Open to Change… No Asthma, No Sinusitis & No Bronchitis

by E.A., Dusseldorf, Germany

A good friend of mine gave me an Esoteric Healing session and it felt so wonderful in my body that I wanted to learn the techniques. So I went to England and did some healing courses with Universal Medicine. I was quite astonished because I could feel that my body was not as racy anymore (all the time), and that I could really heal my body.

Because of my way of living my body was at that point about to develop chronic asthma – up to 4 times a year I usually got sinusitis followed by bronchitis or the other way around. I was always craving sweet things, too – most of my food intake consisted of sugar. I was so racy that sitting down and resting was not easy for me.

When I got back home from the healing courses I changed my way of living. I started to cook gluten-free, dairy-free and nearly sugar-free for my husband and me – he loved it because I had never cooked before. I stopped eating cakes, cookies and chocolate – that was so surprising for my colleagues at work.

I had always loved going to bed early (at 9pm) and getting up around 4am, but because this was different, everybody told me I had a sleeping problem. It was so good for me to find out that there was no sleeping problem and that I was just following my body’s signals.

I have never felt that I am in a ‘sect’ or that I am a ‘follower’ of Serge Benhayon. I only felt that I was a 47-year old woman who was open to change. 
And change I did!

Now I am 50 and have no asthma, no sinusitis and no bronchitis – only sometimes a bit of craving for gluten-free cookies (I am still dealing with that!) – and my colleagues and patients like that I am so still now! It’s funny, isn’t it… what could be wrong with that?

In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true – I have used my own body as an example. So I can confirm that what Serge and Universal Medicine present actually works. I no longer resist with raciness, but embrace the joy of change, and it’s not so exhausting either!

There are no words to express how thankful I am to Serge Benhayon and his family and all the other Universal Medicine practitioners… I am just starting to bring more love into my life, to myself and others.

399 thoughts on “Open to Change… No Asthma, No Sinusitis & No Bronchitis

  1. E.A, I understand how the body feels after we let go of things that no longer serves it. I too struggle with that last bit of sugar. But what I sometimes find challenging is other people’s reactions when our food choices are different to theirs, and that label of being fussy is pulled. However, irrespective of the labels or anything else, may I say, I will not be drawn to going to back to my old ways, not when the body continually signals to me when it is happy with my choices, and when it isn’t.

    So in the meant time, I will continue to live more and more in a loving way, even if it is far from perfect and at the end of the day, I can ask only one question. Who’s perfection are we meeting?

  2. Gosh it is a worry when it is seen that people who are looking after and taking more care and love of themselves are doing something wrong!!! Like surely it should be the other way and we should be worried about those that are not taking care of themselves? Inspiring to hear how much has changed for you ✨

    1. Yes Vicky go figure that, when the ‘norm’ is being exposed, and the ‘abnormal’ is being highlighted. We are so far from the truth of those labels…

  3. A lovely and simple testimonial of how making changes in our lives does work. It may not come with fireworks but you can sleep better at night and feel content.

  4. When we fight our natural way of being, it depletes and exhausts us – this is a very helpful thing to discover and to feel deeply so that we can then be in a position to make the needed changes.

  5. Your story describes so well similar outcomes for those that study with Universal Medicine in that we feel so much more still, joyful, and loving, and the choices made for our bodies often result in greater health and wellbeing. If we look at the state of the world today and the widespread global illness and disease, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, misery, suicide, and addictions to distraction and stimulation (amongst other things), and then look at the attack on Serge’s work and that of those in the past who presented the Ageless Wisdom we can see the two go hand in hand.

  6. Absolutely EA, ‘There are no words to express how thankful I am to Serge Benhayon and his family and all the other Universal Medicine practitioners’. We and all of humanity are so blessed to have Serge Benhayon and his family in our lives, and in our world today.

    1. The Benhayons are indeed a role model for us to be inspired by and learn to live with this same level of integrity and dedication and all done in a real and practical manner in life.

  7. Raciness can become so normal that we are not even aware we are racy! Yet, once you feel stillness you truly feel the poison that raciness brings to your body through exhaustion and reaction.

    1. Raciness is a tremulous vibration that makes us vibrate at a frequency that prevents us from merging with life. We stand out in relief from Life rather than being at one with it. There are so many things that cause us to be in separation from Life, emotions are just one of them.

  8. If taking away certain foods from the diet alienates symptoms or results in the complete removal of a health condition then we really need to redefine what we call ‘healthy food’, and do so from the body’s perspective.

  9. For me what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have presented in regards to energy being that which underpins everything has changed my life. Change the energy and life changes, don’t change the energy then life can still change but it will eventually all feel the same once again if not instantly.

  10. To be able to say something is true because that is what we have experienced in our body is very powerful and completely different from blindly believing and following some sort of ideals. Some may try to argue or deny, but the truth remains true.

  11. It is so great to bring back self-empowerment and self-responsibility into the realm of medicine – that we can effect true change in our conditions by simple lifestyle choices and the commitment to truly caring for ourselves, however that may be for us. We need to ask also why it is viewed as so strange to do so, when the worlds economies are being crippled by the ever-increasing burden of health care and the ever more blatant control by pharmaceutical companies to keep the status quo in their favour. Not to say drugs are bad, but that why are we divesting ourselves of the responsibility we hold in our own health and expect a pill to fix the years of poor choices we have made.

  12. Beautiful and thank you – for the appreciation is deeply felt in your words. I can say too that my life has shifted immensely by virtue of applying the tools given by Universal Medicine that reconnected me with my innerheart and th ageless wisdom.

  13. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present another way to live in this world. We are then free to look at this way of living and decide if we want to try it out (or parts of it) in our own lives. You tried it out, and look what happened for you. You are now brining more love into your life – what a miracle. And I smiled at the bit of showing your colleagues it is possible to not eat cake! So many work places LOVE their cake moments.

  14. “I no longer resist with raciness, but embrace the joy of change, and it’s not so exhausting either!” Interesting that we use raciness to resist listening to our body but I can very much relate to what you say here EA. I was always on the go, thinking I was busy and productive without looking at how I was within myself and the affect it was having on other people. It was only when I began to understand that I was avoiding feeling my body and all its messages to slow down and feel what is really going on, that I began to make changes to the way I was living.

    1. The key word for me is resist! what do we resist and how hard do we work to resist it? We are using will to resist and in my experience when I deny myself something it is only a matter of time till I am so exhausted from resisting that I give in!!! So with everything it is not about what you are wanting or doing but why. Perhaps the key is to take the label of good or bad off everything and just see it all as a choice to stay true to the energy you are from and live that, or try to dull and change it and work hard at that.

  15. With chronic asthma, (from the year 0 to 35) constant allergic rhinitis, general lack of vitality and lacklustre all changed when I began to make simple lifestyle choices. True change that is long lasting really is possible.

    1. I have to wonder if the power of lifestyle choices and the body-centric model of self care will be able to take off without resistance from those that profit from illness, such as pharmaceutical companies…?

      1. Yes, an interesting question, Melinda. With self-motivation and self-empowerment to make long lasting changes to our health by making different choices, will certainly rattle the cages of the pharmaceutical companies who may lose out on profiteering from our sicknesses. But if there is mass change on a wider scale the only thing the companies would be able to do is to follow. I don’t imagine all illness and disease will be eradicated, but it will demand that these companies become more responsible.

  16. The current medical system is in overload with all kinds of people with all sorts of conditions. But somehow it seems people have forgotten to really look after themselves, and it is like they have lost their motivation to do so. I was one of those people who had forgotten some basics and through much of the work I have done with Universal Medicine I was reminded of the basics (that I already knew). But more powerful than this was the fact that Universal Medicine helped me find the connection within myself and the purpose to look after myself more and this is what really made it possible for me to implement those basic changes – without the willingness or the purpose to look after yourself, even if you know what to do it can be very difficult to do it, and hence you can fall back into old un-supportive patterns. Making change has to come first from the inside as an inspiration to love oneself as one truly deserves and not as a chore or a box to tick to say one has done what was needed.

  17. Absolutely amazing to feel how such simple changes can be so powerful in supporting your health. Now imagine if the rest of the population in the world with Asthma put in place even a quarter of the changes you have made….people would live a far more greater quality of life AND…imagine the costs we would save on our health care system!

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