that are more loving and have a great impact on my well-being and health.

  67. Wow, so beautifully put Jenny. Thank you for putting you experience into such accessible words for us all to share and be inspired by.

  68. Jenny I have to add that I have been reflecting on what you have shared. We are all practitioners of ourselves and everything we do in life is either supporting us to heal or adding to the disharmony in the body. Nobody can heal another person, that person through the esoteric modalities is simply allowed to feel that warmth which says you are amazing. We then have the choice to live from that warm place in the heart and it is that which heals. Never have other modalities allowed me to see that it is me who is required to change me, in order to make a difference. Other non-esoteric modalities always presented themselves as the solution in a way that all you had to do was have a session(s) and your life would change, but it never really does and you keep going around in circles going for more treatments and jumping from one modality to another.

    Since experiencing my first session with Serge Benhayon 8 yrs ago I too got to see and feel what you have expressed, and made changes in my life which have made a massive difference. I now feel like I am my own practitioner equipped to deal with the majority of things that come up for me. I have esoteric sessions to support me but I don’t need to have them as I no longer yo yo between feeling great and having pain, illnesses, emotional issues or recurrent ailments which was how my life was before.

  69. Thank you Jenny. You are an inspiration – as a practitioner, and the glorious woman and human being that you are. The thing that shines through for me here, is that these parts of you are One. The integrity with which you live – in all aspects – is what allows you to serve as a practitioner in the amazing way you do. So not only does Serge Benhayon inspire so, from all that he lives, but we see others such as yourself truly making a difference. This, brings deep joy…

  70. Jenny is an exceptional practitioner who treats her clients well because she practices what she preaches, so to speak. She is consistent and steady in her dealings with clients and has a very strong sense of serving humanity. It’s a pleasure to be treated with such respect and love by Jenny and I am so glad she met Serge and was able to take the next step to complete the healing puzzle so to speak… We all benefit from her commitment, which is just about choices.

  71. Jenny thank you for showing that to be a true practitioner you need to be willing to heal yourself before you can be of service to others. Also if you have found what works for you then don’t be shy to share what works for you. It is Jenny’s unwavering love for herself that she then willing shares with others which is an inspiration for us all.

  72. I love what you write Jenny as it resonates with my own experiences with my own development as a practitioner and as being my own healer, we bless our selves with our commitment and dedication to what we feel and know is true. Thank you for expressing this.

  73. In reading this article I had such a strong sense of Jenny’s commitment to not only herself but all her clients and to humanity. Yes, her life has changed and she is living truly well because of choices she is making. But, she has not stopped to keep this to herself, she is sharing it with the groups she runs and she is being involved in life outside her very successful business. Her dedication to bringing what she has reconnected to, to others is very inspiring.

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