Open to Change… No Asthma, No Sinusitis & No Bronchitis

by E.A., Dusseldorf, Germany

A good friend of mine gave me an Esoteric Healing session and it felt so wonderful in my body that I wanted to learn the techniques. So I went to England and did some healing courses with Universal Medicine. I was quite astonished because I could feel that my body was not as racy anymore (all the time), and that I could really heal my body.

Because of my way of living my body was at that point about to develop chronic asthma – up to 4 times a year I usually got sinusitis followed by bronchitis or the other way around. I was always craving sweet things, too – most of my food intake consisted of sugar. I was so racy that sitting down and resting was not easy for me.

When I got back home from the healing courses I changed my way of living. I started to cook gluten-free, dairy-free and nearly sugar-free for my husband and me – he loved it because I had never cooked before. I stopped eating cakes, cookies and chocolate – that was so surprising for my colleagues at work.

I had always loved going to bed early (at 9pm) and getting up around 4am, but because this was different, everybody told me I had a sleeping problem. It was so good for me to find out that there was no sleeping problem and that I was just following my body’s signals.

I have never felt that I am in a ‘sect’ or that I am a ‘follower’ of Serge Benhayon. I only felt that I was a 47-year old woman who was open to change. 
And change I did!

Now I am 50 and have no asthma, no sinusitis and no bronchitis – only sometimes a bit of craving for gluten-free cookies (I am still dealing with that!) – and my colleagues and patients like that I am so still now! It’s funny, isn’t it… what could be wrong with that?

In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true – I have used my own body as an example. So I can confirm that what Serge and Universal Medicine present actually works. I no longer resist with raciness, but embrace the joy of change, and it’s not so exhausting either!

There are no words to express how thankful I am to Serge Benhayon and his family and all the other Universal Medicine practitioners… I am just starting to bring more love into my life, to myself and others.

331 thoughts on “Open to Change… No Asthma, No Sinusitis & No Bronchitis

  1. I used to have really bad sinusitis in my 20s and it completely cleared up when I stopped consuming dairy products. Then I went back to dairy a few years later because I was craving its comforting creamy baby food-like consistency and was snuffly and congested for years. When I gave up dairy again, and this time it is here to stay, the snuffles and congestion stopped within a few days.

    1. Our bodies are actually so clear in their communication but then the question comes to me why or what keeps us making these choices that makes our bodies suffer?

    2. This says a lot Gabriele, it makes you question, are we supposed to be consuming dairy? For me, I know the answer is a definite no, especially when I listen to what my body communicate to me. It is very loud and clear.

  2. We can embrace the joy of change because it is bringing us back to who we naturally are and in that we do not need to be anything else than just us. To be free of all the self imposed ideals and beliefs about life and to live from how we are naturally impulsed by our intuition is making a flow in life that is healing and building a greater understanding and awareness about life. There we find that we are part of a grander whole that is working harmoniously as one. To feel and understand to be part of such a divine creation is a blessing, not only to ourselves but to all of the people we are living with here on planet earth.

  3. Amazing to hear of people who choose to make truly supportive changes in their lives, and shows it is never too late…

  4. What a joy-full read E.A. and miraculous change/s. I note how committed you are to make the change. All is possible when that choice to truly empower yourself is made and I am in forever appreciation how Universal Medicine has empowered me to make continuos miraculous changes.

  5. Change occurs naturally in our world and yet as human beings we try to keep the staus quo and keep everything the same. Being open to or even attempting to change our lives can highlight how much we and others resist it. And yet from having changed my ways I have never felt as bright and joyful as I do now compared to staying in my grove.

  6. Going to bed early is something I have always wanted to do, but like you felt that there was something wrong with me, like I was some sort of social “loser” for not letting myself do what my body wanted. Now I proudly and regularly sleep early.

  7. I also can confirm that what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present actually works….making changes to the way I lived and changes to my diet brought about an incredible turn around in my health and wellbeing. The amazing thing is, our bodies are so ready to work with us in healing when we make the right choices.

  8. I can too confirm what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present actually works. I have been to many workshops and course, each time I come away with a deeper understand of myself and my body. Each time I feel I have taken another layer of protection off and allowing my body to heal deeper. I feel a deep sense of joy and connection to my body, then I have ever felt.

  9. Great blog E.A. ‘I had always loved going to bed early (at 9pm) and getting up around 4am, but because this was different, everybody told me I had a sleeping problem.’ this part simply shows how in tune you were with your body and its natural rhythm and how many of us actually haven’t been honouring this and think it is not normal to go to bed early and wake up early.

  10. It’s just so simple isn’t it! The body responds to all we put into it and subject it to. When we don’t want to be aware of that we will blame it on ‘bad luck’ or ‘it’s just happened to me’. I find awareness and change are empowering and blame and comfort is stagnating.

  11. It’s so simple what Serge Benhayon presents on self care – listen to your own body and allow it to show you what works and what doesn’t. I have also found tremendous positive improvements in my health from just changing a few small things as indicated by my body. Once upon a time for me it was mostly about experts and knowledge and looking outside myself, yet I found that though advice is supportive I have to tailor it to what works for me – after all the biggest expert on our health has to be the body! Body awareness, and honouring and respecting what my body is showing me is certainly working for me.

  12. There is much that can be addressed in our bodies with diet alone, but when a supportive diet is coupled with the loving support we all have to offer ourselves, miracles really do happen.

  13. Incredible E.A.! Regardless of whether our choices are outside what’s ‘normal’, and if we stick out like a sore thumb for taking care of our bodies rather than disregarding them, sleeping late, eating sugar or salty foods throughout the day etc., if you can feel a true benefit then you should absolutely listen to the impulse to take care.

  14. ‘In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true ‘, well said and if you apply the simple self care principles
    that Serge Benhayon presents you will find they truly work and your body is thankful for this.

  15. Isn’t it amazing that when we are open to change that change we do, often in so many wonderful ways as have you done. So many of us stay stuck in patterns that obviously don’t sit well with our body and our well-being but we continue to remain where we are all the while wondering why life is so challenging and why we are often sick and exhausted. I am sure that you are delighted that you made the choice to change the way you live, as inspired by Serge Benhayon; I sure am!

  16. This is remarkable E.A, the changes you’ve made are amazing. It is interesting how many people are not aware that they are living in raciness until they experience what stillness feels like.

  17. I love what you say here E.A. “I have never felt that I am in a ‘sect’ or that I am a ‘follower’ of Serge Benhayon. I only felt that I was a 47-year old woman who was open to change. 
And change I did!”

  18. I too had sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, and I had hay fever every year, and ezcema and endometriosis when I first came to a Universal Medicine workshop. After some years of making changes to my life bit by bit, e.g. cutting out foods, going to bed at different times, becoming more aware and honest in my daily life, I no longer have all of those conditions – which is quite remarkable.

  19. The world certainly needs more true love, so great that you are, ‘just starting to bring more love into my life, to myself and others.’

  20. How wonderful that you were “open to change” and that by welcoming this change into your life your life has definitely changed with some amazing health improvements. This is such a great testimonial to the life changing presentations from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, presentations that contain so much wisdom and common sense.

  21. Presentations by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine modalities have inspired me to be more aware of all that my body is telling me and when I listen and choose to make changes I can feel the difference in my energy and how I feel.

  22. It really is so simple – living what is true heals us and living what is not true harms us. If we ever were in doubt we have the most fantastic barometer called ‘the human body’ that is highly attuned to the order of the Universe and will let us know in no uncertain terms, the moment we step out of accordance with this. Of course, we also have the free will to ignore this.

  23. E.A, this is absolutely gorgeous what you have shared – and the willingness to be there and embrace change is the key ingredients in all of this. There is much to appreciate in having turned your life around and healed from the bronchitis, asthma and sinusitis – this is massive! Imagine if all people with such health problems adopted the simple changes that you have…how much would this change the world?! What an inspiration that everyone needs to hear about!

  24. Nothing is wrong with that EA! And in fact everything is right with it. And we shouldn’t let anyone ever tell us otherwise. What you, I and 100s of people have discovered through Universal Medicine presentations and modalities is that what is on offer works.

  25. This is amazing E.A, the changes you made are unheard of. At first I couldn’t comprehend how this was possible, to live without eating gluten, dairy and sugar. But I too started listening to my body and found eliminating these food where very easy and hugely loving. I started eating more wholesome and simple foods full of nutrition. Living without eating gluten, dairy and sugar makes me feel so much clearer, energised and much more myself.

  26. “In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true” Wow so much is said in these twelve words of wisdom. We will only know true healing through our own experience. Our bodies will show us what is true. We must take responsibility for true healing to occur.

  27. We think we have to be racy to get things done but it just makes us tired and exhausted. Being open to change and giving stillness a chance we realise that we have a quality we could not feel before, our bodies feel better, we are less tired and everything that needs to be done gets done in a more natural rhythm.

  28. Reclaiming back our body as a vessel with which we can express Heaven on earth through makes the way we treat it very different. I too give indescribable thanks to Universal Medicine modalities, practitioners and presenters for supporting me to connect back to this fact.

  29. What could possible be wrong with caring for yourself lovingly? Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for turning so many, many people’s lives around by inspiring us all to change to a more loving way of living.

  30. There is more and more evidence coming to light proving how our diet, emotions and behaviours, have a great effect on our bodies, health and well-being, as has been presented by Universal Medicine from day one. Yet all the while the greatest evidence we have is with us 24/7 and constantly presenting us with the truth of our every choice made. Our relationship with our bodies is what allows us to develop our relationship with truth, through which we are guided without fail to know what supports us best to live the love we are here to live.

  31. The raciness that is discussed here is something that you don’t even know is impacting you and your life until the foods that are causing it are stopped and your body is allowed to settle more into its truth. Though it may be difficult to feel that truth, keeping the body racey is in fact causing it to work faster, harder and longer than is actually needs. Could this be part of the reason our bodies develop illness and disease?

    1. I have found it difficult to detect or become aware of raciness when I was so used to it. It was apparent to me when I meet someone who lives and reflects stillness. I wasn’t aware what raciness did to my body until I stepped out of it. It causes all sorts of ill effects which I am glad I am now more aware of and choosing raciness less and less.

  32. Life now to life a few years ago before I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is as different to night and day. No comparison. Before; riddled with anxiety, lacking in confidence, a mess really and becoming a social recluse, not wanting to work or anything like that. My body slowly but surely suffering as a result. Now: I am solidly here, with a confidence that comes from within and that holds me steady as a rock and I’m fully engaging in life, successful, engaging and my body at 42 looks younger than I did at 32. That’s thanks to the work of Universal Medicine. Our bodies tell the truth like nothing else.

  33. Gorgeous EA! And I think you summed it up in your opening line: you were open to change. Most people are not, and are far more comfortable maintaining a status quo that is, well, comfortable. Change shakes things up, and most sense that change in one area of their life might herald change in another, particularly as those around them react. It depends how committed you are to living what feels true once you’ve had a chance to glimpse what ‘true’ might be – which is exactly what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers us: a template for true.

  34. ‘because this was different, everybody told me I had a sleeping problem’ – As a society we are so quick to point out and judge choices that are outside the norm, particularly those that expose disregarding habits such as poisoning or exhausting ourselves etc…. All the more reason why it’s important to live truly loving lives and SHARE this, to present another way.

  35. Such a simple changes in how you were living helped you to not have sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma anymore, that is really amazing! Many don’t want to go there because we think we don’t want to let go of our treats and sweets but I found this is often just in the mind and when we give it a go it works really well.

  36. It is interesting how people thought you had a sleeping problem when your sleep routine was actually very supportive. I used to think people waking up before 4am was not normal, but what is normal when normal doesn’t actually support us?

  37. So much has been said about how Serge Benhayon brain washes people (which is one of the greatest lies of our time), but so little has been written, in the mainstream media on the fact that is shared here. Those who come across Serge and his teachings are actually looking for change. The most magnificent thing of this change is that it is all our own choice. And, for many that change has brought a greater vitality and strength to the body along with a greater love and understanding of ourselves, others and humanity as a whole. So change is actually necessary if we want to see a marked improvement in our illness and disease levels, a responsibility that is forever up to each of us to individually embrace.

  38. I also had sinusitis, asthma, constant colds, bloating and a general feeling of being run down. Since being inspired to make changes in my life through Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon all of these ailments and symptoms have disappeared.

  39. Is it not funny to think you were going to bed at 9am and people who were abusing their body and life by going to bed late at night said that you had a problem. I am guessing now they may say you have an eating disorder. How silly we humans are.

  40. A wonderful aspect of Esoteric Healing is how it can highlight raciness in the body. And so it does not take this away as such, but rather helps with the awareness of it, which is part of the healing because then we can make choices to end that feeling in the body. So Esoteric Healing is totally empowering, and this is extraordinary.

  41. I have found Esoteric Yoga also a great support in allowing me to reconnect to my true self and allow myself to move in stillness.

  42. This is a great story of how when we take responsibility for our health we can save the health system a huge amount of money.

  43. I use to suffer from sinuses quite a bit every few months, I loved diary and cheese. When I started to eliminate dairy from my diet my sinuses disappeared. I was so pleased as the sinus pains use to be quite intense and sometimes I just had to stay in bed. My body really tells me if at any point I have some diary my sinuses start to feel the pressure.

  44. Our body tells it as it is – the message are crystal clear but we like to turn a deaf ear and continue eating and drinking and doing what is ultimately self-destructive. And the food industry complies by coming up with ever more concoctions and flavours that don’t really deserve to be labelled as food.

  45. If there is one thing I have learned from the teachings of Serge Benhayon, and there have been many, is that it is never too late to make changes in your life. At 55 when I attended my first presentation from Serge my life was a mess and every day was a struggle, and now at almost 68 I feel the best I have ever felt and I know that there is so much more to come. This huge change in me is simply because I chose to bring self-loving choices into my life; a very wise decision that I celebrate every day.

  46. “I was a 47-year old woman who was open to change” – so simple, yet so powerful that some people want to reduce this ‘openness to change’ into being a follower.

  47. Taking responsibility for our bodies and the choices we are making in life can only come from us and a commitment for more in our lives. It just makes so much sense now and does take a level of self love and dedication to truth to make this a constant way of being for all.

  48. Our respiratory tract, as well as all the other parts of the body, do such an amazing job and deserve to be treated with care and respect. It is this connection with our body that then informs us how to live thereby taking the guess work out of what is supporting us or not as the body readily gives us the answers.

  49. Yes I too suffered with sinusitis for most of my life and sore throats often needing medication, but now the changes made to my daily living have completely diminished any sign of these illnesses. Supporting ourselves through our movements to care, love and cherish our bodies is a simple way to bring life back to our choices and the care in which we greatly deserve and that’s true responsibility.

  50. I remember at at Universal Medicine workshop, Serge Benhayon was going to present on reincarnation. He preceded to ask the audience to be open to what he was going to say, and that we did not have to agree to any of it, but just for the next half hour or so, be open to hearing what he was going to say. And of course, we were free to do with what he shared as we liked.

    It was fascinating. I had many pre-conceived ideas about reincarnation and was pretty much a non-believer but this approach had me curious. Just be open. No pressure or even hint of one to agree with what was being presented.

    Then everything changed for me after that. I put my pictures about reincarnation aside, listened to what was being presented. and for me it made sense, and my body was almost nodding of its own accord.

    Being open to change is quite a remarkable thing – as my story and your story attests to.

  51. So simple – it is actually when we are open to change magic occurs. When we allow love in our body receives a blessing and so to do the people we interact with. The greatest gift we can give to each other is the love you choose to be present in your body..

  52. Its interesting that we wouldn’t consider our body to be racy, or think that it is abnormal until we experienced an Esoteric Healing session, I certainly felt the raciness was me, and becoming more intone with the bodies sensitivity shows how far out of a natural stillness we go.

    1. I agree. I had no idea that I was once in constant low level anxiety and raciness. That was my normal, I thought it was simply who I was. I didn’t know that there was another way and that this way of being was not my normal, only that my normal had been heavily skewed.

  53. It is so important to see what we feel in our body to be true even though it might not be how everyone else is feeling like in your instance with going to bed early. It is very wise to consider that the fact that many people do it does not mean that it is true.

  54. Stopping and really feeling what is going on inside is difficult for so many people. Their nervous system is active all the time because they keep ‘doing/doing’ and eat and drink things that stimulate them. The Universal Medicine healing modalities support in learning to stop, feel and heal yourself. What a Heaven sent gift.

  55. The part where I found a struggle is by accepting things as they are, to actually observe our world and my own living inside it — see that we have crossed many oceans but actually did not have allowed myself to see what is there and what is not there. To stop pretending to be right or wrong — but to commit to a way of living that actually allows change and bring part to our world — a new fresh absolute look, a commitment that is bright and one day is being lived by many and many more.. until we all commit to such truth of living. Until one day we do not longer need our existence on this plane of life.

  56. I think most of the human race lives in some sort of raciness and unless we are given stop moments or healing sessions, few of us actually get to feel how bad that raciness actually is.

  57. Our lifestyle makes such a big difference to our health and well-being and there is heaps of advice out there about what is and isn’t good for us that is often conflicting but if we listen to our body we have a marker for what is really true for us and something that we can keep tuning in with as it unfolds and changes or develops over time.

  58. “In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true – I have used my own body as an example” – This is awesome, using the body as a detector for truth and not reacting to how it responds but instead maximising the learning opportunity offered.

  59. Before I had some Esoteric Healings and attending the Universal Medicine courses my body was so racy that it felt like I was rocking from side to side, on the inside when I would try to sleep and then on waking up in the morning, I could feel it was still there. Thankfully this is no longer the case.

  60. I just had a visit from my nephew and he tells me that by drinking very little alcohol compared with his usual amount and by taking exercise and eating healthily he has, for the first time, not had any asthma or colds and coughs in the whole of the year. These behavioural changes can make a huge difference.

  61. ‘In my life I have learnt that what heals must be true…’ Reading these words has brought another level of stillness to my body that feels so confirming. An observation of such profound simplicity.

  62. I find reading about lived experiences like yours EA so very inspirational. This to me is the true evidence of how changing your lifestyle can change your life. Unfortunately results like this are rarely accepted by some sectors of the medical community as they don’t fit into the rigid criteria that is used for medical testing, but for me and many others it is indisputable evidence that what you eat can have a very harming affect on the body.

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